Explaining what went weird with Ron Weasley

28 Th08, 2019
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Big old analysis of how Ron Weasley from Harry Potter got the short end of the stick.
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3:11 Why did this happen to Ron?
7:01 Hermione Granger
17:20 Harry Potter
25:00 The Final Example & Conclusions

Pottermore illustrations like the ones in this video are typically drawn by AtomHawk, Jim Kay or Charlie Bowater although the website doesn't credit who exactly did what. I'm like 95% sure all the pictures I used are Charlie Bowater.
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  • Update & Corrections: 🍏 I pronounced library wrong. 🍏 It's splinched not squinched. 🍏 I was wrong about the Babbity Rabbity line it's in the books. I might think it's silly, but he says almost the same thing for similar reasons. 🍏 Wowowow over a million views. Thank you so much! Don't forget to subscribe. (If you wanna... 😳)

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    • have you done a ginny video yet? I mean i think it you could talk about good ginny scenes in the book and bad ginny scenes from teh movie

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  • even with all the favouritism on Hermoine in the films I still prefer Ron to her she's just to much of a know it all

    ClairMbearClairMbear16 phút trước
  • hear me out, remake the movie.

    Lydia EliseLydia Elise9 giờ trước
  • Regardless of what you all think, I’m not gonna let it ruin my enjoyment of the movies.

    Luke LichtenthalLuke Lichtenthal13 giờ trước
  • Never seen him as dumb . He is very brave and a great friend

    Mihailo DukicMihailo Dukic17 giờ trước
  • i thought the beetle the bard this happened in the book too but later when they were discussing it? am i misremembering

    Ted SalmonTed SalmonNgày trước
  • ...So basically these movies were part of the pre-toxic rise to feminism that you see in modern movies by a huge magnitude these days. Great that's another franchise ruined for me. They intentionally inserted these qualities into the films as Emma Watson herself advocates for feminism as seen in the video link attached to this comment, because they put her at the forefront to represent feminism, to intentionally make movies into what they are today. Bravo... truly bravo... viworld.info/rock/video/lbCKrZiZxnWF04E.html

    Angel EyesAngel Eyes2 ngày trước
  • Ron from the books is an amazing character, but movie Ron is most of the time the clown of the group, I love Rupert acting but his character was destroyed by awful script, lines and jokes.

    KEMEKKEMEK3 ngày trước
  • I Love this video !

    Coral VidalCoral Vidal3 ngày trước
  • My sister: who would dislike this video? Me: the SIMPs

    Samuel The Pidgey MasterSamuel The Pidgey Master3 ngày trước
  • I think one of the worse part of the Ron washing thing is that after book 4-5 Rowling started writing the ron/Hermione dynamic (and their characters in general) a lot like in the movies. Also Ron was the most emotionally aware despite all his faults and that's part of why he was one of the favorites. It's kinda sad it was never completely acknowledged and especially not adapted in the movies. That's just sad 'cause then they try to make Hermione the emotionally aware one and ...just ...no. Generally the movie characters are a lot flatter than in the books despite the fact that they get flatter in the later books.

    Célia ColletCélia Collet3 ngày trước
  • Ron was my favorite character, but the movies do make him look more like an idiot savant who eats all the time

    Tristan SteinhelferTristan Steinhelfer3 ngày trước
  • I think the way JKR expresses it in the interview is the reason why Ron got worse, not just in the movies (only ever watched the first 4, lost my interest past that), but in the books, too. JKR said they are all a part of her (seems very much an id, ego and superego thing, with Ron, Harry and Hermione taking the respective roles, in that way Ron/ Hermione makes a ton of sense, but later JKR didn't seem to like the idea quite as much any more). And she likes the Hermione part (I guess that's why she became the superego) and she does not like Ron, so he devolves instead of evolving. His flaws become more and more pronounced and he gets called out for them more often, esp. after Goblet. Hermione gets a little more flexible and has more of a moral fiber, Harry does mature a little less (it is possible to justify this by the fact that girls develope a little faster then boys, in body as in mind) but Ron almost looses it. I like him a lot better in the early books, too. He is obsolete in the movies, almost. Most of his lines could have been cut and given to other characters. He stopped being a character and became just the reason Harry had a cool, wizarding home to crash at.

