Best MARCH MADNESS Moments In The Past 5 Years

19 Th03, 2019
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The best moments from the past 5 years of college basketball's March Madness, mostly containing buzzer beaters and last minute shots.
2018 - 0:00
2017 - 2:14
2016 - 5:16
2015 - 8:51
2014 - 10:35

  • Whats your guys favorite shot from this video? Mines probably the 4-point play by SF Austin at 11:38

    Skies BasketballSkies Basketball2 năm trước
    • umbc becoming the first 16 seed to beat a 1 loyola chicago final four run the battle of the brazos getting ready to happen today between houston and baylor for a trip to the national championship

      Faith ThomasFaith Thomas17 ngày trước
    • Mine is 6:04

      Jaxson FabingJaxson FabingTháng trước
    • @Skies Basketball bora mas

      Romjan AlliRomjan AlliTháng trước
    • @Eli Scott I couldn’t hate UNC more. and i’m NOT a duke fan

      AndrewAndrewTháng trước
    • Malachi Richardson’s shot against Virginia to go to the Final Four in 2016 GO CUSE

      AndrewAndrewTháng trước
  • goood game

    play18play187 ngày trước
  • nON

    full1full17 ngày trước
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    pasquale canforapasquale canfora9 ngày trước
  • 6:11 wow that's amazing!

    At Home with Kaiping!At Home with Kaiping!10 ngày trước
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    Ana AnguloAna Angulo14 ngày trước
  • Not putting anything from that Wisconsin team upsetting undefeated Kentucky was a crime. That was one of best games in match madness history.

    Alex SwopeAlex Swope14 ngày trước
  • Who is here after Jalen Suggs buzzer beater?

    baby jesusbaby jesus15 ngày trước
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    Elle LencioniElle Lencioni15 ngày trước
  • Earthquake

    Sona FlannerySona Flannery15 ngày trước
  • Jalen Suggs!

    measel Catchesmeasel Catches16 ngày trước
  • I miss the crowds.

    Rolen AngeloRolen Angelo16 ngày trước
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    alora turneralora turner16 ngày trước
  • The duke vs wisconsin game still haunts me we were so damn close

    Mason TylerMason Tyler16 ngày trước
  • UCLA vs GONZAGA (2021 semifinal)

    Antonio CAntonio C16 ngày trước
  • “Gives it to Jenkins for the championship ohhh” is one of the greatest sports moments in history

    Sascha WestermannSascha Westermann16 ngày trước
  • Who's here after the Jalen Suggs shot

    Caleb RojasCaleb Rojas17 ngày trước
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    asmani kaminiaasmani kaminia17 ngày trước
  • I may have one to add

    BlessedJalenBlessedJalen17 ngày trước
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    Salwa MorcosSalwa Morcos17 ngày trước
  • Who’s here when Gonzaga hit the near half court shot to make it to the championship

    Donut Lord - Brawl StarsDonut Lord - Brawl Stars17 ngày trước
  • now we add jalen suggs incredible buzzer beater vs ucla😌

    RedFoxFilmsRedFoxFilms17 ngày trước
    • IT WAS MADDD!!!!!!!

      Manuela AfokoManuela Afoko15 ngày trước
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    Nicholas MineNicholas Mine17 ngày trước
  • NCAA Final Four

    Sona FlannerySona Flannery17 ngày trước
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    Adam The Account PlugAdam The Account Plug17 ngày trước
  • The dunk on the Cincy vs St. Joseph game was before the buzzer. He wasn't even touching the ball at 0.2. Slow it down and watch.

    Dylan WolfeDylan Wolfe18 ngày trước
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    silkaj marotasilkaj marota18 ngày trước
  • Why was Syracuse’s 10th seed final four run not on here

    Tripp SauerTripp Sauer18 ngày trước
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  • vARKX

    Roselyn DomingaRoselyn Dominga21 ngày trước
  • Wisconsin should’ve won

    Elliot RubinElliot Rubin21 ngày trước
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  • How you gonna leave out Wisconsin beating the undefeated Kentucky Wildcats?

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  • How u not put Villanova game winner

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  • UMBC is legit down but never out

    Typa GamingTypa Gaming23 ngày trước
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    hqtriviaboot2 hqtriviaboot2hqtriviaboot2 hqtriviaboot224 ngày trước
  • The lesser known schools are getting better. The quality of players are better the gap is closing between them and the power 5.

    Uba OkerekeUba Okereke24 ngày trước
  • Who else was just smiling through the entire thing?

    WardoMelonWardoMelon25 ngày trước
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  • I was at the game were Florida beat Wisconsin off of a buzzer beater

    Tim MTim M25 ngày trước
  • I love seeing Kentucky lose

    ItsNoahScottItsNoahScott26 ngày trước
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  • Why do his legs do that😂 1:09

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  • I love March Madness man...even wheny bracket gets DESTROYED by Loyola I still love it lol

    Fabo AndoliniFabo Andolini27 ngày trước
  • 4:08 idk what to think here cuz it looks like they were hella tired and Wisconsin let him just drive down the court but it also was a bad look lol seemed so casual for an OT buzzer beater

    Fabo AndoliniFabo Andolini27 ngày trước
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  • my school is forcing me to be here

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  • Well this is gonna need an update from this year 😂😂

    Goofyy ShadowGoofyy Shadow27 ngày trước
  • Number one rule.... never bet against sister Jean

    Matthew MerkelMatthew Merkel27 ngày trước
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  • 1:57 little did they know they would become future teammates

    DanielTVDanielTV28 ngày trước
  • 1:12 playing amazing for the warriors now.

    DanielTVDanielTV28 ngày trước
  • Where’s South Carolina at? Wtf man

    Stephen VallejoStephen Vallejo28 ngày trước
  • 5:22 i live in texas, i cried in texas, and i still think about this moment. in texas.

    LD TunaLD Tuna28 ngày trước
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    LavacoreLavacore28 ngày trước
  • when Loyola enters the playoffs, they become the fuckin patriots bro

    Theboo17Theboo1729 ngày trước
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    Kris EdKris Ed29 ngày trước
  • Loyola Chicago is about to do it again this year!

    C WiggsC Wiggs29 ngày trước
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    Chao NgChao Ng29 ngày trước
  • Fuck Grayson Allen... good player but one of the dirtiest I’ve ever seen, disgrace to the sport in my humble opinion

    Prince DuncePrince Dunce29 ngày trước
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