Death Guard v Imperial Guard, Warhammer 40k battle report

16 Th01, 2021
53 937 lượt xem

Here we get to see what the new DG codex can do as The End of All Things take on The Vorkanis 22nd in this 1500 point matched play game.
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  • Hold up, Imperial guard siphoning power from chaos totems? The commissar would like to know your location.

    Caleb FarmerCaleb Farmer14 ngày trước
  • Just a point of rule clarification, Russ' don't get to fire twice with Grinding Advance during Overwatch. Only in the shooting phase. I wish though!!

    www.DrumsTheWord.comwww.DrumsTheWord.com16 ngày trước
  • Though the IG rolling certainly didn't help here, it's obvious who would win before the game even started. Scions are not bad units, but like all guard units they need numbers to be effective. A few five man squads, even kitted out with meltas and plasmas, isn't going to cut it against monstrosities like the DG. I understand the IG player likely didn't have enough models to field more (as they are expensive real $) but trying to replace them with tanks just doesn't work, as a single Russ is worth 2.10 man and a 5 man squads of scions. Likewise, Valks are just too expensive for their effectiveness. Cool looking model, but all your infantry could already drop wherever, negating the purpose of a transport. And if you need to give orders, you can take three more Primes for the Valk and still have points leftover for another squad of scions.

    Allan AndersonAllan Anderson22 ngày trước
  • New death guard are so broken

    alan rickettalan rickett23 ngày trước
  • I hate this guard list

    BGB IGBGB IG25 ngày trước
  • I don’t know this battle was a bit lame , normally it’s a bit more fun to watch your battles but this was just .. yeah hit ...wound ....nope saved . Very very much a lame one sorry

    Y UryY Ury26 ngày trước
  • to add a contagion... is to contaminate. xD

    KimodoKimodo29 ngày trước
  • Every time your Demon Prince is involved, I have to think of Flight of the Conchords. "What kind of rapping name is 'Steve'?"

    jeronimo486jeronimo486Tháng trước
  • Not saying DG are not as brutally good as all the other 9th edition books BUT the dice on that first volley from the crawlers were super spiking for you there. number of shots for the D3 mortar, hits & wounds and damage for the entropy cannons. Shows off perfectly what those beasts can do if lady luck is on your side. Great fun to watch (unless you are rooting for the poor guard, haha).

    TheXasTubeTheXasTubeTháng trước
  • Fantastic game as always, great fun to watch and two gloriously painted armies - but is it me, or are Death Guard now just a bit overpowered? Either that, or GW really need to update IG (codex and newer models, please. Not everyone plays fecking marines!)

    Neil MartinNeil MartinTháng trước
  • Lead by daemon prince ... Steve Literally the best part

    Aiden TannerAiden TannerTháng trước
  • When compared to the plague burst crawler, Leman Russ are so overpriced. They are good if you are rolling above average but they usually end up being expensive target practice.

    The Walking ManThe Walking ManTháng trước
  • The 14th Legion is looking good. Your opponent is a great sport but I think that some things in his list are not very strong against the Death Guard. Also your rolling was on point! "Roll better than opponent" is the #1 game-winning strategy if you can pull it off.

    Aaron SomervilleAaron SomervilleTháng trước
  • 55:30 just wondering, does the new disgustingly resilient works against mortal wounds? As in should you have taken 2 wounds instead there?

    YouTube WatcherYouTube WatcherTháng trước
    • Mortal wounds aren't "damage" so you won't take less mortal wounds from things like explosions, smite, etc.

      D.T.MD.T.MTháng trước
  • This is the first battle report I’ve watched for over a year and really enjoyed it! You’ve still got it Winters!!

    Ned AugbayaNed AugbayaTháng trước
  • I wouldve kept the tanks back within the troops support sphere. Especially against the death guard marines. Yeeeesh. Otherwise it was an enjoyable match to watch!

    Inkya the ElludistInkya the ElludistTháng trước
  • Good one, interesting to see how a pure infantry guard army would do.. Mordian 50th rifles. Just saying..

    Lars NielsenLars NielsenTháng trước
  • He brought battle cannons over demolisher?