    Rikka PikoRikka Piko3 ngày trước
  • I mean I didn't read the books when I watched the movies and thought they were OK, but when I did read the book.... they could have done Soooooo much better, like so much. but they hired unknown directors who won't even bother to read the books, they have no strong movies and HP movies are not cinematically valued (except the Azkaban) and this screenwriter was the worst, no wonder they didn't get a single reward, they could have done waaaay better, i just wished i never watched the movies

    Erika BenetErika Benet4 ngày trước
  • I love the weaslys. The twins, genny and ron in the books were my fave. The twins were fine in the movie but i hate what they did to gin and ron in the movie. Lets make ron a complete goof that becomed insufferable. And lets just make ginny a plank of wood.

    miss Bellemiss Belle4 ngày trước
  • Hermione is so favored by the movies that she even steals some of harries moments, like the idea to ride the dragon out of the bank. And with quidditch all but cut from the movies, Harry doesn't even come accross as a very talented wizard at all. Infact, I feel like most of the movie portrayal is Hermione just carrying Ron and Harry through everything.

    Richard Cavicchi JrRichard Cavicchi Jr4 ngày trước
  • I too want to get attacked by money ninjas

    Mantis VesselMantis Vessel4 ngày trước
  • 2001: SoMeBody OnCe tOlD Me ThE WoRlD wAs KiNdA FuNny. Ok ik the 2000's were a weird time but that was my childhood.

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  • Thanks for the interesting facts shown in this video. As a reader of the books too, I thought it was sad the potion part was cut but I think the entire segment was all right. Until of course, Ron became worse. Hope to see more.

    제규형제규형6 ngày trước
  • Looks like I've read different books. Ron was smarter but much much meaner in books

    gadyavladikgadyavladik6 ngày trước
  • I am so very glad directors are put on the job of directing and not utubers. I would love it if they made a fifty hour series perfectly congruent to the books, i also understand that my and other HP lovers desire for it can not overshadow the choices within two hour long movies. They seem to have balanced cinema and lore eloquently with far less flaws then whatever is immediately present projected by our geekish nature.

    JulianJulian8 ngày trước
  • Ron’s not stupid he just had a old and broken wand so that’s why it seems like he’s so bad at spells but it’s not all his fault

    Dragon cake BombDragon cake Bomb10 ngày trước
  • They erased BOTH of my favorite Ron moments from the Deathly Hallows: 1) After Ron comes back to save Harry and destroy the locket, he becomes the de facto leader of the trio, keeping up morale for his friends while Harry is taken over by his obsession with the hallows. The book says he does this both to make up for leaving his friends and because the group NEEDS his talent for levity (which is why the chapters without him are so miserable to trudge through) 2) At the battle of Hogwarts, Ron stops prepping for the fight when he remembers that they need to evacuate the house elves, a passion of Hermione’s that he has mocked her for since book 4. This is when they have their first kiss, when Hermione sees Ron at his absolute best. Also this kiss (just like Harry and Ginny’s first kiss) happens in front of everyone in the books which gives the reader a much better payoff for the feelings we’ve seen growing unspoken between these characters

    Emma GaleEmma Gale10 ngày trước
  • All this being said Rupert is a phenomenal actor and I adored him

    Jasmine RogersJasmine Rogers12 ngày trước
  • In the books Ginny was feiry and playful, which I think matched Harry and peaked his interest very much. The actor in the movies was Kristen Stewart Twilight bland. Disappointing

    PerameneHeraPerameneHera12 ngày trước
  • Movie Hermione is totally different from book Hermione It always felt to me they applied a "Suited for Hollywood" filter on her character especially

    alex aalex a12 ngày trước
  • I wish he was given the book smarts

    J3on_XookJ3on_Xook13 ngày trước
  • While Book Ron is obviously superior, I actually enjoyed Movie Ron too. I liked his goofiness.

