7 Ways Detective Pikachu Gets Pokemon Right - NO SPOILERS

10 Th05, 2019
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In a spoiler-free Detective Pikachu reaction chat, Luke and Ellen talk about how the Detective Pikachu movie gets Pokemon right on the big screen.
There are no plot spoilers in this video, but Detective Pikachu trailers are used to illustrate the discussion.
Pokémon Detective Pikachu is out now in theatres worldwide.
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  • ⚡️Luke and Ellen saw the Detective Pikachu movie! ⚡️ And are here to tell you how it gets Pokemon right on the big screen. No spoilers in the video!

    Outside XtraOutside Xtra2 năm trước
    • I've seen this movie since Sunday and it is really good, the Torterra are the most bizarre from Galapagos Tortoise size to Godzilla size which blew my view out.

      Kevin O'BillKevin O'Bill2 năm trước
    • Lukes a 'tard. How do you choose whether a Pokemon is fuzzy or not maybe BECAUSE IT WILL BE LIKE THE FUCKING ANIMAL ITS BASED ON. Anyone who has ever gone into a pokedex on any of the games will notice they have they're relative size to a human. Jesus Christ make sure your hosts actually have played a Pokemon game before. Well Ellen the music may be on point because you know its already the music from Pokemon games and anime, they are pretty successful. Wonder if its because they already know they HAVE MUSIC MADE FOR THIS. A Pokemon film made for Pokemon fans knows you know what Pokemon are? And In the Anime it was always ash's pokedex or someones who read out the information. clearly the bloke in the film hasn't met professor oak.

      gamesquestjamesgamesquestjames2 năm trước
    • Any one else wonder what the connection is to gen 8 since gen 8 is based on the UK and the movie takes place in England, if the game took place the same way ( I didn't play the game so i don't know the setting) it honestly seems like they Are hinting at something

      jj nixjj nix2 năm trước
    • Started to watch this till the “no spoilers but we will dance around plot points” and stoped it, watched the movie and then came back to watch the rest of this. I felt it was fantastic (and spent a lot of my time looking out for the Pokémon, thinking of there name and then looking for the next one). I did enjoy a lot of the shop names/pictures and the Pokémon they used for them. And yes unlike another video you gave nothing away 😁👍🏻

      EllerwindEllerwind2 năm trước
    • @Helder Oliveira Channel There is a Ratchet and clank movie? and a tekken film? wow thanks

      leoric21leoric212 năm trước
  • How do we have a whole franchise of cartoons, video games, and movies for children about what is essentially dog fighting?

    Kurgosh1Kurgosh16 ngày trước
  • I thought it was obvious that pikachu was gonna have fur he is the electrick mouse pokemon.

    Boxxy BoxBoxxy Box9 ngày trước
  • I was satisfied with this movie keeping to the canon, cause when I was younger and watched the first ever Pokémon movie I was disappointed- as well as with the anime not keeping to the simple game info

    April PennyApril Penny10 ngày trước
  • I think coming in a post Pokemon Go world, Detective Pikachu could get away with assuming we all know about Pokemon. That game had even undiscovered tribes in Papu New Gunea playing it.

    James BennettJames Bennett26 ngày trước
  • I like how ditto transformed into your couch ;)

    James HansenJames HansenTháng trước
  • I miss this kind of chat on the purple sofa so much 🥺

    LadySanctuary93LadySanctuary93Tháng trước
  • Ryan Reynolds was spot on and didn't turn the story into a gross adult parody unlike a certain Wayne's World creator did to a certain beloved Dr. Seuss book. I'm looking at you, Mr. Meyers!

    JayVBear45JayVBear452 tháng trước
  • “I wonder how they decided which ones would be scaly and which ones would be fuzzy”... Bro. The games literally tell us on many Pokémon whether they have fur or maybe scales.

