Avengers: Infinity War: An Unbridled Praise

04 Th05, 2018
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So, I figured since I make a lot of content that is negative about film, I had an idea to try and create a sister series to my Unbridled Rages.
The idea is to try and praise the film for the things I thought were great while leaving the flaws out of the analysis, basically the complete inverse of what you often see on the channel.
I will pick this back up with other films if you guys enjoy it, I really tried to nail the editing and the script though I wanted to get it out quick to cover the topic.
Marvel really did pull something amazing off here, a flawed series but an unprecedented one none the less.
Let me know how you feel about the video o/

  • still waiting for Avengers: End Game: An Unbridled... :)

    Dimitri DenisDimitri Denis22 giờ trước
  • Just like this movie, your review of it gave me the "feels"! Bravo!

    Kimberly The MagnificentKimberly The MagnificentNgày trước
  • Still I think the line with the most weight behind it comes from Steve Rogers: "oh god." It is the last line in the whole film and vocalizes exactly what everyone in the theater was thinking, all coming from the man whose signature line is "I can do this all day."

    doublea125doublea125Ngày trước
  • But why didnt thanos just double triple, or make an infinite amount of resources?

    Damian AlexandruDamian Alexandru2 ngày trước
  • Michonne 😂😂😂👍

    Erikard 2017Erikard 20174 ngày trước
  • The hulk is not transported directly to kamar taj (or however it's pronounced). He's transported to the new york sanctum, you know... in new york...

    Draug HeimDraug Heim8 ngày trước
  • I love infinity war but if you're gonna use your same objective nitpicking, why didn't dr. Strange trap Thanos in a time loop? He never even used the time stone and Thanos even says so which is good writing to catch it but still a plot hole

    Sheev BacSheev Bac8 ngày trước
  • Infinity War gets better every time I watch it. Endgame gets worse.

    wholetyouinherewholetyouinhere9 ngày trước
    • Endgame is the last 15 minutes...

      TheKgr1967TheKgr19677 ngày trước
  • The MCU had the potential to create meaningful stories but the creative team can't help but ruin everything with childish humour. Everybody is dying and they're making fart jokes. Marvel movies need some dry and dark humour and a 15 rating. Edit: Also plot threads that connect. Gamora loving Thanos makes no sense, even her protecting her sister makes me no sense cause it means Thanos completes the gauntlet. Why is one dwarf saved when Thanos only kills half of a race? Red Skull??? He was transported by one stone to another stone and then became the custodian of it Couldn't Dr Strange hide the time stone in the mirror world or yeet Thanos into the dark dimension his solo movie villain lived in? Or even a volcano? He was massively nerfed.

    Aurelia DavenportAurelia Davenport12 ngày trước
  • Just remember: fuck Quill.

    The Wright StuffThe Wright Stuff13 ngày trước
  • Loved the movie but can we talk about what might be the dumbest decision ever made by a fictional character in the history of fiction? Gamora is the only being outside of Red Skull who knows where the stone is.. She holds the key to the most important lock in the universe. She *knows* Thanos is going to Knowwhere, Thor just broke that down and she *still* decides to go there looking for trouble armed with a pen knife and a sword. She would have been the saviour of the universe if she'd just loaded a ship with a few lifetimes supply of food, drink entertainment etc and just blasted off into the void never to be seen again...

    Pirate ManPirate Man15 ngày trước
  • This movie was deserving of rage, as it could've/should've been SIGNIFICANTLY better. It was WAY too rushed, and not fleshed out enough.

    Jason BeardJason Beard15 ngày trước
  • Thor’s arc from ragnarok to endgame is just 👌🏽 and it’s not even over they left it open to be continued in guardians 3

    D R OD R O16 ngày trước
  • Marvel has a very serious problem of taking very long and spread out comic book arcs, and putting them into one movie. If they actually read the comics, they’d know they could have tripled their money on the stories they’ve used. Civil war, bare minimum 3 avengers movies and a few tie in moves. Age of Ultron, 3 movies and maybe a tie in. Infinity gauntlet? They could have stretched this out to 5-6 movies

    Victor HayesVictor Hayes18 ngày trước
  • Infinity war showed me 2 things i never thought I would see: The villains winning, and a wizard being tortured by squidward.

    Darth ClankerDarth Clanker18 ngày trước
  • Any chance of you doing "endgame"?

