How to tame a Pet ENDERMAN in Minecraft!

19 Th11, 2019
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How to tame a Pet ENDERMAN in Minecraft! with BriannaPlayz 👊
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    • @Katarina Corona zzz saga aba@Agama Ada Z Dada ama

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    • How do I have on the Prestons VIworld channel

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  • I Would Be Afraid or Scared

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  • I want to see a blue panda🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼

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  • Charcoal is cute right

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  • Enderman be having a teleporting sezure like

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  • Exited dunno to spell 😅😅😅

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  • ilike chicken and hamster and bunny and wolf

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  • How do you do that block food and candle can you make a vid of it pls

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  • I loved when preston was like -_-

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  • I want you to pet a dragon

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  • A dragon

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  • Brianna please take some anime for your anime stuff you know that red house stuff

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  • Ender man likes ender pearl

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  • Dat cool hi Dorianna

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  • Chuckles is a chicken and stupid chicken

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  • Stop looking at his eyes 👀 wonderland hates getting looked at the eyes

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  • Excited

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  • Not really sure about it

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  • the b on your shrt is a d

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  • Yes Hahahahaha

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  • malady is soo pretty please😁

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  • I want golden pet I think he is gonna be cute

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  • Give baby endr endrprile

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  • A baby creeper

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  • Give the baby some milk

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  • Excited

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  • Endermen actually speak ENGLISH! i would be a good dad 😌 hatch is a bad name you should’ve called him Endey

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  • I love baby enderman

    Joel Ortiz NegronJoel Ortiz NegronTháng trước
  • Of course I love chucklesley c

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  • I kill the ender dragon in minecraft! Too. And my cousin broke the teleport of the world like that😭

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  • a cat

    Phong grace MarcosPhong grace MarcosTháng trước
  • I did not like the robber because the robber open the small window and chuckles escape in 14:37 if you look closely

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  • Try to get a baby siren head pet

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  • yes i do like pets

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  • aww baby enderman

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  • I tried egg

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  • endermens don,t servivs in the day.

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  • a unicorn

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  • Have a pet may be a creeper pet I love creepers creepers so cute and become a baby and then you can you’re a big do you got a blowup in this like master Pio and the Enderman Enderman are you in the starboard it’s so boring don’t use it in a man I can’t Noob

    Faisal Al-SnanFaisal Al-SnanTháng trước
  • The Endermen on the thumbnail tho._.

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  • Brianna when you name the Babyenderman you sed Freddy that was in FNAF 1

    Charlene LacsonCharlene LacsonTháng trước
  • YES

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  • I had a sad day

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  • Can you play multicraft I live on world 2

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  • Not excited are you kidding that is going to be a lot of fun and you may think what if it may be hurt me but I am excited

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  • 😍 enderman

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  • Probly humen sous

  • Y

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  • Brianna the egg is good this pretty and i love you

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  • Bri: ill name him freddy Me:OMG FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S!!!!! MOM : ummmmm his name is jest freddy Me: ): The likes: one like on this comint for her mom to say that freddy is from fnaf

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  • y

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  • Aw your elder an is so adorable 😍🌺🌈😝

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  • Enther dragon

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