Final Fantasy VII Remake - Spoiler Mode with Maximilian Dood

22 Th04, 2020
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Damiani, Ben, Brad, Kyle, and special guest Maximilian Dood share their impressions and big brain theories about Final Fantasy VII Remake in this wild, spoiler-filled discussion!
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  • I love that Max and I are on EXACTLY the same wavelength. I had the same realizations and conclusions regarding the Whispers, Sephiroth’s role(s) in the new scenes, and the divergent aspects of the story from the original game. It’s still FF7, it’s still the story we know, but they found a way to re-tell it in a way that not only makes it fresh and interesting, but also allows for some newer elements to be added in a way that actually makes sense and is enjoyable. It’s a perfect way to remake the game and let both new AND longtime fans enjoy it and feel like they’re experiencing something new as well as familiar! Great job everyone!

    FyrecideFyrecideNgày trước
  • 58:17 - Juat had a mind blowing thought maybe just for myself though. If the original ending was the bad ending, than doesn't that mean that Arieth dies for no reason? So that means if we do have her in the end it could potentially make for a better chance to fight against Sephiroth? Ao I actuallity if we are given the chance to to have her live or die, a lot of OG FFVII fans are going to have her killed thinking what they are doing is right....but really that is just repeating what was done and is actually the wrong thing!

    Landon OchsenbeinLandon OchsenbeinNgày trước
  • One year later, I still comeback to this podcast.

    Fernando Zavaleta BustosFernando Zavaleta BustosNgày trước
    • I just re-watched it as well! I've been having pangs about replaying the game lately, so I need to hold out another 2 months of waiting for Intergrade and the Yuffie Intermission!!

      Silvano VolpiSilvano Volpi3 giờ trước
  • my brain has expanded to never before seen levels

    BLZBLZNgày trước
  • I just thought of this. If aerith survives, she won't be able to help Holy stop meteor. Sephiroth would then win

    Melvin GenaoMelvin Genao3 ngày trước
  • If they kill Tifa in the future games, I’ll riot

    Morgan HolmesMorgan Holmes4 ngày trước
  • I am going to make a bold prediction... The major new plot change to this final fantasy 7 game conclusion will be Cloud dying at the end. He is the only true link to Sephiroth besides Zack and Aerith. Everywhere Cloud goes Sephiroth is never to far behind. Dissida, Kingdom hearts, Smash bros, and that crappy fighting game for the PS1 and arcade cabinets......................................................................................................................Oh yeah, the majority of the party will die like they originally intended for the 1st game. From that point, I believe it's going to be up to Zack and whoever is left over to finish off Sephiroth in the Avant children part of the story. In turn Zack, will die in this battle along with Sephiroth. I believe that everyone that carries jenova cells will have to die, There almost writing Sephiroth as the Freddy Krueger of final fantasy lol.

    B. MosesB. Moses4 ngày trước
  • Spoiler: i think in prt 2 cloud will sacrifice himself to save her and zach will take his place as the new lead. Since in this game they show him soooo much love it seems like theyre gonna put him threw hell

    New&Old GamesNew&Old Games5 ngày trước
  • I think something people don't realize is that... You aren't supposed to like the whispers. They surely realized hiding materia behind walls of them would be upsetting. Which it is. You get annoyed with their constant meddling. Because that's why they're there. For you to want them gone like the characters do. Yes they're there for an important story purpose but their literal gameplay implementation is supposed to upset you. I think that's something that flies over a lot of people's heads a lot of times, that things can be created to be disliked; and just assume they were implemented poorly. On the contrary, the fact you hate them shows they did a good job.

    kjf 365kjf 3655 ngày trước
  • Great idea @50:01 about direction game could and perhaps 🤔 should? -- go, #squareenix A/B scenario: A. U save aerith/humanity is extinct 500yrs later, scene with Nanaki and cubs,, etc. His race is now dominant on Gaia. Nanaki takes them to like, mega ROAR in honor of his human friends, who lived their lives, but the human race ends eventually A good/Bad ending OG themes Loss now victory, but at what cost OR B. You let her die and it’s a frame for frame (like crisis core end/remake end w Zack) Ideally, realistic- but tastful, blood- indictation that he is, on the physical plain, dead. Like OG. Maintains theme of loss Ultimatenimpact Replayability =automatic x2 Voice dictated and there are probably Spelling errors (Siri is just 🤦‍♂️) -- Max is also right on the money with the lore. Shout outs to him, thanks 🙏 and all involved in this awesome discussion.

    fatt musiekfatt musiek5 ngày trước
    • Also this is all just my opinion. As I type this I realized that they’re probably deep into development. Godspeed!!!

      fatt musiekfatt musiek5 ngày trước
  • No matter what, Aerith has to die. I think her "fate" in any timeline is to die.

    Jimmy HedgpethJimmy Hedgpeth6 ngày trước
  • This is a game that deserves to be played more than once.

    ArjanatorArjanator6 ngày trước
  • Wait... If Zach exists in an alternate timeline, then that means he has Jenova cells. And he hasn't lived through the original storyline, whilst Sephiroth is trying to recruit Cloud (in a sense) through remake. It ultimately fails, but can't Sephiroth manipulate Zach instead? Omega level 4 theory: the crossroads point has Sephiroth pit Zach and Cloud against each other and both are trying to save Aerith against each other.

