FIGHT ON: The Killer Instinct Story - Full Length Documentary

09 Th06, 2020
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In our latest documentary, we take a look at the incredible story behind the origins of Killer Instinct and its continued existence today.

0:00 Intro
1:00 The origins of Killer Instinct
12:32 Reviving KI
24:20 Modernizing Killer Instinct
28:21 Combat and Combos
36:45 Music and Audio
42:20 Rollback
45:45 Wait, free-to-play?
52:01 Launch day
55:10 Losing Double Helix
58:57 Iron Galaxy
1:03:01 Hit the ground running
1:07:03 KI takes a step forward
1:13:11 Finding balance
1:22:53 Community and the KI World Cup
1:28:58 What do you mean "demo"?
1:34:17 #BringBackKI
1:43:06 Credits
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  • Hey everyone! We're almost 3/4 of the way to 1 million views "Fight On" and we want to hit that number by the end of June 2021 to celebrate the one year anniversary of its release. If we do, we'll put together an expanded director's cut of the documentary with a bunch of new interviews and extra footage this Fall/Winter. Please continue to share the video with your friends and help us make this happen!

    Hold Back to BlockHold Back to BlockTháng trước
    • Thank you for making this. Remember playing this with my brothers. And all the sounds and visuals just bring me back back to a great time of life.

      ricky gricky g7 ngày trước
    • @J The Urp idk lol the other guy started it and i just kept it going.

      Naraku1120Naraku112013 ngày trước
    • @Naraku1120 no worries, why is everyone giving each other the finger? Lol

      J The UrpJ The Urp13 ngày trước
    • @J The Urp oh ok see i misunderstood thanks for clarifying

      Naraku1120Naraku112013 ngày trước
    • @Lion G oh ok gocha🙃🖕

      Naraku1120Naraku112013 ngày trước
  • "Every game has to play well online or you're DOA" 😭😭😭😭😭 tell that to Nintendo SSBU

    Afro ThunderstormAfro ThunderstormGiờ trước
  • This Game was to ahead for it’s time.

    Rob NunezRob Nunez18 giờ trước
  • Microsoft should have not bought Rare. the most iconic titles in game industry came from Nintendo and Rare. I rarely play games if I play them it are their games mostly through emulators. KI1 KI2, Goldeneye, Banjo, Perfect Dark, Conker, DK, Star Fox Adventures. Fine some games where from Nintendo but MS has never really bothered with the games that made Rare great and it's a sad thing for the gaming industry.

    MorenobMorenob23 giờ trước
  • If they bring back Killer Instinct it should look fully 3D not Cel Shaded!!!

    MorenobMorenobNgày trước
  • The first KI was perfection. Everything since then they overthought and went over the top. WTF is up with all these cloud explosion animations when doing combos? Just show a clean view of two characters beating each other without all the visual nonsense. SMH.

    Red-OctRed-OctNgày trước
  • I need that squad shirt bro

    Sly Ty The GreatSly Ty The Great2 ngày trước
  • Man, Microsoft has gotten loosey goosey with their licenses...K1 back on Nintendo would be amazing especially if the switch pro is confirmed. It would be something special.

    brent basshambrent bassham2 ngày trước
  • Ed boon has a poll of which old fighting game should be brought back Def Jam is trending killer instinc is second go vote

    benjamin bernalbenjamin bernal2 ngày trước
  • Killer Instinct is my all time favorite fighting game for a reason! The most dominant and fun fighting game to me! I have a deep appreciation for the Super Nintendo version because it is the most definitive version of all time! Please bring the Super Nintendo version back!

    Marquis DampierMarquis Dampier2 ngày trước
  • Does Doublehelix even exist anymore?

    Joseph KingJoseph King2 ngày trước
  • KI4 when?

    Joseph KingJoseph King2 ngày trước
  • This needs to be sold to G4

    Kevin WyattKevin Wyatt3 ngày trước
  • Hour and 45 mins? I ain't watchi......^hour and 45 mins later*....well that was a cool doc.

    Axel StoneAxel Stone3 ngày trước
  • microsoft needs to buy double helix back since amazon has done nothing with them but waste their talent.

    Larry TaylorLarry Taylor5 ngày trước
  • Amazing video! So nostalgic. I played so much in snes and in n64! Gotta try the 2013 version!

