Final Fantasy 7 Remake Critique

23 Th04, 2020
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  • Seeing a lot of people asking about song names so: Outro song: FF7 Remake OST: Smash 'Em, Rip 'Em - Other song used in end section: FF7 Remake OST: Home Away from Home -

    NeverKnowsBestNeverKnowsBest11 tháng trước
    • In regards to some other things.... "Not as much late game Materia synergies as in FF7" - It's part one - you have to save things for the sequels. ;) And upgrading Materias is extremely important when playing on hard and doing all challenges. (Something I very much enjoyed doing.) The Characters are perfect for me too (Aerith especially). I also didn't think they would hit that part home - but oh boy was I wrong. I absolutely adore the Remake characters. Cloud is moody and broken in the movie however, because of the events in FF7. It's not what one might like to see - but it is understandable. The remake however could also fix that bleak, future outcome. The hell house fight is (also) my fav fight in the entire game. And in regards to the stretched out sections; The side missions in chapter 14 didn't feel necessary - but players also weren't forced to do them and it is also a very small amount compared to most other RPGs and FF titles, which are usually full of grinding and boring fetch quests. But chapter 13, 14 and 15 could have been a bit shorter or more interesting in regards to certain gameplay aspects. The sewer cutscenes are however a nice addition in my opinion. Seeing the three of them interact together (team-work) IS fun and exciting. Aerith struggle to keep her balance, the "it's a date" dialogue, saving each others lifes, the subtle hints in Aeriths bahavior... I watched them many times and I still don't skip any video sequence. And I especially love the ghostly trainyard chapter. I also have no issues with chapter 17. It has some of the best battles, great video sequences and I simply enjoyed having Aerith back in my party and seeing them interact with each other.

      01Eureka01Eureka26 ngày trước
    • FF7 was my first japanese rpg (back in 1997) and it left a lasting impression on me - I however never cared to replay it because of the bleack ending and the sad events. The Remake however I love - and already more so, than the original (or any other game for that matter). I replayed it 4 times already, in 3 different languages, and I can't wait for the PS5 upgrade, the dlc and next parts. I spend more quality time with the characters I care for, the new battle system became my fav combat system overall, and the story and characters future isn't any longer set in stone. And I personally appreciate and want changes. Most of all, a better outcome (if possible, one that is based on player's decisions). I also didn't like how I had zero control over the actions and events in TLOU2, while it tried to make some points about violence and revenge. And playing with characters I can't identify with or root for, also isn't that exciting. (I like your review on that game by the way). Sure, FF7 is a wastly different game. But I take no gaming pleasure in experiencing a gruesome and unjust death of a char I like / love (sacrifical lamb trope). It certainly has an emotional impact and is often a driving force behind a story - but it is also something I don't want to experience again. The story of FF7re is thus very intriguing to me and maybe a chance to make things right; to remake / reshape the future. At least for those fans who longed for a better ending. And it is also a RPG. Remember "Mass Effect" or "Dragon age" (in regards to the endings and the "who lives and who dies" decisions)? But we'll see. The game received a lot of praise - but has also been criticized. A "course-correction" to the OG Story would however feel very wrong and cheap, since so many FF7re events clearly hint at this game being a sequel / a new story - and not a simple retelling. And that's what I always wanted. The original game will therefore also always be it's own story, while adding more emotional weight to this new story. (I cried more than I want to admit.) And the Remake also led to many, many fan videos, theories, discussions, different reactions, new anticipation, confusion, appreciation, love and other impressions - which in itself is a success. For me, this game is a masterpiece as my appreciation for FF7re far exceeds most of the other gaming experiences I've had. But they did take story risks no one could have anticipated and you described those feelings of uncertainty and excitment in regards to the sequels quite well - and the boundless open sky also reflects that perfectly. The game's ending gave me hope, since the OG ending (with presumably no humans alive and Aerith gone) left me with mostly one feeling; that of sadness. And a quest for a better outcome is, in my opinion, a worthwhile endeavor. But Sephiroth is also still to be feared. Once again. The stakes are higher now as we no longer follow a set path we already know. And it is exciting to follow this bath with characters we care about.

      01Eureka01Eureka26 ngày trước
    • Man, I adored this video so much. I've never passionately nodded my head in vindication so much in all my life when I hit the 43:00 mark. You've so eloquently mirrored all the good things and all my concerns that I've been getting chewed out for by rabid fans, all the way down to the inconsistencies (or incompetencies) of the whispers handling Wedge. It's so hard to be enthusiastic about the big, beautiful tree that's supposedly going to sprout after so many years of waiting when you already know the soil is tainted and it's too late to dig the roots up. The best we can hope for is fun combat and the small moments with characters that hold the story together while Nomura's misdirected, plot-hole ridden madness tries to tear it apart. Either way, your video was oddly uplifting with every single point being so spot-on. Thanks for putting me in a weirdly good mood about something we're disappointed in. We can cringe with dread while secretly crossing our fingers in solidarity!

      GruppeSechsGruppeSechs10 tháng trước
    • I think the biggest problem with remakes is that the younger generation will always refer to that rather than the original as the defining entry, and if it's radically different or subpar because it was contrived or lost something in translation that made it so magical to so many people, that's actually kind of damaging to the original conception. From a gameplay perspective, though, I LOVE remakes. RE2's remake was so fun to play from a different perspective. FF7's remake was flat-out better combat-wise to me. It's a tricky situation if it's a game you adore.

      GruppeSechsGruppeSechs11 tháng trước
    • @Xerosigma started a playthrough this week. Instead of following Aeris I immeditely walked back to the previous screen and skipped the flower purchase event. ... felt weird. Didn't notice I was listening to the FF7remake videos and guides talking about the gold saucer dating sideevent and 'membered not having to give the flower to anyone in my current game. (My first playthrough since 2003. More than 20 playthroughs overall most in the 1990s for me through)

      Philippe H.Philippe H.11 tháng trước
  • Oh by the way Nomura left the production team he is only on character design now he had no tame to remake the best game of all time oh and by the way the main team left because they said the game was deviating too much from the original so they are working with other team to the second part... from now on lool enjoy the ride...

    Nuno DanNuno DanNgày trước
  • Squarenix doing ghost of tsushima 100 years and in the end it would be a mess Japanese people can't express filings in games,and sory pace is garbage. They should have given the ff7 to ghost of tsushima studio or horizon team, very easy to do beter than this, Squarenix lost their way with ff series period.

    Nuno DanNuno DanNgày trước
  • Squarenix doing ghost of tsushima 100 years and in the end it would be a mess Japanese people can't express filings in games,and sory pace is garbage. They should have given the ff7 to ghost of tsushima studio or horizon team, very easy to do beter than this, Squarenix lost their way with ff series period.

