I Spent 100 Days in the Arctic in Minecraft and Here's What Happened

17 Th01, 2021
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I Spent 100 Days in the Arctic in Minecraft and Here's What Happened
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Minecraft Hardcore Mode is tough, and if you've watched my RLCraft series you'll know I'm not the best at Minecraft. But... I Spent 100 Days in the Artic in Minecraft and Here's What Happened ! The original idea for this video came from Luke TheNotable, who graciously gave me permission to do this. So check him out!
#Minecraft #HardcoreMinecraft #100Days
I TRIED to Survive VR Hardcore Minecraft For 100 Days And This Is What Happened
Video Includes:
Hardcore Minecraft VR Gameplay
Hardcore Minecraft VR Guide
Hardcore Minecraft VR Episode 1
Hardcore Minecraft VR Lets Play
Hardcore Minecraft VR
Hardcore Minecraft VR 100 Days
Forge Labs
Edited By WiseFish:

  • I’ll give away PS5 to one of my subscribers in PLINK app! Download Plink here: plink-app.onelink.me/OPNv/2360c416 Get best teammates for playing Minecraft and other multiplayer games! Use my promo code: ForgeLabs Add me: ForgeLabs#46825 Don’t miss your chance!

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      Nomia HNomia H13 ngày trước
    • why didn't you just get a villager to farm for you like pewdiepie

      DandoragonDandoragon19 ngày trước
    • What’s the mod called pls it looks like a lot of fun to play

      Jonathan FomperosaJonathan Fomperosa19 ngày trước
    • @Akif Demirturk ツ paper

      Eric WilliamsEric Williams20 ngày trước
    • DO 200 DAYS (or u cant do that) DO IT I SAY DO IT please ;)

      Jack BormanJack Borman20 ngày trước
  • Is there a resource pack that you're using? It looks so much nicer when you have it loaded.

    Noah OrbanNoah Orban2 phút trước
  • Play soul kniht

    Warren's MomWarren's Mom11 phút trước
  • The skyrim music

    LiquiemLiquiem12 phút trước
  • _man is at six hearts_ man: ver clos. 👍

    Enzo KomadaEnzo Komada12 phút trước
  • What texture pack are you using

    Crissa WoodworthCrissa Woodworth13 phút trước
  • When you realize A guy went to jail for an UNO match

    Mini JingoMini Jingo26 phút trước
  • If you make a dare video I dare you to become a roblox youtuber for 1 week XD

    《 Gacha Annie 》《 Gacha Annie 》36 phút trước
  • the raindeer cause your friend to fall

    Fernando OrtizFernando Ortiz39 phút trước
  • 22:26 the fact that I laughed because he started speaking gibberish is sad

    Jan MedinaJan Medina45 phút trước

    Jo BobJo Bob49 phút trước
  • Maybe instead of doing hard-core he should just do survival instead of putting hard cord in there after he switches honestly I don’t care but whatever

    Maddox SchmidtMaddox Schmidt57 phút trước
  • Can i get the shaders name?

    Xse BOSZXse BOSZ59 phút trước
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    Claude DexterClaude DexterGiờ trước
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    Email CentralEmail CentralGiờ trước
  • 😂😂😂😂 accurate for the north.... Dies due to having a wild animal in the hoose

    blackblue felineblackblue felineGiờ trước
  • If he was me I will make a S.O.S until the helicopter come to me :D

    MegoesbrrrMegoesbrrrGiờ trước
  • Am I able to play this on Xbox?

    Lord 3360Lord 3360Giờ trước
  • I really wanted an hour long video instead of my homework 🙄✋

    Trinaty WilsonTrinaty WilsonGiờ trước
  • you eat the dear meat becase its a dear

    Archer BrownArcher BrownGiờ trước
    • so it kiked you!

      Archer BrownArcher BrownGiờ trước
  • Mocknut

    ailan thomasailan thomasGiờ trước
  • does anyone know what mod has the reindeer in it?

    Katt BergersenKatt BergersenGiờ trước
  • You died 12 times (I was counting)

    Hendel JosephHendel JosephGiờ trước
  • Bad Muck Nuck bad!