    Cam MCam M7 ngày trước
  • I am A new Player with no EX of the original. I can tell you what i think :D

    Christoph HermannChristoph Hermann7 ngày trước
  • This is exactly the kind of conspiratorial, fanatical nutbag-podcast I want to see on this game. Full on dork-mode, let's go!

    GunkGunk7 ngày trước
  • I love this intelligent, informed, well spoken discussion and breakdown of such an amazing game..... and there were four other guys present also.

    R WhiteR White9 ngày trước
  • Go watch Max Dood ff7 remake playthrough. he is fun to watch.

    Coola DiamondCoola Diamond10 ngày trước
  • D:< #LetAerithLive

    Elvin MateoElvin Mateo11 ngày trước
  • AC may be a sequel to FFVIIR. I have no evidence to prove this. But it would justify Cloud's emo-ness for me if he was the one who had to kill/killed Aerith in this timeline. Especially if the original FFVII ended with humanity extinct (again assuming humanity became extinct immediately after Meteor), so then AC must be a sequel to FFVIIR (assuming the same thing doesn’t happen again) because humanity is still alive.

    Mister TwinklesMister Twinkles11 ngày trước
  • Am I the only one who thinks they went overboard with the time travel stuff? I like Sephiroth coming back from the future to prevent the party from defeating him again, which is brilliant. I love the plot ghosts and how Sephiroth baits the Party in destroying destiny, basically nullifying the certainty of their victory. Now the plot can be a little different and they can make the same plot points hit just as hard because you aren’t sure if they are going to happen in the first place. It’s like playing the game blind. That’s amazing in so many ways. Sephiroth coming back through the lifestream is also cool because it can be explained in two sentences. “We beat Sephiroth before against all odds, now he is trying to stop us from doing so again.” And if they win they show that they don't even need destiny to do so. Hell players who never played FFVII before might think that Sephiroth coming from the future was always a twist in the original game. Because it’s fairly simple to grasp... It also makes the original game super relevant, because it’s the reason Sephiroth goes back in time in the first place. So, I was basically on board for all of chapter 18. It’s pretty straightforward. Everyone is still dead, but now they have a chance to change things in the future. For the better or for worse. Then they show you how time travel in FFVII actually works and it’s so bananas and I disliked it. So they suddenly throw in alternate timelines, with Zack being alive. Which opens a big can of worms... The Plot ghosts only stopped existing after Zack was dead. From this, we can gather that indeed Sephiroph’s actions have to ripple into the past for it to have an effect on Zack’s death. This means that the plot ghosts move through time simultaneously, they are everywhere at once in time. So basically if the Plot Ghosts are destroyed then every moment they intervened didn’t happen anymore. Every time they interfered with the plot of FFVIIR? Gone. This means Cloud woke up on time to save Jesse’s ankle from being broken, or that Cloud actually did kill Reno in the church. Hell Biggs, Jesse, and Wedge might have survived because there were no Plot Ghosts to kill them off. Cloud and the gang who go through the portal might have memories of a past that doesn’t exist anymore. Only they would remember the effects of the Plot Ghosts as they were the only ones who could see them, it would also explain why Barret is still alive because he has a Ghost pass. (because if the plot Ghosts were truly removed from the timeline then Barret would most likely be dead, unless of course, the removal of the Plot Ghosts had such a strong ripple effect that Sephiroth never stabbed him in the timeline without Ghosts). Hell while they have memories of Midgar’s Sector 7 being destroyed it might not have happened anymore because they removed the Plot Ghosts from intervening in the first place. This shit suddenly becomes so complicated that it kind of makes me dislike it. This is not easy to explain anymore. You have to relearn the timeline all over again. Hell the characters (Jesse, Biggs, Wedge, Rufus, Rude, Reno, Chadley etc) you have become invested in, might have lived really different lives and have never met you. And I know the party still has the memories that matter just as Sephiroth has the memories of the OGFFVII, but this is just a layer on top that's kind of unnecessary. There is nothing wrong with making something complicated but has to be still digestible for it to work. A lot of FFs are convoluted, hello FFX and FFType-0, but in the end, your enjoyment gets influenced by how well they explain it. I just hope future FFVIIRs shed some light on this. Again assuming this is how removing the Plot Ghosts from the world actually affected the plot.

    Mister TwinklesMister Twinkles11 ngày trước
  • 2:08:34 its come true... FF7R Intergrade will have yuffie. tf you say is come true max.. x_x

    Bray spilnerBray spilner12 ngày trước
  • i feel at god tier level when listening to these guys and then when thinking myself about ff7 i feel at level 1 again lol

    cutiechick999cutiechick99912 ngày trước
  • There is one missing plot in the original. Which is on how Aerith go to the forgotten capital alone. If Zack is alive, that would be a perfect time for him to appear.