    Nuno DanNuno DanNgày trước
  • Don't forget after that ending we already have 3 realities ff7 realty, ff7 remake reality and ff7 remake with zack alive, I'm sure that their intentions are to make of this game an avengers ending game, that said they will lose in this new reality and they will do some mambo jambo and go to other reality get Zack to help defeat the remake all knowledge Sephiroth ,hideous just lazy writing

    Nuno DanNuno DanNgày trước
  • Your wrong, absolutely wrong, I love your video's but your completely totally wrong. If your going to call something a remake, it has to be a remake, it has to be faithful. If you want to REIMAGINE FF7 then call it FF7 reborn or some drivel like that, but don't call it a remake if its not a remake. If you want to tell a new story in the same world, fine, if you want to reimagine the same story fine, but that's not a remake. WHEN YOU MARKET IT AS A REMAKE IT BETTER BE A GODDAM REMAKE. A remake is the same in all essential elements, you can add to or flesh out but you cannot change, the moment you do its no longer a remake, AND YOU BETTER NOT MARKET IT AS A REMAKE. I hate basically all the changes, The death of the Avalanche guys... its the Catalyst for Barret, it makes him who he becomes because he sees the cost of what he's doing... there were reasons, narrative reasons for everything that happened in FF7, like u said, this is going to go badly, very badly, FF7 never should have been "remade."

    James KendrickJames Kendrick5 ngày trước
  • VIsiting after the garbage trailer for Intergrade... Final fantasy 7 remake is going to take 20 years to see it through to the end. It will add new Kingdom hearts style story garbage. The gameplay development team is killing it making a fun and fast paced combat system that should be the standard for this genre.. for the foreseeable future. However the changes to the story, the abundance of fan service and the massive expansion of the "in game world" is going to escalate the cringe until FF7 is basically a Shonen Jump anime, everyone who loves it will have to add a caveat to save face. The story of Kingdom hearts is easily the worst shit to ever hit gaming (Ill fight anyone on this stance) and they are going to butcher the already convoluted and questionable story of FF7 to bring it to that Kingdom Hearts Cringe.

    MelopahnMelopahn7 ngày trước
  • One thing that is exciting, and also a little worrisome is the idea that they could take the criticism of the first volume and try to change how they approach the subsequent ones. I’m just worried that they won’t do that.

    Nate WardNate Ward9 ngày trước
  • The remake was awesome, better than anything I could've imagined, game of the generation for me.

    INXISIVINXISIV9 ngày trước
  • I like most of your videos and while I can sort of empathize with some points, I'm kinda baffled by some of your arguments. You dislike the padding because you think it ruins the pacing of the original story knowing that the game isn't following the same structure. Thinking that disc 1's ending would have been better makes no sense if you know that the story makes a major diversion before that plot point. We have 0 idea what's going to happen then and more than likely it would make for a pretty awful ending if things wrap up in the way most people expect it to now. Knowing that the game is supposed to end where it's planned to, adding sections to round out the story to 40hrs is actually the right call business-wise. If your goal is to satisfy fans via nostalgia but also bring in new fans, offering a slimmed down version of this game is not the way to go. Chapter select let's you skip through those sections in repeat playthroughs. Sephiroth's repeated appearances make sense in the same lens. It right away cues in returning fans that things are weird here and eases you into the idea that this isn't just FF7 in HD. But on the flipside, for people who don't know anything about the story, he is filled with mystery is obvious danger. Who is he? Is he a memory or is he actually in your head? There's an escalation to how much he interacts with Cloud up to the point where he physically manifests. The Whispers are inconsistent. No point in denying it BUT that's not necessarily a bad thing. We know for a fact that this story continues. Most of what we k ow of the Whispers is from very short descriptions of people who don't have the full picture. There is no doubt they will be fleshed out down the line. Another reason why it's not a big deal that they seemingly act in different ways in different sections is that "The Will of the Planet" isn't necessarily something that is supposed to make sense. If you take the absolute stance that they are supppsed to stop things from changing then FF7R doesn't exist. Litterally every moment after you diverge would be Whispers fighting you. If they are janitors then literally every character that survives would be chased until they die. Also very unsatisfying. There also the question that is Gaia is God (which is sorta what you imply) then we probably can't understand why or how things operate. There's a very obvious reason we don't yet know why Sephiroth gets away with screwing with the timeline when we can't. Aerith also seems to be tied into it if you read into a few moments (her scene with Marlene in the bar, her knowing the names or certain characters before having heard of them at all). We aren't supposed to understand it because the answers were deliberately left out of this story. The last thing I don't get is the Nomura bashing at the end. "Mad genius without the genius"? Really? I hope that was just an attempt at humour that fell flat.

    m dm d12 ngày trước
  • got to the floating city in original ff7 and gave up, the most boring game ever and if thats the best in the series then didnt miss much

    legit cracklegit crack13 ngày trước
  • All I ever wanted was the original game with a massive graphical overhaul, is that too much to ask for?

    Johnathan BlackwellJohnathan Blackwell14 ngày trước
  • This is such a good video. You praise the good parts and criticise the bad ones. I feel like you could go on for so much longer but keeping your videos in this length speaks so highly of you as a writer. Whenever you make a video it usually ends up being my favorite video on that game. Great job and keep it up!

    JuliusCaesarJuliusCaesar14 ngày trước
  • There is a getting off this train and I got off at about chapter 9 lol

    BlazeGGBlazeGG22 ngày trước
  • yeah, i got off the train.

    pithie84pithie8424 ngày trước
  • Completely agree that the Remake while being full of content and going in its unique direction completely falls apart whenever the "new plot" comes out even to the detriment of the original's payoffs (ie: the trail of blood, which in the Remake isn't even red because the game had to be rated T for some reason). As you (NKB) said, "It's a move I can respect" but I can't see this ending up any good unless they really start tying and explaining everything. TBH, I believe that sooner or later Square Enix will be as devoted to getting money that will Remake this Remake with the same content but with the OG FF7 plot (as it's already doing on phones, LMAO) for the same reason. Though, I could be wrong and, honestly, I hope I am wrong and this turns out great even if I think it's a single digit percent of chance that it'll be good.

