GoT's Abandoned Plot Lines

18 Th03, 2020
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A Critique/video Essay on Game of Thrones looking at all the abandoned plotlines/threads that never came back up.
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  • I forgot about looking into some deleted scenes, but this one in particular reveals Pycelle as being a much more complex character and they dropped it. Some other points so far that I've seen are: Jaime's character Arc It snowing at Kingslanding at the end of S7 Dany being able to have kids The Horn Sam Finds at the fist of the first men The Iron Bank post-war What happened after bringing a jackass and a honeycomb into a brothel Oberyn having more children The Iron Islands wanting their independence Tyrion's disapproving look made towards Dany and Jon having sex Is winter an actual season or is it just controlled by the night king? Because it ends right after he dies apparently

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    • 11 Arya used her skill to kill all those who have killed her mother, brother and all her people frm the North in a betrayal the same way they kill them, during a feast.

      Gilles GrindelGilles Grindel17 ngày trước
    • They kinda dropped all the mythical prophecy stuff in the show.The Cersei thing is definitely a lie. She even stated she made sure not to have any of roberts kids .

      spencer sssspencer sss20 ngày trước
    • The bells are used as signals or communication. I really don’t get what you don’t get about that one

      spencer sssspencer sss20 ngày trước
    • Jon agrees to go to the wall again for forgiveness for killing Dany so his identity is not brought up

      So UnsureSo UnsureTháng trước
    • 1:47 when cersei dies maybe she was pregnant so technically she could have had 4 kids, from the guy who killed one of the dragons and her if i remember correctly

      Nikhil PremNikhil Prem2 tháng trước
  • Honestly all of season 8 made me wish to everything that Tyrion was executed for killing his nephew.

    Nikki F.Nikki F.22 phút trước
  • you r stupid

    haib masuhaib masu7 giờ trước
  • Well technically the prophecy bout cersei was right. It wouldn't take a genius to understand that rhe story she told lady stark wasn't true and she made it up to cover the real reason of her visit to Bran's room. And no point in referring to the baby that died in her womb, either case she had three children

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  • 5:20 Excuse me xD atleast the actor is probably happy about that

    Luna 2Luna 28 giờ trước
  • The only one I don't agree with is tyrion killing Davos' son. It wasnt personal it was war. You can't blame one dude who was just protecting his own people at the time. Davos was more angry about shireen because she was burned for no reason

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  • Quaithes mask is the same design as the Jewelry worn by Melissandre and Kinvarra which means she’s likely a priestess of R’hollr

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  • Literally the only show in history that ended too quickly when they had a green light to make more and the audience wanted more. And even a mediocre ending, if fleshed out, would have made this an alltime great series. D&D had the easiest opportunity to make a boat load more money and go down with the greats and they burned it all down, literally and figuratively...

    Randy BellRandy Bell17 giờ trước
  • this is why we're waiting for George to finish his books

    Jota De JuglaresJota De Juglares23 giờ trước
  • Abandoned plot lines, because the show should be 10-13 seasons where this could be relevant, but instead Dumb and Dumber wanted to scuttle the best TV show anyone has had a chance to work on so they could produce a comedy special on Netflix for $200 mil. Great job hiring those guys BTW Netflix.

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  • Imagine Peter Jackson: "We thought half of the production that it doesn't seem right for Aragorn to be king, so in the end the owner of the Prancing Pony is the king of men. And we dropped the Gollum story. And also that boring one about the ring..."

    IvyHiltsIvyHiltsNgày trước
  • Ser davos blames himself for his son's would make no sense for him to spite tyrion.....and how tf does he know? I tought everybody believed it was Joffrey's strategy????

    juan regajuan regaNgày trước
  • Thats part of podricks charm. We'll never know what he did to those girls...

    Connah BrettellConnah BrettellNgày trước
  • 4 child never lived

    JustWaffleJustWaffleNgày trước
  • I read all the books there are after fourth season and I fell in love with them but GOD DAMN what a shitshow was that series. Unfortunately the books are sort of becoming one because there are too much plotlines to follow and our old writer has no intention to folllow them. There are 2 books left but new characters and plotlines are coming with each book.

