A Good Enough Summary of Kingdom Hearts

24 Th01, 2019
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This is a summary of the entire Kingdom Hearts series up to now. By...someone who has only played two of the games. HOOO boy.
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The goal for this video wasn't 100% accuracy but to condense the story down as much as possible. Feel free to let me know what's wrong (there's quite a lot) but I'm...probably already aware (and decided to change it anyway). Thanks for watching!
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  • To Kingdom Hearts fans: what's the most frustrating inaccuracy in the video? I shuffled a lot around to make the narrative flow better and I'm genuinely curious haha. Thanks for watching! ALSO I'm live on Twitch with KH2 so come on by and yell at meeeee: www.twitch.tv/barryisstreaming

    Barry KramerBarry Kramer2 năm trước
    • The most infuriating inaccuracy for me is Braig/Xigbar actually gets his scar when he fights Terra in Radiant Garden

      Elias GalindoElias Galindo4 ngày trước
    • @Barry Kramer Actually Aqua does meet Riku in the realm of darkness but only from him Skadaddle Skododdling from the Demon Tide Pain Train.

      Pup DaNiPup DaNi5 ngày trước
    • Important one is that Nobodies are created when the person's heart is removed from a keyblade of hearts

      LivingToaster13LivingToaster1318 ngày trước
    • Even if anything was wrong, your presentation, humor, character and well just everything was on point. Keep making this kind of stuff please, I can't stop replaying the part when we hear your soul leaving your body. Thank you for such laughs

      Chris CountermanChris CountermanTháng trước
    • Sora doesn't "Commit sudoku" with his keyblade. He uses riku's

      Sam Why76Sam Why762 tháng trước
  • Listen: it all makes sense if you’re fluent in absolute fucking Moon Logic. Also I’m adding “Mickey take the wheel” to my vocabulary.

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  • Ah yes, the autistic conspiracy theory that is kingdom heart's plot.

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  • One question, why are the heartless who are made up of someone’s heart called heartless and the same for nobodies?

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  • Axel kinda just looks like a grown up Kirishima

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  • Having never played a Kingdom Hearts game and having very little idea of the story... your explanation, has made me even more confused !

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  • Ha ha ha! I wish they made the PS4 Spider-Man game on PS4

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  • anybody who reads this comment note just how sexaliscious kingdom hearts is in aesthetic and familiarity based sentimental appeal, like LOTR was mostly immaculate, attack on titan was however contrived resonant conceptually and kingdom hearts was a massive oversight superficially indefatigable in majesty

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  • i just noticed there is a hollow knight keyblade on the right at 19:43

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  • It says alot that I cant tell what is the actual plot and what is a joke....does Namine break dance? I cant tell

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  • kh in a nutshell is nothing makes sense and it doesn’t matter

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  • Sora is Disney princess?

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  • Every so often i come back to this with the mindset that THIS TIME I SHALL UNDERSTAND. Then i wind up laughing, watching a best of barry gg compilation, and then it’s next week and i try again. I’m in a hilarious time loop.

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  • Terra should have had Nort VPN

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  • This is more complicated than data structures and algorithms.

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  • At Point 6'07 the Wiki tells "Kairi somehow recognized Sora", that remindes me of an Story called "Krabat" (in German). There a Boy gets transformed to a pig and his Love needs to recognize him.

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  • Didn't Roxas literally get into a coma when Sora turned back into a whole in 358? I haven't played it in a while so idr

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  • Aqua got norted...

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  • In kh2 you forgot that Roxas goes into a rage rampage

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  • If ventus and vanitas fused to make the xi blade and it split into 13 dark and 7 light and vanitas is from the darkness of ventus then does that mean ventus had more dark in him that light

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  • Correction nobody's made from xehanort and Sora are created from when their heart is taken from a keyblade of heart

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  • 14:20 this actually sounds legitimately good and now I want a full DiZ/Ansem song