    UndevigintiUndeviginti24 ngày trước
  • They built up a lot of trust for me in the way they handled these characters, and it’s clear in the way they paid homage and put in countless enemies that I don’t think you’d expect from a modern game, that there is real love for the original in the team behind this game. Many of the people who worked on the original are part of the remake team and I think it’s why it got so many things right, and while I wasn’t the biggest fan of the whispers initially I feel like this game turned me into a conspiracy theorist, I started noticing every subtle glance and minute change and where many of those changes originated from. I started to notice when lines or moments were added when a character seemed to want to say more but didn’t. This is full conspiracy theorist but in my most recent play through its Aerith, even the flashbacks, the ones that come too early, it’s clouds interaction with her that starts them, they surround her, the added dialogue lets on she knows more than she says, she says zacks name instead of writing it off as unimportant, she understands cloud better upon meeting him than she has any right to, she knows how she dies and in her midnight interaction tells him not to fall in love with her because she doesn’t want him to experience the same pain as he did in the original. I think aerith touching cloud with the whispers is what started giving him visions of the future, accelerated the visions of ole seph dog, and ultimately what makes the group jump into the portal isn’t because our classic silver soldier told them too but because they saw the future where humanity dies out 500 years after FF7, the creators said as much in interviews that that was what the ending was. They saved the world from sephiroth but in the end they didn’t save humanity. That’s what they want to change. This is of course just my interpretation after a lot of making redlines with string on a big cork board but I’ve come to feel like the whispers, although still being poorly implemented, did have some vision behind them. It’s seems like the variables that you referred to in your video are aerith and sephiroth. In some extended universe stuff it’s mentioned how both exist within the life stream, sephiroth still plotting against cloud and aerith determined to do everything in her power to thwart him. In the og ff7 it’s established that aerith had at least some knowledge of the future, meaning that there’s some communication between time via the life stream, kinda like how in some religions there’s this idea of spirits having knowledge of the past present and future so idk, I hope it’s more of aerith reaching out through the life stream to help the ones she loved and the people she loved, it seems clear that she wants to savor the day she meets cloud, like one would do if they got to spend another day with a lost loved one, unable to change anything but just able to enjoying seeing them again even if just for a short while. There are so many small moments with her that give this feeling, her having knowledge she shouldn’t, about seventh heaven and Marlene before tifa can even explain, the comments she makes about the first day she spends with cloud being a special day, commenting on his character provoking the “stop acting like you know me” quote and so many other things, she knows and she’s the new variable. That having been said I agree with all the criticisms you had, the pacing at the end especially and the ghost section where too much, although honestly I somewhat enjoyed a lot of the side quests, it felt like it better fleshed out the world and gave us more time to spend with these characters which I really did appreciate. And while I do think there was some thought out into the whispers I feel like the fact that I had to get so conspiratorial to make sense of it kinda proves that it read very inconsistent and poorly thought out, the things that break the mold are typically direct results of aerith or sephiroth (except why is Biggs still alive? Wedge I get you could argue aerith patched him up thus altering fate but Biggs? How?) even with all the theorizing I’ve done there are still inconsistencies that should’ve been better handled. But with all that being said, I’m still really optimistic about the future, the pacing is a fixable and if they do a suitable job explaining why things were different this time that doesn’t feel overly convoluted I think they really have the potential to tell an amazing new story within the FF7 universe. I really didn’t care much about remake when it came out as I tend to avoid most remakes and I avoided all the spoilers until I eventually got around to playing the game for myself, but I’m glad I played remake and whatever happens next I’m just glad square took such a huge risk with such a beloved game. I just really hope it pays off

    Max Heim-SalgadoMax Heim-Salgado27 ngày trước
  • The remake has the name but isnt final fantasy 7

    Paulo_MPaulo_M28 ngày trước
  • 1:45 all of these people were thinking "Yes! They are going to change the story and make it unrecognizeable! I can't wait for it!" - To those who say "uhrbedurr it'sth a remake, they never thaid they wouldn't change the story"

    Creative EdCreative Ed29 ngày trước
  • I have made my peace that they already fucked up the story in part1, that is undeniable so meh fuck SE

    Daniel BergerDaniel BergerTháng trước
  • I'm glad your videos and analysis have come a long way since this video. This critique is as shallow as a puddle. You take far too many personal jabs based on dissatisfaction founded by limited analysis. Imagine if your excellent Elder Scrolls videos called Todd Howard a hack.

    SpardaSpardaTháng trước

    ProudHeroUserProudHeroUserTháng trước
  • As someone who loves the original Final Fantasy VII, I couldn't stand Final Fantasy VII Retcon.

    Adrian Alexander VeidtAdrian Alexander VeidtTháng trước
  • I ACTUALLY really like the pacing of this game. Personally, I'm a grinder when it comes to RPGs. I broke the clock on the og ffvii and spent the time to level up to 25 before even thinking about leaving Midgar the first time I played the original, so, to me, being able to level up faster via natural progression over a longer story felt like I was moving thru Midgar at a much faster pace. For me, I was in love with the beautiful backgrounds in the original, so grinding in those locations was a treat, but in the remake, I felt the need to grind much less, vs. the desire to grind because I was enjoying the fights. Also, I find it weird that so many people are worried about where they're going with the story. It seems to me like people are apprehensive about the multiverse/multi-timeline idea because it's been done poorly before by other franchises as well as Final Fantasy games, but I feel like people are missing a few let factors: 1: Nomura directed Kingdom Hearts, he didn't write it. 2: the original writer we love is writing. 3: Nomura is probably one of the biggest fans of the series. 4: A good portion of this idea that Sephiroth can exist outside of time is a part of the expanded lore from over a decade ago, though it is obscure, and 5: they've had a lot of time to work this story out, far more than almost any other example where this multiverse idea has been used. I think we'll be ok.

    TayloredArt 01TayloredArt 01Tháng trước
  • We never asked for originality with the ff7 remake. We just asked for a remake 🤦🏽‍. I have faith in God not in Nomura. U will NOT see me at the crash site 😭😭 Also I gave u a dislike mostly because your ending was stupid, just like remake

    eleven jordaneleven jordanTháng trước
  • Ur being waaaaaay to nice

    eleven jordaneleven jordanTháng trước
  • The thing that annoys me most is the whole Cloud x Sephiroth rivalry that people created throughout the years. It never existed.

    André RivaAndré RivaTháng trước
    • But this Sephiroth remembers and Cloud is starting to remember. With this context it makes sense. And their rivalry is more personal now too and I’m all for it as a noob.

      Luke AmparoLuke AmparoTháng trước
  • I don't like to give too much credit (or blame) to any single creator in mediums like this where so many people contribute to a work of art, but I do think a big turning point for this series was the decline in control/involvement of Hironobu Sakaguchi, namely because of his philosophy regarding sequels. He has stated in the past that he doesn't like to leave the door open to return to a story once it's done, and I think that never-look-back attitude is a big part of what made FF so great in the first place. The second Square gave themselves license to repackage old content we started getting things like the Compilation and Fabula Nova Crystalis, etc. When I heard about the Whispers in FFVII:R, I immediately interpreted that as Square writing themselves a blank check to revive any marketable characters they want and to keep making games like this forever. Considering the announcement of an additional remake already slated to incorporate characters and plotlines from the Compilation, as well as a FFVII themed battle royale to look forward to, I'd say that trainwreck is looking mighty close.

    Josh GJosh GTháng trước
  • Epic game. Lets see what this video adds to the conversation.

    SPFrobberSPFrobberTháng trước
  • The thing that bothered me in the remake was Cloud's voice actor - specifically how every 4th word from his mouth has a gasp or a grunt... I've yet to speak to anyone who talks like that in real life...