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  • LMAO

    DapaChronsDapaChronsNgày trước
  • GoT basically did a Mass Effect: kept getting better and better, then at the last minute, it died with a wet fart.

    tSp289tSp2892 ngày trước
  • If the next book ever gets released, I'll be very excited. So many amazing plots from the book are just dropped in the show. Dorne is one fo the most interesting ones, and of course Wyman Manderley.

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  • What they did to my girl Meera still hurts my soul. She deserved so much better. She did have one of the most impactful lines in the entire show, to me, though: "You died in that cave." Still deserved better.

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    • Your comment also deserved better

      Harsha K MHarsha K M10 giờ trước
  • Beric is the lightbringer obv

    Based SlavBased Slav2 ngày trước
  • Rikkon was abandoned before his death. where was he and what was he doing for 3 years. only to being him back long enough to kill him off.

    jherman8079jherman80792 ngày trước
  • Oh yeah and the lord lights objective was clearly to but bran on the throne

    Sarah ZanonSarah Zanon2 ngày trước
  • Some of the plots were actually explained. Varys never sent the letters he burned them, the imp wasn't worried about dary winning he wanted to save his family, being king is different from being lord, arya needed the night king to catch her to kill him, the starks retrieve rickons body after the battle, podrik admits to being a virgin after the battle of winterfell just to name a few

    Sarah ZanonSarah Zanon2 ngày trước
  • It would have been better if bran sacrificed himself and arya took his place. Imagine people loosing their minds if bran leapt out of the chair and killed the night king then removed his mask and it was arya. At least it would have been a satisfying conclusion to her many seasons of faceless training.

    StabStabStabStabbyStabStabStabStabby2 ngày trước
  • 4. You will have 3 children, gold will be their crowns. Cercies first child was roberts, and we could assume that he had brown hair. Sorry to nit pick.

    Brent BirdsingerBrent Birdsinger2 ngày trước
  • Always thought Cersei lied about Roberts son, because in fact she aborted the pregnancy and just carried out Jaimes children.

    Insa MeeInsa Mee2 ngày trước
  • haha this was so painful 2 watch :

    Alfonso ReyesAlfonso Reyes2 ngày trước
  • 18: Davos is built different. Aight. Dude literally thanks and follows Stanis because the dude cut his fingers off. He's good at getting over shit. also why would Sam feel betrayed at jon? It was war. It was a zombie battle. The night king and the dragon were more important than one person. Except danny cuz you know. Extra plot armor.

    Jairus StrunkJairus Strunk2 ngày trước
  • Jon Snow has the thickets plot armor, along with Tyrion. But Jon could do NO wrong even when he was extremely shitty. Everything was done in order to make him look like the good guy at all times. While other characters (*cough*Dany*cough*) did similar things and were made to be complete tyrannical villains.

    Lina AvilesLina Aviles3 ngày trước
  • Good video. i'd like to argue with 24 though (Rickon Stark). I think they all just silently agreed that he deserved his fate for being the dumbest fuck in Westeros.

    Philipp LehmannPhilipp Lehmann3 ngày trước
  • Also, nobody apparently noticing Dario Naharis turning into a completely different actor

    Elisabeth AndersenElisabeth Andersen3 ngày trước
    • It was for political reasons

      N AN A2 ngày trước
  • Rickon is the kind of brother being so normal that your family forgot you exist

    Hiep Lam TranHiep Lam Tran3 ngày trước
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    Pacocha LeoPacocha Leo3 ngày trước
  • A lot of this is because the showrunners were talentless hacks. As soon as they outpaced the books the show went to hell instantly.

    Adam NoyceAdam Noyce4 ngày trước
  • Good list but if you don’t get what he did with the working girls you’re a big virgin 🤣

    Guy KGuy K4 ngày trước
  • remove random critss

    BigotGamingBigotGaming4 ngày trước
  • 11. Not true. She uses a white walker mask when she kills the night king.