    Michael HunterMichael HunterTháng trước
  • Doesn’t death guard not suffer the -1 to shoot into combat

    Twitch5801Twitch5801Tháng trước
  • I love it when Winters play Sultan. They're just such genuine and good friends. It makes my day to see them playing a game together during these uncertaint times. Thanks to both of you!

    Gray GriffonGray GriffonTháng trước
  • gg wp

    LuisLuisTháng trước
  • I didn't think I'd ever be disappointed by a Winters battle report. Not his or his opponent's fault, just a crazy disparity in list power. Far too unbalanced to be interesting.

    Andy StrachanAndy StrachanTháng trước
    • Like watching Steve play dark eldar vs tyrannid melee and psykers on mwg. You knew someone gonna get blasted off the board.

      Michael HunterMichael HunterTháng trước
  • That -4 on 6 with those plague daggers is nasty! It makes sense though, because a plague marine stabbed and infected Jaghatai Khan with one of those.

    Carl WhiteCarl WhiteTháng trước
  • Is it just me or is this dg list illegal? Where’s your second HQ

    Ryan BowaldRyan BowaldTháng trước
    • It's a patrol detachment

      zadrot_fmzadrot_fmTháng trước
  • That's quite fruity

    RedPantyNightIncRedPantyNightIncTháng trước
  • A one sided game in the end but always, you can only fight what's in front of you. Perhaps a different list would have lasted longer, but I doubt much. IG are weak right now and DG look absolutely gruesome to play against now. A great report despite the shortness... Your terrain, story telling and enthusiasm is as infectious as pappa nurgle.

    Albert bargeryAlbert bargeryTháng trước
  • i'm pretty sure you can only take one army specific secondary

    william fergusonwilliam fergusonTháng trước
  • Did he use Vengeance for Cadia? Should have, it only costs 1 CP, it's pretty op to be honest.

    Y Cylch GamesY Cylch GamesTháng trước
  • We need to see Mordian Glory using his foot guard army vs deathwatch please!!!!!

    Diego GiménezDiego GiménezTháng trước
  • Good ole winters, time to cheer me up. With the DG

    Dave BailiffDave BailiffTháng trước
  • 1) DG are strong now with new codex. 2) Amazing rolling by Winters. 3) The guy sent his tanks in 1st and then spread his units too thinly, keep your troops together and firepower concentrated.

    shaunsprogressshaunsprogressTháng trước
  • ...and just like that; half way through DG's turn 1 it was blatantly clear which way the game was going. No contest here at all.

    Jonny_KungJonny_KungTháng trước
  • Spread sickness begin at the end of your mouvement but is only completed at the end of your turn. And i think pox can no longer perform actions

    L CL CTháng trước
  • I can't believe they made the plagueburst crawler better. The fact it's a daemon and has a 5++ is crazy but now it's a 3+ bs with a s8 no los gun 🧐 meanwhile guard tanks? They just get one shot by a multi melta.

    DanteDanteTháng trước
  • man that was almost not super onesided lul

    fitz lotherickfitz lotherickTháng trước
  • Man I hope my 1k sons get some love this year. I’m almost to buy a new army level

    Ragnar BaronRagnar BaronTháng trước
  • If the world ends im stealing Winters. Thanks for everything man. You got fans in Canada for sure eh !

    savagex466savagex466Tháng trước
  • Great looking armies.

    stuffandstuffstuffandstuffTháng trước
  • Where can i get those cool bullgryn stand ins?

    lovinmusic500lovinmusic500Tháng trước
    • Yep those have actually been on the channel before IIRC. They're converted from the Necromunda Ambots.

      Benny CastoBenny CastoTháng trước
    • I think they are Necromunda: Ambot Automata.

      PSI-MANPSI-MANTháng trước
  • you have the best tables

    Runaway WindmillRunaway WindmillTháng trước
  • Another great report Winters. Fancy a battle sometime?

    LoneWargamerLoneWargamerTháng trước
  • Isn't it dangerous to do bat reps when the old bill are on the prowl for these kind of things?

    The Emperor Of MankindThe Emperor Of MankindTháng trước
    • @winters SEO OOooh thats pretty sound :D I wish I had some folks in my bubble who played :( just keep buying models endlessly. Keep up the good work man! I had police at my door yesterday as a neighbor made a false accusation against me saying someone visited which they didn't..

