Half in the Bag Episode 162: Avengers: Endgame

28 Th04, 2019
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It's the new Avengers movie. You're gonna see it.

  • The stain on Jay’s shirt made me think something was wrong with my eyes

    John HughesJohn Hughes7 giờ trước
  • Has anyone ever heard of Ripley??? ...

    Alex MartinezAlex Martinez19 giờ trước
  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought Infinity War was better than Endgame. Don’t get me wrong, Endgame was very good and a satisfying conclusion, but Infinity War was phenomenally incredible

    hoochiemoochiehoochiemoochie7 ngày trước
  • New Avengers: Age of Wizzro would make a billion dollars, admit it.

    SpiderDeviceSpiderDevice7 ngày trước
  • WhyTF is there an Avengers: Engame review in this Star Trek: Voyager discussion?!!

    J'sDesireForAKittycatPersistsJ'sDesireForAKittycatPersists9 ngày trước
  • Jay talking reasonably about Cpt Marvel: "I was hoping they would expand on her a bit in this movie and make her a little bit more interesting..." The reply in my head: "But the only way to expand a rotten plank of wood is to get it thoroughly waterlogged." While I bet Brie Larson would make a more interesting drowned corpse than a person I don't dislike anyone enough to actively wish them harm!" PS. All the "fat Thor" handbag clutching is idiotic. It was a plot choice that made sense for a fictional character. If you're fat and for some reason feeling offended try to remember you are not a blameless invalid. If you didn't care enough to look after yourself why should you care enough to be offended by the absolutely correct conclusions of others?

    Charles MouseCharles Mouse11 ngày trước
  • the New Avengers,,,,so will that have Ralph Fiennes back as Steed just like the sequel tv show?;P

    Chris DavisChris Davis14 ngày trước
  • I love that these guys admit its not as good as Infinity War! So many mainstream reveiwers kept stating the opposite to build up the marketing, and it's just not true.

    Riaz UddinRiaz Uddin18 ngày trước
    • There's no definitive answer. It's all subjective. As is your opinion that all reviewers care about any marketing. If that were so, Rotten Tomatoes would be 100% from top reviewers all the time.

      johnnymittlejohnnymittle12 ngày trước
  • 20:19 They "redo" a scene, meaning it takes place in the same place with the same stakes, but completely different characters who we have more investment in who literally fight each other to sacrifice themselves? And it's emotional af and heartbreaking beyond what the Thanos and Gomorrah scene was? But sure. Totally the same xD

    VarmitCoyoteVarmitCoyote21 ngày trước
  • Every RLM review: "But what about the CONTINUITY??? (that no one else cares about)

    VarmitCoyoteVarmitCoyote21 ngày trước
  • re-write: at the end of infinity war, have thanos disappear too. with a smile on his face, solidifying his commitment to his cause. Then when they bring back everyone, Thanos is brought back too so your big bad guy is a threat instead of some sort of alternate version.

    Kyle JonesKyle Jones25 ngày trước
  • What I really liked was that the little bit of land they were fighting on in the end was a place on Earth. It was destroyed beyond any recognition but it was still a place on Earth.

    LopiklopLopiklop28 ngày trước
  • Am binge watching voyager in another lockdown period ;))

    RA שלישהRA שלישה29 ngày trước
  • Steve getting his dance with Peggy rocked me to my core.

    KyleKyleTháng trước
  • If captain america goes back in time and bangs peggy and has a kid with her wouldnt her daughter Steve was banging be related to him.

    YtomanyYtomanyTháng trước
    • I’m pretty sure Sharon is her niece.

      Justin BrightJustin Bright28 ngày trước
  • I dunno, maybe because there's what, 14 or 16hrs of light during the summer? Africa is only 6 time zones away... So pretty fucking simply it could be daytime in Africa and the US, like it is in real life? Like basic fucking shit!

    Jacob CrosbyJacob CrosbyTháng trước
  • Dam that’s a lotta pill bottles

    Bryce WilsonBryce WilsonTháng trước
  • When everybody is talking about how much depth Thanos had, you know Marvel movies have been systematically dumbing everyone down

    Milton77Milton77Tháng trước
    • Yeah, the haters have become drooling morons.

      johnnymittlejohnnymittle12 ngày trước
  • 22:59 Mike really just revealed the plot of Falcon and the Winter Solider

    Zibran KararZibran KararTháng trước
  • Endgame is the best Back To The Future 2 Remake ever

    Coconut DaddyCoconut DaddyTháng trước
  • Didn't enjoy this film at all, really. Lots of reasons I suppose, but suffice to say the overarching conflict of the entire MCU film series up until this point, spanning 10ish years, was resolved via an absolute specimen of a deus ex machina thanks to a character who was introduced literally a few weeks prior to this film's release, irrespective of the fact that she was not featured in this film whatsoever, save for a few minutes in the begging where she literally only exists so that she can ex machina everyone out of danger 3 hours of screen time later. I cannot get past that lol.