    JadduckJadduck4 ngày trước
  • Bran isn't lord of anything, technically. He's KING, that's different.

    Robert MorganRobert Morgan4 ngày trước
  • You know prophecy’s can be wrong...

    Ricardo DeMatteoRicardo DeMatteo4 ngày trước
  • Sam becomes a maester after... a few months? Did he really abandon Gilly, their own child and his Hornhill Kingdom...?

    Rafał ChrząszczRafał Chrząszcz4 ngày trước
  • It’s funny how the writers abandoned the show when they could direct Star Wars and then Disney abandoned them because they abandoned this.

    Jack RinaldiJack Rinaldi4 ngày trước
  • Half of these could easily be explained and the other half are knit picking to the extreme lol

    SuprDezSuprDez4 ngày trước
  • Yall are watching this show for jon snow and ed sheran when Arya exists???? misogyny

    SashaSasha4 ngày trước
  • I disagree with number 2, it was meant to be ironic and actually kind of clever, and 4 could have been a lie to soften of to catilyn to throw her off of her and her brother's scent in relation to bran being pushed. If that isn't the case though then it actually is a plothole

    where R my tacoswhere R my tacos5 ngày trước
  • not explaining all the symbols made me so mad.

    KourtKourt5 ngày trước
  • The worst part in the show is Dumb & Dumber becoming the writers.

    hello worldhello world5 ngày trước
  • I feel like the bells was more foreshadowing that it wouldn't end it than forgetting it. and for point 30 she was only able to do that by using the enslaved population, while in kings landing as much as they hated cersie they hated the dragon queen even more, i doubt anyone would have trusted her and her dothraki horde.

