BEST player in the world BROKE the game with this CRAZY army

31 Th01, 2021
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00:00 intro
01:34 stadra
03:42 Jin Mu
05:46 GAKU
07:40 Pn/梦梦宝贝✨
10:28 Smith
13:11 ༄昨✨日༒青✨空࿐ོ
16:07 STARs
18:45 H.T❤Bestlove K✨
22:00 Klaus
25:22 尤斯塔斯.基德
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  • Klaus:Brings normal ordinary bobat with rages and helaers Lexnos: HOLY CRAP GUYS THIS MAN IS INAAAAAAANSE IF HE tRipLeS with this OMG

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  • pekkers are a good troop in clash

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  • Pro why we can't change the name clan castle 💔😭😭😭

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  • May is carbon

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  • never doubt Klaus

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  • Nice vid keep up this good content

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  • Where i can find this player

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  • We don't wanna help you with dollars. People spend money on you and you piece of human don't do anything just enjoy the game.

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    • Looks like you’re grumpy

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  • TH11 max

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  • I use code Tanqr :D

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  • I use code judo

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  • There was a guy that called 15-14 for the war score and he was correct lol

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  • I like your voice and also yur face luv brooo👌

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  • Jesus is king

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  • There is a video by Judo sloth that Klaus 3stared a base without spells

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    • when?

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  • get a new mic, but great content

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  • I use code HAVOC

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  • Lol “pecker” 😂

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  • Feel sorry for the guy who got the two star

    The Bean GodThe Bean God14 ngày trước
  • It’s pekka not pekker dude

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    • pekker

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  • Pecker must be a new super troop lol

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  • Code

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    • Oj code

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  • im using code:BEAK

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  • Code BEAK

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  • Bruhhh i swear klaus must be a predictor or something...

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  • I’m using code beak

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  • How old is this game

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    • 2012

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  • wth are peckers???💀😭

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  • Teach me

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  • Metagaming still exists?

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  • Beak is my code

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  • Code Beak

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  • Sumit007

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  • KLAUS knows the troop AIs better than supercell itself

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  • Sumit007

  • What platform that have been used to livestream?

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  • Anyone realises he says *lextoast*

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  • I mean lexnos

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  • Clash bashing

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  • I always had a doubt the townhall changes colour after th8 but even after th13 after the attack when its breaks down, its ruins are still yellow and white, why....

    Krishna Kumar MKrishna Kumar MTháng trước
  • judo and clashjo alternatively

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  • Bruh man's out here needing to be nerfed

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  • Code BEAK

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  • I use Sumit007 code

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  • Everyone knows the clash series downplays stalks and hides the best players because they're black or latino . Correction he may be the best asian or white player lmao !all us get rigged and a different version than our white pals ..

    Sheldon DurhamSheldon DurhamTháng trước
    • bruh how you gonna bring race into a video game. Get out of here 🤡

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  • Now i am using adda code.

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  • he says pekka like pekker lol

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  • 23:04 he used rc trick on scatter😱😱

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  • What up

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    • hi

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  • How much more will u guys milk klaus for content

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  • me: using code sloth

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  • dont care about the other attacks, i only care Klaus' incredible attack

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  • I am putting breakers lab code called beak

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  • Farm bases lol

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  • 22:36

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  • Lexnos

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  • wtf.theres still playing on this game? i thouGht coc is dead

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  • Awesome vid!, MUCH LOVE BROTHA!

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  • Klaus usedit on the warden

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  • I am surprised, COC is still a thing. Stopped playing it 5 years ago.

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  • New subscriber here loved your vids😁

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  • Been a lifelong Bash guy

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  • used to play like a mad kid now it's all gone. miss u clash of clan 😇😇

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  • Supporter from Philippines🙂

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  • I am supporting you this month. I like watching you and carbonfin’s analysis of the gqme

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  • Sumit 007

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  • Hey Man I Appreciate The Time Stamps❤️

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  • I used the code of SUMIT007

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  • I watched the whole video just bcz of Claus attk and it's amazing

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  • who is the guy in the thumbnail? I see him everywhere in youtube. Is that the guy name Klaus?

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    • @Lexnos Gaming Is that Klaus

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    • yes

      Lexnos GamingLexnos GamingTháng trước
  • Why tf it always show a asian dude but is actually a white dude😐

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  • I use that attack used by Klaus everyday from when I was th12

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  • No doubts.. All are pro.. 17:07..look at log launcher cleaning C.C.. Was that intentional!??.. If it is.. Dang.. Its ingenious attack..!!

    Khrix AzrealKhrix AzrealTháng trước
  • Is he messing around calling the Pekka a Pecker?

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