Final Fantasy 15 was a Mediocre Disappointment

30 Th09, 2018
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I had some Issues with Final Fantasy 15. Spoilers from minute 26.
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  • *There no other game more disappointing then final fantasy XV and just when I thought any game couldn't be worse I end up contradicting myself again.. and now avengers 2020 is packing the dump truck for also the worst game ever streamed.*

    Denereo VolmkreyDenereo VolmkreyNgày trước
  • I like the way you put your thoughts. You're humble and sweet ^_^.

    xXEilonwyXxxXEilonwyXx4 ngày trước
  • I'm fucking enraged by this video ffxv was my first entry to the series and I thought it was a beautiful masterpiece this game is what led me down the path to pursue the final fantasy series its a great game don't let this video change your mind about the game

    Michael WhelanMichael Whelan4 ngày trước
  • Spot on

    Peter NixPeter Nix5 ngày trước
  • Some good points, I actually had the same idea of how little the inhabitants seemed phased over the absurdly sized monsters. but for me the two biggest problems were how little monsters there were around to fight and how they didn't tend to respawn until you'd left the area, as well as just how little exp you would get for killing them, almost completely disincentivizing going out after them in the first place. like it almost wouldn't matter what level, stage of the story or area of the world, no monster was worth killing for exp, or indeed for loot (tbh though having random animals drop weapons or accessories is a little outdated or silly anyway). I can't remember how many times I honestly felt robbed for having spent so much time and energy fighting a battle.The worst was the little goblins in most dungeons that would rob you of your dignity for some 4-5 minutes and reward you with about 7 exp each. I also hated that despite one rather mundane EXP hack early on, There was almost no way too level up in this game, and though some might've found such a thing discounts the battles and bosses linked to the story by making them too easy, I honestly hated being completely ramsacked at every turn for not levelling. I think its fair to say that over-levelling is a mainstay of most RPG players. There are other troubles, but two others were that most of the game occurred in a dilapidated hole in the ground somewhere, and that the actual movement speed and general traversing was painfully slow, even by car. So many times you had to trek to get to a quest point and It mostly sucked. Also It was in some sense intriguing but the characters outfits were honestly so weirdly bad, especially the 'no jacket' option for all four of them, which I opted for because ti offered a light attack boost. Also i'll never play a game with these loading screens ever again. that being said I still love the game, more than I did ff7 remake, which was mostly devoid of the problems outlined here. FF7 wasn't long enough imho, and utterly inconclusive story wise (like you barely even hurt Sephiroth in the final battle, and all the other villains are alive still). Also the whole map was far too similar, and there was barely any end game content.

    Wesley LeighWesley Leigh6 ngày trước
  • The side quests are so bad I choose to ignore them and just do the Cid/Cindy ones because gear. That's it. And those sidequests are meant to represent 30 out of the 50 hours this game is intended to provide

    Lux InvictusLux Invictus9 ngày trước
  • As someone who waited since 2008 to play FFversus13, yeah...I concur.

    Lux InvictusLux Invictus9 ngày trước
  • 11:47, you say there is no story to this particular dungeon but throughout the quest there are tablets and commentary that indicated a super advanced, fallen civilization built this tower for some specific, yet unknown reason. I agree that this could've been further developed yet think it's unfair to say that there is no story here. I still agree there are plot holes such as the dragon and why the sword was dropped by it, still I think it's an unfair portrayal of this particular dungeon

    Sebastiao FreireSebastiao Freire9 ngày trước
  • You're not a pretentious asshole, i have the same problems and experience a lackluster feeling but couldn't put my finger on it

    Kevin BihariKevin Bihari10 ngày trước
  • You're wrong. I sat through this whole damn video only for you to say something so ridiculous at the end. That you are a nobody. You are definitely not a nobody because I sat and listened to what you had to say for 52 minutes and 34 seconds. Because you are somebody and I appreciate everything that is going on in your head relative to this subject. You made some great points man in this video could not have been easy to make. I appreciate the research, hard work and dedication that you put into this video. You have my utmost respect. You were able to tackle all of the issues that I had when I first played Final Fantasy 15 and none of those thoughts came from anybody else but my own. There was something that just didn't feel right about Final Fantasy 15 and I didn't know what it was. But then you said it doesn't know what it wants it to be coming-of-age tale or Romance, it just makes you wonder. But refreshing my memory on what Final Fantasy 15 has been through since its conception only make sense. Final Fantasy 15 is The Offspring of an idea that was never fully developed. It was rushed. I don't think any one person is really to blame this whole situation is just very unlucky I thought about going back and replaying it after watching this video because I've had some Impressions to do that in the past few months. The actor you say that the Royal Edition didn't really change much I don't know

    SOLDIER 1st ClassSOLDIER 1st Class11 ngày trước
  • Just the moment I launched FFXV for the first time and saw the phrase saying something like "for New players and old FF fans" I knew it was going to be bad.

