Film Theory: How Disney+ is DESTROYING Streaming

05 Th03, 2020
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With the addition of Disney to the already crowded market of Netflix, Hulu, Apple Tv, and SO MANY other, we've come to one big question. Who will WIN the Streaming Wars? You see Theorists, with such a saturated market the bubble is going to burst - and it won't be that long from now! In the aftermath, who will be crowned the king of streaming? Did one come to mind? WRONG! You see, no one is going to win - not even the viewers. Why? It's a familiar story...
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Writer: Stephanie Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi,Rachel Lewis, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Matpat but what if you're wrong

    Anuj PrakashAnuj Prakash4 giờ trước
  • best is torrent ;)

    Abhishek BajajAbhishek Bajaj5 giờ trước
  • I honestly think streaming services might just merge, from 10 to maybe 5.

    _Cosmos__Cosmos_7 giờ trước
  • Also my sis loves Sabrina so can you do a theory about that plsss

    Jenny HomeJenny Home11 giờ trước
  • Matpat: nailed it ugh u miss ya Me: yea mat pat I miss her attitude to For her: YOU GO GIRLLLLLL

    Jenny HomeJenny Home11 giờ trước
  • Well if you have hotstar, you will get Disney+ for free...

    TygerFlameTygerFlame14 giờ trước
  • I got disney+ ad in this video 😅

    Abda FAbda F16 giờ trước
  • Sadly, bojack Horseman ended in 2020 🥺

    Abda FAbda F16 giờ trước
  • This episode isn’t that accurate because he failed to mention that peacock is free with a updated version to buy like Spotify

    RamenRamen17 giờ trước
  • The winner of the streaming wars will not be Disney+ or Netflix.. No, it will be the Pirate Bay

    The Anonymous AcclerDewThe Anonymous AcclerDew23 giờ trước
  • I LOVE nailed it

    Chloe WChloe WNgày trước
  • Nailed it is a god

    GamertheracerGamertheracerNgày trước
  • Yall complaining about different apps but I’m over here watching everything on movie box

    adan Vazquezadan VazquezNgày trước
  • Twitch?

    Crystal BaxterCrystal BaxterNgày trước
  • Ppl who watch pirated shows : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    SUASUANgày trước
  • netflix 17 penetration rate PLS NO DONT PENETRATE ME

    game falorgame falorNgày trước
  • stan "am I a joke to you".

    Jadon iougcfcghkjgvcvgJadon iougcfcghkjgvcvgNgày trước
  • Christ I feel old saying have you kids don’t know about the very British idea of steal it and keep it. 😂 *sips tea* pirating Disney+

    Tom CooperTom Cooper2 ngày trước
  • Title: did disney plus destroy streaming? Mandalorian: no, we saved it *insert mando theme*

    ThatOneConfusingStandThatOneConfusingStand2 ngày trước

    Elias GamingElias Gaming2 ngày trước
  • I feel attached I like Midsummer Murders

    ScuffedSamilloScuffedSamillo2 ngày trước
  • Well, the hbo ship actually is the halo's Infinity, and the prime video is an imperial destroyer (i think). The Infinity is way larger than that XD

    Bruno BianchiBruno Bianchi2 ngày trước

    Justice WaldmannJustice Waldmann2 ngày trước
  • capitalism strikes again!

    Antonio OlguinAntonio Olguin2 ngày trước
  • Matpat I appreciate your hard work by making new intro for most of your videos thank you

    Bobby RughaniBobby Rughani2 ngày trước
  • I had never considered netflix as a contender but I'll check them out now.

    ibdoomedibdoomed3 ngày trước
  • Baby yoda, put the blaster down! I repeat, put the blaster down!

    Stephan PeelStephan Peel3 ngày trước
  • The moment MatPat said "Nailed it" I died of joy.

    Axel Wants2.AnimateAxel Wants2.Animate3 ngày trước
  • I only have Amazon prime because I pay 1 year with 2 months of Netflix Disney+ is utter garbage I do not even watch it(my brother bought it for a year and lent me his account)

    Christian leontsinisChristian leontsinis3 ngày trước
    • Then that mean you watched it because your brother lent you your account lol

      Filipinas Silva-AstreroFilipinas Silva-Astrero2 ngày trước

    BlandyBoiBlandyBoi3 ngày trước
  • In Denmark we have Viaplay and they have nearly all the shows he talks about

    Krille GamingKrille Gaming3 ngày trước
  • Nailed it is great.

    Captain Raptor 246Captain Raptor 2463 ngày trước
  • Yes disney plus did ruin everything because i am not paying like 100 dollars per year

    lugigamer 25lugigamer 253 ngày trước
  • I have both Netflix and Disney + but dats cuz I don’t pay

    BrodaproBrodapro3 ngày trước
  • Pirates: 👁👄👁

    MrBejMrBej3 ngày trước
  • And then they say don't pirate.