    CosplayCoreCosplayCore2 tháng trước
  • The pokedex in the games gives you height and weight of every Pokémon and in the later games it also shows you size comparison between your trainer and the Pokémon in question

    Cody CopelandCody Copeland2 tháng trước
  • Never liked that skyscraper, it looks like a giant suppository.

    minomininniminomininni2 tháng trước
  • Hm not a fan

    HelterskeltorHelterskeltor3 tháng trước
  • Marvel does nothing but waste time, most of their movies are shitty solo films that are just previews for other shitty movies. Thing is they have to do this because their nobody characters weren’t known to general audiences.

    Auron1Roxas2Auron1Roxas23 tháng trước
  • 13:30 "What is happening... what IS 2019?" Poor past Luke you ignorant, summer child...

    IIToneAIIIIToneAII4 tháng trước
  • ...and some of the music isn't so subtle... (Megalovania intensifies)

    XxMystic_PsychoxXXxMystic_PsychoxX4 tháng trước
  • This movie was so cute and fun. A very straight forward story, but I genuinely liked the human characters and the Pokemon. An actually good video game movie?? I heard Sonic was also done well, but haven't seen that yet since I never had a history with that franchise.

    BlitzGirlBlitzGirl4 tháng trước
  • Not Pokemon players? The pokedex gives height, weight, etc. for every pokemon...

    Rick EllemanRick Elleman4 tháng trước
  • Creators of the sonic the hedgehog movie must watched it and loved lukes idea

    Mr Umm GoatMr Umm Goat5 tháng trước
  • The only Hollywood movie on an anime that's good

    ParavParav5 tháng trước
  • How cute was Squitle in that tiny scene?? Super Cute, am I right?? Squirtle Squad 4 Lyfe!! But oh, Blastoise losing to Gengar... lame!! Lol.

    Kriz24 GamingKriz24 Gaming6 tháng trước
  • Snorlax in this movie is something i would laydown on and never get up.

    Unoriginal ManUnoriginal Man6 tháng trước
  • I´m just gonna say: THICC

    Hector BorjaHector Borja6 tháng trước
  • Doesn’t the Pokédex say how big they are in relation to each other? How much work did that involve?

    J MaceJ Mace6 tháng trước
  • Did you spot farfetched?😋🍗

    Illien GaleneIllien Galene8 tháng trước
  • Detective Pikachu is one of the first video game movies that I've seen that was genuinely *good*. Not just fun, or so bad it's hilarious, but actually *good*. It was true to the world, but also let the world speak for itself. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the (older) Tomb Raider movie and Super Mario Bros. makes me laugh every time, so yes those are watchable...but not good. They did well with Detective Pikachu.

    aerenofgondoraerenofgondor8 tháng trước
  • Seeing the footage you through in from the trailers, I'm noticing a lot more later Pokémon than I think I did when I watched the movie, like Golurk, lots of Morelulls, and a couple of Emolgas. At the time I thought it was mostly Kanto Pokémon, but they actually did better than I thought.

    Eric MooreEric Moore9 tháng trước
  • Ellen's face turning red as she laughs through the video, priceless. 😂 I haven't seen the movie, but I think I'll rent it after watching your video.

    LizardVideoDudeLizardVideoDude9 tháng trước
  • If anyone has seen the adaptations of "realistic" Pokemon before detective pikachu in general and then see the movie... Then yeah youre gonna enjoy the movie's adaptations much more than anyone else. DOES ANYONE REMEMBER WHAT I SPEAK OF?!?! WHO REMEMBERS THE BULBASAUR THAT LOOKED LIKE IT HAD ITS OWN CREEPYPASTA!!! SERIOUSLY IM GLAD ON HOW WELL THESE POKEMON WERE CREATED IN CGI

    Russel HochreinRussel Hochrein9 tháng trước
  • Pikachu actually left ash in a recent anime episode

    Dave ErtelDave Ertel9 tháng trước
  • I like how their confused that the TGC was cannon in the Universe when I believe it's been cannon for some time, the TCG game is still set in the pokemon world to the best of my knowledge and I thought there was a reference or two in the show or games but it has been years so I could just be thinking of some obscure moment in the TCG Game and my dumb monkey brain is putting it together wrong haha

    MasterShirukoMasterShiruko9 tháng trước
  • 8:13 Does that make the games like madden/fifa then?

