Art in Dungeons and Dragons - A Look at Critical Role

16 Th05, 2018
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Critical Role is a Dungeons and Dragons show that is streamed live on Twitch by the company Geek and Sundry. It stars voice actors Liam O'Brien, Sam Riegel, Marisha Ray, Taliesin Jaffe, Laura Bailey, Ashley Johnson, and Travis Willingham. The game is Dungeon Mastered by fellow voice actor, Matthew Mercer. The first campaign followed the group Vox Machina as they defended the continent of Taldorei from threats such as Thordark, Raishan, and even the god, Vecna. As a huge fan of Critical Role, Hoodie breaks down and analyzes a couple moments from the show, such as Scanlan leaving, Vax's death, and the Rakshasa/Gilmore surprise attack.
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  • Thumbnail Artist: Caio Santos @BlackSalander

    KatoKato3 năm trước
    • Could you maybe make some kind of analysis video on Grog and how Travis plays him? This format is great and I think there's so much depth to his character, often forgotten.

      Lemmy KilturtleLemmy Kilturtle2 năm trước
    • thanks for the credit and mention

      caio santoscaio santos3 năm trước

    Laurenz ReicheltLaurenz Reichelt4 tháng trước
  • The bodies at the Sun Tree made me realise how dark and real a light-hearted show like Critical Role could be. I legit had to put a my hand over my mouth to stop myself from screaming.

    Yashvardhan SINGHYashvardhan SINGH6 tháng trước
  • I really want to try to play D&D if the time presents itself, but I don’t think it ever will...

    ?г๏ รє??г๏ รє?8 tháng trước
    • I'd recommend trying to find a group on role 20 or (once they are open) attending a local gamestore. Also don't expect it to be like critical role (not saying you will it's just sometimes a problem).

      An 8 strength koboldAn 8 strength kobold7 tháng trước
  • Personally, I found the thought of Scanlan never getting called out by the PCs or his character never developing a far more dark idea than all the other shit. And I heard snippets of Scanlan having a daughter so I assumed "Oh, they went through with that shitty 'romance'". But I was wrong, he improves and apologizes to Pike for being an ass and his daughter has a different mother. Honestly, Scanlan was the reason I stopped watching around episode 36 'cause I just thought "I'm gonna have to spend 200 episodes with this piece of shit character who never changes or gets called out by anyone but NPCs." Now I guess I'll just watch the show when it comes out.

    Red ForestRed Forest9 tháng trước
    • Another thought: It honestly must've sucked for Sam. He had this whole complex character and the other PCs didn't give a single shit. It wasn't that they liked it, or were made uncomfortable, or hated it, they just did not give a shit; complete disinterest. At least Matt seemed to notice, but still, if I made a messed up character with the intent of doing a redemption arc and no one gave a shit I'd be mortified.

      Red ForestRed Forest7 tháng trước
  • God damn it i didn't ask to be brought to tears over VM again

    Kristal CornwellKristal Cornwell10 tháng trước
    • You knew what you were getting into when you clicked this.

      KatoKato10 tháng trước
  • WELP GUESS I GOTTA WATCH CAMPAIGN 1 NOW. I've been watching the 2nd campaign for a while now (not even fully caught up yet) and made the decision not to watch the first campaign for a bunch of reasons (way too many episodes, lower production value, etc). But you highlighting these awesome moments has convinced me that I should go back and watch them. I had no idea how much darker the Vox Machina campaign seems to be compared to the Mighty Nein. Thought they had they same goofy adventurous vibe but it would be cool to see an edgier toned campaign from these guys.

    LuisMERCurialsLuisMERCurials10 tháng trước
  • 13:18 ....... WELP!.... GUESS WE'RE GONNA FIND OUT

    Elessar MithrandirElessar Mithrandir11 tháng trước
  • There are two types of genius. First one is when you look at something and say "I know what you did there. If only I was better/smarter/faster/stronger, I could do this too." The second type of genius is when you look at something and say "I know what you did there. But no matter how good I become, I will never be able to do that." In my opinion CR belongs to the latter category.

    Jirka KunstJirka KunstNăm trước
  • And now it IS a show. Two seasons on Amazon.

    WreckerRWreckerRNăm trước
  • for some more multi leveled storytelling, see: The Adventure Zone

    HarryHarryNăm trước
  • 8 minutes in, it is spoilers from campaign 1 and "Sam's character was great". Ok. When does the art part comes online?