    Daniel RamosDaniel Ramos11 ngày trước
  • swath not swat

    Lankey BastardLankey Bastard12 ngày trước
  • Video was well made and spot on. After watching the CGI movie which (wasn't great) I was honestly way more interested in Nyx as a lead. The movie goes through such lengths of showing the war and talking about refugees and people being displaced but the game offers nothing on that. It's mind boggling. I also thought the game was going to have Noctis and co. Liberating countries and building allies but again nothing is done with that. They go with this whole prophecy thing and space monsters...etc. it's so bizarre. I think I liked the game the most when you were just wandering around going on hunts and finding secret tombs while looking for treasure. Fuck all that destiny shit

    pastelshrimppastelshrimp12 ngày trước
  • Can you do a Kingdom Hearts next

    tails doll chao Heartless Roxastails doll chao Heartless Roxas13 ngày trước
  • Stop caveating everything with apologies and acknowledgements. It's just too damn polite and you can't please everyone anyways. Just commit to saying the story was bad and they should have added the contextual content we needed.

    ProvidenceProvidence13 ngày trước
  • Man I've felt I was the only one who thought this. I just didn't enjoy it. I've always avoided the games because I wasn't that big on the turn based combat. But without knowing anything about this game I just bought a PS4 and was like "I'll give it a try since I've never actually tried to learn the games." I just felt it was so subpar and was like "Is this what everyone is think is great? Like is this all I've been missing all these years?"

    Norcal BowhunterNorcal Bowhunter14 ngày trước
  • I think the criticism about the walls was very petty given that it wouldn't have an affect on your experience unless you thought long and hard on it as you played. The quest where you got the sword after fighting a random science dragon, sure it's random. BUT YOU FOUGHT A SCIENCE DRAGON. Now, don't get me wrong here; I too believe the game is highly flawed. The story was terrible and it was quite obvious they cut and pasted large sections of the game given it seemed like you should have transitioned to a new area several times(the first few times you're about to travel on the ship). The weird love story they crammed in with Lunafreya was a strange addition since there was no interaction between her and Noctis. Hell, the one date Noctis went on with Iris made her a better female protagonist than Luna. The game's saving grace is the core loop of drive, do quests, eat/hang out with your buddies, upgrade your skills/car, and repeat. It was fun and the minimal story there was coherent enough. When the over arching story of the game kicked in... it was a god damn mess. The game took a turn for the worse when it forced you into the on-rails story after leaving the continent. The game had a lot of missed opportunities, but it was also a patchwork game that was duct taped together. Given that, I enjoyed it well enough because it made me care about the characters. To fairly rate the game: Graphics/Presentation - 8 Gameplay - 6/7 Story - 1.

    StreyXStreyX14 ngày trước
  • I like FF15, Its definitly not my favourite Final Fantasy but on its own I enjoyed the game for what it is. The story was interesting when you include the Movie, Anime and DLC (It was kinda sucky that they cut the story for those purposes). The Combat is pretty fun even if its automated because how cinematic the fights are and how powerful you feel. Im one of those people that don't care as much about difficulty in videogames so I didn't care that the gameplay wasnt that hard. 15 almost felt more like I was playing an interactive anime or something. The soundtrack is also fantastic. Im a highschooler so I also don't care about the logic of the setting or anything I just enjoyed it for what it looked like. Although the game isnt perfect I don't hate it. P.S my favourite Final Fantasy is 9 and 10

    MarcMos555MarcMos55515 ngày trước
  • I agree with a lot of your points and I think Final Fantasy 15 was definitely a disappointment, but... I think the characters were great. The main four were so fun to follow, all the banter they had throughout the game and all the random events and camp scenes built up their relationships in a way that felt more fun and organic than any previous Final Fantasy game had managed to do, and by the end, I was so emotionally invested in each one of them that I probably cried over the ending of the game more than any other.

    Northern StarshineNorthern Starshine15 ngày trước
  • The only 2 games I really regret buying, Anthem & FF15 are a clusterfk and belong into the trashbin. Since then I am buying games only at shameless sales prices.

    MurakumoMurakumo15 ngày trước
  • Why havent you made a Kingdom Hearts video?

