HOW I EDIT & FILM MY VIDEOS! *spilling all my secrets*

25 Th09, 2020
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Spilling ALL my editing and filming secrets!! Thumbs UP if you've been waiting for this!
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Canon G7X (vlogging camera):
Handheld Tripod:
Canon m50 (mini DSLR):
RODE Microphone:
DJI Drone:
GoPro Holder:
Fisheye Phone Clip:
Studio Lights:
Lacie Harddrive:
Chores by trees and lucy
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  • As a film (and psychology) major at CU Boulder, I am considering starting a channel of my own. I know quite a bit about filming techniques and stuff like that but I was honestly clueless when it comes to editing for youtube before watching this video. A wealth of information Claudia, xx.

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  • Great video, you delivered!

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  • QVC has the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Digital Camera for $519 ☺ 5 easy payments. the Canon EOS M50 for $500 thank me later.

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  • I always feel happy when this notification pops up on my screen "Someone like your comment" and "You have a new subscriber".....😘😜😂🥰

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  • Thank you for some really helpful tips for editing. I have only been blogging since February and so many people talk about the equipment, but not about what is good editing. I have already liked and subscribed. 😉

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  • A video with all the necessary information. well done.

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  • This was fantastic!! Really excellent advice and tips to get us started!! Thanks for laying everything thing out so clearly and to the point 👍

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  • Thanks , I’ve been here for years but just lately... I want to be serious about vlogging. This video give me lots of ideas and information. I am still figuring out what would be my Niche ...❤️

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