    T RT RTháng trước
  • Coming back for another view of this video 11 months later. This really is an excellent, thoughtful, organized critique of a decent game that will (likely) ruin the legacy of one of the most important RPGs ever.

    Andrew YoungAndrew YoungTháng trước
  • Sephiroth is so highlight for all the game that that mysterious character is no more for the next game.. it's a shame

    Ricardo RitaRicardo RitaTháng trước
  • Kind of a simple interpretation, the altering variable might just be the writers, which is a little weird but I think that's what they meant. For example, the writers wanted to kill barret but then the whispers try to keep them off of it.

    Stephen SeputraStephen SeputraTháng trước
  • I agree with a lot of your ideas, but not so much as the reasoning behing some of them. All in all, as long as they menaged to keep these characters this good for the next parts, I can accept the rest of it. Nomura is not directing the next part, which I think it might be great. So there is hope at least.

    Alexandre CostaAlexandre CostaTháng trước
  • Sadly could not play final fantasy after they dropped the fantasy theme, and went with science fiction. And also dropped turn based combat.

    FredrikFredrikTháng trước
    • Not a single FF is science fiction and it hasn't been turn-based since FF4 introduced ATB.

      budakbaong siahbudakbaong siah22 ngày trước
  • "There's no getting off this train..." Oh yeah there is, it's called me not paying for any more installments of this game from here on out. I was fine with some changes to the story but to have those changes physically manifest themselves as a third party entity in the story has sealed the deal for me. I was willing to forgive the padding, the desperate sexual need of Jessie, a battle system that I don't particularly care for, and some of the other smaller things that nagged at me. I was willing to forgive them because the visuals are wonderous, the music is enchanting, and the characters are spot on. But the whispers very existence and Sephiroth's constant appearance two acts too early are the nails in the coffin. The one thing that they could do to actually ruin this for me, they you know what, I think I'll get off of this train at this stop. You enjoy your journey at the next two stops. You had no faith and now you have it, while I had faith and now I don't have it. Funny how these things work doesn't it?

    Bryan D.Bryan D.Tháng trước
  • oh Nomura Tetsuya-san, you are so not arrogant. you are so clever and your changes were totaly justified since you're the biggest fan of them all. bless you sir, bless you!! *bow* 17:40 at least that version doesn't have the giant man-feet from the remake... :-x

    George StarkGeorge StarkTháng trước
  • both sephiroth spirit and aerith travelled back in time to try and change the past. sephiroth influence is what is causing the changes( like cloud wanting to kill reno or jojo taking the moment to recognize cloud). The events were the whispers have to tidy up happen when sephiroth is close by so I am guessing his presence makes it harder for them to prevent off script events. aerith intervention is thru her past self. when we see her infront of the mako energy praying or whatever it is implied that was the moment she was able to communicate with herself. she serves as clouds therapist so that he doesnt end up the mental mess that happens later on which results in aerith death and a whole lot of other issues. except for barrets death pretty much everything the lifestream preserved did not take into account that it could have been better for the humans. The cutscene that shows red's specie running around and the city of midgard as a ruin means that the way things was resolved was not the best course for humanity. So doing what sephiroth wants in this case means everyone gets to choose, not just sephiroth. With what aerith knows I believe she can guide them to stop him without certain catastrophes happening. that my impression of what was happening but maybe I am wrong.

    Action Figure LairAction Figure LairTháng trước
  • They can keep all the other questionable story changes...but if they make it so Aerith doesn't die (or so that she can be revived) then you've ruined one of the absolute trademarks of FFVII.

    onegoldengrahamonegoldengrahamTháng trước
  • why make a remake that isnt actually a remake? Square, anything for a dollar thesedays, so sad

    bob jenkinsbob jenkinsTháng trước
  • There is no way anyone can ruin the legacy of final fantasy vii. Newer games will exist, in some cases disappointing some. However the original always will be there as well.

    SheperGamesSheperGamesTháng trước
  • i did enjoy this game and im excited to see where theyre taking it, but its definitely not without its flaws and the padding/side quests are really one of them. youre stuck in one area, not allowed to really explore beyond it and if you dont power through those quests your outcome in future segments will be affected and most of them didnt do anything to further develop midgar as a place or showcase more of its culture. side quests can either make or break a game and thats one of the things they failed at in ff xv as well. fetch quests and monster quests -- how exciting. they also did the ff xv mistake of adding most of the grind after the main events of the game, rather than have it be part of it. midgar should have been a 15-20 hours experience at best and really shouldnt be holding up a whole game on its own, especially not considering a lot of jrpgs are known to reach a 75-100 hours mark. i did enjoy the combat the most, i think, even if i wish items werent so useless as i never really ran out of mp and id rather use cure than an outside healing. i want to try out the turn based combat the game offered, but knowing you can only play it in easy mode kind of turns me away from it which is sad. i still dont know how to feel about the change of story either, as i had really gone into it thinking id get a similar experience as the og one and im kind of scared theyll ruin zack and aerith as i dont want either of them to run away from their "destiny". if anything i dont really understand how theyd make cloud's story arch work if zack is alive somehow, unless zack just dumped him somewhere and ditched? either way it would kind of ruin the impact the ending of crisis core had on me, as i truly enjoyed the thought of a protagonist not making it out alive and someone's end being someone's elses begining. that segment of the game kind of also ruins cloud's backstory a bit, didnt it? youre supposed to not know about zack for the longest time and when the reveal/clash of memories start to become more frequent in the og its a twist and a half if you havent played it before. im biting my tongue though until we actually know more ;)

    Sara SmedbergSara SmedbergTháng trước
  • should I play the original? lego models don't bother me that much, but even factoring in the fact that I won't be getting to know remake anytime soon (exclusive pc user who refuses to buy ps4 for one or two titles but believes that either square enix will release a port within five years, or emulation will catch up) I wouldn't want to spoil the possibility of experiencing what seems to be a superior product.

    un knownun knownTháng trước
  • Me. Nomura-san, well that sounds stupid

    misu vittupäämisu vittupääTháng trước
  • "This is not my (insert character here)" LMFAO look I am not gonna kiss the remakes ass because in all honesty it sucks, but if you think that the characters are THAT different from that blocky crappy game from 1997 then you're wrong pal. Cloud was always an emo gripey taciturn hardass. Aerith's always been a magical hippie. And so on and so forth. The fact that you think the original game's characters are even THAT deep is honestly hilarious 😂

    Insert name hereInsert name here2 tháng trước
    • @Frog Glen that is not true at all lmfao

      Insert name hereInsert name here2 tháng trước
    • *Nope* Cloud in the original was a goofy dork who made Chocobo noises. Nowadays he's just emo and sad

      Frog GlenFrog Glen2 tháng trước
  • I disagree about the whispers part, even if I felt the same as you before seing theories around about Aeryth. I hope the remake is a follow up, no matter how complicated and alienating it can become for new players. I think they can pull it off. An the other hand, I really respect the analysis you made of all this, and your point of view. It really is a good thing to have your stance on the matter, no matter how I disagree. Thank you for making it.