    TheFlying69TheFlying6915 ngày trước
  • So I agree with almost everything here. However I disagree on the monster argument with the world building. When monsters are the only thing we know about in the game we are introduced to the fact that this world has a huge hunter faction that battle these beasts for money. That's the "fortification" against the monsters. When we start being introduced to the demons they have a contingency for that as well, it's lights. Every night there are bright lights everywhere in the city, as long as their are bright lights shinning the cities will be safe from the demons

    PaulsPalace2 Electric BoogalooPaulsPalace2 Electric Boogaloo15 ngày trước
  • 17:17 im dead 😂

    ExtraVirtual2000ExtraVirtual200018 ngày trước
  • How do people finish this game in 12 hours? I'm replaying this game rn and it's 15 hours and I'm still in Chapter 3. Gotta level up and fill up dat ascension🔥 haha^^

    gAbbYrOckzzgAbbYrOckzz20 ngày trước
  • ass hole

    quearaeo quazhknquearaeo quazhkn20 ngày trước
  • The quality of ff games suffered after Squaresoft merged w Enix.

    Daytona FallsDaytona Falls21 ngày trước
  • If you found your way here and are thinking about playing the game, DO IT! It isn't perfect but, it is still a good game. The main issue is the disjoined story. I know this is a lot of work but, follow these instructions while playing the game and you won't regret it; 1. Play and complete Chapter 1. 2. Watch Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. 3. Complete Chapter 2 and start Chapter 3. 4. (At any point during Ch 3) Watch Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV on VIworld 5. (During the long car rides in Ch3) Read Final Fantasy XV Prologue Parting Ways. 6. Play Chapters 3-7. 7. Play DLC Episode Gladiolus after Gladiolus returns to your party. 8. Play Chapter 8 9. Enjoy the Open World until halfway through Chapter 9 (the game will inform of a point of no return) 10. Play Chapters 9-12 11. Play Noctis' path in Chapter 13 first (make an extra save at the start of Ch13 for the next step) 12. Load the extra save from the previous step and play Gladiolus and Ignis''s path in Chapter 13 after they regroup with you 13. Play DLC Episode Prompto after Prompto returns to your party 14. Finish Chapter 13. 15. Play Chapter 14 16. Play DLC Episode Ardyn JUST before the last boss. (Before opening the door of the "castle", game will tell about the point of no return) 17. Finish the main game. 16. Play DLC Episode Ignis.(You can also play it after reaching chapter 14, but there is minor spoiler) 17. (OPTIONAL) Play non-story post-game content in Chapter 15. 18. (OPTIONAL) Play Multiplayer DLC Comrades with friends.

    Letsg0ooooLetsg0oooo22 ngày trước
  • I agree with most points but personally I believe the music held everything together masterfully. That's how amazing Yoko Shimomura is.

    ragnarok_boiragnarok_boi24 ngày trước
  • Sorry, but did anyone think ff would get back on track after 13? Honestly even 12 was terrible imo, even though people like it. FF has been dead for a long time. The FF7 remake means nothing. Anyone can take something magical from the best and slap some new graphics on it.

    BuzzingGooberBuzzingGoober24 ngày trước
  • Damn... This video is already 3 years old! I'm feeling old man!! lol

    Fico_0991Fico_099124 ngày trước
  • Does someone know which song plays at 28:57? I know there's a songlist but I have no idea which of them it is.

    Shadow WolfShadow Wolf25 ngày trước
  • Unfortunately this game was my introduction to final fantasy

    Zyad TargaryenZyad Targaryen26 ngày trước
  • Might be the only one here but I actually really enjoyed this game, it was my first FF and it’s what got me into JRPG’s

    Joel TejadaJoel Tejada26 ngày trước
  • Incredibly well said 1 thousand bravos

    fouskasofrynosfouskasofrynos27 ngày trước
  • yeah unrestrained creativity is the bain of development. daikatana cyber punk this game it always happens. even in the very little bit of development ive done in RPG maker i got an idea that i really wanted to push into the game and it lead to two days of rewriting and reprogramming that killed a lot of my initial drive. what i have now is only 3 hours long

    Derek ForreyDerek Forrey27 ngày trước
  • Based video

    WolfyWolfy28 ngày trước
  • The combat sucks. I spent more time healing in menus and the story SUCKS!

    SolidMGSnakeSolidMGSnake28 ngày trước
  • Bad Final Fantasy, yes, but also the best roadtrip with your bros game ever coded.