    Matheus de Lara CalacheMatheus de Lara Calache5 ngày trước
  • Musch any button

    DeTuned ArtDeTuned Art5 ngày trước
  • DBZ fighters really took that season pass model to a whole new level lol

    Corey McCoyCorey McCoy6 ngày trước
  • Dude this documentary was fucking amazing thank you for putting this together.

    Jason RynesJason Rynes6 ngày trước
  • I like the guy who wears the red shirt - evo 37 moments haha

    AlfredGamingAlfredGaming6 ngày trước
  • I remember playing this game in college in between classes. Everyone on my floor who had an SNES bought this game. I actually bought the soundtrack CD from a floor mate for $20, and still have it 🤓

    Padawanmage71Padawanmage716 ngày trước
  • 1:05:32 and that's why Microsoft fucks every exclusive game just rush shit out

    YoloXD69YoloXD696 ngày trước
  • My parents bought me a Super Nintendo and Killer Instinct was my first fighting game. I was so lucky

    Happiness BunnyHappiness Bunny7 ngày trước
    • Lucky bastard

      Lili SobeskiLili Sobeski5 ngày trước
  • I rememeber the first time I saw this game, I saw orchid do an ultra combo, I spent probably 15$ getting my asskicked that day. In both of the big arcades in my town, I was king of KI, and then KI2, Primal Rage, MK1,2,3, and those lines of chinese kids would leave as soon as i'd show up to the arcade. then i snorted my first line of ritalin, now im a pentester.

    David MiscaviageDavid Miscaviage8 ngày trước
  • I'm sorry, why is max dood talking? qualifications: never had a job, has KI posters... ???

    Jeff RossJeff Ross8 ngày trước
  • Sunnyvale golfland 🤯

    drdoom1111drdoom11119 ngày trước
  • Still have my SNES cart. My N64 one was stolen. :(

    Shane KelleyShane Kelley9 ngày trước
  • Please add an arcade mode to KI

    sanonboisanonboi9 ngày trước
  • I believe nelson knows bill gates , they met in 1995. /ODD WORLD ? COMBO BREAKER? "YOU HAVE TO DO THE DIE"?

    Dave RidlesprigerDave Ridlespriger10 ngày trước

    Dave RidlesprigerDave Ridlespriger10 ngày trước

    Dave RidlesprigerDave Ridlespriger10 ngày trước
  • Extra Funfact that wasn't mentioned in this documentary : Killer Instinct was actually developed first for the X360 (Just as Adam Isgreen said) they initially wanted a XBLA exclusive fighting game, however, the XBoxOne was also planned to be released soon, so it was decided to be ported. So, if you're very acquainted to the beta/leak/developer side of the internet, you can actually get a prototype version of the X360 version of Killer Instinct. There are even VIworld videos of people showing off the X360 version.

    Strider VMStrider VM10 ngày trước
  • @14:35 K.I. BUKKAKE

    Bradley DahlgrenBradley Dahlgren11 ngày trước
  • Thank you for this

    Payton VogtPayton Vogt12 ngày trước
  • There are games 10 years old or older you remember to be absolutely great. Then you go back to them after years and determine you don´t find them as good anymore as you once did. You are underwhelmed. And then there are a very few games like Killer Instinct, which - when you go back to play it spontaniously after years of abstinence - reveals to be even BETTER than you remembered it.

    Felix S.Felix S.13 ngày trước
  • *Man I loved this video game 🎮 🕹. I wish it would of went to Sony. It would still be a hit, today (An Ultra Combo hit at that.) But it had to go to Xbox and die. SMH*

    PhillyDjHookPhillyDjHook13 ngày trước
  • My favorite fighting game of all tine

    IamYourGod 76IamYourGod 7613 ngày trước
  • They need to bring this game back. Imagine how it would look.

    P-TOWNERP-TOWNER13 ngày trước
  • KI is literally a game changer. High hit combos wouldn’t exist without this game. It’s criminally underrated and changed the game. Street fighter and mortal Kombat will always be the OGs but when KI came out it was so much different and groundbreaking

    Rob RoyRob Roy13 ngày trước
  • As a fighting game lover. I wish this game was on the truly deserves to b...seems like such an incredible game

    Omar TalamantesOmar Talamantes13 ngày trước
  • Loved this game. I could destroy with TJ, the Werewolf character, and Orchid.

    JTheTeachJTheTeach13 ngày trước
  • Geeez. This is a good netflix-ish documentary. Didn't know I watched almost 2 hours on my favorite snes game.

    ty necheety nechee13 ngày trước
  • Does anyone know where I can play this

    Herman QuijanoHerman Quijano13 ngày trước
  • I miss this game !