      The Emperor Of MankindThe Emperor Of MankindTháng trước
    • Support bubbles are legally protected. Sultan is mine / I am his. All battle reports have always been filmed following all concurrent local guidelines. I will not put myself at risk, legally or physically / my health.

      winters SEOwinters SEOTháng trước
  • Death Guard is broken now

    ervv müllerervv müllerTháng trước
  • Winters dicerolling so so unbelievably op and it is constantly so. How do you do that?

    ervv müllerervv müllerTháng trước
  • The new Death Guard are really disgustingly resilient

    AquitaineUAAquitaineUATháng trước
  • Playing Guard these days makes no fun. Their points and rules does not fit to what the Guard should be and I am not talking abpout high competive gaming. The half of the Firepower does not hit (BS 4+) except for the Tank Commanders and Scions. Our Tanks and Artillery has so bad hitting because of the lost of the templates. Our Tanks getting destroyed fast with al lthat crazy weaponry arround, T8 and 3+ Saves is nothing aggainst it. And we have not enough Units of the Table to make it work. And the there are so much things that reduce auccuracy and damage so you just bounce off the Enemy. And we also do not have any cool Unit rules compared to other armys, its boring. Oh and most of our models are arround 15-20 years old. I play Guard for 17 Years now and I hope so bad that they just give some love to our iconic Army.

    Kasrkin88Kasrkin88Tháng trước
  • and then the survivers face the inqusition for living

    Chaser YohmoiChaser YohmoiTháng trước
  • This was a bit rubbish to watch. Why you would bring Plasma and Heavy Bolters against -1 damage is beyond me. The Guard list was trash in general to be honest.

    Rico MicoRico MicoTháng trước
  • IG with SoB ally would have had a chance against DG. All the IG choices were pretty much sub-optimal.

    Sean ThompsonSean ThompsonTháng trước
  • Good God Codex creep is disgusting. GW suckssss

    Crom CraftCrom CraftTháng trước
  • What a trash Guard list. This wasn't even a game, after turn 1 you should probably have stopped, fixed the list and started over.

    1Rannock1RannockTháng trước
  • Faces! Yay!

    Crom CraftCrom CraftTháng trước
  • Guard have been neglected, not really surprised by this result.

    1gcsxbv grwcbhf d1gcsxbv grwcbhf dTháng trước
  • I feel like in their new codex, guard should get a full charge stratagem that makes their lasguns strength 4

    Rainyredman123 4Rainyredman123 4Tháng trước
  • Most ballsy sergeant going up against that demon prince!

    TEKTEKTháng trước
  • I thought poxwalkers couldn’t preform actions?

    madnessSaviormadnessSaviorTháng trước
  • have the MBH lost their 5+ daemon save? O.O

    Ragnar BlackmaneRagnar BlackmaneTháng trước
    • nevermind, it was resolved about 20 seconds later

      Ragnar BlackmaneRagnar BlackmaneTháng trước
  • Holy crap the tanks being able to just one shot the leman Russes is messy can't wait for a good update.

    JBOMB353JBOMB353Tháng trước
    • going to be exciting to see how the bring up to date the IG codex ,,, maybe proper tanky tanks will be incoming and actually bigger sized units of troops

      Ickle MooIckle MooTháng trước
  • IG need some new stuff badly! DG’s looking very good with their new Codex!

    Leighton RobertsLeighton RobertsTháng trước
  • love the 10p. Upgrade for the Plague Marines. Such a nice buff for the humble Boltgun (which in general in my Opinion should be made more powerful to mach the fluff, because that finally seems to be the route GW is taking with the new Dexes and changes). Love that

    Jan HellingJan HellingTháng trước
    • I honestly prefer a game to be balanced rather then trying to match the fluff.

      Anthony Dalla ViaAnthony Dalla ViaTháng trước
  • New DG looks nice. I think the Guard list wasn't well equipped to deal with this though. Running all the tanks forward turn 1 probably also didn't help. :P

    sairencesairenceTháng trước
  • Hey Winters, your guest is a fantastic sport. Good choice for somebody to help introducing people to a new codex. Especially one that ends in a stomping . Great guy!. Really enjoyable.