    System KrashSystem Krash28 ngày trước
  • You mean the 15th installment of something was a stale disappointment? Nooooo waaaaaay.....

    bustedugly321bustedugly32129 ngày trước
  • Dude you couldnt find ff8 t-rex footage? Wtf took me 3 seconds to search videos that were waaaay older than this video

    N4CH0LN4CH0LTháng trước
  • Getting the Royal Arms was disappointing. I wish that in order to get the weapon, we’d have to fight the previous kings (just like the final boss battles) to get the weapons

    Kay WhaKay WhaTháng trước
  • The Regalia doesn’t make sense, a car in a world full of monster? Like wtf.... Air ships gone and replaced with a flying car.... Magic is like wtf, like what were they thinking? I game feels rushed and no love put into it.

    TheKamotechunksTheKamotechunksTháng trước
  • I finished this game recently on pc as a first time final fantasy player. Took me 70 hours to 100% this game. And I have a hard time saying that this isn't one of my favorite games of all time. And one of the even fewer games to legitimately bring me to tears multiple times. Interested to see the issues people have with this game to keep them from loving it as much as I do.

    Slimjim2417Slimjim2417Tháng trước
  • I honestly don't get why Nomura is still given so much control. sure, he used to create great character designs, but at this point even that boils down to nothing more than belts and whistles.

    kokosan09kokosan09Tháng trước
  • Never played 15, but found this video really insightful

    Justin TuesdayJustin TuesdayTháng trước
  • Now I'll never finish this game, my feelings have been validated.

    Cesar MedranoCesar MedranoTháng trước
  • mans said spoilers from minute 26 while showing a final boss battle at minute 20,smh

    Ahmad MaaroufAhmad MaaroufTháng trước
  • I gave this a try after playing FF7 Remake. The difference was night and day, with Remake beating it in every respect. I feel sorry for the creators who put years of blood, sweat and tears into the game, but I hope that the flaws in what could have been a really sensational addition to the series will mean that such mistakes will be avoided in games to come - I can't wait to see what happens with FFXVI.

    Elizabeth DuffyElizabeth DuffyTháng trước
  • ill never see ffxv in the same way again after learning about ff vs15. so much lost potential; how truly unfortunate everything turned out

    daisuki futomomodaisuki futomomoTháng trước
  • Playing through the game for the first time these past few days... Besides agreeing with everything you've said, this has to be the LEAST immersed i've felt in a final fantasy game... I'm not bothering to do anything outside the main quest, because after trying one, I just knew it'd all be meaningless.... I dislike all the characters, no one is interesting or worth empathizing with. I'm finding it hard to keep playing, tbh, but i'm on chapter 11 so I figure I might as well finish it. But man, they really screwed up with this game.

    StreetDogSteveStreetDogSteveTháng trước
  • The towns in Final Fantasy do you have fortification but they use some kind of force fields and I thought crystals that keep the monsters away from the cities.

    BunnsBerryBunnsBerryTháng trước
  • No offense but I feel like you should reupload or edit the video to remove the scene in the very beggining that shows aerith and sephiroth. Now that the remakes are out there are a bunch of new players such as myself who are playing the games for the first time and that seems like a big moment thats just spoiled so yeah.

    M GM GTháng trước
  • So the death system is the one from Darkest Dungeon, but far worse? Grrreat...

    Alex StuckyAlex StuckyTháng trước
  • People will hate on me for this but i rlly liked this game i actually cried when i beat this game idk i just like this game a lot to this day just my opinion

    EasternBlackEasternBlackTháng trước
  • The fact that Square , a triple A company....USED AND BOUGHT AN ASSET PACKAGE FOR A FLAGSHIP TITLE ABSOLUTELY BLOWS MY MIND. How can a company show complete disrespect any better to their customers then that?? I can excuse a small indie doing such a thing....But never a major developer. Right their is honestly worthy of a lifetime blacklist from my wallet....just disgusting. I

    Spills51Spills51Tháng trước
  • 34:56 your explanation made me more hyped than the actual cutscene

    Randelle VergaraRandelle VergaraTháng trước
  • I'm listening to this video for the first time in 2021 and, around the 39 minute mark, I'm immediately drawn to make comparisons with Square-Enix's latest title, Balan Wonderworld. While the plot of the game be surmised based on your own interpretation of what's on screen alone, many reviewers have complained that they don't have a clue what's going on. Unfortunately, the only way you get full context of ANYTHING given to you (including, annoyingly, the relationship between the title character and the main villain) is to read the *tie-in digital novel*. This feels like a recurring MO and I do wonder wtf Square-Enix are thinking with this approach.

    arcengalarcengalTháng trước
  • The best thing about FF15 is Noctis in Tekken 7

    BruNo OliveiraBruNo OliveiraTháng trước
  • God that development timeline To think in that time FF14 had been announced, launched, failed miserably, been resurrected, relaunched, and had become one if their most successful and beloved games in decades.