    Kyle WeaverKyle WeaverTháng trước
    • It's easy to get past. She wasn't a deus ex machina. She resolved the 10 year conflict? What movie were you watching? She, like every got a few minutes to fight and then was taken out.

      johnnymittlejohnnymittle12 ngày trước
  • “Because they wouldn’t be having a nice family picnic at nightime?” What a nit pic.....Still, had me in stitches though

    Casper F. GhostCasper F. GhostTháng trước
  • 22:58 “Would he politely decline the shield, and say ‘I’ve got the Falcon suit.’ ...” Mike predicts TFAWS.

    AWS VidsAWS VidsTháng trước
    • I was thinking the exact same thing and quickly checked the comments to see if anyone else noticed

      Shivin WasonShivin WasonTháng trước
  • Thanos: The Hands of Fate

    BK KBK KTháng trước
  • Never made that Voyager connection... Wow!

    Will McAlpineWill McAlpineTháng trước
  • it was ok I guesss

    hhTháng trước
  • These movies are entertaining as a boxing match.

    Nifft BatuffNifft BatuffTháng trước
  • clearly thanos is plagiarising the amazing bulk

    pepe the frog poops on right wingerspepe the frog poops on right wingersTháng trước
  • I’ve watched endgame maybe 10-15 times, I’ve only seen the Tony Snap onwards once...still hurts

    Chris FosterChris FosterTháng trước
  • Here's how continue the franchise - Have a Plague and Disney Plus. Oddly enough, that's the title of the last episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

    Julian the ApostateJulian the ApostateTháng trước
  • This should have been a Best Of The Worst episode.

    Todd JonesTodd JonesTháng trước
  • 15:40 okay Mike is literally completely mixing two scenes up here. Captain marvel didn’t know about thanos until the avengers told her. That prompted her to go off into space. The earthquake is like ten minutes later in the movie and completely unrelated. This honestly sucks because I think he would have liked the movie a lot more if he had remembered what happens in it

    LiamLiamTháng trước
  • But that Star Trek plot is completely different from the plot of endgame?

    LiamLiamTháng trước
  • Cap staying in the past ruins time as much as them not putting the infinity stones back. Movie just kinda swept that under the rug

    00DayMan0000DayMan00Tháng trước
  • There was only one earthquake mentioned and it happened under the sea

    Thomas PetchThomas PetchTháng trước
  • For a one time use, maybe stark's equipment is enough, they just needed it once Thanos however needed it gmmhh... Nvm 🥲

    Jair JosafathJair JosafathTháng trước
  • I forgot this was an End Game review for a minute, I always get drawn into the Trek talk.

    RobinRobinTháng trước
  • Yeah I don't think the MSheU will work as well. Wouldn't mind seeing this Dr Strange horror movie though. Thats about it though.

    richard dimeckrichard dimeckTháng trước
  • Earthquakes are left alone because it has to do with Namor. Which is why Wakanda wants nothing to do with it. And to let that kingdom resolve it on its own.

    triknivestriknivesTháng trước
  • Mike misremembering that earthquake scene annoys me far more than it should, and I feel shame.

    Deimos kai AischylosDeimos kai AischylosTháng trước
    • @TheRoyalFino Meh. Everyone views a film through their own lens. I just felt that pointing out to Widow that you...don’t do anything about earthquakes under the ocean was rather fitting.

      Deimos kai AischylosDeimos kai AischylosTháng trước
    • A lot of the gripes in this moment in the review are kinda silly. Yes, Captain Marvel came into the MCU at a weird time where they didn't film her movie before her first appearance in an Avengers movie, so her character wasn't as fleshed out. But she is a cosmic hero that is focused on bigger threats. They explained it well. And she couldn't have killed the entire Thanos army as fast as Stark did. They had limited time given Thanos was going for the Infinity Stones to do another snap.

      TheRoyalFinoTheRoyalFinoTháng trước
  • i think the earthquake thing {14:49 } was when Thanos was destroying the stones. its said later thats what all the energy was shooting through universe.

    Rocco SiffrediRocco Siffredi2 tháng trước
    • They mix up two entirely different scenes, haha. Granted, they only saw the movie once but they confidently misrepresent the story there, haha.

