29 Th11, 2020
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That was crazy...
Today we planned to steal expensive cars from a rich neighborhood, but little did I know that I would be double crossed and have the car stolen from me. We got into a crazy chase and then a huge battle. There are a lot of funny moments in this gta 5 episode, enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

  • Is this a FiveM server, or a RageRP server???? I tried out the only redline server on FiveM and it wasn’t this one. At least I’m pretty sure it wasn’t?? Looking for a server were you can actually have fun without the government ruining everything with bullshit rules

    ProdigalProdigal22 giờ trước
  • You should do a other hitman

    William KennyWilliam KennyNgày trước
  • S

    Soledad AguilarSoledad AguilarNgày trước
  • Say we're even

    kabir kickskabir kicks3 ngày trước
  • Stfu

    Ih puEHIh puEH3 ngày trước
  • Ohhh big crash big crash huh tony hawk pro skater I grinded a bill board did a back flip double cart wheel 360• no scope I’m out of here made me luagh hard

    Hudson DunneHudson Dunne5 ngày trước
  • I mean the flip car is cheating but unlimited ammo or missles definitely is so stop lying saying it's not but I mean both are cheating but that's just how it works in GTA RP so

    Chase HaneyChase Haney5 ngày trước
  • 13:37 dude on the left just straight up got shot in the head and was fine

    Jasonius The BoniusJasonius The Bonius5 ngày trước
  • I got a Batman vs Superman feeling right here

    Vphome GamerVphome Gamer6 ngày trước
  • Bruh the grinding the billboard🤣

    LivingLikeJayLivingLikeJay6 ngày trước
  • OH IM IN A TREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trey 2021

    Michael Vitucci MS, DVMMichael Vitucci MS, DVM7 ngày trước
  • I hate when 3 year olds reply to something that's not funny and go 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😂😂😂😂

    tanner halltanner hall7 ngày trước
  • *shot him in the face* me: hes pissed

    I make movies in my head trust meI make movies in my head trust me7 ngày trước
  • Hello good videos

    Emma MarkEmma Mark7 ngày trước
  • 3:24 Dang 🔥

    Ralson ThompsonRalson Thompson9 ngày trước
  • I remember seeing this on tiktok

    Just RezzJust Rezz9 ngày trước
  • i love your videos and when you steal cars

    layton Barkerlayton Barker10 ngày trước
  • You should be a real cop a trol the cop byrunning away

    Mason DavisMason Davis10 ngày trước
  • I love it when he said big crash big crash Tony Hawk Pro skater I graded a billboard did a backflip double cartwheel 360 no scope lolllll I literally died laughing of that I keep watching it like 50 times like 100 or something XDDDD

    Get that bunny FoxGet that bunny Fox10 ngày trước
  • say where even x777777

    Cullen BelangerCullen Belanger10 ngày trước
  • 3:24

    Shadow Nightmare Foxy 6626Shadow Nightmare Foxy 662613 ngày trước
  • how can i get in these lobbies

    PaulinePauline13 ngày trước
  • What server are you in

    #Short Randoms#Short Randoms13 ngày trước
    • Redline RP

      Shadow Nightmare Foxy 6626Shadow Nightmare Foxy 662613 ngày trước
  • Your tonny hawk

    Brayan patricioBrayan patricio13 ngày trước
  • Lol with da bobga boga 3 sixty no scope

    Brayan patricioBrayan patricio13 ngày trước
  • I texted him on the number in gta

    Bike LifeBike Life14 ngày trước
  • PlAyInG On Ps4 Is So MuCh BeTtEr

  • U

    Nicola PrewettNicola Prewett14 ngày trước
  • click 3:25

    ducky 123\ducky 123\15 ngày trước
  • 3:25

    ducky 123\ducky 123\15 ngày trước
  • 3:25 😂😂😂😂😂😂 had me dying

    Mazen GhadbanMazen Ghadban15 ngày trước
  • The bit when you said Tony hawks pro skater crack me up because I still have the game and then literally that cracked me up and like you’re grounded the billboard that so funny

    Harry NoonanHarry Noonan15 ngày trước

    Fun And CoolFun And Cool16 ngày trước
  • He knows

    Tyler DoranTyler Doran16 ngày trước
  • 3:23 what the f was that

    121 grznar121 grznar16 ngày trước

    Dexter7Dexter717 ngày trước
  • I like how he said u hit every single tree branch and treyten slams into a tree

    clowning with chanceclowning with chance17 ngày trước
  • How you do a noscope if u are not using a sniper

    julian aguirrejulian aguirre18 ngày trước
  • u edited the part where u were in dealership tht not cool

    weeederweeeder18 ngày trước
  • Lol

    Caleb NoCaleb No18 ngày trước
  • Love your vids man keep it up ❤️

    Greg TorresGreg Torres18 ngày trước
  • 12:43 doesn’t seem like it’s in fast motion or it’s fast forward

    Brandon HodgeBrandon Hodge19 ngày trước
  • Use the old Ferrari and troll cops

    luca spinaluca spina19 ngày trước
  • In gta online I live in one of the rich apartments $900,000

    Bodhi MerrellBodhi Merrell19 ngày trước
  • You don’t think that trey killed opie on his 1000th episode using his voice changer

    Xx_Jake_xX GamesXx_Jake_xX Games19 ngày trước
  • Have u even seen ur Friend opie in Real life

    Jason JesserJason Jesser20 ngày trước
  • Are you crazy you robbed redline you cant rob that place it's well hard to rob

    June navaJune nava20 ngày trước

    raptor rayraptor ray20 ngày trước
  • dude that crash was crazy

    braxtonb bonebbraxtonb boneb21 ngày trước
  • Follow the 10 commandments Christians and ask for forgiveness

    Yup DupYup Dup21 ngày trước
  • Double car 360 no scope 😂😂😂

    Airsoft UnboxerAirsoft Unboxer22 ngày trước
  • How do you play that game?