    PiohmPiohmNăm trước
    • What

      Logan Makes VideosLogan Makes VideosNăm trước
  • I’ve had this video in my recommended list for...MONTHS. I am so disappointed in myself for never clicking! This is by far one of the best fan-made analyses of Critical Role. Thank you!

    SamSamNăm trước
  • I love them so much

    Shirley WhiteShirley WhiteNăm trước
  • Titls has nothing to do with the video, but the video was great anyways :p

    Ueli DeSchwärtUeli DeSchwärtNăm trước
  • Me: *learns Scanlan’s character * Me: *glances at tLH, MoA, HoH and BoO on the shelf * Me: Me: haha. My hEART.

    :p:p2 năm trước
    • Brian Hall This was a while ago lmao I think I was referring to Leo and Scanlan being Sad Funny BoisTM

      :p:pNăm trước
    • Who specifically are you referring too?

      Brian HallBrian HallNăm trước
  • 9:40 i've never watched them and i almost cried

    HonooRyu PerroneHonooRyu Perrone2 năm trước
  • 300 hours playing a goblin rogue and he still doesn't know how sneakattack works.

    entropy11entropy112 năm trước
  • this video made me start watching critical role. thank you very much.

    TexTheBestTexTheBest2 năm trước
  • and it is going to be an animated series !!

    simonesimone2 năm trước
  • Great insight into CR. Thanks

    Oggie DoggieOggie Doggie2 năm trước
  • Sam: "My mother was killed by a goblin!" Also Sam:"I'm a little goblin girl"

    Marina FlorenceMarina Florence2 năm trước
    • His job is to protect his best friend since he couldn't in the first campaign

      Arden GarantozaArden Garantoza4 tháng trước
    • just you wait

      Alex RoseAlex Rose9 tháng trước
    • @Vjeran Janeš the goblins drowned her; the hag brought her back.

      El BruceEl Bruce10 tháng trước
    • @El Bruce wasn't he killed by a hag AIDED by a gang of goblins?

      Vjeran JanešVjeran Janeš10 tháng trước
    • In season 2, he was a mother who was killed by a goblin.

      El BruceEl Bruce10 tháng trước
  • Your statement to the effect that pattern recognition was what analysis was struck me as very concise and insightful.

    T ChaseT Chase2 năm trước
  • This was an extremely great analysis of a few of my favorite parts of critical role. Very well done

    jobe isaacjobe isaac2 năm trước
  • This shit makes me cry. I have such nostalgia for Campaign 1. Those characters are as dear to me as friends.

    circosomaticocircosomatico2 năm trước
  • “Your right Liam... this is a game. But why stop there?” Me: ... this is why dnd was dragged into the satanic panic in the 1980’s XD

    Anubis God of DeathAnubis God of Death2 năm trước
    • I've noticed Liam uses the "It's just a game" in 2 situations...1st is when his character does something stupid just for the fun of it and 2nd is when something tragic happens and he's trying to comfort his friends.

      Patrick LoganPatrick LoganTháng trước
  • THis REminds ME of DArWin's THeory OF RElitIViTY; WHich RICHard DAwkins DUring TAught SO THat YOU A/ll COUld LEarn IT FOR Your TuRn!

    Master Canuniz lupus Progessiv di'CiccoMaster Canuniz lupus Progessiv di'Cicco2 năm trước
  • Scalan really annoyed me in the whole 'what's my mother's name'-confrontation (NOT Sam, but Scanlan). I just kept thinking 'Then why didn't you say anything if you felt like that?! Do you know the name of Keyleth's mom? Of Percy's? Of Pike's?! Of Vex and Vax's?', but I DO get why he exploded. Stuff was starting to hit a little bit too close for home and it seemed like he was sort of looking for a reason to leave the party and figure some things out. He didn't know how to handle all these things that he was worried about and had to get out.

    Neko141212Neko1412122 năm trước
  • I would love to hear you talk more about critical role!

    Emma JensenEmma Jensen2 năm trước
  • Shame that Matthew Mercer is such a SJW dick.

    KageRyuuUjiKageRyuuUji2 năm trước
  • All work no play is back!!!

    Jerrin152Jerrin1522 năm trước
  • I just realized when they said an Achilles girl my entire captain has nothing but girls it that a just me thing like is that rear now a days

    Hannah obiHannah obi2 năm trước
  • Are you gonna do an episode on season 2?

    Joshua HicksJoshua Hicks2 năm trước
  • Excellent video.