    Herman QuijanoHerman Quijano13 ngày trước
  • I salute the developers of ki am gonna start streaming and my first mission beating shadow lord mode in godlike mode with two deferent squads I've beaten it on godlike mode once before with saber wolf riptor and glacius but it wasn't easy

    superflyosbonesshowsuperflyosbonesshow14 ngày trước
  • I love rare donkykong country battle toads and ki will always live in my heart and mind can't forget bout conkers badfurday

    superflyosbonesshowsuperflyosbonesshow14 ngày trước
  • Please make another killer instinct with new characters we need and want a new game thanks and if Microsoft isn't listening bring it to ps5 we would love to see it on ps5

    Alan MooreAlan Moore14 ngày trước
  • Spinal best char :) Orchid best song ☆☆☆☆☆

    Shichi FujukinShichi Fujukin14 ngày trước
  • Both of the first two Killer Instinct games are among my all-time favorite fighting games

    Naraku1120Naraku112015 ngày trước
  • Damn, I have a newfound respect for game developers. The love they have for their baby is so precious.

    WithdrawalFXWithdrawalFX15 ngày trước
  • can you please add Spanish subs? i want to show this to my friends but they dont know english very well and here in latin america everyone loves Killer Instinct.

    AleNekra VilarAleNekra Vilar16 ngày trước
    • We're working on it. Since VIworld removed community captions, we've had to look into new ways into translating our videos. Hope to have new subs up in the coming months. Thanks for your patience!

      Hold Back to BlockHold Back to Block15 ngày trước
  • Never liked it idk why i just dont like it

    michael hernandezmichael hernandez17 ngày trước
  • Sand Wizard?! Wait so they got the closest thing to Gara in a fighting game besides Gara... hmmm 🤔👍🏾

  • The only arcade where I lived was taken over by a gang so missed out on a lot of cool arcade games growing up. I thrashed K I on the SNES though, still one of my all time favorites.

    GTGT17 ngày trước
  • Rivals Half-Life Alyx with it's incredible sandwich convo

    DANOtube dotcomDANOtube dotcom18 ngày trước
  • dope doc

    DANOtube dotcomDANOtube dotcom18 ngày trước
  • What can I do to get KI on my ps4 or 5? Throw a dog a bone here. I know it's capable somewhere

    Walking MemorialWalking Memorial18 ngày trước
  • Ki forever

    Jason RountreeJason Rountree18 ngày trước
  • Dude I remember playing killer instinct on the Xbox 360 arcade . That was my first time ever playing and hearing about it

    FaZe ClanFaZe Clan19 ngày trước
  • So by dated they mean too hard for kids nowdays to pick up on they need something more fool proof. : P

    Shabbernigdo XingjianShabbernigdo Xingjian19 ngày trước
  • OMG, killer instinct was the shit. Forever a mk and street fighter fan but KI was just in it's own league

    T3knynT3knyn21 ngày trước
  • I relate to what Maximilian said about killer instinct-I was in Middle School and I heard about the game and I immediately knew that I wanted it. It was the first game knew that I bought with my own money on super Nintendo and as soon as I had it I was like I am going to get good at this. Killer instinct gave me and my friends about 4 to 5 years of fun. Great video guys!

    Brenden SiferdBrenden Siferd21 ngày trước
  • If your an 80s baby right after 9:00 you ♥️ will get all warm and fuzzy!🤣😂😁🤘🏿✌🏿

    Quincy LockettQuincy Lockett21 ngày trước
  • 1981

    Quincy LockettQuincy Lockett21 ngày trước

    Quincy LockettQuincy Lockett21 ngày trước
  • Sabrewolf had the longest combos. Convince me otherwise.

    Mad Jim JaspersMad Jim Jaspers22 ngày trước
  • How come the controls never worked?

    Steven OrellanoSteven Orellano22 ngày trước
  • A real documentary! Not just clips and things put together but actual interviews and such.. i clicked on this thinki g id leave in a few minutes but i watched the whole!

    IcehamjelloIcehamjello22 ngày trước
  • Sajam being listed as a "Rollback netcode advocate" actually killed me - that's so accurate

    David MooreDavid Moore23 ngày trước
  • As a kid I always hated Ken Lobb for leaving Nintendo to go to M$. Always thought he was a traitor. But after watching this I have respect for him. Had no idea he was the force behind this franchise. As for the new KI still don't like it as much as the original 2, but I do understand why they've changed the characters so much. Would love to see it come back on a Nintendo console but I know that will never happen.

