Could Batman Solve The Kira Case? - Death Note

15 Th07, 2019
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In this video, we go over the entirety of Death Note lore and compare Light Yagami / L to Batman. Could Batman solve the case and catch Kira or would Light figure him out first? Is he smarter than L or would he fall short?
(Includes lore and information from the Death Note Manga, Death Note: How To Read, The BB Investigation Novel, L: Change the World, and various Batman iterations in the form of Rebirth Batman)
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(Outro drawn and animated by me)

  • Should I make another video on Batman or even L in the future? Let me know. Q&A (Read More) Q. What about Rem? A. This is in reference to the "Post-L" scenario I gave, and Rem fades away after dealing with L so Rem wouldn't be around to do anything, and I already explained that the first situation would have to end too quickly in either Batman or Light's favor for Rem or Misa to even appear. So in no situation would Rem ever be involved in Batman VS Kira. Q. You said Rebirth Batman, so why are you bringing up other Batman variations? A. The events of Convergence merged the Golden Age, Silver Age, Post Crisis and New 52 characters together into a single iteration that we call "Rebirth." This is why rebirth characters remember Rainbow Batman even though that happened way back in the Golden Age or how the current Superman knows about events that only Post Crisis experienced.

    SethTheProgrammerSethTheProgrammerNăm trước
    • Batman vs L !

      ??????7 ngày trước
    • Can u do Superman vs Saitama

      Avery Pena RamirezAvery Pena Ramirez28 ngày trước
    • Definitely not, they give up their name way too easily. They'd be 40 seconds away from a heart attack, or a wrap around a tree in the mystery van.

      Kyle LavineKyle LavineTháng trước
    • My name is yoshikage kir- *TO BE CONTINUED*

      Arik _Arik _Tháng trước
    • @Samuel Äijälä Supes died remember once with Doomsday but he wasnt truly dead his heart beat once or twice for like week or so b4 reviting bck to life...At dis point debstable if heart attack is enough to kill Superman himself...Now wat be intresting Death note vs Hulk an Deadpool 😂😂😂😂shtt just useless heart attack dont cutt it nomore...

      Rey MontalvoRey MontalvoTháng trước
  • As much as I love comics the amount of shit you threw out there is proof why comics are kinda terrible

    CuttlefishCuttlefish3 giờ trước
  • Kira : *tries to kill batman with death note Death : aw hell naw brah you see that shit ? That's not my problem

    Alvin LohAlvin Loh8 giờ trước
  • *Later* Light: Hey batman! Griffith:... *proceeds to bring Light's Sister*

    Ignacio PrestesIgnacio Prestes10 giờ trước
  • This is kinda bullshit, because DN is realistic story with a touch of mystery and stiff rules, and Batman is DC superhero character, and their comics are batshit crazy(heh), complete fecking madness with no logic or any restraint. Seriously, seeing if person lies by looking at them? Outsmarting 4-dimensional alien? And while being physically normal human? Clasterfeckery! Those universes are not compatible at all, unless you reduce the idiocy that superhero comics shit out.

    AlexAlexNgày trước
  • This is really interesting

  • In one of batman's animated movies, he called himself batman inside his own head.. so he knew when someone was pretending to be his inner voice.. thats how he sees himself to his core.. and Bruce is the alter.. At what point does being named as a child cause the name written in the note book to take effect? What if someone went through a legal name change or had been a child of a troubled origins and ended up with a name change with out knowledge of the change?

    Isaac CastilloIsaac CastilloNgày trước
  • lmao

    Lel EleLel Ele2 ngày trước
  • Could you do the joker as light

    Messiah TsMessiah Ts2 ngày trước
  • Batman and light are awsome any day

    Cool creamCool cream2 ngày trước
  • thought this was jojo

    flamingflaming3 ngày trước
  • Batman figured out and beat Dracula... and probably picked something up from Constantine

    Sole MagusSole Magus3 ngày trước
  • Can Batman solve who was in Paris?

    Mega SocksMega Socks3 ngày trước
    • Well Batman is black so

      Dank BannDank Bann2 ngày trước
  • Next up can we get could the question (vic sage) catch kira?