    Jelly DoughnutJelly Doughnut10 tháng trước
  • 9:11 sadly there was no Groudon but I still loved the film

    JohnJohn10 tháng trước
  • Am I the only one who just absolutely fucking hated this garbage movie

    TurnipTurnip10 tháng trước
  • skip to 6:30 to se luke basically sum up the sonic movie plot before it even came out

    FrudiniFrudini11 tháng trước
  • I’ve gotta say....good god Ellen has some beeeeeeaaaauuutiful legs...sheeesh

    JerryOnlyChildJerryOnlyChild11 tháng trước
  • My fav part of the movie are the ditto scenes, but one question. How does ditto turn into humans? That can only happen if a certain human and ditto are great friends, BUT THE PEOPLE EITHER DONT REALY CARE OR KNOW THAT DITTO!

    Stef LodewijkStef LodewijkNăm trước
  • This was delightful. Ellen is the cutest in this Pikachu outfit.

    alwaysxneveralwaysxneverNăm trước
  • Those Pokémon look fucking incredible.

    Sweet Tart Tartin assSweet Tart Tartin assNăm trước
  • Fun Easter egg: Pikachu is obsessed with coffee, and (someone) notes that he has a sassy personality. In the games Pokémon with sassy nature like bitter foods. 8:15 Pokémon cards are canon in universe. That actually makes sense in this world too. A long time ago there used to be an educational magazine (possibly Zoobooks) that sold trading cards of animals that actually exist.

    Hoshimaru57Hoshimaru57Năm trước
  • pokedex have exact sizes for all pokemon

    ScopeKing1994ScopeKing1994Năm trước
  • I must say, Ellen is quite beautiful. And very cheeky. 😂 😂

    WR3K Andrew WillisWR3K Andrew WillisNăm trước
  • What's most unbelievable about the Detective Pikachu movie is that Nintendo totally just made another cyberpunk movie, and yet this one got none of the crap that the Mario Bros. movie did.

    J. C.J. C.Năm trước
  • This is a good one, I have to say. I like you guys a lot and a lot of your videos are amazingly funny, I'm just happy I clicked on a video where I wasn't forced to view ocarina of time

    Joran VermeulenJoran VermeulenNăm trước
  • Can we just get a full video of Ellen with the giggles? Please?

    AJ .AdamsAJ .AdamsNăm trước
  • 4:40: Which one was that ? I saw the movie, but i right off the bat i have no idea what that would be.

    walkingdeadman19walkingdeadman19Năm trước
  • i was able to name every single pokemon in the movie. only reason i know that is because my brothers would ask what each was named

    Trevor HeggTrevor HeggNăm trước
  • i thought it was good until Bill Nighy character wanted to change every1 in2 Pokemon !

    Tyler HughesTyler HughesNăm trước
  • The only thing I didn’t enjoy with this film was what I felt was a lack of Pokemon battles

    Robert BaldockRobert BaldockNăm trước
  • Wish I went to watch it in theaters.. mostly for the card, but also because I actually enjoyed it o-o (watched it on a flight) oh well..

    LadyTarasqueLadyTarasqueNăm trước
  • Movie: Sets up a mysterious plot point represented by a single, capital R Me: Hmmm :-) Movie: Doesn’t follow the obvious conclusion to such an idea Me :-(

    Rosie JohnsonRosie JohnsonNăm trước
  • Who else wants a sequel (also filmed in London) with Ellen and Luke as extras just so Ellen can get an Eevee?