    Lovareth SLovareth S13 ngày trước
  • Regarding making zack and cloud losing aerith. What if sephiroth does change shit and manipulate the timeline so cloud will be the one to kill aerith and zack is there to witness it. Fuck

    James SantosJames Santos13 ngày trước
  • I haven't played the original yet but I had to read some stuff because I felt like I needed to know more in order to understand the story and.. SPOILERS for the original FFV I cant believe Aerith dies in the original. This has to change. There has to be some way to save her in the remake.. honestly I would rather see Cloud die in order to save her rather then watch her die.

    GwynbleiddGwynbleidd14 ngày trước
  • The reason why they didn’t release it before as well is that Square enix said in an interview around 2010 that they would not release a remake of ff7 until they release a FF that overcome it. It’s clear that they had a vision of ffxv to be that game, especially when they announced it at e3 2013 as the « legend meeting its match. ». Most likely, they wanted to finish the nightmarish devellopement of versus ffxiii/ffxv before making any announcement for a remake off ff7. Basically, versus 13 was announced the year after that tech demo of ff7 intro, and we all know what happened after this... devellopement of ff13 versus took 10 years, so there was no way they could have had announce ff7 remake until that project was done.

    Jo PoissJo Poiss16 ngày trước
  • I think clouds headaches are because his memory was wiped and he keeps getting headaches because of it and he’s slowly getting bits and pieces back everytime he’s headaches happen

    Blue GrimBlue Grim17 ngày trước
    • @innerbloom nah but I did watch a lot of gameplay on it before I played the remake and I seen Advent children like 1000 times I was thinking that’s y he gets headaches for the remake that’s what there probably going to change as well he gets the headaches in the OG is because of mako poisoning and the fact he got his memories replaced with zack right

      Blue GrimBlue Grim15 ngày trước
    • have you played the og? it sounds like you haven't

      innerbloominnerbloom15 ngày trước
  • Unless cloud is from the future and the headaches he keeps getting are because he’s getting bits and pieces of his memory back

    Blue GrimBlue Grim17 ngày trước
  • i fucking love maximilian dood, the dude is so cool

    Sam HammerSam Hammer19 ngày trước
  • Nomura chat fan.🃏

    Giullare RossoGiullare Rosso20 ngày trước
  • Thank you for pronouncing Cait Sith correctly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    John C WatsonJohn C Watson20 ngày trước
  • Level 5: intro) Why is Sephiroth so focused on Cloud? Because there's one version of Reunion that hasn't worked yet. Hojo in the original FF7 talks about *his* reunion - his vision of Jenova reuniting with Spehiroth. Sephiroth says in Advent Children, "Let me show you *my* Reunion." Both of these Reunions failed. The Reunion we haven't seen is...Cloud's...reunion. Sephiroth's/Jenova's attempt to control Cloud fails in FF7 original - more than once - and it is primarily due to Cloud's connection with his party members. 1) The reason Sepiroth is focused so intensely on Cloud is because he wants to bring about *Cloud's* reunion, activating *his* mimetic legacy to Jenova. In FF7 Remake, when it is Cloud and Sephiroth alone together, he is trying to get Cloud to join him...that is the seed he is planting (it's why he talks so differently from the entire rest of the's just the Children of Jenova, now). *In order to accomplish this,* he has to completely break Cloud down, so there is nothing of his connection left to the world (his party members). "Shall I give you hope? Shall I give you despair?" He wants to give Cloud hope that he can save Aerith, so that when she dies, anyway, he will be completely lost, and Sephiroth can finally claim him for that Reunion. 2) Why wasn't Cloud completely lost the first time around after Aerith died? Because his party members were there for him (and Tifa specifically is there for him to bring him out of his extreme MAKO poisoning). Even then, his depression carried through to Advent Children - even though he was *living with Tifa and they had surrogate children together* (because he couldn't get over Aerith's death to the point where he and Tifa could have their own children together). So, how does this get answered to make Cloud *completely* lost? ....if he's the one who kills Aerith. This time around, he will still wound Aerith at the Temple of the Ancients, precipitating her running off alone to the City of the Ancients...but this time his own doubt on top of the mind poison Sephy has been feeding him...he'll kill Aerith himself. Then we will play through a long bit where we have to fight Cloud and Sephiroth together...and everyone loses. addendum) They will encounter Jessie at the Golden Saucer, and everyone will know that it is not right, but she won't remember...this will darken Tifa's own insecurity about Cloud's wrong memories of Nibelheim. Level 6: 1) This is where Zack Fair will come back in. The timelines will meld back together, and we will go through everything with Zack and Cloud both as permanent members of the party; Zack will have Aerith, and Cloud will have Tifa, there won't be any (possible) love triangle as they travel to stop Sephiroth, and together with his party members *and* his best friend, they will actually stop Aerith's death. At which point, Aerith will explain that this is something that has to happen - it is a fixed point in time - and she will end her own life in some way. Now it will be Cloud's turn to take care of Zack, and bring him back from the edge. 2) They will succeed in defeating Sephiroth, and stopping Jenova, but it will actually result in a worse ending than that of the original FF7 devoid of humans: humans will still be around, and Rufus Shinra will continue his work with Mako and the remnants of the Weapons, and the very act of depleting the Lifestream will damage the planet to the point where even Holy cannot prevent a different kind of Calamity...not one from the stars, but one from within. Zack and Cloud will realize the happy ending they thought they had achieved needs to be fixed, and they use their own Mimetic Legacy to have a Reunion of their own, to breach into the timeslip once more. Addendum) They will encounter Jessie at the Golden Saucer, but no one will realize something is off, except Aerith, who won't say anything. Level 7: We go back through one more time...where they undo the change that yielded Zack's survival...kind of. They know that Zack and Cloud must be together to defeat Sephiroth, so they let Zack almost die on that rock, and as soon as Cloud is out of view on his own, they *yoink* him out, and take him to the end of the bad conclusion to Remake (the first one where Cloud and Sephiroth join forces), and the rescued Zack's job becomes to break up the union of Cloud and Sephiroth with the power of friendship. The party from the unknowingly bad future where they defeated Sephiroth will simultaneously go to their own past and fight themselves to prevent them from defeating Sephiroth. The original FF7 party will be brought into the fracas, and all three final fights will be happening at the same time, and the realization is made that ALL of Jenova must be destroyed, or the Mimetic Legacy will continue, and Reunion will always occur. Thus, all versions of Zack and Cloud and Sephiroth must be obliterated to save the future of the planet. All versions of Zack will be reunited with all versions of Aerith as one within the lifestream; All versions of Tifa will refuse to leave all versions of Cloud's side, and she will follow him into death, where they will also be reunited as one in the Lifestream. For Eternity. THE END. Addendum) Jessie lives, saves her dad, and leaves Midgar to go be at the Golden Saucer on her own terms, and the final shot is of her channeling her emotions into her performance (again, check the context of that play, including the choices you can make in it in the original FF7), and her father along with all of the party members will be in the audience.