    A wanted manA wanted man4 ngày trước
  • Batman is big brain

    the lamb saucethe lamb sauce4 ngày trước
  • Not even gonna watch it, Batman could totally solve it, but by the same logic Kira could figure out Bruce is Batman so the win goes to Batman unless Kira realizes he is hunting him cuz you know Kira has the instakill thing, have a like for bringing up the subject tho.

    Cross LychgateCross Lychgate5 ngày trước
  • Batman watching light: Batman he looks at people like he’s judging them like his discussed also he talks to him self he might be the killer

    Chase 11Chase 115 ngày trước
  • i love this video

    piopio5 ngày trước
  • Oh I wonder IF THE WORLD'S GREATEST DETECTIVE CAN SOLVE DEATH NOTE GUYS. It's not like Batman lives in a universe where he is friends with a superpowered alien and a shape shifting martian, so he's definitely going to rule out a book that kills people.

    Moiz CanteenwalaMoiz Canteenwala5 ngày trước
  • This would make for such a great story. I can imagine Light using Batman's no killing rule against him, like Joker does but by murdering Alfred or Catwoman or even the Joker. It would just be a really interesting arc.

    Popdop007Popdop0075 ngày trước
  • Light knows no master detective is stupid enough to have their alias as their real name. As far as Bruce's subconscious is concerned, his true name is "Batman". Light wastes his efforts searching for Bruce's name that never was. By sheer folly, Batman wins.

    abloogywoogywooabloogywoogywoo5 ngày trước
  • I don't think I ever noticed just how stupidly OP Batman is

    Ephemeral EnhancementEphemeral Enhancement5 ngày trước
  • Fascinating video, Seth. Excellent work. You've done your research. Quite entertaining. Bravo.

    William GageWilliam Gage5 ngày trước
  • 8:15

    Sam BadriSam Badri5 ngày trước
  • Batman would kick his ass

    Nathaniel FordNathaniel Ford6 ngày trước
  • Now could Batman Solve the Yoshikage Kira case?

    BigFatBucko012BigFatBucko0126 ngày trước
  • While this was a pretty good video, but have disagree that the first scenario would go as quickly as you think. It would be difficult for Batman to prove that Kira exists or even where he Is operating (Unless he provokes Light In a similar way to L, but it would be out of character for Bruce to sacrifice human lives to help his Investigation.) And I don't believe Light would completely ignore Batman forever; he will eventually see him as a threat. The fact that an American Vigilante In a bat-suit Is going around Kanto Japan and spying on students for no apparent reason will attract the public's attention, and by extension, Kira's. He will then most likely figure out that Batman Is on to him and change the pattern of the deaths. And if the police decide to hide the names of criminals. I believe that Light would be entirely focused on getting rid of Batman first, then killing the Innocent. Light would try his best to prevent mistakes that lead to him being caught, even killing criminals less frequently. There is an excellent video by this VIworldr name Korotos Mystery Shack that points how Light lost in EP 2 of Death Note. (In how him killing Lind L Taylor leads to L finding out Kira is indeed a person and is in the Kanto Region.) But unless if Batman similarly provokes Light, In a similar way, he would be stuck looking for a criminal with an untraceable weapon. While Bruce might still find a connection with the time patterns, there are so many schools In Kanto, Japan, that finding Light so fast would be nearly impossible.

    Tamara AnthonyTamara Anthony6 ngày trước
    • Well depending on which universe this takes place in if it's in the DC verse he wouldn't even need to prove anything but I'm assuming it's the DN verse but even in the show the police were atleast suspicious that something was happening and L knew or atleast had a strong feeling light was in Japan since alot of his first victims were Japanese also the shinto? Killer was something only aired in Japan And I can guarantee batman wouldn't be seen much less by the public he is well aware if hes spotted it would put Kira on edge and switching the kill pattern would only confirm Kira is in Japan since suddenly changing his pattern would tell batman he's trying to throw him off the trail

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  • Question so is there any reason the Batman didn’t you know go to court when he was arrested where a lawyer or who is reasonably qualified could indemnify him against this and also probably get Gordon arrested for assaulting a billionaire who is the only person keeping Gotham afloat

    Oberstruhmfuhrer SchrodingerOberstruhmfuhrer Schrodinger6 ngày trước
  • Misas shinigami would try to save misas life and kill bruce wayne if he tried to hurt her, but damn this was such a great video and a tiny nitpick

    Call me VęłøčCall me Vęłøč6 ngày trước
  • Batman is his real name, Bruce Wayne died in the alley, all that is left is Batman and Zur-En-Arrh.