    HolidaeHolidaeTháng trước
  • This game also commits one of the gravest sins any FF game can commit: Really bad version of "Battle on the Big Bridge"

    HolidaeHolidaeTháng trước
  • Not gonna lie, I had some great times while playing the game. But all I can think about when I remember FFXV is that horrendous part that we play with Noctis alone, It was so frustrating everything about it that I finished the part and didn't played for almost a week

    PedrowSamaPedrowSamaTháng trước
  • I never knew I could use items at 0 health bruhhhhhh

    Nexus KirinNexus KirinTháng trước
  • well is already late but i still wish the last dlc pack we should get is 4 but we only get 1 the ardy story because the 2 of them are essenctial and should be on the game to told how the story end in first place the episode lunafreya and the twisted fate (episode noctis) if square really smart about it they know that final fantasy 15 is the most heavy set up final fantasy series they ever had ,this game not 1 but 2 prequel movie in kingglavien and brotherhood and 4 side story but end up in not super good way but at least we get the 16

    Vo 1ceVo 1ceTháng trước
  • "Your dad just died and your fiance is missing and your kingdom is on fire. Time to go play with chocobos" This game cant decide on a tone

    HolidaeHolidaeTháng trước
    • Yakuza

      H SorcererH Sorcerer8 ngày trước
    • @Sebastian Barrios you seemed to have skipped the part where you immediately confront Sephiroth and fight Jenova. Also no one was talking about FF7. Personally i think FF7 doesnt really hold up.

      HolidaeHolidaeTháng trước
    • "Aeris just died... time to get punched out cold by Elena/dodge it and have her fall down the mountain and then play a snowboard minigame!"

      Sebastian BarriosSebastian BarriosTháng trước
    • That whole scene where they find out what happened in a newspaper. It's like the main characters and every NPC just shrugged. "OH NO!" "Anyways...."

      StreetDogSteveStreetDogSteveTháng trước
    • Welcome to anime.

      Tomi ValkonenTomi ValkonenTháng trước
  • This game has my least favorite magic system I have ever seen in an RPG. I love magic in games. I love FF magic. This game's was practically unusable.

    Alyssa LouttitAlyssa LouttitTháng trước
  • Hang on, "Niflheim genetic experiment"? Isn't that just... Sephiroth's backstory?

    CollinCollinTháng trước
  • ngl its 2 years later than your release of the vid but i really feel your anguish about what FF has become. it's not even like exclusive to 15, and it's pretty sad that people gotta use Shadowbringers as a bandaid for the last idk, 20 years of games or so? prob closer to 15 years cos i mean 12 is still good. But I feel like even with how good Shadowbringers MSQ was for an MMO expac, that doesn't excuse all the bullshit that's occured for so long. Like 15 could have been and should have been great but it's now like the equivalent of like... dirty putty is the best way I can put it. so sad cos like, episode Ignis was super amazing n its like "oh yeah check out this great dlc attatched to this game where none of them are treated as more than stereotypes." years after release it still stings and even though we're getting the next part of FF7R and XIV along with XVI being in the works, i still can't help but feel fear.

    mintielmintielTháng trước
    • Shadowbringers plot was pretty good but by the end of the Eden arc I literally yelled out loud "motherfucker its just another goddamn ascian". I am so tired of the omniscient wizards who stand opposite you telling you how awesome and cool they are and how unknowable their plans are when it's literally just "were gonna destroy your planet so we can rebuild ours." I get the feeling that outside of broad storystrokes, FF14's writers dont really know where any of thos is ever going.

      HolidaeHolidaeTháng trước
  • orpgs

    Alex R.M.Alex R.M.Tháng trước
  • On-paper, this game should have been perfect for me, but...yeah, everything you pointed out here. It should be a fun game about four friends traveling this beautiful world on their way to a major life event, but it feels like a completely disparate series of anthology stories starring the same characters. Everything feels disconnected, and it didn't help that I played this in the wake of Yakuza and Persona games, both of which merge story, setting, and gameplay seamlessly. It's even interesting to hear that some people were trying to defend the Adamantoise "strat" as a feature not a bug because I believe people have been overrating the difficulty and tactical know-how needed for JRPGs for YEARS. Watching some Let's Plays of people stumble through those SNES games that were supposedly chock full of challenging encounters, and yeah there are ways to play MORE effectively and efficiently, but I watched two people who had no idea what they were doing, and seemingly impervious to learning, defeat Magus in Chrono Trigger without ONCE effectively exploiting the way his magic barrier works. They just brute-forced it using items and it KINDA made me rethink some things.