    ASMR IsahASMR Isah5 ngày trước
  • As someone who loves GOT, actually enjoyed the show from start to finish, and didn't go with the majority and shit on everything season 8 had to offer... I had to make this rebuttal. Enjoy. 1. One of many prophecies that didn't come to light. A point George R.R. Martin actually points out himself (and is good with) in interviews concerning both the shows and the books 2. The bells are meant for horror. It was agreed upon before the battle to CHANGE the meaning of the ringing of the bells. But Khaleesi reignites the meaning through her tyrannical response. 3. Quaithe says herself who she is. "No one." Sound familiar. That's how she knows. Wouldn't be surprised if she was the Waif. 4. Prophecy wasn't necessarily false. Cersei has been known to lie a time or two. 5. Just because you're mad about why information came to light in a tv show, doesn't mean that it's an abandoned plot line. Just didn't offer fan service. Boo freaking Hoo. 6. The symbols are explained in the same way some ancient hieroglyphics IRL are explained. They just existed in that culture. Which is the only explanation we're given in the show. That's ok. 7. Everything you said is speculation. For all we know, that place had no significance except it's where the Night King happened to be at that time. 8. Seriously. Who was invested in her story? She was a plot device to get Bran from A to B. Everyone we actually cared about in Bran's journey, we saw their end. 9. Azor Ahai was a fulfilled prophecy (at least as much as was promised in the tv show). He/She just never fully came in to power. Again. No fan service does not equal plot holes. 10. Not abandoned. Just neutralized. Easily. By a dragon. *Yawn* Next. 11. Again. Not an abandoned plot line. Just not what YOU wanted. It was used, just not to the extent YOU wanted. 12. Time moves on after the series. I'm sure warging will come in handy as king. 13. This is one you may be more wrong about than any other. If you had the power to change the past, didn't know how to control it, and the one time you did it got your friend killed...would you try it again? Doubt it. It's character development. Don't f*** with the past. Bran learned his lesson. 14. Heyyyyy... FINALLY. An actual abandoned plot line. Really hoping we can see him somehow in a spin off. 15. Lmao, ok I take back what I said. Daario is LITERALLY the reason why slavery wouldn't return. Dany left him in charge of that. Come on.... 16. Actually the way he was in the finale made 100% sense. You'd want HIM. Fighting? In Winterfell?! Lmao 17. LUL, ok. That was just funny. Props. 18. Hmm. Sounds like he's a high ranking officer who understands what war is like and has taken the mature route of forgiveness. Interesting. 19. Orrrrrrr, you could make the argument that, since she's seen the white walkers at this point, she knows they need every man they can get. 20. It's a religion. The religion doesn't die with the characters? Do you want a whole theological explanation of the Passion of the Christ once the credits role? Gimme a break. 21. It's a fantasy realm. Magic exists. Didn't hear people bitch about it with LOTR, but we got shitty explanations there too. 22. Yeah. Dorne didn't show up because they're geographically on the other side of Kings Landing. And Dany was too impatient to have them sail around. Which they couldn't do anyways because of the Iron Fleet. Look at a map. Geez. 23. Alright, this is the first one legit that I have no complaints. But I do actually like your idea. Maybe they went North with Jon. :) 24. You saw the Battlefield of the BOTB right? What body? It was probably trampled to nothing. Plus, they know Bran is alive by then, which (not to be harsh) makes Rickon a 2nd Son again, and in this world, he actually wouldn't matter too much. As far as Arya goes, she assumed everyone she knew was dead, so anyone not dead is just a bonus. 25. I mean, my tune would change too if I heard someone was coming with an effing dragon. 26. Lmao. She never wanted to kill them. She just wanted to get rid of Bronn. For obvious reasons too btw. 27. I see you grasping for straws. They were in the heat of battle. Seriously? 28. The screaming thing actually makes more sense than the mark thing. Arya probably wouldn't have really screamed, but the mark was made through magic. Beyond the wall. With Bran warging. Also the Night King WANTED to mark Bran. Why mark Arya? Who is she to him in this moment? 29. OK...this I actually want to know too. Your best point. By far. 30. Actually, Dany's attack strategies have always been ruthless. It's her advisors who've always talked her down to sneaky strats. Fact check. 31. This one is actually just sad, as Illyn Payne's actor died IRL. 32. Umm... That scene was the closure. Guess we're back to you just not liking how it ended and blaming everything on that? 33. I mean everyone knew he was a spy by then. So he was exposed. He still plotted to kill the queen. How do you do that without telling anyone?????? 34. This would be interesting to know, but not an abandoned plot line. Just something we never learn. Like every other tv show. 35. Who cares?????????????????? 36. We never see Varys actually successfully send the letters out. And since he died at Dany's hand, we can assume she disposed of them. 37. Idk. Cause with Dany dead, and the dragon gone, if they killed Jon Snow then The North would rebel. My guess is after Grey Worm stopped seeing red, he listened to reason. Also we all know that Jon turned himself in. Like for sure. And probably not to Grey Worm. 38. I mean... I think she prepped as well as you could for a dragon coming to attack you. It didn't work. You move on. You know...or die. 39. Wait, so are you self-contradicting yourself with this point and point 23? JS.... 40. Yep. Amazing what you can avoid when you are expecting a known defense vs. ambushed. 41. Who caressssssssssss????????????????? 42. I mean, he knows the future essentially. He knew he couldn't be a Lord of anything because he was destined to be the King. Periodt.

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  • Bran and Arya's plotlines were definitely the most disappointing, considering how much time the show spent building them up. There were so many opportunities for both of their abilities to be used in Season 8 and during the climax, but everyone died in dumb ways and she just stabs the Night King (which was still cool) but why didn't Bran worg into a dragon or Ghost or something cool like that?

    CalibanCaliban5 ngày trước
  • Arya not asking bout Rickon was literally because she thought he was dead already just as Jon thought Rickon and Bran was same as Sanza (Idc if I spelled them wrong lol)

    Caleb GriffithCaleb Griffith6 ngày trước
  • Abandoned Plot Lines: the whole show. Abandone for some Star Wars project that never saw the light

    Garret HarrisGarret Harris6 ngày trước
  • Number 4 I think Cersei is just straight up lying to Catelyn. There never was a first born that died. She's making up a story to 'empathize' with a grieving mother, in order to make sure she isn't as much of a suspect to being a part of Bran's near-death.