    モレナウエルモレナウエル2 năm trước
  • I realized a while ago that the recurring theme of Critical Role is "why is this D&D game making fluid come out of my eyes???"

    Joshua EvansJoshua Evans2 năm trước
  • it was not a red dragon REEEEEEEEEEE it was a white one XD

    SneakZSneakZ2 năm trước
    • The one who killed Vex's mother? Yes it was red, it was Thordak

      Blue SunBlue Sun2 năm trước
  • See it's their shit done in front of a live audience that keeps me from ever watching Critical Role.

    Roiben BlitzRoiben Blitz2 năm trước
  • You know what you should try to do is Adventure Zone it's a series that marked a lot of animations and a bunch of cool songs and stuff like that and you should check it out and do a review on their series I would like to get your opinion on it also I thought you like to know there is another series you should check out it's called the loading crew and they you something called Pokemon tabletop United and they have a series going on right now we're a team of Heroes known as team fresh floof that are trying to save the world from destruction I think you will enjoy that series as I do

    Gold OsburnGold Osburn2 năm trước
  • Worth the 25 mins. Noice

    ErikT2ErikT22 năm trước
  • ‘If you’re standing it’s larping’

    Elmo TickleMeElmo TickleMe2 năm trước
  • Is that Mcree i see

    Michael SMichael S2 năm trước
  • This is a consummate analysis of a wonderful story. Thanks, mate. A story such as Vox Machina's was a privilege to journey through.

    garrettcallgarrettcall2 năm trước
  • Critical Role is the worst thing that happened to the hobby ...smh. Hipster garbage

    Lucipherous de IlluminatiLucipherous de Illuminati2 năm trước
    • gatekeeper

      TexTheBestTexTheBest2 năm trước
    • Mc Panik Or the best thing and you refuse other people to have their brand of fun.

      OkamiRoseOkamiRose2 năm trước
  • Oml 29 makes me cry every time I see it

    OMGZpeanutbutterOMGZpeanutbutter2 năm trước
  • Nicely done

    Nicholas NicklebeeNicholas Nicklebee2 năm trước
  • 11:24 lol that’s so good

    Cookie CaptainCookie Captain2 năm trước
  • Your emotional videos and videos that go in depth on a subject in about five minutes, always cut to the bone. It’s like a shortcut to feeling

    Leaf FiniteLeaf Finite2 năm trước
  • Question did they ever killed Raskshasa, like the final death in the nine hells.

    Yub-Tub's high priestYub-Tub's high priest2 năm trước
    • the slayer take one I think

      lucius Onglucius OngNăm trước
    • Kato cool um what episode was that?

      Yub-Tub's high priestYub-Tub's high priest2 năm trước
    • Yeah

      KatoKato2 năm trước
  • This is an amazing video keep up the good work

    Marcus CoatesMarcus Coates2 năm trước
  • Well put and well made!!

    Patrick DargePatrick Darge2 năm trước
  • The Rakshasa encounter was genius on every level, that's so true. Especially because Gilmore, as is clearly established by that point, was happily nested in his Emon shop and well integrated into the higher layers of Emon's society; had a lot of connections... a net of them. Just like a Rakshasa would. Was he a Rakshasa the whole time? Was he subtly evil, or was he trying to stray from his fiendish nature and heartbreak pushed him over the edge? To quote Marisha, so many questions! I loved the intrigue. Mercer is amazing.

    Kate KursiveKate Kursive2 năm trước
  • I've watched this video three times. I love it.

    Jon ForemanJon Foreman2 năm trước
  • I think one of my favorite moments in the show is in the final fight when Sam starts to cry and breaks down after using his 9th level spell and Vax confronts him. The pure emotion from Vax and Scanlan was palpable.

    jonathan kinsellajonathan kinsella2 năm trước
    • saving your D&D world or saving your friend D&D character, counterspell a "god" or wish a happier ending! Sam is a fantastic D&D player, and no one other than Matt understood the inplications of that 9th lvl spell right away, it was heartbreaking

      freakindamnshikifreakindamnshiki2 năm trước
  • CR is my absolute favorite show.

    Abra CadabraAbra Cadabra2 năm trước
  • As someone who has just recently discovered Geek and Sundry thous leading to my discovery of Critical Role. Its nice to see this group of amazing people is as deep and entertaining as I had hoped they would be. Thank you for the very insightful look at what awaits me in the catching up process of watching their content.

