Among Us Crewstor Moments

22 Th11, 2020
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a bunch of Among Us crewmate and impostor moments
hope you enjoy! :D
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  • 무슨 알고리즘으로 내가 여기 오게 된 걸까

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  • 2:16 Dude pink is the crewmate. U won cuz when yellow's 0 iq movement

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  • tbh i would rather say impmate

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  • Kkk si falo português

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  • I got imposter and crewmate at the same time once.

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  • It made me crewposter before

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  • Hello thomas3316 Great videos

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  • I was Mr Cheese

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  • Will I imposter The game: Yesn’t 🤣

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  • There are two crewmates among us.

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  • Wuau

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  • Yo the purple guys I played with

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  • Wow i like that I like to be the impostor wow 4 Times thomas3316 wow

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  • Wow Thomas 3316 you get impostor 3 time wow good job?wow

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  • Me lol pink Floyd you me love lol me red

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  • I am the detective crewmate but mexican version

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  • When he is an crewmate he always know how is the impostor

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  • I vented to fix the O2 *Crewstor*

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  • OH THE SECOND SONG- i forget the name! I remember! its from a race in Mario Cars Wii right?

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  • Victory yea boyy

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  • This dude is a legend.

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  • Why did this happen. Maybe because you’re the imposter ok maybe not but still maybe now you are a crewmate pink sus why????.

  • How does he get imposter all the time

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  • Best of the best

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  • I was the mr cheese in this vid I kept saying yellow

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  • Such a lucky man...

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  • I hate when someone is clearly the impostor and blames it on the person calling them out

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  • What is the name of this song?

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  • Purples real angry rn

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  • I feel like I was cyan because my name was told you I and I was wearing cyan with mask

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  • Why u have a Mario cart music?!

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  • 1:00 I see KFCEATBOX everywhere

  • You remind me of me

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  • Hi man it me who I used to argue with you

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  • here is my drawing of Among us

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  • It should have been crew poster u know but I love UR vidsss

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  • 1:38 who saw the body ?

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  • Здесь есть русский??

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  • I tought this was a ship *|_ () |_ .*

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  • Crewstor Fix The Tasks And Kill Crews

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  • What is the full form of "afk"? Please reply?

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  • I’m mostly crew

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  • clikbayt

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  • When I heard the song from Undertale Me: *Humming with it*

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  • When I heard the song from Undertale Me: *Humming with it*

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  • Türkler 👇

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