    AlucardaLaCarteAlucardaLaCarteTháng trước
  • I love ff15

    eXodius OWeXodius OWTháng trước
  • I know what you say in this video will be correct but I’ve never watched past the first few minutes because I knew you’d ruin FFXV for me. I love that game despite it being bad

    Jake Symbol ASMRJake Symbol ASMRTháng trước
  • For me the combat just bored me. felt like I didn't have to do anything. I treally tried to enjoy the 60$ game i purchased for sure

    BUckENboozBUckENboozTháng trước
  • I totally agree. I've loved the FF series--FFVII being my literal first PS game and 🤯 for me--FFXV was the first one I never finished. I know they've patched the hell of it, but I hated it. Not only the kpop boy band feel, but it was gutted from what FF used to be. Don't even get me started on the combat🤬🤬🤬🤬 You had no real attachment to anyone, there was no relationship building, no feeling of loss, nothing. Even the ending I just felt like a passenger watching all this culminate and essentially this game leaving you ultimately feel powerless, and ultimately pointless in the "grand scheme of things" and we're supposed to happy with it. Honestly the movie explained the real story, and the game was an after thought. It was the weirdest FF since X-2 or even XIII, that went Otaku rather than it's real roots. It's depressing and I'm terrified to play FF7 remake because the original holds such a special place in my heart🥺

    KittyPoolKittyPoolTháng trước
  • PhukYu I loved ffxv

    NY_GyrantNY_GyrantTháng trước
  • The storytelling in the FF15 demo was significantly better than the actual game itself. What happened? Episode Duscae demo had an awesome Monster Hunter styled story of getting money for your car repairs against an end game monster (Behemoth) called Deadeye and it was amazing. You had to search for its nest while not drawing attention too soon. Then you had to ambush it with explosives to win. But Deadeye tanks the explosions and the tutorial suggests you escape or get game over. Next, you have to find a bigger weapon which would be Ramuh in a cave further north. You gain Ramuh and rematch Deadeye and win. Thus earning sufficient money to finally repair the car. The main game straight up has you tank and spank *A BEHEMOTH* a freaking Behemoth! Every FF fan knows how powerful those monsters are, so why is that one so freaking easy to beat on first try in the main game?!

    DiscipleofPentagonDiscipleofPentagonTháng trước
  • Yeah I played this for about 4 hours. I played final fantasy 7 remake for about the same. It just fucking sucks. I wanted to like both games so much but there's very little to like.

    MartinMartinTháng trước
  • Unfortunately I must disagree with this video. The first half has alot of mistakes. The game explains multiple times why the towns are protected from monsters and you can even do quests to get the same protection installed on your vehicle for nighttime driving. There are so many beautiful things in this game ignored. The music. The quality of the voice actors, and the real feelings felt through the motion capture performances. The progression of Noct from a spoiled brat to a weathered king who understands his duty. The absolute legend of a tragic villain the game has (if you have royal addition tbf). And the fact that they listened to feedback and remade chapter 13 from scratch to be better. I think the movie is great. An enjoyable enough ride and i don't understand the bad reviews it has. It's the perfect place to start the FF15 experience. My overall feeling for the finished project is positive and inspiring. I enjoy it for what it is. Until FF7R, There was no better example of a game surviving such a hellish development. It diserved to end like duke nukem, sonic 06, or Cyberpunk. But it didn't. They got their shit together and gave us the best they could just to fulfill a promise made a decade past.

    ZucharyZucharyTháng trước
  • Aren't we all?

    big ladbig ladTháng trước
  • Mediocre no disappointment hell yes

    Hentaifan7Hentaifan7Tháng trước
  • FFXV is much like our world, something bad is going on and people should protect themselves but just dont want to, because whining is easier than prepping.(In regard to no apparent deterent for monsters being there.)