    LykusLykus6 ngày trước
    • No because she mentioned that child to Robert too smh

      RXRX RXGUERXRX RXGUE3 ngày trước
  • ugh the plot for Bran... I had such high hopes for him... like possesing a dragon and fight with night kings' dragon...such fantasies..wasted!

    murat karakuşmurat karakuş6 ngày trước
  • what about that warlock child, that tried to kill dany

    Noodle manNoodle man6 ngày trước

    Calvin BottomsCalvin Bottoms7 ngày trước
  • i think many of those forgotten plot lines were meant to be solved in season 8 but as we all know the writers didn´t care anymore and just wanted the series to end fast and anti-climatic :-(

    CathyCatsvilleCathyCatsville7 ngày trước
  • I’ll give a pass on Ilyn. The actor died flouring filming or something like that

    Notsuspicious the judgmentalNotsuspicious the judgmental7 ngày trước
  • i want to watch these GoT videos but then i dont want to watch them to be riminded of how much they missed with that fail of a final season

    David WestwoodDavid Westwood7 ngày trước
  • `Given that Cersei Lannister could win any drinking contest against all the rest of King's Landing, she might be in a state making staring out of windows... Fun?´

    Andre Michael PietroschekAndre Michael Pietroschek7 ngày trước
  • 13:20 I had to throw my phone away.

    Shreenath RanganathanShreenath Ranganathan7 ngày trước
  • How will the Unsullied start their own house without pps ?

    Noureddine MeddahNoureddine Meddah8 ngày trước
  • 9:26 Aaaah now to the big questions

    Noureddine MeddahNoureddine Meddah8 ngày trước
  • 7:44 LOL bruh poor Rickon is the last child but treated like the middle child

    Noureddine MeddahNoureddine Meddah8 ngày trước
  • Beric Dondarrrion is the lightbringer

    Noureddine MeddahNoureddine Meddah8 ngày trước
  • Atleast Vikings did a better job and a better finale!

    Prince AntonyPrince Antony8 ngày trước
  • 5:32 was he not literally burying the hatchet? Look what he's doing.

    TheGregZilloTheGregZillo8 ngày trước
  • 1:28 Sadly... I don't forget anything...

    TheGregZilloTheGregZillo8 ngày trước
  • The last season bothered me so much!! I loved this show, and they payed off most of the characters. Except the ones I cared about 😞

    Dirty RandyDirty Randy8 ngày trước
  • The last smile on bran was hilarious lol. Top Notch editing

    Purely_IgnantPurely_Ignant8 ngày trước
  • These are not abandoned plot lines these are characters being killed off there is a fucking difference thats 13 minutes 45 seconds of my life I wont get back

    Slugger O TooleSlugger O Toole8 ngày trước
  • The Night King being a world wide threat to only be killed by a dagger wound to the stomach, than everything exploding like Angent Smith in the Matrix.

    oblivexxoblivexx8 ngày trước
  • I need captions, there is whispering interference.

    oblivexxoblivexx8 ngày trước
  • The sir ilyn payne wasn't forgotten. The actor had cancer and decided to step back from the show so they decided to not recast and leave it alone out of respect.

    Grim ApocalypseGrim Apocalypse8 ngày trước
  • I have never seen 1 episode of this. I like fantasy books but seriously could not get fully engaged with the style of writing. If I can't get fully engaged I sometimes don't finish the book. Authors like King and Koontz take awhile to get going and lose me sometimes in there run on about detail. When you finish your glad you did though. I cant read a book twice its not the same after the second read.

    Sean SullivanSean Sullivan9 ngày trước
  • The playing down of fantasy elements is so stupid when applied to Lady Stoneheart. This is a show that was only challenged in the ratings by Walking Dead, _and_ had its own huge zombie angle they just _dropped!_ Proof positive that they are only "talented" enough to write X-Men Origins: Wolverine when not writing fanfiction.