    TheSareusTheSareus2 năm trước
  • Make CR into animated series.

    NobuNobu2 năm trước
  • This was very well reasoned and crafted. Our primitive brains love sitting around the metaphorical campfire and listening to stories. Some of those stories stand head and shoulders above the rest and elevate our lives. I can imagine the ancient Greeks absorbing, with baited breath, the sweeping Homeric Tales spun from the lips of a respected bard. Critical Role is every bit as vital and grandiloquent as those tales. It aspires to, and often reaches, those magnificent heights. Thank you for this essay.

    Sam GunnSam Gunn2 năm trước
    • I agree so much with this. CR is like a group of bards collaborating on a grand adventure.

      Ender StratosEnder Stratos2 năm trước
  • yo

    Harley BullockHarley Bullock2 năm trước
    • 'Sup, dude?

      KatoKato2 năm trước
  • This was fantastic. Video essays give me so much joy and it makes me sad there haven't been more analysis of this amazing show! GIVE US MOAR PLEASE!

    EvalunelEvalunel2 năm trước
  • great video! manage that volume tho.

    Jared O'KelleyJared O'Kelley2 năm trước
  • All in all, this is how to get a good DnD game: get professional actors to do it.

    CutalystCutalyst2 năm trước
  • Huzzah! Nicely done sir.

    X.david WilliamsX.david Williams3 năm trước
  • What is a rakshassa? Something you don't f*c with.

    John AvisJohn Avis3 năm trước
  • Such a good video, i love your thoughts and analytic view. It would be great to see the other deeply inter-woven stories.

    josh andersonjosh anderson3 năm trước
  • This is my first episode, I came to it because I watch a lot of video essays on VIworld, and it was the next thing after what I was watching from Sage's Rain. I'm throwing you this sub after one video, and I'll probably spread the word about you after I go through your back catalogue a bit. Keep up the good work. As a D&D player myself, I can talk about lots of these kinds of moments in a smaller scale with my own campaigns.

    PluveusPluveus3 năm trước
  • I never heard of this

    Starwarsdude8221991Starwarsdude82219913 năm trước
  • Please do more CR breakdown!!! Could be on character backgrounds and growth or another one regarding their relationships ?

    Sappho_OneSappho_One3 năm trước
  • Couldn’t agree more

    Piper SeverancePiper Severance3 năm trước
  • bitch u got urself a sub!! great description and analysis!!

    LJLJ3 năm trước
  • I feel like i wrote this video in my head hundreds of times.... so much love for campaign 1, its depths, scanlan and vax. Lovely video

    Daisy HansonDaisy Hanson3 năm trước
  • thanks for the hype, took a few weeks off campaign 2 while dealing with RL stuff, Time to jump back in!

    beastrockbeastrock3 năm trước
  • great video, great job

    Carl OlsenCarl Olsen3 năm trước
  • ahh! AAHH!! the feels!! (slowly dies) Re... Living... The... feels......

    Phoenix PataponPhoenix Patapon3 năm trước
  • U lost me at "that's right liam---."

    Lucas JasmanLucas Jasman3 năm trước
  • Wtf. I watched like the first few episodes of Critical role but then was like "Eeeh it's really good but I don't have the time" But wtf was that clip with Sam, I didn't knew it would get so intense. o_o I'll definitly watch season 2 at least Update 6 months later : UGHH THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD I'm caught up on C2 and even though I know all the major plot points thanks to youtube I'm now watching C1 I'm at the Briarwood arc Also I'm 9 sessions deep into DMing my first open world homebrewed campaign with 5 players god damn I love D&D guys try it if you haven't it's so great

    Le gensLe gens3 năm trước
    • Briarwood arc is an amazing arc. Definitely what got me hooked on the show.

      letsmoseyletsmosey4 tháng trước
    • The first arc of Season 1 is a little slow, a little less character driven. As much as I miss Tiberius sometimes, once he leaves the show, it does help keep each episode more continually exciting from an observers point of view. You could skip to the Briarwood arc, perhaps. Things stay very intense from then on, with gorgeous character moments happening everywhere.

      RmZDRmZD2 năm trước
    • I agree, but if you don't have the time for Season 1, Season 2 has been largely disconnected from the story of Season 1, aside from a few references here and there.

      HeyItsDingoHeyItsDingo3 năm trước
    • Start again on first season and keep at it... You will be richly rewarded.