    Liamwrld 999Liamwrld 99922 ngày trước
  • How did he get that car at 0:01 I cant find it in gta online 😫

    macncheezemacncheeze23 ngày trước
  • No one : Trey:say we’re even say we’re even x69

    Noah xxNoah xx23 ngày trước
  • Is an OPI a cop

    Black DragonBlack Dragon24 ngày trước
  • hes actually suing the legal path

    Dan PeepDan Peep24 ngày trước
  • Treyten: DOUBLE CAR WHEEL 360 NO SCOPE Me: wtf is that

    Blee001Blee00124 ngày trước

    Hyper SniperHyper Sniper25 ngày trước
  • 3:12

    RetoxFNRetoxFN25 ngày trước
  • you got knocked out so many times elanip destroyed you you 4f 1

    Andre PihelgasAndre Pihelgas25 ngày trước
  • Does your friend have a yt? Love you guys when you play great vid btw really funny 😆😂🤣

    The FBIThe FBI25 ngày trước
  • Let’s get this trending #treycantfly

    The eye Lord JackThe eye Lord Jack26 ngày trước
  • Let’s get this trending #treycantdrive

    The eye Lord JackThe eye Lord Jack26 ngày trước
  • Why is RJ there

    3K Michael Ramjit3K Michael Ramjit26 ngày trước
  • "Tony hawk pro skater did a backflip 360 no scope I'm outta here" ~treyten 2020

    Morgan SansomMorgan Sansom26 ngày trước
    • I’m dead😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Ethan Sus 1000Ethan Sus 10002 ngày trước
    • Lmao💀✋🏻

      Evyn IngleEvyn Ingle11 ngày trước
    • Lmfao

      1k Medo1k Medo12 ngày trước
    • Lol

      Melissa ModenMelissa Moden15 ngày trước
  • i laughed through a lot of it but the, um, 'betrayal' was too good..

    JZilla69JZilla6928 ngày trước
  • after saying 'i didnt fall down a tree'

    JZilla69JZilla6928 ngày trước
  • Learn how to drive

    Cason OwensCason Owens28 ngày trước

    Mark MartinezMark Martinez29 ngày trước
  • Cuts out the part where he was surrounded by opies new security

    Derek SnyderDerek SnyderTháng trước
  • Is your friend 25 or am I just tripping

    Filip GheorgheFilip GheorgheTháng trước
  • Can I help you rob I’ll give you 20m

    The unknown NinjaThe unknown NinjaTháng trước
  • what is the game called

    Sky FlySky FlyTháng trước
  • How do you play role play

    brodzz gamesbrodzz gamesTháng trước
  • So I bought GTA today from game stop, killed a lot of people and stole a lot of cars then I went home and put the GTA disk in my ps5 and got a job as a police man

    Cynical on CrakCynical on CrakTháng trước
  • Guess my profile picture

    Nomad SoupNomad SoupTháng trước
  • Hi

    sharon donaldsonsharon donaldsonTháng trước
  • But hole Eleanor was the best night of the day I got to see you tomorrow night lol lol I guess you don’t have any money you want me I want to go get you and you give him money to go to play with him I guess you can come get me

    diamondbullet 775diamondbullet 775Tháng trước
  • I died when he said "I have the perfect car we can fit the whole pd in it"

    Joe HartlessJoe HartlessTháng trước
  • Tony hawk pro skater

    Ignore GreenZIgnore GreenZTháng trước
  • Get *

    kiandehondkiandehondTháng trước
  • And i am going to het a pc

    kiandehondkiandehondTháng trước
  • Can i join you server?? I am on ps4

    kiandehondkiandehondTháng trước
  • Trey really is a criminal mastermind and a legend

    Light PhoenixLight PhoenixTháng trước
  • Love your vids so much but I want to see so cop rp please

    Ben BarnesBen BarnesTháng trước
  • Nice vide👍🏻

  • Omg that was beautiful. You flew over the 2 helipads several times. lol

    SuperTime2ChangeSuperTime2ChangeTháng trước
  • I meant her grandson

    maria griggmaria griggTháng trước
  • I'm his grandson do you go to church

    maria griggmaria griggTháng trước
  • what was that car a challenger cobra 395?

    D-Dog playzD-Dog playzTháng trước
  • Watched his video befire yours

    Trenna FederuikTrenna FederuikTháng trước
  • Y the hell did u leave outt you getting destroyed in the fist fight

    Trenna FederuikTrenna FederuikTháng trước
  • When u just see the other one lmao

    Isaac DIsaac DTháng trước
  • Can u give m ea code for gta 5 ive been watching you 2 years when i was 7

    christmas 1103christmas 1103Tháng trước
  • Bro how to do put your hoodie up ?????

    Mr FahrenheitMr FahrenheitTháng trước
  • ‘OH BIG CRASH, BIG CRASH! Tony Hawk, pro skater, I grinded a billboard, did a backflip, double car wheel, 360 Noscope, I’m outta here’ Treyten, 2020

    C4G3 JETSYC4G3 JETSYTháng trước
  • broooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    liln10liln10Tháng trước
  • coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    liln10liln10Tháng trước
  • Do me a favor i need to see you(on cam) when saying it on 3:24 plsssssss like if you want it too

    PepiPepiTháng trước
  • There's no need of fight

    Shayyan WaqasShayyan WaqasTháng trước