    DiamanrougeDiamanrouge2 tháng trước
  • 34:27 What is Square's obsession with crystariums? Does anyone like those??

    mfbjomfbjo2 tháng trước
  • I've watched a lot of these critiques, and it's interesting how much the gameplay or characterisation can be loved/hated by reviewers who come across as having the same passion for the original game. What's universal is the disdain for this "fates" malarkey, and while I've never held 7 in the same love as most -- despite it also being the game that introduced me to turn based RPGs -- I have to say that I find this story element confusing. If the story was based off time travel, sure. But how is it that the characters are going "against fate" when presumably they're living in the moment, right? This is meta 4th wall breaking on a whole other level, and goes to show a severe lack of seriousness on the part of the creators to do the job they were given. Revamping and padding (to an extent) the story, fine. Outside of the obvious cash grab of this episodic formula, there were plenty of areas FF7 could be expanded on, especially surrounding Jenova and the latter half after Junon when the world became bigger than the events being told within it. But having ghosts running around deus ex machina'ing moments because they're not "conforming" to some original narrative when the characters involved are supposed to be existing their first experiences is, in a concept level, plain fucking stupid.

    David BatesDavid Bates2 tháng trước
  • "Turn-based is the worst form of RPG battle system, except for all the others we've tried" - Winston Churchill

    mfbjomfbjo2 tháng trước
  • This game is a sequel rather than a brick for brick remake. If you know then you paid attention to the details and remember the how the original ended. It's great that we may get to actually save the planet and it's people this time around.

    J GarnicaJ Garnica2 tháng trước
  • The forced plot McGuffin is why I refuse to play this re-creation. I absolutely loathe Kingdom Hearts as a series and it reeks of that franchise. I played the original forever ago and don't care if elements are changed as long as it is enjoyable. We can then poke fun at the differences. But placing real world excuses or social commentary into a game is completely immersion breaking. With or without the context of playing the original you'll have a myriad of questions that have been (according to their track record) guaranteed to never be answered. I'm reminded of how Final Fantasy 15 suffered greatly from a narrative standpoint. You had better pay to watch/read/play for all the other content otherwise you'll NEVER understand what is happening! FF7 has been made into a giant mess that I want no part of.

    ReFriedNoodleReFriedNoodle2 tháng trước
  • It was said that the FF7 compilation was written with how fans perceived the characters, but for FF7R they went back to hiw they wrote the characters in the original. I think we all agree, this was a good decision The very solid 95% of this game proves that any doubt, while reasonable before, are no longer.

    Spuds LarssonSpuds Larsson2 tháng trước
  • only hope this could be ported to PC.... kind 'a gave me that hope with Horizon Zero Dawn and even Final Fantasy XV....

    Armand 2176Armand 21762 tháng trước
  • "When you love something, you don't need it to be perfect" your most profound work yet.

  • Don't like it, don't play it.

    Vinicius AugustoVinicius Augusto2 tháng trước
  • Fucking up timelines is the worst , laziest and easiest way to fuck up a franchise

    AzsolusAzsolus2 tháng trước
  • I agree with you on most points in this video but i dislike the whispers cause there was no reason for them they could of still added things and change the way things happen and still kept with how the story first play out. The Sector five reactor Cloud not ask for the job later on before the mission Barret learns that security could be tighter so they pay Cloud for the mission. Most of the stuff they add was fine to me but messing with Faith and the timeline is a mistake i still will see where it goes before i make a final call. Zack had his story and it work for him and he got a great last stand and die a hero. I am worry about what other changes they can or will make to the story but we have to see it before it can be judge.

    Shadow LordShadow Lord2 tháng trước
  • I dont think the voice in your head is logic, evidence and reason, i think its called pessimism. Dont get me wrong, there is plenty of room for them to eff this up. But the evidence so far is, they can make a faithful retelling of the original story and get 5 stars while they do it. And they can introduce deviations without ruining the experience. I think the evidence suggests they get the benefit of the doubt until the next installment, then we see if they continue the trajectory they are on, or if they flub it.

    shaneep7shaneep72 tháng trước
  • I know you said its cheap to say you just dont understand the whispers, but you dont understand the whispers. You say, shouldnt they act to prevent things? Yes and they try to, but they dont always succeed. Like your example of Barret, watch it again, the whispers do try to stop sephiroth, but they cant. So then they clean up the mess. Also, from where i sit, it looks like at the begining of the game the whispers dont know whats going on either. Its later after things are off track that they are keeping a closer eye on things trying to stop them before they happen. Like when Cloud has that flash forward about the pillar, the whispers show up, but they dont do anything. As if to say, wait, why did he get a flash forward? Well, it doesnt change anything, so lets just go. And then when Cloud does not get invited for the sector 5 mission, you see the whispers, somethings off track, but we cant fix it yet, etc. Seriously watch it again, the whispers are fairly consistent, or maybe I am more willing to roll with it Edit: dude, you really dont get the whispers. With Wedge, the whispers try to kill wedge at the pillar, but then fail. The reason why they leave him after that is not that they forgot. THINK! What does Wedge do with his new lease on life? In this slightly altered timeline, does Wedge contribute toward the plot getting back fully on track with the PS1 story. Yes he does. What happens after he has contributed toward getting things back on track and the party he headed out of Shinra HQ as per their fate? The whispers take him out per his fate. Just becuase he was supposed to die earlier does not mean the whispers have to kill him as soon as possible. If leaving him in play allows them to manuver the larger events back into place, there is no rule that says fate cant do that.

    shaneep7shaneep72 tháng trước
  • I will never understand why people complain about bad ally AI. Must ruin the immersion for some people. I must be the only one who actually wants to play the game, rather than watch two computers battle it out. I must be the only one who looked at ff12 and said, "this game plays itself and is therefore boring" I hate to break it to people, but if you are playing Cloud the entire time, and issuing commands to other party members through the menu you are playing the game wrong. I mean play however its fun for you, but try switching between your characters, becuase that is when this game reaches maximum fun. You should enough familiarity with each character that every attack other than magic is done with hot keys.

    shaneep7shaneep72 tháng trước
  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake was like a cash grab for me.