      WreckerRWreckerR3 năm trước
  • NOOO I can't watch this video until I've finished watching CR :'(

    hi hungry i'm dadhi hungry i'm dad3 năm trước
  • great video man

    Servan CastilloServan Castillo3 năm trước
  • what a great video. well put together, great input from your self. its the next great art form

    ItsMrCraig tItsMrCraig t3 năm trước
  • I wish Travis was mentioned. Playing low intelligence the way Travis did is an art itself.

    PandaUkulelePandaUkulele3 năm trước
  • For the record, Scanlan has one the best character arcs I have ever witnessed in a story. It's born out of improv too, so holy shit. I mean.. I love all of Vox Machina.. but like anyone who has ever played dnd, everyone will really have that itch to show off their character's backstory or what their characters are going through and how serious it is, and these guys are also guilty of that at times (I'm looking at you Vax and Keyleth xD) But Sam did an amazing job bending Scanlan's character in moments where it made sense. I can type a fucking novel explaining all his arcs, but I'm pretty sure everyone agrees.

    Cassie BarnsCassie Barns3 năm trước
  • You sir have a critical role to play as a critic..;) sorry my wordplay got the better of me. You hit the nail on the head and i will use this video as one of the entry hooks for my friends to get on board my CR love. do i have permission to share this on the subreddit?

    Sesimie StreetFighterSesimie StreetFighter3 năm trước
    • It’s been posted already, but I appreciate the gesture.

      KatoKato3 năm trước
  • theres no doubt this show has had a major impact on D&D, hell you'd be stretched to count how many peoples first experience with D&D was this show. so many groups start their story with "i was watching critical role and" or something to that effect. this show is a beautiful shining example (in my opinion) of what D&D is, and what it can be, that no one had seen before and im incredibly excited to see how it evolves from here.

    cameron hallcameron hall3 năm trước
  • Sam is so outrageous, i love it

    jelmervd2ljelmervd2l3 năm trước
  • Please do another video about D&D!

    Juan C GonzalezJuan C Gonzalez3 năm trước
  • Awesome analysis of Critical Role, it really is an amazing experience watching them all, especially Matt, weave such intricate storytelling and character building into a game of DnD

    OffbeatworldsOffbeatworlds3 năm trước
  • I remember each of these moments so vividly, I could quote them. I actually just passed A Bard's Lament in my re-watch/re-listen of Campaign 1. It took so much pushing and prodding from my sister to actually get me into the show (I have a weird secondhand embarrassment thing about such earnest acting and the first episodes made me cringe until I began to appreciate the story), but I caught up just in time to watch the final fight with Thordak live and the rest of the season onward. There are so many beats that stand out in my mind, and it's still amazing to see the cast work through these characters for so long and really bring them on the journey. I've been playing D&D for a year now, myself, and it's everything I could have hoped for (aka my DM is a conniving villain and brilliant master of subverting expectations).

    OspreySoulOspreySoul3 năm trước
  • It is STILL heartbreaking to watch the Scanlan breakdown. Sometimes it's easy to watch these people be goofs and have fun and then remember they really do have some serious acting chops among them. And then they go and rip your heart out.

    Teejay KayeTeejay Kaye3 năm trước
    • Scanlan's breakdown was both heartbreaking and brilliant. And on the other side of it was Grog, who sang a song for Scanlan that he never heard, and Grog held onto that for a long time.

      Paul GuyPaul Guy2 tháng trước
    • for a guy that never played D&D Sam Riegal is hands down the best D&D player in that table, as well as Travis, Scanlan was a pleasure to watch develop, and for the "worst" character, i must say Scanlan was clutch god

      freakindamnshikifreakindamnshiki2 năm trước
  • this video explains all the reasons I love critical role very well.

    Todd PullanTodd Pullan3 năm trước
  • Subbed!

    GryzzlyGryzzly3 năm trước
  • Critical Role was largely the reason why I became a longterm DM. I had heard of D&D, saw a few videos, ran a short, shitty little campaign, but then I saw Episode 52 of Critical Role and I was blown away. I thought; "THIS is D&D?! THIS is what I've been missing all these years!!" and became a full-time DM for my friends, created a world, built cities, characters, backstories, lore, and through it all I came to become very good friends with six people I never thought I'd be closer to. All of us are young adults with jobs and school, so our Friday nights became D&D nights. I run a campaign very similar to Matt's in terms of the scale and feel, and I myself am a film student, and an amateur voice actor. Oddly enough, through D&D I finally found a place to express my stories, make great friends, as well as fall in love with one of my players. Our two-year long campaign is coming to an end soon, and much like Matt's group, our second adventure, on a nearby continent is beginning very soon. All of this, I owe to Matt Mercer, Geek&Sundry, and all of the cast and crew of Critical Role.