    Silent WatcherSilent Watcher18 ngày trước
  • Man seeing you praise this movie does put a smile on my face

    Doppler EffectDoppler Effect19 ngày trước
  • Still waiting for you to cover the sequel. Be fair and balanced. I prefer Endgame to this from both an objective and subjective viewpoint. This deals with more characters but Endgame deals with the love and passion for the project as a whole. But I guarantee you that you will never show this amount of bias to a film ever again despite there being better films than IW even in the superhero genre.

    Olly WOlly W20 ngày trước
  • Great, when's Endgame?

    ThePredaToRThePredaToR21 ngày trước
  • This guy got a boner because Tony made some jokes lol.

    Coolman21Coolman2122 ngày trước
  • Thanos plan was stupid and ridiculous, if the glove can delete 50% of all life in the universe because resources are finite, then it is also possible to make resources 2x, 3x, 4x ... 9000x more.

    Martin NolveMartin Nolve22 ngày trước
    • I mean, by mauler's logic, this criticism makes this entire film shit. (Even though it clearly isnt)

      Coolman21Coolman2122 ngày trước
  • Puzzled how they make a Loki movie, Loki is dead, no tricks there. has to be a prequel

    Chris PerrienChris Perrien22 ngày trước
    • Same with The Black Widow...

      TheKgr1967TheKgr19677 ngày trước
  • Where's end game?

    Ali InceAli Ince22 ngày trước
  • given the format of the unbridled rage videos, i expected something... different from an unbridled praise video. 48 minutes of plain narration of the movie and 4 minutes of actual commenting/praise, could have just simply kept those last minutes TBH.

    Randy YansaudRandy Yansaud22 ngày trước
    • you're getting more than you pay for.

      Chris PerrienChris Perrien22 ngày trước
  • So, when Tony and the others started fighting Thanos, it was a literal "Attack on Titan" xD

    Claudio SalazarClaudio Salazar24 ngày trước
  • here is a thought for thanos instead of killing 50% of the universe why not expand the universe to 2x or even 4x its size expanding the resources or use the gantlet to create renewable resources if you kill half the people because people are reproducing too quickly then doesn't that really just slow down the inevitable destruction the only way to really fix the everything would be to kill everyone or creating a renewable resource that would never run out killing 50% really does nothing

    Kaze worldKaze world24 ngày trước
  • How do you make your vids really good dude. Script first, cut later?

    Shane StocksShane Stocks25 ngày trước
  • I think that this is the most accurate thoughts on infinity wars you should do both praise and rage videos. can't wait for your thoughts on endgame

    godzilla101godzilla10125 ngày trước
  • I hate the not angry ones ha sorry

    Lord CrayzarLord Crayzar26 ngày trước
  • WHERE.....IS..... ENDGAME??

    Chaps VeeChaps Vee26 ngày trước
  • Where's the Endgame video???? Great job!!

    LilRub FrSoCalLilRub FrSoCal26 ngày trước
  • Do more videos like this please

    Sam SamSam Sam28 ngày trước
  • I only just now realized that the reason Peter "didn't feel so good" and was freaking out unlike most of the others that didn't see it coming was because of his spider sense.

    normalnormal28 ngày trước
  • I wonder why you don't make more videos, as far as I can see they last long, they have ridiculous number of views...and the most importantly they are very good. How much money do you earn in a video like this?

    Ivan DelacIvan Delac29 ngày trước
  • 25:13 i think that one outcome is because at any point if he's pushed too far thanos could simply use the reality stone and stop holding back. i think thanos at this point being so close to his goal is having his own doubts especially after sacrificing gamora and giving the universe every chance they have at physically stopping him, but slowly trudging forward nonetheless.

    This_is_JPThis_is_JPTháng trước
  • *Endgame redeems Infinity War* Endgame got even better reviews than Infinity War (94% and A+ ) vs (86% and A-) One of the reasons why some didn't like Infinity War was because of the weak character arcs for the heroes. This is both valid and not valid criticism. Infinity War has weak character arcs because the primary focus of the film is to tell a story where the 'bad guy' wins. Focus is on Thanos and so not on the heroes. (you can say Thanos is the hero or at least protagonist if you want to, but the point is the same) This sets up the character study in the follow up film. Endgame has *easily* the best character arcs of any MCU film and for this reason the very folks who didn't like Infinity War often loved Endgame. *A good example is Grace Randolph from Beyond the Trailer* - she nearly panned Infinity War - but regards Endgame as quote - "an almost perfect film." In fact - Infinity War becomes a better film after seeing Endgame because you understand that the things that were 'missing' from Infinity War were saved for Endgame, and in fact Endgame was in turn more satisfying because of the way Infinity War set up the payoffs. They are two great films. Infinity War without Endgame is a like a joke with no punch line. Endgame without Infinity War is a punchline that doesn't' land because it was never set up properly in the 1st place. The films are great *because of* each other. And they not great without each other.