    oskamundaoskamunda20 ngày trước
  • I'm going through the game right now on hard mode, and paying extra attention to what aerith says in her conversations with cloud....she' s HYPER aware. Even just the way she said "could be".....when asked about her materia, or when she talked about trying to leave once, but couldn't. this game is doing something unprecedented. And my childhood is so thankful for it all.

    Iceman 2020Iceman 202020 ngày trước
  • halfway in and max is going insane lmao

    Jeremiah BaughJeremiah Baugh21 ngày trước
  • I waited two weeks for my brothers to finish the ps plus version of FF7R just so I could show them this video

    Leonel GarciaLeonel Garcia21 ngày trước
  • Just finished it the first time. Never played a Final Fantasy before. "Yeah, that was pretty great." Then immediately watched this. Two hours later: "Holy shit!"

    ElveslayerElveslayer23 ngày trước
  • A remake of James Bond Golden Eye with a BR would be 🔥

    Danny ForealDanny Foreal24 ngày trước
  • Max=Bugenhagen

    tenchu006tenchu00624 ngày trước
  • Anyone else watched this and dropped frames multiple times? Can't wait for part 2

    tenchu006tenchu00624 ngày trước
  • I think it makes sense that people don't like the Plot ghosts too much because I believe that's the intended effect. You hate the Plot ghosts, the cast hates the Plot ghosts (mostly), everyone does. It's on purpose, I think.

    Katheryn JKatheryn J24 ngày trước
  • Laughed so hard when Max temporarily lagged and he joked about being DDOS'd by Square. I've watched this stream many times it's that good. I can honestly see 70-80% of what's being discussed here show up in the future parts. I'm not on board with the Gold Saucer stuff or playing as Zack "Laguna style", but all of this talk of Sephiroth Thanos-ing the OG FF7 sounds really interesting. Of course I'd like it if they stuck to the OG story, but now we have something to discuss, and we get to experience the menace of Sephiroth for the first time again like we did back in the day. If done right and if a lot of these theories are true, this could be some serious galaxy brain writing. I don't feel as anxious about the ending as I used to. I also used to hate the idea of the plot ghosts because fate wasn't really a core theme of the OG FF7. However, when you see them as a defense of the planet very much like the Weapons, and when you see "fate" as a unit of the Planet/Lifestream, they very much fit in with the themes of the original.

    Gigaflare8822Gigaflare882227 ngày trước
  • So I'm late to beating ff7 remake... but God damn this was such a good discussion 👏

    josh stricklandjosh strickland27 ngày trước
    • You are never late my friend.

      Fernando Zavaleta BustosFernando Zavaleta BustosNgày trước
  • You guys fucking called team up attacks. Yuffie DLC has it.

    GioGio27 ngày trước
  • I want us to have the option to save Aerith. Like, give us the ability to save her, but if they want it to mean something, make it a difficult dungeon quest, or a branching path that we HAVE to go out of our way for, and allow the players who really want that outcome to be rewarded. This game has already played with our emotions with Zach's potential return and Aerith's acknowledgement of the visions. I have a feeling someone else is going to go in her place, and maybe that is going to trigger a new timeline...

    NeioGeoNeioGeo28 ngày trước
  • Final fantasy will forever by my favorite series of games. Hands down. Love that they did a remake and will be playing it ASAP

    Jimbo SaurusrexJimbo Saurusrex29 ngày trước
  • Can’t wait to go to costa del sol and see Hojo surrounded by beautiful beach babes.