    VGMStudios33VGMStudios3323 ngày trước
  • Developers learned the hard way that the gaming community is one of the most immature and transparently toxic places in all of society. Sucks.

    John GodwinJohn Godwin24 ngày trước
  • KILLER INSTINC 2013 is almost a decade old we need KI4

    benjamin bernalbenjamin bernal26 ngày trước
  • did not know that buffy and that green latern were so dope. they look fantastic. also KI, beautiful game and beautiful doc thank you

    lowlowseeseelowlowseesee27 ngày trước
  • BringbackKI

    EaiyhEaiyh28 ngày trước
  • I Like KI But I Couldn’t Get Into The New One

    Shawki HaywoodShawki Haywood28 ngày trước
  • 😍 That's my game wish there was a 3 games one disk KI 1, KI 2, and KI 3 that would be love!...

    Adron CollinsAdron Collins28 ngày trước
  • Great documentary. Brought back a lot of memories. Shame the game was pretty meh.

    marlboro1771marlboro177128 ngày trước
  • arcade1up is bringing KI machine. def going to buy one

    D YD Y29 ngày trước
  • I think KI 2013 is probably the best fighter even better than MK, SF and Tekken. It has actually done more rights than these games... Double Helix and Iron Galaxy were amazing so was Ken

    Shen WeiShen Wei29 ngày trước
  • I was there at the time, and the game then as is still the same today for me, did not excite me on any level. I was a sucker for cool graphics then and a massive SF2 fan and I remember wanting to like it. I took one look at its clunky-ness compared to SF2 and was like fine, so my N64 isn't getting a top fighting game, but hey, we got Goldeneye instead! All is good. Playing the arcade on MAME has done little to change my mind. I'm still enjoying the story told here tho.

    Pedro SolenoidPedro Solenoid29 ngày trước
  • With my 90's friends playing this till early morning, good friggin times!

    David GrahamDavid Graham29 ngày trước
  • As someone who doesn't play nor like fighting games, KI (SNES) was a staple in my childhood. I was really bad at it but I loved it all the same. Never played the new one, I have it on Steam but I'm not keen on playing online with others. 😅

    MezzoForte4MezzoForte4Tháng trước
  • I'm waiting for this game to come out arcade1up cabinet

    Richard ParkerRichard ParkerTháng trước
  • Soundtrack goes hard

    Luis MaganaLuis MaganaTháng trước
  • Such a classic we need an arcade1

    Luis MaganaLuis MaganaTháng trước
  • Ki was my first fighting that got me into fighting game love all the characters

    shadow phoenixshadow phoenixTháng trước
  • I know killer instinct gold was my first own ki game and I now finally have xbox one x and killer instinct now when I get wifi one of ki legends will be back

    shadow phoenixshadow phoenixTháng trước
  • The sandwich reference is terrible. You can tell he thinks he is being very clever.

    Sam gelinasSam gelinasTháng trước
  • killer instinct is so fun to watch and play

    Tleloc GamingTleloc GamingTháng trước
  • K. Lobb is seriously like the Pope of my childhood.

    T4G0ET4G0ETháng trước
  • This is how they dumb down games

    Jay NWJay NWTháng trước
  • The original KI was much up ahead its time and full of personality, thats why the new KI is so disappointing, its just another fighting game thats emulate the KI fight sistem with bad redesigns.

    Logan PortelaLogan PortelaTháng trước
  • If KI were also launched for PlayStation they would had made the game way more popular and they would had filled their pockets real big.

  • I LOVED THAT GAME back in the days. 💪🏾💪🏾 my teenage years 👍🏾

  • I wish we could get a sequel or a remake

    Gabriel EscalanteGabriel EscalanteTháng trước
  • One of the best games ever!

    Eq DiorEq DiorTháng trước
  • Sandwiches

    Christopher DarlingtonChristopher DarlingtonTháng trước
  • 31:20 Rollback Netcode Advocate! LOL!

    MetaMetaTháng trước
  • The original is a legend. All the rest, are Trash. The magic was lost, and destroyed, by incompetence.

    John DoughJohn DoughTháng trước
  • Why yall won't do a dam remake of the old Killer Instinc and put it on ps4 and xbox1

    Sky RobSky RobTháng trước