    Summer TymeSummer TymeTháng trước
    • @Fayaz Hossain yeah, a lot of talking but no substance

      Coolman21Coolman2122 ngày trước
    • Wow

      Fayaz HossainFayaz Hossain29 ngày trước
  • This movie is incredible, amazing and nearly perfect. 5 viewings later I am still blown away by what they had done. The action with the use of different power sets, especially the colors and sound design for the stones. The comedic interactions between Heroes. The thousand little details Thor’s entrance, Cap’s entrance and Peter’s and Tony’s suit up scenes. Cap holding Thanos back. Panther and Cap back to back. So many amazing moments. Wish I could say the same about EndGame..

    Weary WandererWeary WandererTháng trước
  • 1:24 why didn’t Loki, the master of tricks, use his illusions to confuse Thanos or the tesseract to teleport Thor and himself somewhere else? Why was his big play some obvious front attack? This video sucks already.

    Hugh JazzHugh JazzTháng trước
  • Never did endgame

    Jakorian RichJakorian RichTháng trước
  • I'm excited for when we get the Endgame one

    Discordant Seven ProductionsDiscordant Seven ProductionsTháng trước
  • Hey Mauler, watched this again....thanks man

    TJ MullinTJ MullinTháng trước
  • Why doesn't Thanos just use the mind stone to control the entire universe? Take away their free will and force them to fulfill his vision of a utopia. No need to snap his fingers. Even if his power is limited, use the mind stone to control Iron Man, have Iron Man act as an autocrat of a post-snap Earth, enforcing resource distribution measures to ensure that the population stays relatively low. This way, Thanos doesn't have to snap his fingers again. Even more fun, what if Thanos is doing this because of a greater threat? Maybe Galactus is able to sense worlds due to their life force, so Thanos seeks to shave them down in order to keep them off of his radar. End Game could be about the remaining avengers starting an insurgency against an authoritarian Iron Man, who fell under the control of the mind stone after losing Pepper, which allowed him to become susceptible. Remember, his iron chest piece was unable to be bypassed for Loki to control him. This could be the equivalent of an Injustice Scenario, if you will.

    Knight ArtoriasKnight ArtoriasTháng trước
  • Pity Drax was nerfed so fucking hard.

    Bolt187119Bolt187119Tháng trước
  • Highest point of the MCU.

    Feanor1988bisFeanor1988bisTháng trước
  • What's the timestamp to the line he uses about the credits played in silence like a funeral? Something to that extent?

    Don GableDon GableTháng trước
  • I found this movie an unbridled mweh

    Milton77Milton77Tháng trước
  • Great video. Anyway... Can you read my fanfiction about the MCU and The Amazing Spider-Man?

    Amit BarabiAmit BarabiTháng trước
  • Dude. Did you not cover the cap vs ross exchange? Thats the best dialog in the film!

    Nephilim HeartNephilim HeartTháng trước
  • Pointing out how and why Stark would recognise the anger washing over Starlord and that he was about to lose it 👏👏👏 The world is a mirror 🙃

    JoeJoeTháng trước
  • One of the best intros to a marvel movie intro, let’s be honest.

    Unai EmeryUnai EmeryTháng trước
  • He never covered the sequel...

    PraxicsPraxicsTháng trước
  • someone asked me whats the difference between captain marvel and thor. i replied: "Thor became powerful and became who he is through adversity and combat. He wasnt handed anything on a silver platter, he risked his life numerous times for people who werent his own. He even says "what more can i lose?". Captain marvel became "the strongest" because she was in the vicinity of some random energy explosion. Even her character arc was "i wont let their words hurt me anymore". Shows you the difference between the directors and the story after infinity war.

    le kriegle kriegTháng trước
    • well, actually Thor was born a god, he had his super-powers a long time. Yea , he lost them when Odin banished him for a short time. yes he grew in maturity/wisdom but he was born a super-hero. You are correct Captinette Marvel never grew in maturity, if anything she regressed after gaining super-powers to being a child in outlook. She had no discipline at all, obviously she never learned any in the military, either, - that was another joke about that film character.