    Justine HarperJustine Harper14 ngày trước
  • 6:40 that tasteful erik satie

    Matthew MiglioMatthew Miglio14 ngày trước
  • Thats why I didn't care for the movies that much they left so much out and changed things. But for someone that didn't read the books there fine.

    BrianBrian16 ngày trước
  • While I did love all the characters, I always did feel like Hermoine was kind of leaned too hard towards Untouchable Ice Queen in the movies, though I couldn't put my finger on why until this vid.

    Person ManPerson Man16 ngày trước
  • I personally thought he was done well in Philosopher's Stone, parts of Chamber of Secrets, Goblet of Fire (for what they were going for), and Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2. But yes Ron is underrepresented

    Ryan 135Ryan 13517 ngày trước
  • when she said AK-CIO LOL

    Alina FengAlina Feng18 ngày trước
  • I love this video but hearing you say "squinching" instead of "splinching" is making my eye twitch 😂

    Rebecca GibsonRebecca Gibson19 ngày trước
  • Smooth Harry? Ooh, a paradox!

    Matt DukeMatt Duke19 ngày trước
  • Look how they massacred my boy.

    HarisSHarisS19 ngày trước
  • Ron has been and will always be my favorite character in the series. I came back to this video just to thank you for giving me a proper defense of him.

    Ch33seWeaselCh33seWeasel20 ngày trước
  • Film Harry Potter ruined the Weasleys: Ginny and Ron. Their book counterparts are the best. they were just too in love with Emma Watson

    MaellegasyMaellegasy21 ngày trước
  • When J. K. Rowling said "Ron's so easy to love," it struck me so hard because in the movies, it is very hard to love Ron, and the harder it gets as the movies progress. I feel a special kind of hate for the movie writers and directors for ruining J. K. Rowling's this lovable baby so much.

    Baber KhanBaber Khan22 ngày trước
  • Oh wow. I feel like I've known Ron for the first time. The movie version and the Ron-bashing fan-fics have twisted my impression of Ron so much, that the unwinding of that impression while watching this video felt almost like an intellectual and emotional orgasm. Thank you so much for making this video. Ron has just jumped to one of my favourite characters now.

    Baber KhanBaber Khan22 ngày trước
  • Not to mention they gave Ron way to many flaws they needed to give everyone some flaws not just Ron like bruh JK Rowling should of checked the script

    Holly FinnHolly Finn22 ngày trước
  • Ron and Ginny legit just became collateral damage for Harry and Hermiones epics

    Alice HollowayAlice Holloway23 ngày trước
  • "ShOeLaCe"

    Ricard RoviraRicard Rovira23 ngày trước
  • Me to my friend when we watched the video: she's got a point tho

    TjeerdtrekkieTjeerdtrekkie25 ngày trước
  • I'm I the only one that wants that Ginny video?

    Sille MyhreSille Myhre26 ngày trước
  • lul

    OminousImpressionOminousImpression28 ngày trước
  • How could you hate Ron? Even in the movies he was great

    Jake PheganJake Phegan29 ngày trước
  • Please make videos about Hermione and Luna