    Nathaniel AnthonyNathaniel AnthonyGiờ trước
  • This temperature mod honestly sucks to watch like form rlcraft to other modpacks I've always seen most people just get annoyed about it. Ps I know this is the whole point of these 100 days but I wish there was a better temp mod that was more pleasant to play/watch

    Too_ S1mpleToo_ S1mpleGiờ trước
  • Guys. Let's just say... He is a man

    Dylan DonaghueDylan DonaghueGiờ trước
  • *Skyrim music intensifies*

    Akira LykosAkira LykosGiờ trước

    Zack RockeyZack RockeyGiờ trước
  • Boooooooo

    Alejandro AlarconAlejandro AlarconGiờ trước
  • wtf 9,366,055 views

    Lucas HoffmannLucas Hoffmann2 giờ trước
  • Love the Skyrim music in the background ;)

    Misty ManeMisty Mane2 giờ trước
  • it would be cool if he made a video of mixing skyrim with minecraft, the skyrim music gave me nostalgia.

    Lemon - CakesLemon - Cakes2 giờ trước
  • Mojang: adds geese Forgelabs: *PTSD intensifies*

    GD ibexGD ibex2 giờ trước
  • 1:01:03 A BLAZE????????????

    Aleksandar MirjanicAleksandar Mirjanic2 giờ trước
  • Wow on day 22 I feel so sorry for you and a rain dear murdered you so its not your fault and I am glad you set it into survival mode Me really as I type this: YOU DESERVE THIS FOR KILLING ANIMALS ON SPENDING 100 ON A DESERTED ISLAND!!!!!

    Hendel JosephHendel Joseph2 giờ trước
  • what shaders does he use

    Pixelated Potato BirkienePixelated Potato Birkiene2 giờ trước
  • What shaders does he use?

    BitchBitch2 giờ trước
  • Love forge labs ngl

    Damari RolleDamari Rolle2 giờ trước
  • When a reindeer kills you on accident

    Frog KingFrog King3 giờ trước
  • bruh lol the reason you died is because you left clicked the reindeer and rode him your head was in the wall so you died

  • Wow...on Day 22...I feel so sorry for you...that Reindeer murdered you...and it's not your fault...and it's good that you switched to survival mode...

    RudrankRudrank3 giờ trước
  • You should do something like that but it starts out like a normal grassy biome but it gets colder and colder and snow starts pilling up. Livestock states start growing down every 5 days by 5%

    2_908's stuff2_908's stuff3 giờ trước
  • A reindeer kicked me in a wall but somehow a spider hit me back in. I survived on a half heart...

    Ben RogueBen Rogue3 giờ trước
  • Can you do a Star Wars version of this series? '100 days on [Insert Star Wars Planet here]

    Star Wars ElseworldsStar Wars Elseworlds3 giờ trước
    • That’s such a cool idea... how about surviving 100 days on Mars, the Moon, etc?

      112 giờ trước
  • Wow, on day 22 I feel so sorry for you. That reindeer murdered you and that's not your fault a-and its good that you switched to survival mode.

    ꧁Clouds꧂꧁Clouds꧂3 giờ trước
  • the river boys story was really interesting btw, i need more stories like that

    Jademonas S2Jademonas S23 giờ trước
  • When you hear Skyrim's song, poetry 00:56

    Emanuele Di DatoEmanuele Di Dato3 giờ trước
  • The season mod your using has a greenhouse block so yeahh...

    Tizeschbach 555123Tizeschbach 5551233 giờ trước
  • Idea: spend 100 days in the desert

    Fireside Halo155Fireside Halo1553 giờ trước
  • cheater

    SaltyXsamuraiSaltyXsamurai3 giờ trước
  • I like the idea of doing more cool mods like this or the zombie one but i dont really like the idea of other games. (dont not do it because of me because other people might like the idea)

    Kaiden KammerKaiden Kammer4 giờ trước

    Dancer - tøpDancer - tøp4 giờ trước
  • The first "Zombie Hole" that will save Forge in the future.

    Angle AngelsAngle Angels4 giờ trước
  • Oh no the raindeer killed you... you deserve a new start

    Nospace TwitchNospace Twitch4 giờ trước
  • Do 100 days in a desert or savanna

    The Spheal kingThe Spheal king4 giờ trước
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    Noel WinniNoel Winni4 giờ trước
  • Woww

    Godzilla fan 1234Godzilla fan 12344 giờ trước
  • 24:18

    Sprinkle ManSprinkle Man4 giờ trước
  • Counting the amounr of deaths is harder than counting the amount of zombies in the zombie apocalypse

    Dancer - tøpDancer - tøp4 giờ trước
  • day 22 all good happen no bad and no cheat

    The old manThe old man4 giờ trước
  • Wow on day 22 i feel sorry you that reindeer murdered you

    D1GIT.D1GIT.4 giờ trước
  • That reindeer murdered you because you murdered his friends and ate them.

    blueboarrryblueboarrry4 giờ trước
  • I feel like to cry , is it only me this felt like a sad story ?