    Kuhhhkyle18Kuhhhkyle1829 ngày trước
  • Lol y does the introduction sound like a herpes / STDs commercial lmfao

    Blue GrimBlue Grim29 ngày trước
  • I agree so much with Max about FFXIII. I felt the deja vu of FFXIII so strongly when I was traveling through areas, but the battle is so much improved from FFXIII

    KarpeNoctemKarpeNoctemTháng trước
  • Imagine max is wrong about his whole interpretation and he just wasted all of our time 😂😂 still fun to listen to the fan theories though

    brianmathew2730brianmathew2730Tháng trước
    • most of what he said was confirmed in the ultimania which came out after this video

      innerbloominnerbloomTháng trước
  • Big brain thought here: WHAT IF the 3 final bosses have been made to test us and gather data based on our subconscious? Example: If we unconsciously choose the double gunned whisper (Croceo) to focus and kill first, in part 2 they kill a character that resembles that whisper or based on that data 🤔

    Johnny PetersonJohnny PetersonTháng trước
    • In your example they didn't get very good data off me. I just hot whatever was closest to me, that fight was chaotic af.

      GDwyvernGDwyvernTháng trước
  • Dude, if all this theory is true, than the Cloud and everyone else got played hard by Sephiroth. Because they stopped the Whispers. Now Sephiroth is free to interfere as he sees fit. Holy shit, son.

    Jonathan BurnsJonathan BurnsTháng trước
    • yep. a lot people missed that point and actually think cloud is capable of beating sephiroth now

      innerbloominnerbloomTháng trước
  • 2:29:00 Max won the bet. The pixelated Seventh Heaven map appears in the bar camera footage.

    Luke AmparoLuke AmparoTháng trước
  • Btw, Cloud’s Buster Sword in the flashback w/ Sephiroth during the whisper boss fight looks different. In this game the hilt has bolts. The flashback sword has gold on the hilt with an exposed middle. Perhaps they just reused footage but who knows.

    Luke AmparoLuke AmparoTháng trước
  • Hot Take: the plot ghosts are the fans who don’t want this story to change. Edit: damn Max said this in the video right after I wrote it😆

    Luke AmparoLuke AmparoTháng trước
  • I think Sephiroth will not kill Aerith, because he knows what will happened or what has happened in the past/alternate timeline (original FF7). Although Aerith is aware that she has to die in order to stop the events that will later happen. So I think there will be this battle between fate and Sephiroth's plans and perhaps Aerith will sacrifice herself or make Cloud do the deed.

    adaMAntiumBounceadaMAntiumBounceTháng trước
    • @adaMAntiumBounce i hope to god that isn't the case but i think you might be right. i just hope zack never meets cloud and aerith if they're in the timeline that he lived in

      innerbloominnerbloomTháng trước
    • Better off for him to kill Tifa so she can't repair cloud. And that SUCKS!

      GDwyvernGDwyvernTháng trước
    • Also good point when they talk about Jessie being at the Golden Saucer, I think when they enter the point of singularity and defeat Sephiroth and leave it, they left into a different timeline completely. They entered in one and left into another.

      adaMAntiumBounceadaMAntiumBounceTháng trước
  • Dude, I honestly thought most of these things would be obvious to the og players. Sure, I don't catch the details like the harbingers connection and stuff, but there are things that you can see that should make it obvious.

    Cassius 2206Cassius 2206Tháng trước
  • I dont know which level this is, but maybe its Zack that kills Aerith because of how Sephiroth can manipulate Zack as well, he is also imbued HEAVILY with Jenova cells, probably even more so than Cloud is.

    ScrewFearMeScrewFearMeTháng trước
    • @Knight of Astora Yes, in the main timeline he is dead, but in that different one it looks like he survives

      ScrewFearMeScrewFearMe26 ngày trước
    • Zack is dead in the main timeline as far as we are aware.

      Knight of AstoraKnight of Astora27 ngày trước
    • @innerbloom he was in soldier though

      ScrewFearMeScrewFearMeTháng trước
    • @innerbloom Yeah thats true. That might change if Sephiroth focuses his attention on him. Zack is grounded by his sense of duty and never lost his identity. If Sephiroth can make Zack doubt himself he might be more vulnerable to Jenova and allow Sephiroth to manipulate or even control him.

      GDwyvernGDwyvernTháng trước
    • wasn't zack uneffected by jenova cells though?

      innerbloominnerbloomTháng trước
  • The moment at 1:34:00 when Max describes how he got into Final Fantasy VII is almost EXACTLY how I got into Final Fantasy VII. I was a fighting/adventure game kid and Final Fantasy VII was the first RPG I ever played on a seemingly constant recommendation from my best friend at the time and was the first game I ever bought with my own money after collecting my first paycheck from my first on the books job as a teen.

    TayloredArt 01TayloredArt 01Tháng trước
  • ADVENT CHILDREN SEPHIROTH IS IN REMAKE CLOUD'S MIND!!!!! thats why Cloud gets visions randomly! thats why it seems we go into clouds mind at "The Edge Of Creation" where Sephiroth says he wont end and wont let Cloud end either.