    Victor RolstonVictor Rolston6 ngày trước
    • @Tamara Anthony So if the magic book works like that, does that mean it is bound by legal documents of birth, so if someone has no citizenship does that mean they are immune to the death note because they have no legal documented name of any government?

      Victor RolstonVictor Rolston6 ngày trước
    • The Death Note doesn't care about aliases or what the victim considers to be their real name to require Bruce Wayne In this case.

      Tamara AnthonyTamara Anthony6 ngày trước
  • Epic

    Qurt EhQurt Eh6 ngày trước
  • Yes because he's batman.

    ingsnaut _ingsnaut _7 ngày trước
  • Batman beats Kira because Batman has dozens of comics where he does the impossible. I don't even like Light but this was... very boring to listen to. "Batman can do it because he's batman." Goku can beat everything because he is Asian Superman. Okay then.

    Nizer ConflagrationNizer Conflagration7 ngày trước
  • He probably already has a contingency plan for all the shinigami

    Bruce WangBruce Wang7 ngày trước
  • Love Deathnote but Batman would beat the shit out of Light

    Fluffypool07Fluffypool077 ngày trước
  • What if Light wrote “Batman” in the Death Note and Bruce Wayne just suddenly forgets all of his investigative and martial arts training, effectively killing the part of Bruce Wayne that was Batman?

    L4DY M3R3KL4DY M3R3K7 ngày trước
  • batman has like 1000 iw

    dracos deaddracos dead8 ngày trước
  • Would writing "batman" work? If not, probably.

    Tom Cruise MissileTom Cruise Missile8 ngày trước
  • Anyone just imagine Batman beating the actual stuffing out of Light: Batman: I'm gonna take this psycho-murderer... AND BEAT IT.

    OniEni 97OniEni 978 ngày trước
  • Light: *breaths* Batman: your Kira Light: HOW THE FU-

    Kathary _xXKathary _xX8 ngày trước
  • As much as I love Batman, he barely does any detective work. World's greatest detective my ass.

    Pigpug PigpugPigpug Pigpug8 ngày trước
  • If light puts his ego to the side for a moment he could have actually won against Bruce

    Nivit MishraNivit Mishra8 ngày trước
  • If I were Batman, I'd contact Superman and tell him to use his super hearing to find out if some Japanese student is laughing like a maniac in his room alone. Case solved😉

    MR. PRO-GAMER 69MR. PRO-GAMER 698 ngày trước
  • Batman would somehow figure it out instantly and when people ask how he did it he'd be like "I'm Batman"

    Radio StarRadio Star9 ngày trước
  • Yeah definitely... the issue is this is Batman at his best vs Kira at his beginning.. so not that interesting tot be honest.

    Cid LuniusCid Lunius9 ngày trước
  • Yo real shit Batman’s true self is Batman because Bruce Wayne is just a mask Batman wears in his eyes so does that mean if light writes Batman he dies?

    A WeebA Weeb9 ngày trước
  • I’d read a comic and and watch a dc animated film of this

    Quinn ZykerQuinn Zyker9 ngày trước
  • Since the owner of the death note can see the true name with shinigami eyes, allow me to add another variable. This comes from the inheritance cycle books. A person's real name is his name in the ancient language. It remains the same one throughout their life but it can be changed. Although a rare occurrence it does happen. Since Batman essentially has impossible in his utility belt, that's just another tool for him in this quest. Choose the winner now😁

    Sharon AbrahamSharon Abraham9 ngày trước
  • *dials phone number* "Hey constantine help me catch this magic murderer" Case closed.

    A BusinessmanA Businessman9 ngày trước
  • yall sleeping on detective chimp

    null.null.9 ngày trước
  • Kira: I'll kill them all. General Douglas MacArthur: nuke 'em.

    javkhlan enkhbaatarjavkhlan enkhbaatar9 ngày trước
  • Dose this guy know how iq works??