      TheRoyalFinoTheRoyalFinoTháng trước
  • Captain went into a different timeline and different dimensions.

    BTMaverick707BTMaverick7072 tháng trước
  • Captain Marvel couldnt smoke anyone because Thanos Smoked her face.

    BTMaverick707BTMaverick7072 tháng trước
  • 30:20 Mike, once again predicts the rise of skywalker

    Justin PJustin P2 tháng trước
  • 26:00 they did get everyone though.

    Waldo VilléWaldo Villé2 tháng trước
  • The best thing about Stark's death is I don't have to tolerate Gwyneth Paltrow anymore.

    Norm AppletonNorm Appleton2 tháng trước
    • oh she’ll be back. unfortunately, she will be back 😶 no one can refuse a marvel paycheque

      Lucas GrezaudLucas GrezaudTháng trước
  • Jay, you knew Spiderman wasn't dead.

    Norm AppletonNorm Appleton2 tháng trước
  • godDAMN i love that episode lol. AND this movie

    NightRogueNightRogue2 tháng trước
  • 20:48 "...and this is not a complain fest..." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ⁂ ⁑ ⁎ a d o r e a b l e ⁎ ⁑ ⁂

    Simon CoatesSimon Coates2 tháng trước
  • I’m really interested in seeing them discuss Wandavision and how they deal with a post thanos world

    Ryne Is the dinoRyne Is the dino2 tháng trước
  • They make a big deal of Thor being guilty and then he gets no conclusion to that arc learns nothing and renounces his throne.. lol

    The DocThe Doc2 tháng trước
  • Its funny to hear Jay say who the next Avengers are, Falcon as Captain America, Valkyrie as Thor, etc I mean he didnt notice BP as the new Thor (sub out Asgard, insert Wakanda), Captain Marvel ilo Captain America, and Dr Strange for Iron Man, who very likely will lead The Defenders, the more offbeat and quirky not-a-team team. You guys need a comic guy, Ill be that guy. I am middle aged and bearded, trust me, Im qualified.

    you know nothing jon snowdenyou know nothing jon snowden2 tháng trước
  • This is partly an endgame review but mostly a Star Trek voyager review

    Alex KuhnAlex Kuhn2 tháng trước
  • The one big plot hole I noticed was how did Evil Nebula summon Thanos, Good Nebula, Gamora, Thanos' ship, and Thanos' entire army into the present? It's stated that you need Pim particles to travel through time, and it's stated that they only have enough Pim particles for each of them to make one round trip. It's also shown that the person doing the time travelling has to carry the Pim particles: Hulk is putting them into Ant Man's belt when they mention their limited supply. They all make the round trip - no one gives Pim particles to Thanos and his entire army. Evil Nebula would have had to use Good Nebula's particles to come back to the present. Even if Thanos had somehow figured out that Black Widow was dead at the bottom of a cliff and went and got her particles, that's only enough for one person. But somehow Evil Nebula is able to summon 500,000 life forms and a ship the size of Delaware by pushing a few buttons on the time machine.

    Jonathan HeebnerJonathan Heebner2 tháng trước
  • “Turn life’s ear lobes into grapefruits.” -Mike of RED LETTER MEDIA

    Collin MillerCollin Miller2 tháng trước
  • MIKE, JAY! im from the future, invest in toilet paper, bitcoin and ammunition trust me it will make sense later!!!

    Roach Gaming CringeRoach Gaming Cringe2 tháng trước
  • I just can not watch these big gladiator figths of imaginary personas with dramatic music, it is too much for my sensory system. maximum I can take is guardians of galaxy.

    Radoslav LiptakRadoslav Liptak2 tháng trước
  • 1991 Infinity Saga Comics 2001 Endgame Episode of Star Trek Voyager

    ATeamATeam2 tháng trước
  • weird no reference to star trek 4... which is like a split up into teams heisty time travel movie

    sneakonproductionzsneakonproductionz2 tháng trước
  • My biggest question is how did Thanos time travel himself and his entire army into the future ?

    Noah BawdyNoah Bawdy2 tháng trước
    • evil nebula turned the machine on.

      hungryb4dinnerhungryb4dinnerTháng trước
  • This whole saga was like edging

    MrMoneyclipsMrMoneyclips2 tháng trước
  • i just watched endgame.. i now hate brie larson more as a person

    Phel MonkPhel Monk2 tháng trước
  • Am I the only one who watched the Avengers movies for the sole reason of understanding the Half in the Bag reviews?