    three timesthree times2 tháng trước
  • I was enjoying this game up until the part where they dropped the plate. That's where they started really overusing the whispers and having the characters act like morons. You beat Rude and Reno, but despite tens of thousands of lives depending on his actions, Cloud's morality prevents him from killing either of them. Yet he's been perfectly willing to kill any number of Shinra henchmen up until that point. And the whispers are simply deus ex machina used by the writers to avoid having to come up with a rational and believable story. They don't have to explain why something happens, because, guess what? We have a magical ghost who just makes it happen because of some vague notion of destiny. What insanely lazy writing. One ghost randomly saves Barret's life (quite literal plot armor), but another sure seemed like it pushed Wedge out a window. Why? Who the hell knows. Nothing in this game seems like it matters all that much, either. Especially the actions of your characters. First they're pawns of Shinra, then they're pawns fate, then they're pawns of Sephiroth. Defeating bosses seems especially useless, because you literally never kill a bad guy of any significance. The only one at all that dies is killed by Sephiroth. The only bosses you can actually kill are machines or monsters. Any human bad guys either immediately escape or do whatever you were trying to stop them from doing anyway. Let's review: Beat Reno - escapes Beat Rude - escapes Beat Reno and Rude - they drop the plate anyway, then escape Catch Don Corneo - escapes Kill all Professor Hojo's monsters - he casually walks away Have President Shinra at your mercy - he strolls into his office to get a gun, while everyone watches like an idiot Beat Rufus Shinra - Cloud says "I could finish this now," but you know damn well he won't, followed immediately by Rufus escaping Heidegger - Cloud runs over and presumably kills all the Shinra troops except him because reasons Beat Sephiroth - random cutscene of him talking to Cloud then he disappears The final fight with Sephiroth was probably most pointless of all. You know damn well you aren't going to destroy him since there's so much of the story left to go. But most importantly, this violates basic tenet of storytelling - you start out with the protagonist weaker than the adversary, who then needs to go on a journey to become stronger and eventually defeat the antagonist. Well, we just kicked the crap out of Sephiroth at the end of act one. How are we to believe he's a legitimate threat to us? Because he said some mysterious stuff in a cutscene? It's possible they could come up with some sort of explanation along the lines of "well, it wasn't really Sephiroth, it was some projection of him." Which could work, except that we all know what's going to happen in the future installments. We're going to fight him several more times. We're going to win every time. And none of those victories will matter until the last one.

    Crazygreg757Crazygreg7572 tháng trước
    • i remember being completely fed up with boss battles by the time i reached sephiroth and i just powered through it as i wanted to reach the end of the game, but it wasnt that enjoyable or even challening -- mostly annoying. like you have jenova, rufus, the tank and then the car chase all after one another already. i would have preferred for the end bit to be a longer cut scene of them leaving midgar behand with no sephiroth in sight.

      Sara SmedbergSara SmedbergTháng trước
  • Welcome aboard my friend. Im being on this crazy ride with this madman of a driver since 2004(i play the first Kingdom Hearts) and I'm not stopping any time soon. Is he insane? YES!!! Do I love him for that? You bet!!! Whatever the game I will always play his games even if they crash down and turn me into a loonatic. Am I a fool? Yes. Do I regret it? NO SIR!!!

    Theodore RigopoulosTheodore Rigopoulos2 tháng trước
  • The only thing they should have done was, improve the graphics a bit and nothing else, in my opinion. I still remember the original FF7, it was on of few games from my younger years that i really wants to experience again. As a grown man now i have played it on steam, and the magic was gone, but still a game that should have been remade with the respect it deserves. I was kind of hyped for the remake, but lost the hype for the game, when i sew it was an action game, at that time for my, FF7 remake was not FF7 anymore, and like all the other remakes, developers have ruined the game.

    SpudSpud2 tháng trước
  • This game is complete garbage. Why remake Final Fantasy 7 if you're not even going to stick to the same story line or anything that made the original game great to begin with. Everybody acts as if this game is going to introduce a whole new generation of Gamers to Final Fantasy 7 but it doesn't do that at all. It's just spiky haired blond antagonist with giant sword was popular so let's make that game again but completely change it and release it in several parts over several platforms to make as much money as possible off of nostalgic idiots. This video game is exactly what's wrong with all forms of media today the reimagining in the remaking. I would much rather have had an original game like Final Fantasy XVI to this piece of garbage that only exist to farm cash from nostalgic morons. In short final fantasy vii remake is an insult.

    Michael MedeMichael Mede2 tháng trước
  • "Its not perfect, it was never perfect, not in 1997 and certainly not today..." "But when people love something it dont need to be perfect" Understand what you mean, but why cant this be applied to the remake also? I love the remake even more than the original, i have played and finished it over 10 and last time trying a low level, no materia intial Equip.... Run but failed at final boss and gave Up. But i had fun, but even more fun with remake and i know its not perfect, just saying let people who love the game love the game, its perfect for them. The original can also be critisized a lot but who cares it was a great game, and in my opinion (and probably others) remake was better. Thats about it.

    Zia UddinZia Uddin3 tháng trước
  • Would have been nice to get a remaster instead of a partial remake

    jordan aamodtjordan aamodt3 tháng trước
  • Thank you!. This is so great. I love your game history take and philosophy!

    greg killmastergreg killmaster3 tháng trước
  • Just imagine if this was a western made game.. The remake would introduce Cloud as a black transgender bisexual character and Barret would probably change into an Asian Sumo guy, Tifa would be a latino character and so on.

    JJL90JJL903 tháng trước
  • While I do it find it extremely bold and interesting to add literal agents of fate into the game, I also feel very grateful that it's happening to FF7 and not my beloved FF6. I've gone from never expecting an FF6 remake to actively not desiring one.

    MiskatonicMiskatonic3 tháng trước
  • Tom Hiddleston does reviews now?

    DatatsushiDatatsushi3 tháng trước
  • I was wondering how they would get around Cloud beating Arith to death with his bare hands.

    William J.William J.3 tháng trước
  • I stopped playing around 4 hours into the slog of sidequests that all be introduced with a big textbox that says 'hey idiot if you progress the story you'll never be able to do these sidequests later' so this video is the first I'm hearing about how it ended and that gives me some hope of them making a good video game. If my biggest problem with FF7R was the pacing being shit to stretch out the story of the original then an original story might have a better chance of not being padded with as much pointless content. I'm hopeful that whatever FF7R2 ends up being is good and maybe when we are close to release for that I'll go back and finish FF7R.

    Doom BaconDoom Bacon3 tháng trước
  • I feel/hope the whole destiny thing is a way for them to allow for the player to change certain events through the story if they want and hope its not just an all out changed story

    10cody710cody73 tháng trước
  • I've always been one of the weird ones that don't really like ff7 which don't get me wrong im not saying its trash or anything and is well worth playing but its pretty low on my list of top final fantasy games

    10cody710cody73 tháng trước
  • Didn't care for VII, VI is my favourite but remake didn't overwrote the original like Warcraft: Refunded did so nothing was taken from you and the game you love is still available in it's pure form.