    DubbleDDubbleD9 ngày trước
  • Everyone was so invested to jon snow being a targaryen, all for nothing

    • Jan Stormborn• Jan Stormborn9 ngày trước
  • Petyr Baelish would have probably ended up king if they didn't come up with a dumb way to kill him

    Oskar HylinOskar Hylin9 ngày trước
  • I always thought Cersie was lying about her dead son to make it look like she cared

    Oskar HylinOskar Hylin9 ngày trước
  • 5:49 dany kinda forgot

    Sidharth Kumar Menon INSidharth Kumar Menon IN9 ngày trước
  • The night king's mark looks a lot like frost burn so... that's probably all it is.

    TonkarzOfSolSystemTonkarzOfSolSystem9 ngày trước
  • Another one: Daenerys' fertility plot. They make her lose Drago's baby and then make the witch tell her that she can never have children, and she believes it, and then Jon even tells her that maybe it wasn't true. And for what? It never has any impact or resolution. what a massive waste of a good story

    Ximena MorenoXimena Moreno10 ngày trước
  • Maybe Cersei just lied about her dead kid

    taftaf10 ngày trước
  • "Why do you think i came all this way" made me feel sick fr

    Jose DiogoJose Diogo10 ngày trước
  • This show ended so poorly

    Tom ZimadowskiTom Zimadowski10 ngày trước
  • I still can’t believe how they could wreck such an amazing show...

    Melissa D.Melissa D.10 ngày trước
  • You mention how they drop the plot line of the red priestesses, but you should have also mentioned the whole plot twist that the red woman was actually an old ass witch. That was never addressed or explained after it’s shown initially, I was waiting the whole show for it to come back into some relevance.

    Luke DemersLuke Demers10 ngày trước
  • I'm not sure I agree What Podrick did to the women is a abandoned plot line. I think it's pretty clealy implied what it was he did, and not something that needed to be explained in future episodes.

    TheStargateNerdTheStargateNerd10 ngày trước
  • 13:20

    Devesh PantDevesh Pant10 ngày trước
  • that damn dead dragon can destroy the wall to the north but can't destroy Winterfell's wall while Jon is hiding.. lol

    Ahmad Syafie JalaluddinAhmad Syafie Jalaluddin10 ngày trước
  • are any of these plot lines detailed more in the books?

    TebansebaTebanseba10 ngày trước
  • this video really sums up how bad the last couple seasons were

    Oink AnubisOink Anubis10 ngày trước
  • Thank you for gutting GoT. Lol

    Von VanvolkvonVon Vanvolkvon11 ngày trước
  • I might be remembering wrong but when everyone plays the drinking game at Winterfell, Podrick quietly takes a drink when Tyrion says brienne is a virgin. I took that as Podrick was still a virgin which kind of makes it seem like he didn’t do anything with the girls and they just were being nice by lying to Tyrion on why he was getting refunded.

    underlipetxunderlipetx11 ngày trước
  • 1:55 holy hell its Queen Calanthe from the Witcher!!! Which will beat GOT in every way. Booya

    Eric 0f RiviaEric 0f Rivia11 ngày trước
  • Robin Arryn eventually becoming hot was a bigger shock to me than Bran becoming king of Westeros

    Andrea MitchellAndrea Mitchell11 ngày trước
  • Once they got beyond the books, things went south very quickly.

    bart thomassen thomassenbart thomassen thomassen11 ngày trước
  • Podrick sang to the girls, it's 'revealed' before the battle of winterfell

    MitchellMitchell11 ngày trước
  • Out of everything you mentioned, and there were many, one stood out the most because it’s literally the only dropped plot line I missed. Winter went away after Arya killed the Night King 🤷‍♂️. In a world where every season lasts years no less.

    Logic’s FinestLogic’s Finest11 ngày trước
  • Oh come on. We know what podrick did to those girls..... lots of things. 😉

    James ClendeninJames Clendenin12 ngày trước
  • Elaria and her daughter was an abandoned plot line themselves. They never showed them die and thats the rule. If yo dont see em die then they didnt die. There was also a slight implication of elarias daughter and bronn getting together.

    James ClendeninJames Clendenin12 ngày trước