    Orain BentOrain Bent4 giờ trước
  • YOU CHEATED!!! >:

    flixtocic gamingflixtocic gaming5 giờ trước
    • okay this just isn't hardcore anymore, i mean, he literaly died 12 FUCKING TIMES!

      flixtocic gamingflixtocic gaming4 giờ trước
    • ok i was meaning the secind timee he revived himself not the third, also BRUH

      flixtocic gamingflixtocic gaming5 giờ trước
  • 12:20 deskant??!?!?!?!?!?

    Soviet UnionSoviet Union5 giờ trước
  • The point of all of this ended when Muk nuk leaves, never to be found again.

    KingsiegekKingsiegek5 giờ trước
  • Don’t blame you for switching to survival. I would’ve done in the same

    LiquidNation 999LiquidNation 9995 giờ trước

    Marty PittmanMarty Pittman5 giờ trước
  • The vagabond sunday significantly close because money surprisingly fit above a super battle. makeshift, deadpan observation

    Ko CkoKo Cko6 giờ trước
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    Riki bestonRiki beston6 giờ trước
  • the 100 days vids are just forge making bad decisions compilations

  • I love the hardcore mode any one els like hardcore mode in Minecraft u gotta like it by the way I'm a boy I'm just using my moms account

    Trisha WarnerTrisha Warner6 giờ trước
  • I would definitely do what he did and turn it to survival

    Sinjin PlaysSinjin Plays6 giờ trước
  • whats the name of the mod that adds loot on ice blocks?

    Jesús HernándezJesús Hernández6 giờ trước
  • On day 22 I feel so sorry for you that reindeer murdered you and it's not your fault and it was good you switched to survival mode

    John KJohn K6 giờ trước
  • this guy is really bad at basic survival

    deona fishdeona fish6 giờ trước
  • River boys is scary man

    Praise EbhotaPraise Ebhota6 giờ trước
  • Alternate title for day 1-11: untitled goose game

    ZJPCreeper GobrrrZJPCreeper Gobrrr6 giờ trước
  • forge labs can you do more zombie pls man i like it man doo it more plss

    john boyjohn boy6 giờ trước
  • On day 22 I feel soo sorry for you, It wasn't your fault, the reindeer murdered you and it's all good

    BrightKing222BrightKing2226 giờ trước
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    Rhonda JohnsonRhonda Johnson6 giờ trước
  • Why do you kinda sound like dream when talk a little faster..?

    Lily_ChuLily_Chu6 giờ trước
  • Aight i see you with that Skyrim music at 30:03

    Trey HallTrey Hall6 giờ trước
  • Wow

    baka bakabaka baka6 giờ trước
  • did this guy just use geometry dash music in the background omggg

    Anishka VarmaAnishka Varma7 giờ trước
  • pin me

    mr. blue bear Jmr. blue bear J7 giờ trước
  • the chest probably burned😮

    Jeaona MejiaJeaona Mejia7 giờ trước
  • ik why you couldnt grow anything it was the spring not the fertile summer

    SlenderBugSlenderBug7 giờ trước
  • Surviveing 20 days in artic minecraft

    Denny FartingDenny Farting7 giờ trước
  • Note to self do not play river boys

    reco999reco9997 giờ trước
  • I need to take a shet

    Dayna BorrèlDayna Borrèl7 giờ trước
  • What mods did you use

    Youngling slayer 9000Youngling slayer 90007 giờ trước

    Remondo VenemaRemondo Venema7 giờ trước
  • this is how many times he says "i am a man" ⇣

    Dhira HossainDhira Hossain7 giờ trước
  • Dumbass survived 100 days of the fucking zombie mod with them breaking blocks and shit but died like 8 times because it was a bit chilly.

    SomeGuyThatPlaysLOL Does StuffSomeGuyThatPlaysLOL Does Stuff7 giờ trước
  • whats mods were used if im allowed to ask?

    Penelapea EkbladPenelapea Ekblad8 giờ trước
  • When he is done he is like peace

    KyloSeb 42KyloSeb 428 giờ trước
  • what shaders are these

    Sam LeesSam Lees8 giờ trước
  • you died sooo much

    CoalkingCoalking8 giờ trước
  • skyrim music.exe

    DestinysChosenDestinysChosen8 giờ trước