    Matt SilverMatt SilverTháng trước
    • that also explains why in the ultimania one of sephiroth's true forms is listed as "unknown" sephiroth, and it's the one at the edge of creation and the one we see throughout all of chapter 18

      innerbloominnerbloomTháng trước
  • 50:35 nope ,i fing hope not

    Ricardo FernandesRicardo FernandesTháng trước
  • I’m Dan and I’m waiting for PS5 Remake

    Dan TranDan TranTháng trước
  • The third closed loop will be Jenova, Sepheroth cannot be the final bad due to how many times we would have to fight him. Jenova will be like Kaguya and her will will bring her back in full

    RomanRomanTháng trước
  • 2:08:32 Yep. Yuffie in Midgar.

    Lokim -jm-Lokim -jm-Tháng trước
  • I hadn’t played the original game and the most WTF moment was definitely that cartoon-looking cat when the plate fell. Even more than the ending, which made no sense to me. Extremely enjoyable game though!!

    MatsbyMatsbyTháng trước
    • It wasn't zack randomly flash back at the end lol. You should look up his death cgi when holding cloud.

      Tangible MammalTangible MammalTháng trước
  • I'm like halfway through this & I wanna keep listening...but as someone who hasn't played the original I feel I've already heard too much!

    DarikunDarikunTháng trước
  • I'm in the same boat as max of cloud knowing what's going to happen and course correcting aeriths death but I disagree on aerith still dying. They've made it a point to say the original timline is the bad ending almost, and aerith dying is the original sin. This could mean someone else dies but I also got the vibe aerith herself knows what's in store for her and this time is fighting it, and like with her and cloud walking away from zack they embrace their uncertain future together

    Ethan parsonsEthan parsonsTháng trước
  • Idk I came to similar conclusions but the glaring problem to most remake theories and who is going to die, typically aerith, leaves out the obvious... Which is that so long as aerith remains in the lifestream, sephiroth becomes co-prisoner to her. He wouldn't kill her to despair cloud, for that signals his end. Aerith being alive is sephiroths best bet

    Chuck FinleyChuck FinleyTháng trước
  • FF7R = Sephiroth's New Game +

    Cloud WolfCloud WolfTháng trước
  • Me trying to follow level 3 theories 👁👄👁

    Christian RChristian RTháng trước
  • the thing i dont like about dirge of cerberus is the amount of power they gave vincent, i was sort of why did we need cloud? why didnt vincent just go and pop sephiroth?

    Brave LingBrave LingTháng trước
  • To think I almost didn't buy it because it was "only the Midgar sequence". One of the best games ever

    matasukimatasukiTháng trước
  • From AC Sephiroth's perspective, remake is an advent children sequel.

    Ragu inacanRagu inacanTháng trước
  • I think you have to admit, even if there's all this deeper meaning to it, the ending was pretty weird. They leave the Shinra building only to be brought to this weird alternate dimension that looks like Midgar but there's no people (probably just so the boss fight can be big and destructive), this big monster representative of the monsters that doesn't want history changed fights them, though for what? Surely it doesn't want to kill them, as that would change destiny a lot, it probably should have fought more defensively. Then Sephiroth joins them in this weird alternate dimension, fights them for a bit again for unknown reasons, and then transports them to ANOTHER dimension, called the edge of creation, whatever the hell that means, and we get the "seven seconds to the end" line, again, whatever the hell that means. It's very hard to tell what's significant, what's there just to help with nostalgia, and what won't ever be addressed again, and it's certainly a little out of place in an otherwise pretty grounded game.

    BlackwingKakashiBlackwingKakashiTháng trước
    • I also recommend another video. The channel is called agirlandagame and the video is called the lifestream theory . It's also very good :)

      spider hulk 26spider hulk 26Tháng trước
    • There is a video i recommend people to watch . The channel is called sleepezi and the video is called Aerith dies in remake ( complete material ultimania breakdown ) . It's really good :)

      spider hulk 26spider hulk 26Tháng trước
    • The singularity that sephiroth opened a portal ( when they were on the road ) to is the lifestream . The thing that can confirm this the pool of water the team appear on after defeating The harbinger of fate . That pool of water is in advent children and crisis core ( which does refer to a spiritual connection being made . ) . The singularity is not a physical space but rather a spiritual one

      spider hulk 26spider hulk 26Tháng trước
  • Comin back here after that ever crisis announcement

  • I haven't played the game, but I've seen some of it (trying to wait till I can get a copy since I don't have a PS4 or 5 right now). That being said, from what I've seen, I wonder if Hojo knows a little bit more than he should about all this time stuff. And if he doesn't now, I wonder if he will later. Remember, Hojo screwed around with the lifestream himself (Dirge of Cerberus confirmed this). I wonder if he'll play a bigger role here than he did in the previous version of this game. After all, he has this tendency to mess around with s*** that he has no business messing with.

    The Blue WayfarerThe Blue WayfarerTháng trước
  • How people can speculate with so much authority is truly spectacular. No wonder people get disappointed by things when they come out.