      Chris PerrienChris Perrien22 ngày trước
  • Please please do Endgame. I love your work and id love to see your take on it.

    Eric EvansEric EvansTháng trước
  • The first scene was fucking incredible i had goosebumps in the theater then it turned into a horror film.when snapping Lokis neck with such lil effort was terrifying.

    Doug bullDoug bullTháng trước
  • I would love to see your opinion on avengers endgame

    bluejay fettbluejay fettTháng trước
  • still waiting on "Avengers Endgame: An Unbridled Ending"

    Rant RadioRant RadioTháng trước
  • I'm not gonna lie, that throwaway line about Strange seeing that there's only 1 way to defeat Thanos singlehandedly ruins this movie for me. Really? You HAD to let Quill get mad. You HAD to give Thanos the time stone? You HAD to let Thanos win for 5 years? Fuck off. Earlier in this exact same movie you cut someone in two with you sling ring portal thingy. Just do that to Thanos. Or at the very least do it to the arm he's got the glove on. You know how he's gonna attack, so just anticipate it, slice his hand off, and teleport it somewhere he can/'t find it. Genocide fucking averted. He can assert that it HAD to happen all he wants, but it's fucking retarded. The Russos just wanted him to win and knew that Strange had the time stone, so they threw this line in there to justify the win. Well, fuck off Russo Brothers. You only made the entire end of this movie retarded.

    laserwolf65laserwolf65Tháng trước
    • "You HAD to let Quill get mad." - He might've realized that Quill will do it his way regardless. Quill even remarks that that was his plan, after they've managed to subdue Thanos. " you cut someone in two with you sling ring portal" - Maybe, but you can also imagine that He knew it wouldn't work against Thanos. They could've shown it, but the film was already too long, and there are many such details that would've made it only in 3-part story. But, overall, it doesn't really ruin the story. "You know how he's gonna attack, so just anticipate it" - He did, but whatever he did, Thanos managed to overcome it. Also, once Strange chooses a counter attack based on information from future events, that trajectory of events is eliminated, once Thanos counters your (probably unexpected) attack. Strange cannot rely on the timeline with current events, because you've tampered with it. You've changed how the events would've unfolded "naturally". So, you have to go back to memory and recall the probability in which Thanos countered successfully and choose the current attack... This back-and-forth between Strange, choosing best probability for a counter attack, and Thanos destroying everything thrown at him, culminates in Thanos using the reality stone and nullifying the multiple copies of Strange and capture him. Again, this does not ruin the story.

      Ro manRo man29 ngày trước
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    Michael TangMichael TangTháng trước
    • Can you translate this to human language, please?

      Ro manRo man28 ngày trước
  • i would personally like to see more of this positivity

    Stanley WilliamsStanley WilliamsTháng trước
  • I had the opportunity to watch Infinity War in theaters. I didn't. I regret it to this day.

    Quincy L JonesQuincy L JonesTháng trước
  • So... Why didn't Thanos use the snap to create enough resources for the current population?

    Esoteric EricEsoteric EricTháng trước
    • Because, like a religious fanatic, he believes his solution is the only solution.

      Ro manRo man28 ngày trước
  • soy

    Evan F.Evan F.Tháng trước
  • This movie is the chef's kiss! And while I can find amusement in tearing apart a cinematic failure, it's very refreshing to watch a high-praise rant to a movie that absolutely deserves it (my favorite movie rant thus far, MauLer, BTW). What an event! What an achievement! Well done Russo brothers and team! All the details that went into the complex cinematic crescendo that is Infinity War are astounding! Years of setups and payoffs have brought us here. To borrow your words, MauLer: "That's just fantastic...It shouldn't be possible, yet here we are."

    Scam WarsScam WarsTháng trước
    • And yet like 90% of his criticisms on ZSJL could easily be put on this lol. IW was good, but he's being majority biased. Anybody could easily rip apart IW if you use his nitpicky logic.

      Coolman21Coolman2127 ngày trước
  • PLEASE do more of these? Please?

    William EppersonWilliam EppersonTháng trước
  • Please do part 2

    Intentionally BlankIntentionally BlankTháng trước
  • So umm... uhh.. when's that endgame video coming out??

    thejahfoxthejahfoxTháng trước
  • I'm literally in tears as i listen to this video. You're observations and retelling reminds me of how amazing this movie was

    FashionfortyFashionfortyTháng trước
  • @MauLer Hulk wasn't transported to Kamar Taj. That is the Sorcerers New York Branch.