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  • [Intro: Dan Avidan, Arin Hanson, Brian Wecht] Ugh... hello, and welcome to what I pray is the final episode of Talking Video Games Don't, don’t clap for their asses Today our topic, like always, is games with simple plots Hi, I'm Sora from Kingdom Hea- No! You shut your mouth! I'm starting with our other guests first! Guests, please tell us your name and the simple plot of your game Hey, I’m the capsule from Arkanoid, as far as I can tell, I'm a tube, and a ball bounces off me I'm Ms. Pac-Man! I'm Pac-Man with a bow! Okay, Sora, did you see how it's done? Tell me the plot of your game, real simple, just like that You got it! Cue the music! No, don't cue the music! [Verse 1: Arin Hanson & Dan Avidan] Kairi washes up on the shore Completely unaware of what the heck is in store Then Destiny Islands blows up from the war Of the heartless little evil guys that run on all fours I'm already lost, who are these people and places? I'll tell you later, buddy, I’m already off to the races I’m now in Traverse Town, with Goofy and Donald Duck From the Disney movies? Yes! What exactly the fuck? I'm a Keyblade wielder and they need my ability Sealing keyholes of worlds, restoring all the tranquility This is not making sense It’s a little hard to follow Everything will come together in the Bastion of Hollow [Chorus: Dan Avidan & Arin Hanson] Let me get this straight, it's Mickey Mouse and you (Nope) With all your Heartless friends defending all that's true (Wrong) Now it is your destiny to cut up a bunch of keys 'Cause this is Final Fantasy! (Not even close!) [Verse 2: Arin Hanson & Dan Avidan] So I’m looking for Riku while I'm out on my quest Do I know him? He's my best friend! Hashtag blessed Well, actually, he's evil, it was just a facade Now he's my arch enemy Oh my fucking god! Now we are traveling to Hollow Bastion we go Run into Riku, oh no! Possessed by Ansem and so He's after Princess Kairi And then I really try to be A hero so I die to free Her heart that's deep inside of me [Chorus: Dan Avidan & Arin Hanson] Tell me why Ansem even wants Kairi Why is the princess human if a mouse is king? Are you some kind of buccaneer? If you died, how are you here? Please kill me with the nearest spear! Oh, I'll clear it up [Verse 3: Arin Hanson & Dan Avidan] So I turned into a Heartless, then brought back by Kairi's power We escaped to the end of the world, a place that's really dour Ansem followed us there 'cause his plan finally starts to flower As Kingdom Hearts appears making every person quake and cower What is Kingdom Hearts? It's a door and also a moon But there's another one, and it's a moon, but not like the first moon Anyway, Ansem thinks that Kingdom Hearts has tons of bad stuff But it opens and he melts from all the goodness That's tough! Then we find out it's a doorway venting evil fast But it was filled with light and stuff It's better not to ask Me and Mickey Mouse sealed up the door from both sides with our keys And that's the basic premise of my game! No questions, please! [Chorus: Dan Avidan & Arin Hanson] My god, this plot is all that I can take I want to cry and jerk off into some pancakes But I must swallow all the hate I give up this is my fate As host of Talking Video Games The ratings are in... the show's cancelled Tits! Fuck yes! I mean... no! Oh no!

    PalkiaApyroPalkiaApyro21 ngày trước
    • Credit to Starbomb: These are the lyrics to "the simple plot of kingdom hearts"

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  • I love these games and played them for years, but when I as a lil kiddo I thought it was the X-Blade, oh well.

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  • I've watched this several times before and this video and the following for KH3 are my go-to videos for describing Kingdom Hearts overall. 40 minutes of video and visuals versus hours of trying to explain it don't compare to each other. Barry, you've saved me a lot over the years and I know I'm just NOW saying it here.

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  • I really think they made so many characters look like Sora and Roxas because Sora is the poster boy of kingdom hearts

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  • This was amazing. After watching a couple of your videos VIworld stopped suggesting new ones. So I went to your page only to find out you only have like 3 :(. You need to put your life on hold and spend all your time, money and energy on making more videos to entertain me. C'mon, I'll give you, like, a dollar. Anywho, why does no one mention that Sora's mom DIES at the very beginning of KH1 and it is never brought up and Sora seems to completely forget she exists? Is Sora a psychopath without the capacity for love or empathy? Probably.

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  • This is my comfort video. Anytime I get panicky or anxious I come watch this. It’s the greatest video on VIworld.

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  • The thong I love about kingdom hearts is it’s ability to make up concepts. Like, can you imagine if friendship was real?

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  • Rewatching this after I got some amount of story from BBS, I am probably two years late to the party but for the sake of those who are visiting now and/because they haven't religiously played the series, Correction - Terra kills Eraqus because Eraqus pulled a Disney-era Luke Skywalker and tried to straight up murder Ventus for reasons not too different from that Star Wars narrative. Terra conveniently arrives just in time to defend Ventus right before he got k-worded by his master and quickly yeets him into a portal before he can even blink. Later at the crossroads of the Keyblade Graveyard, Terra remorsefully announces to Aqua and Ventus that he had killed Master Eraqus and everyone had a heartbroken moment of silence before Vanitas arrived with the fanfare. Despite it being such a small detail with zero effect on the storyline, I figured it'd be a small relief to know that least one thing in the series happened for a plausible reason; not the braindead "I'm gonna be evil now because otherwise there won't be any story-driven motivation for the player and I've got nothing better to do on this keyhole island" reason Riku had in the first game.

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  • "FIUK"

  • these are my favorite moments TwT 3:34 Riku: *p l o p* 14:21 BEST RAP E V E R 14:54 *MY SHIP OML SO H O T*

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  • Sora's personality is being a loyal idiot, Riku's personality is being an angsty idiot and Kairi is a good friend

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