    Dave ThortonDave ThortonTháng trước
  • Needs artillery..... lots of artillery.

    Scrubs R/CScrubs R/CTháng trước
  • BrO gUaRd Is GoOd BrO

    CyanideInMyCerealCyanideInMyCerealTháng trước
  • Currently at the 45 min mark and was wondering why not bring morty but God those plague crawlers are booce can't wait to make my 2nd one 😀

    Moltenpanther 3Moltenpanther 3Tháng trước
  • Haven't even seen the armies and I am so happy to see the imperial guard on this channel! Winters you are a pillar of this community and you rock! FOR THE THIRTEENTH!!

    connor stevensonconnor stevensonTháng trước
  • This is an absolute stunner of a table setup, really believable looking with how you did terrain and objects/buildings!

    ScorpionP2CScorpionP2CTháng trước
  • DG is underpriced right now Like "body" of terminator is 28 pts and for 12 more you get T5, Disgustingly resilient, 4++, bubonic axe +2 -2 1 (plague weapon), and combi bolter. 18 is a "body" of marine and for 3 pts more, you get +1 attack insted of shock assult, T5, Disgustingly resilient, and ton of spetial weapon same with mortair DP the one who feels right

    Dr. AculushkaDr. AculushkaTháng trước
    • @Murray Court ap - 1 yes Bt - 1T is a "chapter tactics" don't affect "bare" cost of marine equivalent

      Dr. AculushkaDr. AculushkaTháng trước
    • Plague marines get AP-1 in close combat, and -1Toughness to enemies in close combat too.

      Murray CourtMurray CourtTháng trước
  • Hell yeah, love seeing the Sultan's guys in action. Those fluff lists are good to see

    ScottScottTháng trước
  • Great battle! To be honest, the new Death Guard seem like an extremely tedious and obnoxious army to play against. There is a serious lack of strength 5+, damage 1 weapons out there. I think that GW's theory was that massed shooting from standard guardsmen or the like would be efficient against them, but looking for 5 ups and hoping your opponent fails some 3 ups is just asking for disappointment no matter how many dice you're throwing.

    dark7elementdark7elementTháng trước
  • Ack the powercreep :D

    Peter SPeter STháng trước
  • It's not codex creep anymore it's codex leapfrog

    Augie ChiavuzziAugie ChiavuzziTháng trước
  • 23,474th!

    Lonew0lf03 JLonew0lf03 JTháng trước
  • It's a funny joke that Leman Russes are more expensive than PBCs (in fact the last FAQ nerfed some of them)

    AspectAspectTháng trước
  • Games Workshop: "We wanted to try and slow the power creep so we've removed hateful assault. Instead, you just always have an extra attacks regardless of whether you charge."

    Ed RushworthEd RushworthTháng trước
  • What did i just watch? Abysmal dice rolling aside (that was Tzeentch level interference), that was brutal.

    Winston Smith - Ministry of TruthWinston Smith - Ministry of TruthTháng trước
  • Great looking army Sultan! But man those Plague crawlers are so good now! I hope when the IG get a codex they make their shots more reliable. I think Basilisks would work great with your scions. Big gun cover fire from the rear. Can’t wait to see your blood angels hit those heretics in the future

    Pat RayPat RayTháng trước
  • Clearly a full plasma list was not the best choice against death guard. It was more a poor list making on the imperial guard side rather than death guard being "too strong"

    cartouchecartoucheTháng trước
  • I love that map setup! Tells such a cool story and I bet was a blast to play on.

    LrdSpenciosLrdSpenciosTháng trước
  • "The objectives are not yet... Ripe!"

    Euan SmithEuan SmithTháng trước
  • So painful to watch, so completely one-sided.

    Murray CourtMurray CourtTháng trước
  • Most balanced edition ever....

    Danny HalasDanny HalasTháng trước
  • Hi, I have a question. Does becoming a patreon give you access to content on the deployment zone TV. Ore do you have to register for both to get more videos and support the channel.

    Tom Alexander HansenTom Alexander HansenTháng trước
    • @winters SEO Ok, thanks for the quick answer, I'll start with DZTV for the videos. Love the videos and the atmosphere in them. Even though I don't play the game.