    BryonyBryonyNăm trước
  • “I’ll send you the WAV” is my new catchphrase

    Ragin' CanadianRagin' CanadianNăm trước

    Code951Code951Năm trước
  • This movie is SO well done and I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw it. I love it so much. Seeing my all-time favorite, Mewtwo, like this was GREAT!

    Lady OnikaraLady OnikaraNăm trước
  • The bit around 6:36 really sums up a big part of why the Sonic movie makes me nervous, tbh. You're right about how Detective Pikachu worked because the creators made it *for fans* instead of trying to water it down to appeal to a wide audience, you put it into words way better than I have.

    ElkianLionbloodElkianLionbloodNăm trước
  • I want whatever you two were smokin before the show damn.... you guys were giggle-central LOL

    Kordell GrahamKordell GrahamNăm trước
  • What's the pin on ur jacket

    Alex StoneAlex StoneNăm trước
  • I find it interesting that it is part of the anime universe; or at least sets it up like it could be.

    Nick deJagerNick deJagerNăm trước
  • My favorite part was Pikachu's coffee scene - "I do not have a problem, I can stop whenever I want!" Me in a nutshell... Or a poke ball if you prefer 😂

    Alex HoltsAlex HoltsNăm trước
  • The biggest mistake I noticed in the movie was when psyduck's headache blasted psychic power on the greninja. Greninja are water/dark. Dark is immune to psychic. So did psyduck use miracle eye or do the greninja have the protean ability? Please explain if you can

    Wade ConroyWade ConroyNăm trước
  • She seems high the whole time hahaha

    KageNoTenshiKageNoTenshiNăm trước
  • I like how the world and the story can appeal to both kids and adults equally. They nailed it even better than most Disney films. I love how they had adult protagonists. They showed that Pokémon is for everyone, and that pokémon could fit in a real world setting.

    Normal NameNormal NameNăm trước

    tube4meandutube4meanduNăm trước
  • I can imagine the girl getting wet when ryan reynold's name was mentioned

    MGTOWTakeruMGTOWTakeruNăm trước
  • Still best movie adaptation of game.

    KoszmarekKoszmarekNăm trước
  • what does everyone reckon Luke is talking about at 5:00? I think it's probably psyduck (trying to keep this still quite spoiler free)

    Audacious GrimmAudacious GrimmNăm trước
  • 4:45 Can someone PLEASE tell me what scene he is talking about here? I watched the movie but I still have no idea

    Xeyal 1001Xeyal 1001Năm trước
  • if only they did this to my beloved dragonball...

    Dominic RawstorneDominic RawstorneNăm trước
  • The Pokémon company is Gamefreak!

    Farrah ZakariaFarrah ZakariaNăm trước
  • I know basically every Pokémon

    Farrah ZakariaFarrah ZakariaNăm trước
  • You know what's the best thing about them not explaining and introducing every pokemon? Its the agony of trying to recall a pokemon's name and the joy when you finally remember it

    Feong_feongFeong_feongNăm trước
  • Said no spoilers and in the first seconds in the vid are spoilers

    SumPatti OfficialSumPatti OfficialNăm trước
  • There's a reason why it's an anime... Aipom is a perfect example. They're fucking horrifying.

    Kahmora's Time ManagementKahmora's Time ManagementNăm trước
  • My position, going into the movie, was this: My mom never allowed me to own a game console, but I got most of my Pokemon content from VIworld throughout the past few years. I'm German and watched the movie in German but know mostly the English Pokemon names. That was my only nitpick, because I didn't grow up with the German Pokemon names, but I loved everything else.

    Dan AlDan AlNăm trước
  • Kinda dumb. Each pokemon has a different pokédex entry and size throughout the games. WONDER HOW THEY DECIDED HOW THEY WERE GOING TO LOOK? Maybe put some people in a video that know something more or did their research.

    Jafeth VermeijJafeth VermeijNăm trước
  • I loved the easter eggs and I loved seeing that iconic character cameo

    PheelleepPheelleepNăm trước
  • I do not understand the fur confusion. I never expected Pikachu to look like a wet suit. Maybe shorter and flat laying fur. He's a mouse for crying out loud.