    I. KI. K10 ngày trước
  • Ha! Bet light can beat goku

    NeonDistortion -NeonDistortion -10 ngày trước
  • Ofc batman could

    EYP!EYP!10 ngày trước
  • im six so i guess your MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    zenitsu agatsumazenitsu agatsuma10 ngày trước
  • Oh come on. Barbara and alfred are half the reason he solves cases.

    notaprogamer27notaprogamer2710 ngày trước
  • Prediction i think batman would be able to deduce who kira is not due to his intelligence (doesnt hurt though) but because of his resources

    least toastleast toast10 ngày trước
  • I totally saw this coming, but it would have been more interesting if you nerfed batman's intelligence a little.

    Dain DreskaDain Dreska11 ngày trước
  • ok but can batman catch *Yoshikage* Kira

    Ethan FrigerioEthan Frigerio11 ngày trước
  • I need that music

    LuiBei1994LuiBei199411 ngày trước
  • Could Phoenix Wright solve the kira case? Could he even convict him if they where on trial xD

    TunakannTunakann11 ngày trước
  • imagine what would happen if the joker got the dead note instead of Light. Ryuk and him would surely have a lot o fun toghether.

    ZeroHourZeroHour11 ngày trước
  • One thing I'm surprised wasnt mentioned here as a way to meet Light: Bruce meeting him as Bruce Wayne instead of Batman. He's a billionaire philanthropist, and starting an international scholarship program or something wouldnt be something out of the ordinary. Light is basically a valedictorian, so he could interview Light under the guise of the program and go from there. As mentioned, he'd probably have a pretty good idea that Light is Kira pretty quickly regardless, but could still probably find questions and conversation topics to confirm it further without giving away what he's doing

    Broadway JRBroadway JR11 ngày trước
  • Bro I fr just watched the whole anime (loved it) to see this video.

    Julian OrozcoJulian Orozco11 ngày trước
  • “The death note wants the original name” So what happens if, say Elliot Page is written in the book?

    noodle_boodle_toodlenoodle_boodle_toodle12 ngày trước
  • Misa: (glares at batman menacingly with shinigami eyes) Batman: (instinctively reaches into utility belt for flash bang)

    Splashus KlaySplashus Klay12 ngày trước
  • 19:00 Batman’s moves in the night in pretty sure light shopped afterschool and if I’m pretty sure light woulda notice Bruce Wayne cruising around or just anyone in the streets to recognize him woulda kinda make a fuss he would see and think something of it and how u said earlier he would find it Batman is Bruce Wayne

    BellBell12 ngày trước
  • I doubt it cuz like come on Batman is smart he woulda came close but Kira woulda figured out he was Bruce Wayne before he could

    BellBell12 ngày trước
    • @Bell I mean that’s ONE possibility most likely tho at least what I think since light was really cocky in the early episodes he wouldn’t be as deductive as he was when he was working with L, so I think Batman takes it most of the time

      Zolt BruhZolt Bruh11 ngày trước
    • 11:07 ig correctly then😌

      BellBell12 ngày trước
  • Honestly, I think they would just team up.

    Yellow EnnYellow Enn13 ngày trước
  • Light: "But how did you know-" Batman: *"My mother's name was Martha too."*

    Matthew ColquhounMatthew Colquhoun13 ngày trước
  • i mean batman’s dealt with the supernatural n’ shit. so ofc he’s gonna be easily able to find him

    JackJack13 ngày trước
  • Holy crap, this was so well done! The idea is brilliant as well. Fantastic video man, really.

    Bluemilk92Bluemilk9213 ngày trước
  • Shimigami eyes won’t help it’ll just say “HES BATMAN” above his head.

    XDemonic_Jay ‘XDemonic_Jay ‘13 ngày trước
  • I don’t want to watch a 30 minute video, what was this guy’s conclusion

    Liam MillerLiam Miller13 ngày trước
  • No. He couldn't

    karmakarma13 ngày trước
    • 21:12

      david reljacdavid reljac12 ngày trước
  • Seth what if Bruce saw misa and she had hostile intent and he subdues her wouldnt them kill him because rem would sacrifice her own life ?

    Madara UchihaMadara Uchiha14 ngày trước
  • Btw the hidden message among the text was "What's to say batman would figure this out just because L did"

    Kakashi HatakeKakashi Hatake14 ngày trước
  • Bruh a loosing condition would be death😂if light find out he’s Bruce Wayne then it’s GGs

    ITzGio XDITzGio XD15 ngày trước
    • did you even watch the video?

