04 Th04, 2021
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Pink Elixir Troops Vs Dark Elixir Troops, Clash of Clans.
In this video : We are covering our most awaited and most demanded topic Elixir Troops Vs Dark Elixir Troops. We are not comparing their housing space, speed, DPS, Hitpoints etc. They all gonna face each other face to face. It Every Elixir Troops will face every Dark Elixir Troops one by one and their housing space will be balanced (e.g. Barbarian takes 1 housing space and Hog Rider takes 5 housing space, so there will be 5x Barbarians for 1 Hog Rider). The scoring system is very simple. Every troop gets +1 point for their team whenever they win. For example, Barbarian will face all 9 Dark Elixir Troops and we will give +1 point to Barbarian whenever he wins but there will be negative marking if he loses. If fact, there is no seperate rule for Air Troops and Ground Troops. Rule will be same for everyone. Are you guys excited?
Let's see who gonna win this.

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