    Tristan MestroniTristan MestroniTháng trước
  • Sorry I'm late but I interpreted the quest with the old man differently. When the old man asked Cloud to return the key to the kids, Cloud declined and demanded 5000 gil, which led to the old man being angry. If you continue talking to the old man and the guy beside him, the reverse psychology worked in that the old man was more fired up than ever to educate the kids and contribute in a positive way. Cloud was being cold at that moment to start a fire in the old man again and hence Aerith commented on it. That quest to me made Cloud so much deeper as a character.

    Tse ShaunTse ShaunTháng trước
    • I think he was just being a dick and any good he did was a happy accident.

      GDwyvernGDwyvernTháng trước
  • Is there an audio only version?

    Dog NoseDog NoseTháng trước
    • @Easy Allies thx

      Dog NoseDog NoseTháng trước
    • Yes, you can find it here on our Patreon page. -Bloodworth

      Easy AlliesEasy AlliesTháng trước
  • 1:09:30 "this time, I will never let you go"

    innerbloominnerbloomTháng trước
  • Aerith and Sephirot both know the ending of the original game in the remake and are competing over some time control to change the future. Thats the only way it all make sense.

    LancelotxxxLancelotxxxTháng trước
  • Took me watching max talking for 2 hours about the game for me to finally decide to play it past the first appearance of the whispers. I still dislike it, but we'll see...

    Davi BraidDavi BraidTháng trước
    • @Tangible Mammal how possible is it that Max is completely wrong about everything? I want him to be right sometimes, but man... I don't think he is

      Davi BraidDavi BraidTháng trước
    • I didn't like them, I didn't like fighting them, I didn't like looking at them. Shave off a couple of points for them alone.

      Tangible MammalTangible MammalTháng trước
  • 30:33, 33:28, 35:40, 42:23, 56:52, 57:57, 1:02:00, 1:09:00, 1:12:46, 1:24:12,

    innerbloominnerbloomTháng trước
  • what in the fuck 1:04:14 wanted to say?

    Rodolfo Carrasco CorreaRodolfo Carrasco CorreaTháng trước
  • I'm mainly concerned about one thing: if there is a Sephiroth who knows how things will develop and who wants to prevent this development in order to win in the end - there is one particular way to achieve this goal: he must prevent Cloud's recovery and ensure that he continues to be his puppet. So he has to kill Tifa. And as SE wants to offer the fans something new and they already implied that Aerith may survive in the next games, this could actually happen. Maybe not in the next game, but in the following part 3. I love Aertith as much as all or at least more than most of the characters (except for Cait Sith who is just negligible #deleteCaitSith), but I would really hate that, because it would destroy all of the strong emotions I associate with the whole story. #teamtifa

    Alexander C.Alexander C.Tháng trước
    • That makes more sense to me, especially since killing Aerith is what screwed up his plans in the original. She saves the planet at the end. If Sephiroth's from the future in this game, then why would he repeat that mistake? Tifa is the one who keeps Cloud going in the first game, so killing her would help Sephiroth with his goal. It would also wreck fans just as much as killing Aerith. My best friend is already plotting revenge against Nomura and Kitase if they go that route.

      Forky MentalForky MentalTháng trước
  • @14:45 Effective swearing My favorite 2 lines were when aerith and cloud were walking on the rooftops, first after she tells him not to get too far ahead, he responds big tough soldier, she answers, in such a hurt tone "so petty"....then a minute later when she's back to I got this I can climb a ladder, then it breaks and she says shit.....aeirth swore ;)

    75ur1575ur152 tháng trước
  • Contrasting this video with the one Max did with the Dropped Frames guys, and knowing Max did this one before JP's, his thinking actually lines up. Max in Easy Allies is "ok, we have these theories, we just keep it as tidy as we can while we figure it out more", and by the time Max went to Dropped Frames, he has his theories in check (helps that Strippin was there), but this and that is why I always take in post-game reactions based on time passed since completion. I mean, watching this is fun, but some game theories mature better after the gamers have ample time to think over the game.

    J. MasonJ. Mason2 tháng trước
  • Max: *Articulates his theories on FF7 Remake Trilogy and lore* Damiani: “Nah, Bro.” Ben: “What?!? No!”

    Zach MZach M2 tháng trước
  • Ur gettin Nomuraed PERIODT

    Izzy KimIzzy Kim2 tháng trước
  • im exploding right now, no waaaaay

    Melani AlarconMelani Alarcon2 tháng trước
  • I wish I didn't hear about that chadley spoiler.