    PokeRapper5000PokeRapper50002 tháng trước
  • The funeral scene was all real All the actors where there

    VentureOrder101VentureOrder1012 tháng trước
  • He wasn't wrong about Wizro...I mean wasn't Mysterio the first post-endgame villain?

    LeeLee2 tháng trước
  • Maybe if they didn't make her so OP she breaks the plot they wouldn't need to cut Captain Marvel out of the movie.

    Christian YepezChristian Yepez2 tháng trước
  • For why Thanos was able to fight all the heroes without the stones: there's a theory that in Infinity War, Thanos was slowly getting physically weaker the more he used the stones he had. This is evidenced by the fact that using all six nearly killed him. It would make sense that using even one stone would put a strain on his body.

    erubin100erubin1003 tháng trước
    • Seems plausible because people who just grab them disintegrate and blow up

      Joshua BrienJoshua Brien2 tháng trước
  • Infinity War is tight!!!!!!

    Al Beita NYCAl Beita NYC3 tháng trước
  • I think Wandavision is kind of implying that Captain Marvel left Earth from grief

    T.J.Ball.T.J.Ball.3 tháng trước
  • I skipped through the video twice to get the general feel before I play it whole. First skip, there were scenes from star trek, so I skip a lot further and Mike Says "Star Trek Discovery!"... ffs Mike, I don't care about Star Trek (nor do I care about MCU, I just like RedLetterMedia, but whatevs)

    Udrakan MorturimUdrakan Morturim3 tháng trước
    • Thank you for sharing

      Olivier GagnonOlivier GagnonTháng trước
  • At 5:06, Jay calls the snap “the snack”. Please tell me someone else hears that.

    Harlan EpsteinHarlan Epstein3 tháng trước
    • @Harlan Epstein Sorry, I didn't hear him saying "the snack". All I heard was "Thanos decided to take a nap"

      Kradan ShulevKradan Shulev2 tháng trước
    • @Kradan Shulev b- but he does!

      Harlan EpsteinHarlan Epstein2 tháng trước
    • no

      Kradan ShulevKradan Shulev2 tháng trước
  • I get the gripe but infinity war thanos was toying with them. He doesn’t use the stones all that much to fight people. In end game he’s fighting for his life having seen his death. It’s minor but it makes sense for his character.

    Brian WilliamsBrian Williams3 tháng trước
    • Not only that, but it could be that using the space, power, and reality stones continuously was actually making him weaker over time. If all the stones could nearly kill him, it makes sense that a few stones would take smaller tolls on his body.

      erubin100erubin1003 tháng trước
  • I remember leaving the theater after watching endgame being very very disappointed

    Faxter FoxFaxter Fox3 tháng trước
    • Same here

      sanfran49fan93sanfran49fan932 tháng trước
  • @25:55 no CG on that one Jay as we’ve learned.

    Anthony McAlexanderAnthony McAlexander3 tháng trước
    • Even hulk was able to show up for once.

      Anthony McAlexanderAnthony McAlexander3 tháng trước
  • The earthquake u mentioned was an Easter egg for Namor whose Atlantis is near wakanda. And Thanos in the comics bullies the likes of Hulk and Thor, with the gauntlet he is more powerful then Odin who is a beerus level character. In the movies, There are very few who are more powerful then thanos, they are Amped captain marvel, Dormammu, Possibly Hela or she is his equal, etc.

    Moon KnightMoon Knight3 tháng trước
  • 15:28: While I do agree that Captain Marvel felt shoe-horned in this movie, I feel the her choices made sense as at the time when she was on-screen in the beginning. There was no plan or even an idea that the "Snap" could be reversed, hence why she left. Perhaps the sequel to CM will dive into what she was doing off planet.. but I hope not because I feel that has no progression of her character and we know she comes back. Don't need to know, don't really care.

    ChrisgtomanChrisgtoman3 tháng trước
  • Maybe the Infinity Gauntlet needed to be special in order to protect the wielder of the Stones. Even though they fit the Iron Man suit just fine, Tony Stark dies shortly after doing the snap. Too...much...Pooooweeerrrr!

    steven moenssteven moens3 tháng trước
  • Bring on the mass genocide daddy thanos..... oh we know who to blame for covid 19 now

    paul losassopaul losasso3 tháng trước
  • Half the avengers died in Infinity, yet you had no idea where the movie was going? Seriously. Still haven't seen Endgame, just this video, because I knew exactly how pathetically predictable it was going to be.