    Persephone DiggenPersephone Diggen29 ngày trước
  • i agree with you, now that i think of it. the movies ruined ron, and made hermione palatable by destroying the other characters. very sad. it's been so long since i read the books that i forgot i liked ron back then and i really disliked hermione. i liked all ron's family, they were so interesting, especially fred and george, and the whole family really supported harry a lot. i think they even left a lot of fred and george out of the movies. the books showed the growth of the friendships and individuals over time, and hermione "grew" on me the way she seemed to with ron and harry, and pretty soon i at least cared about her, even tho i always found her annoying. i don't even like harry in the movies as well. sometimes i like movie changes and versions to see different ideas of how a character could be. but sometimes i dislike the choice, and i think i dislike the way they made the trio in these movies. i do love snape and draco malfoy, also luna and neville (who i Didnt like in the books) perhaps mostly thanks to their casting. but it makes me think, i'd love to see a remake of the harry potter movies, maybe in a longer series of episodes so they could follow the books a little more accurately.

    catcat29 ngày trước
  • some of the examples you used saing that they were not in the books actually were...like ron telling harry that he has no family that appens in the books too and when he is shooked hermione and harry never heard of the stories that also appens in the books. But i totally agree with the fact that he should have had his moments of glory 😊

    Michela MonacoMichela Monaco29 ngày trước
  • Ron is my favorite Harry Potter character because of how underrated he is, no one talks about him and when they do he just becomes dumb thats what I like about him

    Aligaming973Aligaming97329 ngày trước
  • The beedle the bard scene happens in the book as well... And Hermione tells him that she and Harry had been told other tales as children.

    EnyaEnyaTháng trước
  • Shoelace

    The Cool showThe Cool showTháng trước
  • Wonald reasly

    The Cool showThe Cool showTháng trước
  • This is my fav video it shows everything i ever wanted to say

    Juveriya 09Juveriya 09Tháng trước
  • Alot of rons lines which show how good of a friend he is are given to harmione

    Juveriya 09Juveriya 09Tháng trước
  • Maybe it's just me but I read the books first and didn't like ron even then

    Depressed Gay WizardDepressed Gay WizardTháng trước
  • Yo you should read audiobooks because of these videos I started listening again and I prefer your voice.

    Frank ClancyFrank ClancyTháng trước
  • I'm seeing draco lifting a lucky girl damn it I'm so jealous of her 😂💔

    Danica JaneDanica JaneTháng trước
  • I hate when they took all the Weasley's trait and gave it to other characters who isn't a weasley fxck it, they put weasley in downfall. I must prefer reading than watching.

    Danica JaneDanica JaneTháng trước
  • I always know Ron is super smart in first book he is just a bit sloth sometimes but haven't you guys see?! He played wizard chess, he's really funny guy but super smart, he falled some charm because his wand didn't choose him it's a hand me down wand.

    Danica JaneDanica JaneTháng trước
  • Ron is Harry's best friends he deserves better Plus they used Ron's good personality and gave it to Harry and Hermione it's stupidity

    Five's propertyFive's propertyTháng trước
  • Loved this video! I've never heard such an in-depth analysis of this and been around the HP block a long time! Thank you!

    Jaimee RindyJaimee RindyTháng trước
  • You know what it's funny? I meet Harry Potter by watching the movie first, looking for the books right away, but Ron was the one that I loved most since the beginning after see sacrifice himself for his friends, and through the book reading just prove it that he is way much than funny faces and silly jokes

    Ingrid ArrudaIngrid ArrudaTháng trước
  • I wish they would have kept Harry’s personality and sassy attitude and Ron’s loyalty and bravery

    By SBy STháng trước
  • I only ever read a few of the first books and Ron was one of my favorites, this is just sad to hear.

    JD :pJD :pTháng trước
  • 10:00

    OlvioticOlvioticTháng trước
  • Is it bad my fav characters r Ron and the Weasley twins

    BrookitynotfoundBrookitynotfoundTháng trước
    • No, it's not bad

      craig favrecraig favre13 giờ trước
  • I never read the book but Ron is my fav character out of the three

    shams ayadshams ayadTháng trước
  • you're making me want to read the books but I don't want to give my money to J TERF K rowling...awesome video!