    Matthew GarrityMatthew GarrityTháng trước
  • Luna was originally suppose to have a story line that deals with her being abused. However, due to fans outraged, it was cut. Final Fantasy XV (versus XIII) was first revealed at E3 2006. Since then, the game has gone through tons of changes such as name, director and console generation. The all-male playable cast of Final Fantasy XV was influenced by Tetsuya Nomura's desire for the game to have a "road movie vibe" as well as personal experiences from when Nomura was young. This is the first Final Fantasy game to be composed by Yoko Shimomura. Robbie Daymond (Prompto) and Ray Chase (Noctis) Are both good friends in real life and are constantly vlogging together

    Xo_amber 133Xo_amber 133Tháng trước
  • People can hate FF15 all they want people will still love it

    Xo_amber 133Xo_amber 133Tháng trước
  • 7:27 I just have to point out that CapCom has never been able to make animations that convey actual weight

    Reality VanguardReality VanguardTháng trước
  • 37:47 this would've given the same weight and impact of leaving midgar and a similar impact of when your home slum gets attacked. Very memorable from FF7. yet it's hard to play 15 and not get burnt out from the broken immersion and just the weightless story. There's not really much to remember for me >besides< the kingsglaive movie and that's a problem. It's not unreasonable. If they were able to make an anime and a movie they could've used that for a prologue part of the game. It's okay to have a game take place in the "middle of the timeline." but if they're going to do it, do it like FF8.

    MochaMochaTháng trước
  • oh god. going on a side quest to find its the exact story mission you just did... thats annoying as hell. sounds like something straight outta fallout 4's missions.

    Ashen OneAshen OneTháng trước
  • I played this game a couple of weeks ago. I feel like I forced myself through it because of my love for the previous games. Hearing you say that 'Jabberwock' encounter was just from some kind of asset store is extremely disappointing.

    PhizzyPhizzyTháng trước
  • "A result of a Niflheim genetic experiment which causes him to have an existencial crisis that disconnects him from the others.", at least it's not "a result of a Nibelheim genetic experiment which causes him to have an existencial crisis that disconnects him from the others" otherwise it would be the exact same plot as FF7. also, WHY IS IT SO EMO????? FF USED TO CONSTRAIN ALL ITS EMONESS WITHIN THE CONFINES OF A SINGLE CHARACTER PER GAME.

    Giovanni GiorgioGiovanni GiorgioTháng trước
  • The best thing to come out of this game was the crossover event with Monster Hunter: World. Having the Behemoth fight in a setting that explicitly lacks magic creates an amazing "out-of-context" situation where a bunch of hunter-gatherers have to face off against something that's considered a significant threat in its own world. And it feels way more like you earn your win against it when you have to coordinate a team and use meaningful tactics to beat the hardest base-game monster available under normal circumstances than it does to hold the attack button until you win. My main issue with FFXV is that it's just too... "real". To modern and contemporary. Like the real world but with monsters and magic plopped in. There is so much real world product placement it boggles the mind. Even the plates that Gladiolus serves his food on are a real brand. And it was necessary to get the funding the game needed to cover its ridiculously huge budget. Yeah, you paid 60 dollars for this game, but it was not a game that can be profitably at 60 dollars a copy without massive sponsorship.

    OtakuUnitedStudioOtakuUnitedStudioTháng trước
  • Hey my dad accidentally bought me boondock saints and kingdom hearts!

    Hork PorklerHork PorklerTháng trước
  • every now and again i remeber how acutally full of shit this vid is. not even a fanboy vs fanboy thing. most of the things he says are factually worng and he knows nothing about this game.

    Joshua WormanJoshua WormanTháng trước
  • I HOPE YOU READ THIS, EYEPATCH & I'D BE HAPPY TO TELL YOU HOW SUBJECTIVELY BOLDLY WRONG THIS STATEMENT OR "REVIEW" IS!! "Why don't Eos cities or settlements have walls?" "Won't protecting them from monsters be part of life but none of Eos cities have no walls" "You'd imagine armor & protective gear as with reinforcing vehicles alot would be more common" "World design are completely absent from NPC design with their fashion" Wow! talk about not doing research before writing a bold & blatant opinionated "review" I believe the initial 5hrs you played & put down your controller, you never even bothered to come back to it later for writing this.. First, the open world part we get to play in Eos is in a rather ruined state.. contrast to the Crown City & Lucii. Small settlements don't need walls everywhere cuz they're located where actual monsters resides. Especially Lestallum, it has lights to keep the daemons at bay. Have you not done any hunt quests or saw a single hunter? There are active Hunter organisations there, then there are the normal civilians that you highlighted, Regis literally gave his life force to make Insomnia & Eos better & thriving. If you bothered to check & read various books & lores around settlements, you'd realise there had been monsters attack in the past & the people & settlements adapted & relocated appropriately. You'd know if you read the lore behind Old Lestallum. And there have been monsters attack IF people roam outside said settlements, there's a quest in Lestallum tied to that. You'll get all your answer if you played enough of the game & read the different lores spread out & why Eos is now how it is in its current state. There's also a specific quest where Cindy installed a UV headlights of sort for the Regalia so it keeps the daemons at bay. Those lights are what keeps the monsters at bay. Why would every NPC need to armor up when there's the Hunter Organisations & most importantly the King literally gave his life force to protect it. Like the Souls series, there are lores spread out, and you apparently didn't play & do your research enough before wiring this nitpicking bullshit!! Don't even get me stared on the combats, there's so much depth & unlocks more than later than just Blindside attack, you probably don't even know how much work & detail was put into the blindside attack alone, not just your buddies but with other characters as well with the added bonus of different weapons mixed in.. same does for all the Link Strike, Cross chain, Armirger cross chain etc. I could go on but your lack of playtime & videogame knowledge in general is so apparent here that maybe you should stick to fake wrestling judging from your annual game recommendations.