    Vedant VaghelaVedant Vaghela3 ngày trước
  • guys just watch stremio its free and pirated XD

    Cool DucksCool Ducks3 ngày trước
  • Judging from this video you could actually say these platforms are revolutionary, because everyone with a decent knowledge of history know how almost every revolution goes

    Kasper CederlundKasper Cederlund4 ngày trước
  • Fact : In india hotstar premium membership costs 20$ (1500₹) per YEAR and it contains Indian content (Hotstar) Disney+ HBO max ESPN Star world stuff (idk the proper name) It almost costs 1.6$ a month

    Riddesh Nikam 18Riddesh Nikam 184 ngày trước
  • Just pirate everything mah bois

    The WebheadGT.The WebheadGT.5 ngày trước
  • Cuties: Imma destroy this man's whole career :)

    S RS R5 ngày trước
  • That rant against Prime video, hit me in my deepest feelings of anger.

    Joseph HaynesJoseph Haynes5 ngày trước
  • Wow VIworld did win so hard...

    Manuel TweManuel Twe5 ngày trước
  • You missed the most important service. TORRENTING

    Joban GillJoban Gill5 ngày trước
  • Lets be honest.. people only have Prime Video.. Because they have Amazon Prime..

    AndreAllDayAndreAllDay5 ngày trước
  • Nicole Byers is queen

    Crazy bacon SquadCrazy bacon Squad5 ngày trước
  • Way to make baby today look like baby grinch

    Vanecek316Vanecek3165 ngày trước
  • I only have Netflix and Disney+

    Twister PlayZTwister PlayZ5 ngày trước
  • Time to go put all my money into Disney+ stocks

    Neato BurritoNeato Burrito5 ngày trước
  • I favorite show is Julie and the phantoms on Netflix :)

    The ninja cat NiceThe ninja cat Nice5 ngày trước
  • My dad still pays 7.99 a month for Netflix since he got it a loooooong time ago and has never canceled or paused his membership

    BaconBacon5 ngày trước

    lit-lit karalit-lit kara6 ngày trước
  • No, it's not just you when it comes to Nailed It

    Gavin The CrafterGavin The Crafter6 ngày trước
  • Anyone else notice he put a football player in Barcelonas soccer stadium camp nou at 8:57

    MAXIMUMMAXIMUM6 ngày trước
  • disney in creative mode 💀

    sebiieexsebiieex6 ngày trước
  • I love Nailed It too Matpat!!

    Creator Z-RayCreator Z-Ray6 ngày trước
  • ahhh yes youtube tv something i cant use causse im not in america, fun

    ghost mikaghost mika6 ngày trước
  • wait only excluding China? That means VIworld is also the most popular streaming platform in North Korea.

    Anthony DuAnthony Du6 ngày trước
  • CNN is fake news

    skott townzendskott townzend6 ngày trước
  • Love the Full Metal shout outs... Nice

    Jason BourneJason Bourne7 ngày trước
  • Only thing not mentioned is that for a currently full-time-jobless man like myself, I can barely afford the 18-dollar monthly subscription for Netflix; let alone the 64 bucks VIworld charges.

    Carlos ZatzCarlos Zatz7 ngày trước
  • She truly is a gem

    Jonah LaneJonah Lane7 ngày trước
  • My Top 6 Streaming Services: 6. Amazon prime-(3.5/10) It's terrible 5. Peacock-(5.6/10) Only got it because there is a free plan. 4. Disney+-(7.5/10) It has a few good shows like The Mandalorin but you get bored really soon. 3. Hulu-(8.8/10) It's good it has Family Guy, American Dad it's worth $6 per month 2. Netflix-(9.3/10) I got it to watch Cobra Kai but it has sooooo much to watch. 1. HBO Max-(10/10) It has so much like South Park, Friends, Looney Tunes, All of Adult Swim, All of DC, New Looney Tunes and it's gonna get Dune, Matrix 4, Space Jam A New Legacy, Also it has Rick and Morty, The Fresh Prince of Bel-air. I never get bored with HBO Max it's worth the $15 per month 💯.

    Stephanie SchulzStephanie Schulz7 ngày trước
  • you complain that the highest memebership for netflix is 15 bucks a month and yet the sollution to streaming, youtube tv, costs 65 DOLLARS A MONTH!

    Ukulele VillainUkulele Villain7 ngày trước
  • Netflix is honestly disappointing me, by 2015 i had watched almost all they got, AND FOR SOME REASON THEY DON'T STREAM ANY BARBIE MOVIE IN MY COUNTY

    olha elaolha ela7 ngày trước
  • I just want a well done non-controversial, non funimation owned, available world wide, properly done sub and dub, available on all devices including TVs, good UI, anime streaming service. But that’s clearly to much to ask for. I mean at least Netflix has anime, disney can’t say that can they? I got Disney+ for a bit just to watch Hamilton.