    Cosmin BeastCosmin BeastTháng trước
  • "Back at The Donut, we see that Doctor Strange has been tortured by Squidward..."

    RoboFist's RevengeRoboFist's RevengeTháng trước
  • I am waiting for the Endgame. Please.

    InsanityInsanityTháng trước
  • I’m incredibly hopeful for the future of the MCU, headed by such amazing characters as Dr Strange, Falcon, Bucky, Star Lord and Scarlet Witch. On the other hand we’re left with garbage like Captain Gender and Black Panther’s annoying sister who majored in race poetry in community college.

    Andrew W.C.Andrew W.C.Tháng trước
  • Did u do the sequel? i love your videos

    RidingAShoppingCartRidingAShoppingCartTháng trước
  • You're wrong about the start dude, he actually did care about Thor, pretending not to was just a negotiation tactic. Also, he isn't tempted by Thanos it was just a bait and switch. There are a lot of other small misunderstandings of the film in this vid, as well as your other 'unbridled' videos.

    SpaceMan ProletariatSpaceMan ProletariatTháng trước
    • He's just describing the scene, dude. Obviously Loki cares about Thor

      Ro manRo man29 ngày trước
  • Why doesn't Stange use his circle teleportation magic to get away from Thanos's planet? WTF? That's pretty fucking dumb and I think MauLer missed that. He could literally evade Thanos forever and never get caught. He could do that until the avengers came up with a good plan to kill Thanos. Or, he could actually use the circle teleportation device to send Thanos somewhere unknown................... This completely breaks the entire story. Also, Strange could have sent Peter away to Earth using the teleportation circle, while he was in the ship.

    Chinmay MogheChinmay MogheTháng trước
  • I like that Steve's resolution about them not sacrificing each other was exactly what caused Thanos to beat them. I hate that they gave Thor a fake eye. It was such a cop out.

    heliopyreheliopyreTháng trước
  • >Praise >Infinity War Lol

    debaditya bhowmikdebaditya bhowmikTháng trước
  • Is this a joke?

    Levi_ ExiledLevi_ ExiledTháng trước
  • (ominous chanting) Endgame Endgame Endgame EndgAME ENDGAME ENDGAME ENDGAME-

    DerpRaptorDerpRaptorTháng trước
  • anyone know which MCU films Mauler dislikes besides, Black Panther, Iron Man 3, and Captain Marvel

    Andreas NickAndreas NickTháng trước
    • Endgame

      WeeBiologistWeeBiologistTháng trước
    • i think Antman 2

      Triple HelixTriple HelixTháng trước
  • When does he stop recounting what happened in the movie and starts to review it?

    AlexAlexTháng trước
    • At like 35:00 ish is when the summary ends

      BraunanaBraunanaTháng trước
    • @Gamer 347 it’s a waste of time then. What’s the point of the video if it’s an hour long recount? The amazing part of this is how it has over 2m views. What is wrong with these people lmao

      AlexAlexTháng trước
    • Its not a review.

      Gamer 347Gamer 347Tháng trước
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    Michael TangMichael TangTháng trước
  • Are you still planning to do Endgame? Because I'm hooked. Lol

    FriniskeeFriniskeeTháng trước
  • Infinity War was honestly the apex of the whole MCU for me. By comparison, Endgame was somewhat of a letdown.

    David AshDavid AshTháng trước
    • I feel like that those movies are the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi of our generation. One movie that is solid with great character moments/motivations while the others has decent payoffs but flawed writing nonetheless.

      Metalhead RetroGamerMetalhead RetroGamerTháng trước
    • i think of it like this, Infinity War was the ending and the Endgame was just the victory lap

      Triple HelixTriple HelixTháng trước
  • Loved this!

    Ben KrauseBen KrauseTháng trước
  • This made me tear up in appreciation for what they achieved with this film

    JayVultureJayVultureTháng trước
  • I have never seen you be so wrong yet. Kind of refreshing actually. I mean... neat continuity details and a 0.5/10 instead of a 0.1/10 villain dont really make a good movie, but that's okay. We all have our flaws!

    TheCoper COperTheCoper COperTháng trước
    • Erm what? Did I miss something or maybe misunderstand you because this movie is fucking amazing. ESPECIALLY Thanos.

      Gamer 347Gamer 347Tháng trước
  • Do a praise of the prestige

    nas sannas sanTháng trước
  • Where is the part 2?!