    Frynker MurrFrynker Murr2 tháng trước
  • This is the third time I've watched this stream. It's still good and gets me super hyped for the next parts. AND I'M NOT EVEN A FAN OF FF7! I WAS A HATER!

    sabata2sabata22 tháng trước
  • I look at it like Dragonball z Cell saga, 3 timelines, one timeline all z fighters die, one timeline they all live, and the last timeline everyone's dead including trunks because cell. This whole game feels like a future saga from dragonball, notes also taken from xenoverse. When he said most of these things go in 3's I instantly thought of Dragonball. So with that said moving forward, I believe most of the events in the original will still play out, but with a twist to the storyline, and also cross lining timelines, ie trunks goes to the past, or goku and vegeta go to the future. I hate time travel in my media, it seems like its the one plot device that's being used more and more lately, either to move the story forward, to retcon previous plot, or using it out of laziness. But with FF7 as much as I hated it at first, I've played it 4 times now and at this point, I can see my hatred came from, confusion and change to something I've known for 20 years, and once I got past those feelings and seeing the game for what it is, I can say I have a better outlook on it now. I may not be hyped for the next one, but I can at least say I'm interested in what happens next, who knows this might turn out to be better than the original but for me thats to early to say. I just hope we'll get to fly around in the Highwind bc by the looks of it, it doesn't seem like we are going to have no open world adventure which sucks which it also means getting gold chocobo and obtaining Knights of the Round will be completely different, poop.

    Liquid MoonLiquid Moon2 tháng trước
  • If Biggs and Jessie can live, Aerith can live ;_;

    Kyler ClarkeKyler Clarke2 tháng trước
  • I have a couple things on my fantasy wishlist for part 2, but right at the top is alt-Zach and Cloud doing an X-cut with their paired buster swords on future Sephiroth. Right below that is Laguna Liore-style interludes where we play as Zach and a gun-wielding Cloud.

    Spiral JumperSpiral Jumper2 tháng trước
  • I love how everyone in Easy Allies crew was thinking this is gonna be another regular Spoiler Mode episode and Max came in and basically said “Hold my Cosmo Canyon”

    Pike RoastPike Roast2 tháng trước
  • Has anyone thought about FFVIII? Is that not very similar in terms of plot? Ultamecias world has been destroyed and she sends her “presence” into the past via other sorceress’ with a goal of time compression so she can rule a world (at least if I remember correctly). Switch Ultimecia with Sephiroth/Jenova and sorceress with makes sense. Anyway, my point is that I think FFVIIR is great and the overall plot will be just fine (and epic).

    Nicholas PeuraNicholas Peura2 tháng trước
  • Awesome video guys! I was really worried when seeing the ending, but listening to your theories and where this can go is making me excited!

    Adam AllenAdam Allen2 tháng trước
  • I thought the ghosts were some goofy KH nonsense they added just to change things, but hearing about the alternate timeline theory makes me less annoyed by them.

    Chase NChase N2 tháng trước
    • @innerbloomI mean to be fair we thought it was a remake and not a sequel. Naturally people are going to try to make sense of it as a reinterpretation of the original story before concluding that it's a whole new thing.

      Chase NChase NTháng trước
    • yea that's the initial surface level take a lot of people make

      innerbloominnerbloomTháng trước
    • I also recommend another video. The channel is called agirlandagame and the video is called the lifestream theory

      spider hulk 26spider hulk 262 tháng trước
    • There is a video i recommend people to watch . It's also very good . The channel is called sleepezi and the video is called Aerith dies in remake (complete material ultimania breakdown )

      spider hulk 26spider hulk 262 tháng trước
  • I don't understand the hang up on Advent Children and trying to force it into the FF7 remake. The reality is, Advent Children was hardly a good movie, let alone storyline. I don't see the developers hinging on it's components to make this game fit it's lore. I actually think quite the opposite is happening. To me, the developers are going a more clean- slate route, as what Nintendo is doing with the Zelda lore in Breath of the Wild. I believe the are taking components from various FF7 stories and motifs, but rebooting the story into a brand new experience and game in which we DO NOT know EXACTLY what will happen. Yes, many of the story beats from the original will likely take place, but this is an opportunity for the developers to really push their imagination and creativity into this. As a game developer myself, I know how important it is to not feel confined or trapped in order to bring the best in the development team.

    James MartinJames Martin2 tháng trước
  • after watching this, i think i figured out level 5. Marlene is also an ancient, her mother Eleanor had a necklace which was her memento which dyne had and he told barrett to give to marlene just like how Aeris had holy from her mom. marlene has a sense of the lifestream just like Aeris. at some point in the remake the party is going to meet the cetra and be in the promised land because the last line of the reveal trailer says "They are coming back. At last, the promise has been made." who is THEY? THEY is the Cetra. what is the PROMISE they made? the PROMISED LAND. the reveal trailer words are entirely in the perspective of the cetra. the part of the reveal trailer that says "The memory of the Star that threatened all burns eternal in our hearts ..." is not the meteor at the end of the game which is the first thing that we think about but there was another star that threatened all, which the cetra saw, Jenova. FFVII Remake is not about Cloud vs Sephiroth, its a story about the fight between Cetra and Jenova. Sephiroth is the embodiment of Jenova who is still trying to destroy the planet or take it for their own and the Cetra though Aeris(and i have a feeling marlene will have a big role in the remake) are the embodiment of the Cetra still trying to destroy Jenova and save the planet. The promised land is a world that has gotten rid of everything that has any remanence of Jenova, Sephiroth is one of those but so is cloud and zack and all soldiers. Either Cloud has to die in the end or the Cetra will help get rid of the part of sephiroth/jenova he has inside of him in order to fulfill the promise.

    Steven VelazquezSteven Velazquez2 tháng trước