      Suck Ya MuddaSuck Ya Mudda10 ngày trước
  • L would just write the name " Batman" in the deathnote because that"s his real face and name.

    Me AlexanderMe Alexander15 ngày trước
    • 4:19

      david reljacdavid reljac12 ngày trước
  • Let’s not forget, Bruce got 5 satellites

    longarooni_xvlongarooni_xv15 ngày trước
  • I’ve got a question that wasn’t addressed in the end segment. What if light made the deal with ryuk for shinigami eyes in this scenario?

    R MendozaR Mendoza15 ngày trước
  • its time to do the eye deal

    quiet grim reaperquiet grim reaper16 ngày trước
  • 16:07 but ryuk is literally a death god. a god.

    quiet grim reaperquiet grim reaper16 ngày trước
  • The problem is he'd die before getting a chance. The way the book works is you need to imagine the person while writing their name in the book. Normally you'd think "oh Light couldn't kill him because he doesn't know he's Bruce Wayne" The problem with that is that Batman sees himself as Batman, that is his name & he views Bruce Wayne as the mask to fit into society. All Light would have to do is imagine Batman while writing "The Batman" in the book and that's the end of Batman.

    Fuzzy DuoFuzzy Duo16 ngày trước
    • 4:19

      david reljacdavid reljac12 ngày trước
  • Could Makoto Naegi solve the Kira case?

    ID 45ID 4516 ngày trước
  • Ok this is why Batman is the number 1 hero in dc like he smart and good combat and cool costume

    Phantom god XXPhantom god XX16 ngày trước
  • Technically Kira couldn’t kill Batman due to the fact the he doesn’t know Bat’s name

    Jungle HunterJungle Hunter17 ngày trước
  • impossible light would never find out Batman was Bruce Wayne

    The One Who AskedThe One Who Asked17 ngày trước
  • This old asf but Batman does consider his name Batman as well as Bruce, it was shown in Batman beyond when he says he refers to himself as Batman in his head, which is why he was able to determine the difference between his inner voice and someone impersonating his inner voice

    yungyung17 ngày trước
    • @Carball Tunnel I understand that, it was just in regards to a question he posed saying whether Bruce calls himself Batman or not

      yungyung11 ngày trước
    • The Death Note doesn't care if Batman considers his name Batman, it wants the original name, and it's Bruce Wayne.

      Carball TunnelCarball Tunnel11 ngày trước
  • Answer: Yes

    yungyung17 ngày trước
  • Lololo

    Saba GamingSaba Gaming17 ngày trước
  • This was stupid

    Ali İmran KAZANAli İmran KAZAN17 ngày trước
  • Who wins wouldnt matter because Batman would just make Light a Robin

    Elmo KnowsElmo Knows17 ngày trước
  • Light figures out Batman's true identity and writes down his name right in front of him. Nothing happens. Light frantically tries it again and again as Batman approaches, quickly exceeding the 'incorrect name limit' of the notebook and making Batman immune to its effects. *Light:* "Why isn't the notebook working?!" *Batman:* "Because you wrote down _'Bruce Wayne.'"_ *Light:* "Yeah! that's your name, right?!" *Batman:* _"No."_ Batman knocks Light out and hauls him to jail. Meanwhile Ryuk is laughing his ass off in the corner, because Bruce's 'true name' does indeed come up as *_Batman_* in his Shinigami vision.

    Blackheartzero, the Underground Song CriticBlackheartzero, the Underground Song Critic18 ngày trước
  • Yea Because his batman

    MrGssMrGss18 ngày trước
  • Please do “how Ranpo Edogawa would solve the Kira case”

    Chuuya lover ASFChuuya lover ASF18 ngày trước
  • But could Batman catch a Death Note user if they were not pants-on-head retarded and stuck to pulling victims off the internet and pulling random causes of death for them out of a hat?

    Jonathan PrinceJonathan Prince18 ngày trước
  • yeah i think you shouldn't underestimate a dude that earned the title best detective in the world

    God of HentaiGod of Hentai18 ngày trước
  • In my opinion yes he can solve the kira case, just wait 2 years like when he found out jason todd was tortured 2 years after him being captured and tortured by joker

    Ferry Muhammad NurFerry Muhammad Nur18 ngày trước
  • of course batman could solve the case even those guys in death note solved the case like what the fuck

    FullsoundFullsound18 ngày trước