    UphoriaUphoria7 ngày trước
  • Who will win: 123Movies

    Alexandra TavaresAlexandra Tavares7 ngày trước
  • buying a DvD for 1.5$ and watching my favorite movies, sound way easier

    S. PeirisS. Peiris8 ngày trước

    BearBear8 ngày trước
  • I don’t care what you say , Solarmovie(free movie and show) is the best streaming service

    レモンレモン8 ngày trước
  • Our country has an official one streaming service which has everything and is free but sadly only available in here

  • Touchè on the amazon prime app user interface. Crap

    l3wd_5c0ffl3wd_5c0ff9 ngày trước
  • Can we agree Hulu sucks because 90 percent of the shows are never in your subscription

    Da EpicboiDa Epicboi9 ngày trước
  • Streaming wars the best film ever

    yousif aljanabiyousif aljanabi9 ngày trước

    Jounrey- PlazJounrey- Plaz9 ngày trước
  • Nail on the head!

    Stallion801Stallion8019 ngày trước
  • Disney, and Netflix!

    Ballet DancerBallet Dancer9 ngày trước
  • That’s depressing you should make a streaming service

    Mitzi WolmanMitzi Wolman9 ngày trước
  • Netflix just raised rates again to I canceled the disk service but kept the streaming for now. Now I just have streaming Netflix, amazon prime (with CBS and BritBox). This video is absolutely correct. The whole reason I cut the cord is paying for hundreds of channels just to watch a select few. Now the cost of Cable is compatible with the multiple streaming services one would need to sign up to watch their 3 shows. There are a few shows I still like on NetFlix but another rate hike and I am gone. The cost wouldn't outweigh the benefit.

    Shawn KerrShawn Kerr9 ngày trước
  • my is animaniacs reboot

    William LWilliam L10 ngày trước
  • Disney made a show with Netflix to learn about how they did things specifically so they could doublecross Netflix and it worked

    R chy You’re executionerR chy You’re executioner10 ngày trước
  • lmao gotta love how stan wasn’t even addressed in this video🤣

    Ava PetersonAva Peterson10 ngày trước
  • What a great intro

    The Texan ConservativeThe Texan Conservative10 ngày trước

    JohnnyJoestarTheCrippleJohnnyJoestarTheCripple10 ngày trước
  • Me who doesn’t watch tv because it stresses me out 👁👄👁

    Millions CatMillions Cat10 ngày trước
  • did he change the intro theme to all the StarWars movies tell me he did not, (not the new three)

    doggodiggindoggodiggin10 ngày trước
  • I was like oh yeah youtube tv i forgot about that let me check it out real quick. Then i was like this is just cable online no thanks ill go back to torrenting because that's just a free version of DVR

    Guardian AriasGuardian Arias10 ngày trước
  • so basically yt tv is the new netflix

    Allura JaneAllura Jane11 ngày trước
  • What about crunchyroll and funimation?

    Ashanti MoodyAshanti Moody11 ngày trước
  • Didn't expect to see a 3-second reference to the greatest band of all time

    D LD L11 ngày trước
  • Netflix can never beat amazon, because amazon hosts netflix. The more you watch netflix the more netflix has to pay amazon. And any time netflix pulls too far ahead amazon can just raise their service fee, potentially bringing netflix to it's knees.

    Christopher GibbonsChristopher Gibbons11 ngày trước
  • I read it, now play me wonderwall.

    Ash CatchemAsh Catchem12 ngày trước
  • 1:31 Proof MatPat is part of the illuminati. HE LITERALLY HAS THE (number of the) DEVIL ON THIS SHOULDER!! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

    Ash CatchemAsh Catchem12 ngày trước
  • Nailed it is my third favourite Netflix show

    Luke HILLLuke HILL12 ngày trước
  • I’m the most dangerous pirater I don’t care what people think about me

    MXSKED ACEMXSKED ACE12 ngày trước
  • instead of disney moving towards the B-word. I would rather name is future M word. M for monopoly.

    Perseus Portaliono Assissiono i DotaariaPerseus Portaliono Assissiono i Dotaaria12 ngày trước
    • @Ta Nv watch the video. around 11:30

      Perseus Portaliono Assissiono i DotaariaPerseus Portaliono Assissiono i Dotaaria10 ngày trước
    • What’s the b word

      Ta NvTa Nv10 ngày trước
  • Amazon is just terrible at software design IN GENERAL

    Israel LaiIsrael Lai12 ngày trước
  • Anyway here's Wonderwall

    Hiccup AnnusHiccup Annus12 ngày trước
  • Netflix prices went up again, it’s now $18.00

    -boot doot--boot doot-12 ngày trước
  • HBO Max is actually legit

    Sky PumaSky Puma12 ngày trước