Baldermort's Guide to Warhammer

Baldermort's Guide to Warhammer

A warhammer fan channel dedicated to having FUN!
The site will start with Warhammer 40K and then branch out into other content.

Monday or Tuesday - (not both) usually a short format video about warhammer 40K
Wednesday or Thursday - (not both) A short format video about warhammer 40K
Friday (Saturday on odd occasions) - Long format video (30 mins +)

Other content will be done outside of this scheduling and will be seen as extra and not to interfere with this pattern. I will state now that we are very new and this schedule could alter as things progress, dependent on popularity of content and other requests that are received, or formats that are trialed.

All rights to all content remain with Games Workshop and their subsidiary companies - Black Library and Forgeworld. This is meant for entertainment and education of starter players and enthusiasts of the Warhammer and other games workshop products.
Plus, of course, Professor Tolkien - the grandfather of fantasy.