    Kaipyro67ALTKaipyro67ALT3 năm trước
    • LiamPhill It was definitely a very special episode, and it was the first one I ever saw. No other D&D series has been able to capture the feeling of life/death plus character roleplay and the idea that a world is real. I try to make my campaign very similar for this reason. My campaign is still ongoing because there are dragons to fight and a lich Lord to slay, but still my next campaign is looking better and better as I have more time to work on it.

      Kaipyro67ALTKaipyro67ALT2 năm trước
    • Kaipyro67ALT I love episode 52. Maybe it's even my favorite one. The built-up of tension during the previous episodes and this one during the fight and then the huge explosion of emotions in what is the best out of all the many HDYWTDT. There is not a single episode out there (out of all the DnD-content I have watched at least) to better explain to somebody how awesome this game can be.

      LiamPhillLiamPhill2 năm trước
  • This is a beautiful deep dive👌👌👌

    TheRoyalMuffinTheRoyalMuffin3 năm trước
  • I love Scanlan's outburst because it shows just how hypocritical he can be. I was so relieved that some of the character's didn't forgive him after that when he showed up again. Grog is Best Boy.

    Garrett CarterGarrett Carter3 năm trước
    • He sounds very self-righteous when delivering that speech but when you look at it for a second you see that most of what he says is false. He was just angry and distorting the past to make others look bad.

      Blue SunBlue Sun2 năm trước
    • Garrett Carter Yeah, and he knew that he just said that because he was mad, and it was meant to hurt them. Ouch incarnate was that moment.

      Dave BautistaDave Bautista3 năm trước
  • Let's just be honest, this is a love letter to Sam.

    00mboochin00mboochin3 năm trước
    • You definitely didn't watch the second half

      Tristan BachTristan BachNăm trước
    • Don't you mean.....the little man that makes me laugh?

      Sean CookSean Cook2 năm trước

      IHateNumbersOnNamesIHateNumbersOnNames3 năm trước
    • Kato I'm totally oblivious to the context in this, but i do agree with 00mbochin

      Vicente isaac Lopez valdezVicente isaac Lopez valdez3 năm trước
    • It certainly isn’t not that...

      KatoKato3 năm trước
  • amazing video and for that made me subscribe to your channel

    stanstan3 năm trước
  • Man... how this show made me cry

    Lea BourgeatLea Bourgeat3 năm trước
    • Spoilers Same man, I cried so many times... First time the show really got me was when they found Tiberius' body before they were up against Vorugal. Them burying him, man, it was heartbreaking. And near the end, the final two episodes, I basically had a heavy heart the entire time, not wanting to finish episode 115... but it loomed over me. Vax's goodbye, everyone discussing what their characters would go off doing in the future, the raven visiting Keyleth at the final moment of the campaign... Lmao I cried way too much good show 10/10 would watch again

      Dennis FeijnsDennis Feijns2 năm trước
    • Exactly! And the characters... oh god, the characters were so real! Each one of them had something I felt I could relate towards. Each one of them is created and played with such thoughtfulness and creativity - it's very inspiring!

      Lea BourgeatLea Bourgeat2 năm trước
    • the thing about vox Machina is that it had it all, comedy, drama, facepalm moments, insufferable metagaming, was just like real life, but with dragons and gods.

      freakindamnshikifreakindamnshiki2 năm trước
  • The part when scanln says what’s my mothers name really hit hard with me because I realized I didn’t even know it, me the person who gets to see and hear almost every aspect of the characters lives didn’t know his name

    Tucker You. Don’t get to knowTucker You. Don’t get to know3 năm trước
  • I love to see more videos where you analyze cr. I love the show so much and would love to hear someone else's opnion.

    Kendall CKendall C3 năm trước
  • Well, this was depressing on a few levels. Very well made though. You've earned my sub.

    ComicSamsComicSams3 năm trước
  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I always enjoy videos like these. I personally have yet to watch Critical Role, however I had similar feelings about Third Wheel's 'Thrilling Intent' and I would be curious about what your opinions on it are, if you have seen/heard about it.

    Nanoninja3330Nanoninja33303 năm trước
  • You made this very well made I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    FrostyCone00FrostyCone003 năm trước