    HellboyTokido RalteHellboyTokido RalteTháng trước
  • Best analysis of this game that exists

    BananayamsBananayamsTháng trước
  • The director of the game demanding to make the game a musical is probably my favorite piece of trivia of all time

    Reuben JamesonReuben JamesonTháng trước
    • @Matthew St. Cyr This game is a beautiful disaster that literally got every part of the development cycle wrong. They gave themselves every opportunity to not succeed. Thankfully if your game has Final Fantasy in the title, people will buy enough of it to make it profitable.

      Edwin AtwellEdwin Atwell14 ngày trước
    • @Edwin Atwell Indeed. The worst part is that, during this game's development, the executives made this mistake twice; as Super Eyepatch Wolf pointed out, when they shifted this game to the PS4, the changed the engine to Luminous Engine. They went from one bad, unfinished engine to another unfinished engine.

      Matthew St. CyrMatthew St. Cyr14 ngày trước
    • @Matthew St. Cyr The problem is that building an engine as you develop a game is kinda like...Building a bridge as you try to cross it. It's just not a smart decision in general. Realistically it would've streamlined development much more if they had just focused on creating the engine for a few years and THEN ramped up the actual game development. It's a hard pill for stockholders to swallow but a 7 year healthy development cycle is much better than a 10 year segmented and broken development cycle.

      Edwin AtwellEdwin Atwell14 ngày trước
    • It is certainly a fun bit of trivia, but it is overblown. If I recall correctly, Nomura meant it in part as a statement of how little progress had been made because his team had to spend multiple years just making the engine able to handle the game they were trying to make. The engine in question was Crystal Tools: the terrible, unfinished in-house engine that was used to make Final Fantasy XIII and that Square Enix mandated be used for all their PS3 titles even though it was only built for linear games and Versus XIII was supposed to be open-world. Yeah; the more you look into Final Fantasy XV's development, the more you realize it wasn't Nomura or Tabata's faults.

      Matthew St. CyrMatthew St. Cyr29 ngày trước
    • Rhapsody a musical adventure is actually an rpg for the ps1 that feels its story like a musical. It's from the devs of disgaea.

      TaylordTaylordTháng trước
  • Plot twist: The game itself is the actual dlc

    ADsamaADsamaTháng trước
  • Just fininished this game sop finally watch this video. The more dissapointing part of this game aside of the deffective abortion of tje battle system is its lack of story, the main story was soo short and light... Actually, the whole game feels miles behind of the quality of Kingsglaive. That movie really hyped me for the game but theres nothing of Kingsglaive in XV

    Akira FudoAkira FudoTháng trước
  • Worst part of XV is the guest mission of another FF, after completing it you unlock a new summon, at first you might think "that's cool", but the thing is, after that it almost becomes impossible for any other summon to appear since it seems that this new summon has very little requirements to appear in comparison to everyone else, and it appears quite often too. It becomes so repetitive that you stop using summons alltogether, since you know it will be the same cutscene again. I'm glad they changed that in FF7 remake, but in FF7 they don't have these awesome cutscenes so they become kinda meh. I hope that in the next one they go back to the cutscene model.

    CondorianCondorianTháng trước
  • #ReleaseTheNomuraCut

    Lazy BoiLazy BoiTháng trước
  • I wanted to play but the first few hours were so slow i just couldn't continue

    Jeff HoughJeff HoughTháng trước
  • I wanted to play this because i really liked FF7 remake. Damn shame.

    Hayden PincombeHayden PincombeTháng trước
  • FF13 versus great game. I waited 10 years and took 2 years to finish.

    JustSaiyanSteveJustSaiyanSteve2 tháng trước