      Tom Alexander HansenTom Alexander HansenTháng trước
    • Patreons get full Discord access, about 150 threads. DZTV subs get full DZTV videos and access to the general Discord channels. Either way (or both) directly supports the channel. It's split because we have a number of supporters who don't want anymore videos, but want to be part of the greatest 40k community in the planet.

      winters SEOwinters SEOTháng trước
  • Love a winters batrep. Great table as well!!

    Chris DawsChris DawsTháng trước
  • Probably not the right list to bring. The new DR rule is only a buff to very specific situations, so if you bring (IG example) Hellhounds of various flavors or a Leman Russ Punisher, you are going to mulch the bloaty boys. Losing their default FNP also means they are (as an army) more vulnerable to mortal wounds. Its so strange to see battle reports where people are fumbling DG games as if they are some new thing when all that really changed is their effectiveness at closer ranges (from medium in 8E to medium and close in 9E).

    BrofisticusBrofisticusTháng trước
  • Infantry spam is my favorite type of list. Termi spam and PM spam are amazing in my mind. It especially works well with lots of psychic shinanigans such as vitality and miasma buffing those min squads

    Robert MRobert MTháng trước
  • Just got my first plague burst crawler and this makes me excited to roll it out!

    David mcquoidDavid mcquoidTháng trước
  • Winters: Death Guard right now feel filthy... Me: well duh! :-)

    St GraySt GrayTháng trước
  • Sultan's dice are actually fucking cursed, I am repeatedly impressed by how horrible his rolling is!

    DanMarston117DanMarston117Tháng trước
  • 34:15 after fighting, they get another attack, trench fighters

    Michiel RoskamMichiel RoskamTháng trước
  • Great batttle, i really love those ruined buildings! Most of the army books should have been released together near the 9th ed. drop. It makes little sense when codexes from different editions play each other.

    Krayzi JayKrayzi JayTháng trước
  • Can pox walkers do ‘actions’? I thought I heard somewhere they can’t now but I don’t have the codex yet so I’m not sure.

    johnnyutah892johnnyutah892Tháng trước
    • According to all the previews the Poxwalkers are limited to the one specific action from that new Death Guard secondary, they cannot do any other actions.

      David GantenbeinDavid GantenbeinTháng trước
  • Jesus. All that fire power to kill a single 140 point unit XD

    niki nikolovniki nikolovTháng trước
  • I was thinking about starting my first army but man... the army balance in this game looks super broken. I don't know much but that seemed really one sided. Maybe I'm just too new... was that mad stomping? Sorry just trying to understand things.

    Shaun DominyShaun DominyTháng trước
    • I think it was largely due to Sultans list not being great (no offense meant) and him playing it too carelessly by offering his tanks up early on with little pay off (again, no offense). The death guard list is a well rounded list that plays to the armies strengths whereas the imperial guard list was a bit of a fun odd ball fluffy list that wasnt very well equipped to deal with this opponent. That said the death guard codex is new and death guard are definitely in a better place than guard who have an older codex. The discrepancy between codexes was definitely a factor but there are several imperial guard builds that could definitely have been taken to make it a fair fight

      J KJ KTháng trước
  • Maybe someday a match of the unstoppable forces? Death guard vs. Necrons would be amazing :)

    mac10mac10Tháng trước
  • Listening to these new Death Guard things making me think. "Looks like Death Guard is back on the menu boys."

    Ugo HaplainUgo HaplainTháng trước
    • Bless you my friend

      Michael HunterMichael HunterTháng trước
  • Wow, what a stomp. Interestingly, a full lasgun army might have done better, since its one wound anyway and just sheer weight of numbers.

    Alan .PAlan .PTháng trước
  • Sorry to say, but most single sided game I saw on this channel. Never felt as if the Imperial player had any chance at all.

    VanHatzVanHatzTháng trước
  • Save those dice winters!

    Matthew SnerbbleMatthew SnerbbleTháng trước
  • I know that the Guard don't have their new Codex yet, but it's going to have to be pretty strong to catch up. Never mind Leman Russes. Against that Deathguard list, they need a couple of Baneblades.

    Alex Vara de ReyAlex Vara de ReyTháng trước