    CrazozourusCrazozourus3 tháng trước
  • I've always been hesitant to delve into the FF7 Compilation spinoffs. Heard it got mixed to negative reception overall and that the storylines were needlessly convoluted and muddled the original game's legacy. I don't want my enjoyment of FF7 to be tarnished by them. Even the one that tends to get the best reception of the bunch, Crisis Core, seems to undermine Sephiroth's uniqueness by having a villain character like Genesis, who is apparently essentially the same as Sephiroth but worse. Can't properly judge what I haven't played/watched, but from what I do know about them they just don't sit right with me. That said, FF7:R definitely doesn't have the capacity to tarnish FF7's legacy any more than the Compilation already has. Remake can go ahead and become something completely different if it wants to, but whether it turns out good or bad, it seems like prime marketing for the original. People are going to get curious about the similarities and divergences, and the original is as easy as ever to find and play. At the end of the day the original will always exist and will always be able to stand on its own. Dated as it is, it's still fun to play and it still tells a great story.

    AuraleafAuraleaf3 tháng trước
  • Personally i loved the remake. i watched a play through of the original to compare and from what ive seen both have different aspects that youll enjoy. I guess if you hate kingdom hearts youll hate the remake. if you love kingdom hearts youll love the remake.

    Hugh MungusHugh Mungus3 tháng trước
  • if the remake was a word for word copy of the og game you would only want to play it for the new and pretty graphics. Sorry you didn’t get what you wanted but it’s not your game it’s Nomura’s and he can do what he want with it. 9/10 game. one point off for Zack’s VA 😬 only bad thing about this game really.

    TrollsRDanisTrollsRDanis3 tháng trước
  • The whole whisper and killing the will of the planet, doing what Sephiroth want and all those other things that makes no sense is just like FF13 all over again. Even the whole "changing destiny/fate" part. Like seriously. Think of FF13 characters doing didn't match with them just 10 hours prior, like they had some split personality disorder. They saying and claiming committed to one thing but then doing another. Barthendelous "Go kill orphan" Lightning " :< no! I do what I want" *proceeds to go and kill orphan* I don't know if Nomura wanna try and be deep, or trick and "subvert" expectations or some shit. But this shit is not just him. It SquareEnix. Since this is everywhere. Even Mobius Final Fantasy I loved the game. But fucking hated the whole "prophecy" "Destiny" and "foretold" crap and loop. I hate the whispers because of how they were used and the what surrounded them. The whole thing felt stupid. If they wanted to change things. They could've made whole other FF7 if they wanted, as long as it was good. But they half ass it. Poorly executed, same as Sephiroth.'s well everything.

    OmizukeOmizuke3 tháng trước
  • They could have removed all the filling and padding and remade the game faithfully, similar to Seiken Densetsu 3 (Trials of Mana). If they truly wanted to make a bigger game, they could have considered making a second mode, like an IF scenario: What if Zack didn't die and is now the main character? How would that have changed things with other characters? You could re-explore keeping some other characters alive now without taking away the stakes of the original. You could have Cloud die instead of Zack, OR explore his character development if he was a party member now and no longer in the driving seat, or just as a side character who has his own mini arc. You could have Aerith live now, since with Zack alive, circumstances have changed. They wanted to flesh out side characters? Yeah, they can be Zacks party members now instead of the original gang with Cloud. It could be an unlockable mode that you can only play after finishing the base game. The developers could still have kept the same environments as the base game to save on resources.

    Chocolatte2006Chocolatte20063 tháng trước
  • Back in the early 2000s I remember rumors of a remake of FF7 for PS2 were spreading so finally it was coming when the remake was announced. But by that time Square had changed and I wasn’t impressed with the way they were taking the series after I played FF15. I will say I liked the FF7 remake . The combat system was awesome and the graphics were of course gorgeous but it was missing its charm that the original had. I do think they did make it in a way that they were saying they have no intention of trying to replace the original but complement it, but still it just wasn’t the same

    Daniel MDaniel M3 tháng trước
  • as soon as i saw how it ended... i was immediately given flashbacks to FF13-2 and part 3... and im fucking terrified they'll do that to 7..

    PhantexPhantex3 tháng trước
  • I really thought that ffxii's gameplay was good. It mixed the cinematic feel with tactics by having you code responses to tactical situations ahead of time. I didn't like the remake as 1 thing that separated ffxii was it's fluid class system through the licence board, the remake restricted characters to licences that fit their chosen class. something that wasn't in the original.

    Drake JohnsonDrake Johnson3 tháng trước
  • I think the reason that my main girl local florist would want to change things is because sethy poo is already fucking shit up and you can't stop that by doing the exact same things from the first time line because the clock blocking plot ghost fans have been shown to be weaker then long sword McAmazing hair. And the rest just trust soon to be stab victim local florist because half the team knows her and she is a magic alien girl. Let it be known I wrote this the way I did because I couldn't remember how to spell the characters names.

    Jeremiah LongJeremiah Long3 tháng trước
  • To be fair, far too many people lost their minds about the star wars prequels and that didnt end well. People are idiots and act like happy clapper chimps for the sake of a few pity clicks on youtube. I wouldnt judge the majority against the moronic few.

    Probably Not my nameProbably Not my name3 tháng trước
  • video games are in a unique spot were remakes for some games actually makes sense. Particularly games made in the very early days of 3d graphics. When the look of the game suffered, but so did the controls due to developers still figuring out how games should control in a 3d space. Movies almost universally never need to be remade. At the most extreme movies could do with having the CG effects redone (Not star wars levels of just adding crap, but improving bad looking CG models/characters, and special effects. Anything that was done practical should be left alone and as is.)

    Blue SausageBlue Sausage3 tháng trước
  • Bill Watterson said it best "I’ve always been a little skeptical of letting creators have so much control, because that’s how you end up with things like the Star Wars Special Editions or Jo Rowling claiming she should’ve killed off Ron so Harry and Hermione could get together. If enough time passes, creators can lose touch with what makes their work so special in the first place. That’s why I support a “death of the author” approach over the long haul - maybe the author’s intent isn’t as important as we assume. Once the work is out there, it belongs to the people, regardless of what copyright law says. I’ve even advocated for shortening copyright terms to a flat 75 years in order to limit that control."

    Chan Wai HsuenChan Wai Hsuen3 tháng trước
  • Am I the only one who noticed the skyboxes resized in MS Paint, terrible looking unimportant NPCs, and potato textures?

    StinkbananaStinkbanana3 tháng trước
    • apparently its a downscale bug they refuse to fix

      mystic mungusmystic mungus3 tháng trước
  • This game, and Tetsuya Nomura, can burn in hell

    Lunar StainLunar Stain3 tháng trước
  • They should've made sephiroth kill destiny

    JoyitJoyit3 tháng trước
  • The king of remakes will always be Zelda.

    KolPlaysKolPlays3 tháng trước
  • I had to stop playing after meeting Aerith and listening to the ass that they called voice acting, and writing. Some of the worst I've ever heard. Sold it that day for $50. Also, gotta say, it's embarrassing hearing grown men cry over a video game...