    AxxidousAxxidousNăm trước
  • The Snorlax was a little too small though.

    1.1M Views1.1M ViewsNăm trước
  • The only pokemon I felt was too small was Snorlax.

    Xin GravesXin GravesNăm trước
  • 12:55, muscley Pikachu!! LOL

    Rachel StarwinRachel StarwinNăm trước
  • God I love this movie, so much love and respect for the fans and the games

    moonskull 7moonskull 7Năm trước
  • I'm trying to think of a good enough excuse to get my boyfriend to watch it with me.. Help meee! Aha!

    Colette WaitesColette WaitesNăm trước
  • I loved the movie. I plan to buy it as soon as it is on DVD. I can't wait

    Luna PerkinsLuna PerkinsNăm trước
  • The smartest thing they did with this movie is that they didn't explain it. They knew people knew it so they didn't need to feel the need to explain it and also they went into wholeheartedly and let it shine.

    Evan ZablockiEvan ZablockiNăm trước
  • A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon movie would be sick too, if they did it well.

    Silver1989Silver1989Năm trước
  • @11:03 somebody can't stop wetting herself.

    TreVoxTreVoxNăm trước
  • Looking forward to "7 Ways Sonic The Hedghehog gets Sonic right".

    twitertakertwitertakerNăm trước
  • Lol how they got these pokemon right is the reason they created them.. Pikachu is called the electric mouse bulbasaur is a type of grass frog. The pokemon company created these pokemon based on animals, mythical creatures, objects and their concepts on how certain aspects of a Pokemon design corresponds in the real world that's how.

    Tomas MabjaiaTomas MabjaiaNăm trước
  • THEORY: Since in the movie they said the Mewtwo is the same one that "escaped" from Kanto years ago. This means that Ash is rocking around in Alola with 11 year olds being 30 something years old or other.

    basogorengbasogorengNăm trước
  • Spoiler! I warned you Ryan Reynolds is tim's fa- Pikachu's voice

    Lucas WLucas WNăm trước
  • I wouldn't be surprised if the anime exists in the Pokemon universe.

    maximaldinotrapmaximaldinotrapNăm trước
  • Ellen is constantly laughing. Is cute, she's having a great time doing this.

    Retro Music ChannelRetro Music ChannelNăm trước
  • I was going to write off detective pikachu then I saw this and went and saw it, It was AMAZING!!! Thank you

    Vepris ThornVepris ThornNăm trước
  • Loved the movie. Went with my mum and younger sister, sister and I both loved it and understood a lot of the bids and references in it. Mum has no interest in Pokemon and so did not enjoy it unfortunately but mostly due to her going "eew Pokemon"

    Dylan SheavesDylan SheavesNăm trước
  • Im guessing about the one ability you had to know? A ditto? Could make a major plot point.

    156football156footballNăm trước
  • That fake pitch of Pikachu coming into modern day LA made me think of the Monster Hunter movie which I cannot conceive that it can be good

    JezzaJtheKidJezzaJtheKidNăm trước
  • The only scaling problem I didn't like was that Snorlax seemed so small. It has shots where it's close to Machamp, who is seen to be so much larger than Snorlax

    JezzaJtheKidJezzaJtheKidNăm trước
  • I also loved how the text for the opening credits and signs are in English but are stylized like Japanese characters.

    WolfLover LisaWolfLover LisaNăm trước
  • I love Ellen's T-Shirt, anyone know where it's from and if they do any other stuff (I'd love to get a Charmander coloured one!)

    Chris SawyerChris SawyerNăm trước
  • would be awesome as a spinoff to this there is the core story from each of the games taking down the respective syndicates... like taking down Giovanni/Archie/N etc (without the trainer aspect of it)...

    Sarel BezuidenhoutSarel BezuidenhoutNăm trước