    Marco CalderasMarco CalderasTháng trước
    • @lylee i will definitely try to find some alternatives. I currently have too many books to read but I could always use a small break and read some HP (:

      Marco CalderasMarco CalderasTháng trước
    • You can always buy second hand or even find pdf versions online

      lyleelyleeTháng trước
  • 2:10 2:52 8:39 9:18 9:27 9:51 11:42 11:50 13:05 13:24 15:46 growing 16:18 16:51 17:45 17:56 18:00 18:07 18:31 18:39 19:08 19:57

    big cloverbig cloverTháng trước
  • Dude no Ron didnt get ruined in the movie really? I personally you got it wrong

    not a guy with a techno pfpnot a guy with a techno pfpTháng trước
  • Ron's my favourite character because I relate to him (book ron) I feel like I'm not the diffrent one in my family and constantly outshined by my brother, I always have second hand clothes and once even got second hand pens and pencils, I've been told by my friends that I'm like the "friend character that defends my friends too much" and that's how I see Ron and other people I've met says Ron is. I also am seen as stupid but kinda smart and that's how I see Ron and others do.

    huffle puff guyhuffle puff guyTháng trước
  • Ron is my favorite character,in both books and movies and rupert is my favorite actor.

    Oriental musicOriental musicTháng trước
    • Same dude

      craig favrecraig favre13 giờ trước
  • to be honest the movies made me hate Hermione. She's just annoying . The fact that they belittled Ron character and some time Harry's to do it just urgh. It's really a shame because I used to really love Hermione in the books, i still like her (in the books) but less, my vision of her is tainted. And Rupert Grint was great in the movies. All actors did great, Emma too(I hate movie Hermione do not mean hate the actress). But nowadays when I watch the movies as an adult, it's really Rupert performance that stand out the more to me. He was so young but he managed to make so many different facial expression, on point with the emotions like with spiders scene.

    Jap AiJap AiTháng trước
  • I've always cringed at that Ron/Hermione duel in Order of the Phoenix. It's not only a forced girl power moment, but it's out of place for even movie Ron; he should already know Hermione's better at magic than him.

    Phil IngrouillePhil IngrouilleTháng trước
  • piano song at 6:40? I know its very famous but I cant remember it

    mangustinationmangustinationTháng trước
  • 4;53 Who the fuck is that?

    Jakob RasmussenJakob RasmussenTháng trước
  • I absolutely adore and love the Harry Potter movies but I think Ron’s (and Ginny’s) characters are the one problem for me. Yet don’t get me wrong the movies are so amazing and the world they created is one of a kind. Yet I wish Ron’s character in the movie wasn’t so dumb or hot headed. And that Ginny got more screen time because you barely knew her in the movie.

    Lindsay WeymanLindsay WeymanTháng trước
  • "And I love Ron!" Says the lady who was going to kill him off out of spite lol

    King PenguinKing PenguinTháng trước
  • I love the movies but the choices of the directors to uplift hermione and downplay ron especially when it comes to dialogue really did the books a disservice. I love Daniel Radcliffe but his acting of Harry in the first 5 movies was really not the best. He was a child I don't want to slander him in any way but it's what it is. He got better and you can see how he improved throughout the movies but dialogue and his facial expressions had to stay consistent. I also feel that Emma Watson carried Hermione far better than she was in the books. Part of it is because Emma is quite more attractive than book Hermione and I think it reflects on how the directors chose dialogue for her. Cinema loves beautiful and smart women so they tend to loose their flaws on the screen.

    J PJ PTháng trước
  • So, nobody will talk about how soothing her voice is?

    Robson Ginre AgustinRobson Ginre AgustinTháng trước
  • Don't you *_DARE_* compare A Very Potter Seqeul to the movies it is just so much better in every way

    sebastian banguissebastian banguisTháng trước
  • Man, these books were so good. Ron was great he had his fears but everytime he was forces to face them he pushed through, scared as hell but still. He had to experience his own family whom he was very close to be directly involved in dangerous danger. A lot of instances where he's a straight up role model.