    Nick KNick K3 tháng trước
  • Why is every video game commentary video narrated by a guy with a British accent.

    HoldenHolden4 tháng trước
  • "Fate" it's just too vague for me...I need something more grounded, as the og game themes...fate and time travel can result in anything. It's not necessarily deep...

    Raul SouzaRaul Souza4 tháng trước
  • For me i went into the remake with fairly tailored expectations and really enjoyed it. Particularly loved the characterization of the principle cast members and the new combat system. I did replay the original before the remake cameout, and for no matter the quality of the remake it wasn't going to tarnish the original because i can always play the original.

    Andrew LAndrew L4 tháng trước
    • People miss something very important with statements such as yours, and it is more or less the most widespread. The remake is a good game, it is a visual feast, and it has great characterization. However, just like how any sequel affects lore, the remake affects everything as it ripples back into the OG. The OG is a separate game, but it is connected through lore. The remake tells us different things about the world of FF VII, things that lessens the impact of FF VII OG and above all undermines the themes, themes that more or less made the game the classic that we think of it today. FF VII is a franchise and while one can ignore certain titles the overarching narrative is still there, and it is canon. FF VII remake tells us that there are ways to manipulate time. There are ways for the planet, a collection of souls and a supernatural element to use its influence to enforce among the most potent philosophic principles: Fate. Fate is a thing that removes free will and agency. Fate is a way to look at deterministic outcome and while destiny and fate are loosely thrown around as words in stories, in this game we have fate as a manifestation, theme and main focus. It tells us that the OG was approved by a mastermind since this mastermind would otherwise intervene with time specific carpet bombing of whisperers. The remake tells us that all hardships are just a motion, that the characters do not suffer things because of their actions. Sephiroth burned down Nibelheim by the planets approval. Cloud was a mental wreck by the approval of the planet and Zack was meant to die for the sake of the planets "optimal outcome", not because of his own actions. These things undermine the most important aspects that new players can now never experience: permanence of death and identity growth. With time being changeable, regardless of who has the power and why means that things are not certain, not even the past is safe and thus death does not mean that much. Without agency or being ruled by someone even without knowing it people do not grow as persons but are tailored by a divine will. Also, if we go by fan theory that the whisperers are Jenova, Jenovaroth or Sephiroths doing we just shift the problem, not the ideas and execution. Did people really want these questions and ideas in their head when they play the OG or any of the compilation? The remake robs new players of the experience of the old in this regard, and it also tells everyone that you need to fight destiny to make your own way. Even if the game acts like the OG on the surface every important aspect is changed to be about this new theme, even if it is only overly apparent in the end. This destiny we defy is seemingly an older version of the story, the OG story and that new players most likely only heard vague things like "Sephiroth is cool" or "Aeriths death was sad" about. Experiencing the remake first will put a nugget in their mind that there are alternative chronology, world history, and even if they cry their eyes out when Aerith dies it is not the same as there are other versions of it and thus a hope and a will for it to be otherwise with more backing than just being a fan wish. If Aerith dies now the remake will eat its own theme as it was presented as something awesome and great with positive vibes to kill fate but if fate cannot be avoided it would flip this and make FF VIIs world a world ruled by inevitability and where people can struggle to make their own way but never succeed. People would be stuck in "actual fate", a darker message than the original and probably the darkest in the whole FF franchise. It would make the world a book for real, one where pages can try to fit differently but are bound by the writers to stay in line. The writers have gone meta and thus we see the intentions of them as gods and creators, as we are no longer blinded by the story but instead why this story exists. Not to mention, but following the steps of the OG would make the fate and time stuff the biggest filler and tarnish the new legacy of being "an unknown journey". They cannot backtrack the themes as they are introduced in the first of an episodic series and the theme of fate will resonate and must take presidency above all else as this story is now a story about difference and not a retelling of the OG. What will be the same now that fate is destroyed or what will be different is the only thing that matters and not on the basis of being a remake but as of how the in-game world was affected by all these changes, a question that even the characters in-game can ask themselves, despite them not knowing the alternative. Do we really want new fans entering the fandom on these grounds? All in all. The remake is a great game. It is good entertainment and story on its own but for every fan that accepts or even like the changes that are more than Jessie fetching bombing material or Jonny having a bigger role, the legacy of the magic that made FF VII will lessen. No new people will experience this in the "correct order" and cannot feel the pain and fondness that those that had to live years without hope for a changed alternative history. Kitase got a petition back in the days from people that wanted Aerith to be revived but said it would tarnish the story and could never happen. He also said that he did not want the story to feel like Hollywood, yet here we are in a time when superheroes are everywhere in big movies and people connect them to supernatural things and especially time travel. Sagaguchi said he wanted to explore the theme of life by death, yet now we have a version where no one but Shinra grunts and the president killed in the game with a maybe on Jessie, her parents and Wedge while everyone else explicitly survived. We also see death literally be undone before our eyes and have beings that protect the party from death several times. What would happen if Cloud died in the reactor explosion? Would the whisperers shielded him and what would the whisperers do if Cloud decided to just ignore everything? We already know the answer and that is that Cloud would not be given a free choice, not even being capable of dying because of anyone's actions. The whisperers would literally carry him to his destinations to force him experiencing things. The game over screens are paradoxical or a narrative explanation of alternative outcomes that has been changed by the planet? So now the whisperers are destroyed, yey these questions does not matter anymore... but don't they? What did these questions tell us about the OG story, where fate was not killed? Do people really trust that the developers that inserted this out of nowhere into an age-old story will not do it again? The remake tells us that past, present and future are never safe, your favorite moment might be undone next or perhaps 10 years from now in another installment, subtitle or alternative. I am not telling people to not enjoy the game nor the fact that one gets to experience a new take with an alternative outcome. What I am trying to tell people are that we should ask ourselves questions and perhaps look a little deeper than skin deep of graphics and personal enjoyment or excitement that only last until the next installments release. Regardless of the answer I think this would make people come to realize a little more about the "opposition" and the divide in the fanbase as of right now but perhaps that is too much to ask. I have an answer for myself and while I wish others to reach the same answer I am not blind to the possibilities and the greatness of a followup, but I do wonder at what price.

      Vincent_ GraymoreVincent_ Graymore3 tháng trước
  • from what i've seen with everyone in the comments none of you deserve ff7 the remake is far better than its getting credit for

    Chris MChris M4 tháng trước
  • "I hate remakes" So you hate resident evil 1 remake? bruh wtf the remake outclassed the original.

    Raul RojasRaul Rojas4 tháng trước
  • I don't really get the compliation issues cloud has always been a moody anime protagonist I have never noticed any difference between the characters in anything they've been in like advent children or crisis core. .

    gamewizordgamewizord4 tháng trước
  • We need support groups for this kinda stuff, remakes, the last jedi, cyberpunk, im starting to just not want anything new anymore.

    Evilhomer91Evilhomer914 tháng trước