    GooseGoose3 tháng trước
  • All I get from this is that I need to watch Star Trek Voyager. It's about time I switch sides from Star Wars

    SloppyJoe1100SloppyJoe11003 tháng trước
  • Avengers heist movie.... You son of a bitch. I’m in.

    andrew grahamandrew graham3 tháng trước
  • Fat Thor was by far the most entertaining part of this film.

    J WJ W3 tháng trước
  • damn no wonder he didn't want to hear answers to his questions that first one was fuckin silly, there was one earthquake underwater and the snap happened on other planets too what a goob, mike always pays half-attention

    Lane NoseLane Nose3 tháng trước
  • Ironmans suit at the end was made to hold all the stones. It was never explained but thats what the directors say. I think that's poor writing. I would have preferred 6 avengers holding each stone and activating them together just how starlord was using the power stone in the 1st guardians of the galaxy. But by doing this would obviously kill or permanently maime those 6 avengers raising the stakes.

    J ChungusJ Chungus3 tháng trước
  • Endgame felt like the ultimate comic book in movie form where there’s a bunch of crazy shit like you’d see in a comic book with the time travel and epic battles and stuff. I think that’s why I like Infinity War and Endgame so much. They feel like comic books more than any other comic book movie has before.

    KillerGroovesKillerGrooves3 tháng trước
  • The timezone question is the best question.

    ch3burashkach3burashka3 tháng trước
  • 25:14 Ah yes, I remember when Captain Archer had to unite Humanity, Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites to defeat Thanos the Giant Purple Romulan wielding magic stones. Although to be honest, that would still be a better ending to Enterprise than These Are the Voyages...

    James "JC"James "JC"3 tháng trước
  • As for the question: “how did Thanos beat all 3?” In Infinity War, Thanos is taking his time and not trying 100%, he doesn’t have his armour on! Look at the Thanos v Iron Man fight, he’s not even using both hands. Contrast with Endgame where he’s got that armour on and is going full force.

    CosteladCostelad3 tháng trước
    • Technically he's also a couple years younger and is using his weapon. It's possible he may have received an injury that debilitated him slightly in the time frame between young Thanos and IW Thanos (perhaps while fighting Odin or something, as he was the only one who could go toe-to-toe with him and win) that worsened with age, which would force him to be more pragmatic and careful in his approach to combat as well as when trying to reach his goals. That or his extra years of experience may have developed this mentality.

      Night MonkNight Monk3 tháng trước
  • oh god that clip with Brie Larson was fucking brutal.

    Who KnowsWho Knows3 tháng trước
  • Has anyone else sat there, constantly pausing this to listen really hard for music? Like, SUPER-low in the audio of this, there's music playing. You can barely hear it. But when it's paused, the music stops. It's not you, it's in the video.

    JinzoCrashJinzoCrash3 tháng trước
  • 18:45 The timezone thing gets brought up a million times, but east Africa is only 7 hours ahead of Eastern US time, so it could be 10am in Virginia and 5pm in Wakanda

    God Supports Abortion. Numbers 5:11-31God Supports Abortion. Numbers 5:11-313 tháng trước
  • 12:40 Cap Marvels appearance was almost comical? In a comic book movie? Sounds like a good thing, you anti feminists

    Christopher RoeChristopher Roe4 tháng trước
  • In avengers 1 the old man that didnt kneel before loki is steve rogers

    manuel aguirremanuel aguirre4 tháng trước
  • this movie was a huge disappointment

    out of work gamerout of work gamer4 tháng trước
  • Fatphobia. I love how words don't mean what they actually mean anymore. This world is stupid.

    HephaestusHephaestus4 tháng trước
  • The editing my god the editing.

    NoGoodGreenNoGoodGreen4 tháng trước
  • You guys are lucky, the day after the movie came out, a kid in my class told me who died and how they died.

    sad frogsad frog4 tháng trước
  • Oh for gods sake, I came here to watch a review about end game, not be given an excuse to watch Voyager for the 18th time

    Sqweeky BadgerSqweeky Badger4 tháng trước
  • Where they go next is Annihilation... same as the comics did. They introduced their Universe (Cosmic and terestrial), and the threats that come from within it. Next you have the introduction of extra universal threats like Annihilus and the Negative Zone.

    Bob LeonheartBob Leonheart4 tháng trước
  • The shield should have gone to Bucky in order to signify the completion of his redemption arc. I mean Bucky might not have been the most interesting character but he was head and shoulders above Sam when it comes to excitement at seeing how he handles the mantle of Captain America.

    Bob LeonheartBob Leonheart4 tháng trước