    Captain RazzCaptain RazzTháng trước
  • I’ve already watched this video probably three times and I’ve seen IW probably 10 times. I fucking love this movie😂 best Marvel movie

    Andrew SchulteAndrew SchulteTháng trước
  • A truly perfect piece of cinema. My God this movie still moves me to tears every time I watch it. Well done Russo Brothers.

    Dane BadmanDane BadmanTháng trước
    • Marvel is not cinema remember. The films are like theme park rides.

      AlexAlexTháng trước
  • The time stone was the biggest flaw in Infinity War....the entire movie its like "go back in time, stop him from getting the stones" nothing...Thanos has the stone for two minutes and uses it to reverse Vision's initial death to save the stone....duh.

    L.L. CraftL.L. CraftTháng trước
  • You never did make a video of the sequel. Unfortunately...

    ThomasThomasTháng trước
  • This film has disaster amount of plot holes not even the Russos can fix.

    Javin LightJavin LightTháng trước
    • Such as?

      Gamer 347Gamer 347Tháng trước
  • Watching this after the snyder cut review, god marvel is unstoppable at this point

    The LindefannThe LindefannTháng trước
    • @The Lindefann Also to elaborate on your other point, that makes no sense. It's not hard to understand the fact that maybe the majority like it because... it's good? Idk, just a thought.

      Coolman21Coolman2121 ngày trước
    • @The Lindefann yeah, im waiting for the punchline. I definitely remember when plotholes were considered legitimate flaws in a movie lol. and even when he does mention legitimate flaws as such the dialogue, he never actually goes in-depth to fucking explain it. "Hate is useless" OH MY GOD SUCH A BAD LINE RIGHT? Hitop at least had an actual flaw in the movie, and it was that the characters weren't human. they were treated as almost god-like beings. That, I can get behind. That's something that didn't work *FOR HIM* . He wasn't making people feel bad for liking it. He didn't spend 6 hours per day, ignoring all friends and family, just to make a case that doesn't make any logical sense. "My opinions are my own", You're an actual clown

      Coolman21Coolman2121 ngày trước
    • @Coolman21 did you even watch the review? Obviously you didn't since the video had nothing but legitimate criticism and valid claims, i watched the movie in its entirety and i watched multiple reviews to see other people's perspective, my opinion wasn't changed by anything i watched but mauler said what i said when i watched the movie, my opinions are my own bud

      The LindefannThe Lindefann22 ngày trước
    • @The Lindefann dude, the video mauler made literally had people saying the movie was trash. Just because your opinion is in the minority doesnt make it right. It makes it an unpopular opinion. Its not that hard to understand, a fucking 1st grader can compherend this

      Coolman21Coolman2122 ngày trước
    • @Coolman21 opinions are subjective but people cling to popular opinions so they don't have to form their own, people become blissfully ignorant when major publications and popular reviewers are essentially told "hey you should like this movie cause its what gets clicks" so nobody knows what an opinion is and become offended when someone thinks differently from the popular opinion, when the popular opinion is from rotten tomatoes giving it 100% fresh because they are paid for that so hey maybe becoming a sheep isn't really the best idea 🤷‍♂️

      The LindefannThe Lindefann22 ngày trước
  • I noticed that after strange looked in the future thus seeing what tony will do he starts to respect him a little in this movie and in endgame

    Bagel MasterBagel MasterTháng trước
  • You keep coming back to how when family is in trouble you do whatever it takes to save them. This is also shown how thanos won as he was willing to do whatever was needed, while the heroes refuse to sacrifice vision, or gamora saving nebula. Thanos then shows admiration for the characters that did whatever it takes, such as quill attempting to kill gamora, or Wanda killing vision.

    Bagel MasterBagel MasterTháng trước
  • I’d say it wasn’t a chore for Tony to Knight Spider-Man more of him cringing as he knows what comes with being an avenger, loss.

    Bagel MasterBagel MasterTháng trước
  • The saddest part for me is that I’ll never get to experience these movies for the first time ever again

    Bagel MasterBagel MasterTháng trước
  • Wtf is the point of spending 60% of the video providing a Cliff’s Notes version of the film? If you’re here you saw the movie. If not, watch the movie.

    Theyungcity23Theyungcity23Tháng trước
  • This movie was stupid idc what y’all think, it’s just bad

    Totally ActingTotally ActingTháng trước
    • Ooh, a 6 year old dc fanboy. Been a while since I saw one of those 👀

      Gamer 347Gamer 347Tháng trước
    • Watch the movie first kid

      *Insert funny username here**Insert funny username here*Tháng trước