    OlyOlyTháng trước
  • I’m saddened by Ron’s treatment, but nothing bothers me more than Ginny getting the “Mary Jane Watson” adaption treatment. Let’s take this incredible character with a wonderful personality and complex journey, and then make them an absolutely soulless husk of that character in our adaption! Lmao

    Charles MikulasCharles MikulasTháng trước
  • I am cool \;[,i at Ali *

    Kim-Thy NguyenKim-Thy NguyenTháng trước
  • This is why I never watched the movies... I knew it would ruin the books... Rupert Grint looks perfectly like what I imagined Ron in the books but the movie's representation is just wrong...

    ZeewoosZeewoosTháng trước
  • Video: 1) Hermoine has been smoothed over but is not without flaws - > not a Mary sue And 2) Harry has been smoothed over and is hurting Ron's character nearly as much but everyone ignores it People in the comments: screaming about how Hermione is a Mary Sue while ignoring Harry .... It's so ironic it's not even funny anymore, just sad.

    Alexandra PippanAlexandra PippanTháng trước
  • it makes sense for ron to be hermione and harry's mentor though. they may have learned magic from school, but ron is the only one from a wizard family so has all the street smarts the other two haven't been able to learn, just like the whole mud-blood thing. it makes so much sense that ron would know about what that means and to teach the other two the things that aren't taught in school

    alexandriaalexandriaTháng trước
  • Yeah, I got as a far as "Ron can argue back and not get upset" before concluding that this is just a typical "the books were better" rant. I've been going through the audio books again and those two argue to the point of not speaking with each other for days an average of probably once per book regardless of whether Harry interrupts.

    OtherwiseOtherwiseTháng trước
  • The Ron and Hermione romance is so absolutely ruined in the movie and it ticks me OFF. I love them in the books

    a splash Of asha splash Of ashTháng trước
  • Book Ron: A valuable character who can sometimes lighten things up, provides important insight as the only one raised as a wizard. The Director: But... but... GIRL BOSS

    a splash Of asha splash Of ashTháng trước
  • massacred my boy

    Twisted ThornsTwisted ThornsTháng trước
  • Movie ron also had NO BUSINESS being sorted into griffindor

    Ray GinRay GinTháng trước
  • Ron is actually very smart but they're so biased, that they took 90% of Ron's lines and gave it to Hermione. They even made her WAYYYYY TOO PRETTY when in the book she's not even as gorgeous as Emma 🙄 Snape even made fun of her appearance...

    ミlia_berryミミlia_berryミTháng trước
  • I think ron is really dumb(in an aaaamazing way) and sarcastic, hens why he is my favourite character:)

    weaslebees loveweaslebees loveTháng trước
  • Honestly, in the books there is a very strong trio, where each brings something of distinct value into play, and they increasingly appreciate and rely on each other. In the movies there's Harry! and Hermione! And that other guy that follows them around and makes faces. And I absolutely do agree that Rupert did amazing work with the leftovers he was given. But the scripts just kept on screwing Ron over. I'm *still* mad at JKR for letting that happen, btw. ("After all this time?" "Always.")

    Koret MulderKoret MulderTháng trước
  • JKR: "Who couldn't love Ron!" Who? Well, apparently the screen writers, the directors.... and ultimately, his creator. Seems that a lot of people had little love for the earthy, loyal, smart Ron in the books. They collectively went for the easy movie trope, the dumb comic sidekick. And the movie lost a lot of potential for doing so.

    Koret MulderKoret MulderTháng trước
  • Book Ron is like Sokka from Alta. loyal, funny, smart, but also has weaknesses that overshadow the rest of their characters.

    hannAHA! !hannAHA! !Tháng trước
  • Ron was never smart in the books. He wasn’t nearly as stupid as he was portrayed to be in the movies, but he was never particularly bright either.

    Animation FanAnimation FanTháng trước