I Spent 100 Days in a Zombie Apocalypse in Minecraft... Here's What Happened

20 Th02, 2021
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I Spent 100 Days in a Zombie Apocalypse in Minecraft. Sponsored by Dragon City!
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Modpack Used:
Fast Zombies:
Slow Zombies:
Inspired By Luke TheNotable:
Edited by Wisefish:
Covert, Kittyrules, PapiCats, Shinigami, Torp & Canniestbarrel for help with the map!
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#Minecraft #HardcoreMinecraft #100Days
I TRIED to Survive VR Hardcore Minecraft For 100 Days And This Is What Happened
Video Includes:
Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days
Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days Gameplay
Hardcore Minecraft VR Episode 1
Hardcore Minecraft VR Lets Play
Hardcore Minecraft VR
Hardcore Minecraft VR 100 Days
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Edited By WiseFish:

  • #Sponsored by Dragon City! Download f or FREE Today: dragoncity.onelink.me/DDHl/ForgeLab

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  • R.i.p egor

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  • Please do second part !

  • honestly if this were to become a better mod, make it so that the zombies drop rare items of every kind (except for bedrock ofc)

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  • Imagine if you could incorporate this mod with like tech guns or something which could make it a full zombie apocalypse

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  • This was a favorite of mine, it was so action packed and I actually could feel some type of anxiety or suspense after every mutation... keep up the awesome videos and keep them coming :D

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  • 200 days! 200 days! 200 days! 200 days!

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  • when this video got in reccomened i didnt watch the next day i was bored and click and watched fully and i was so proud i watch it because there is no better video then this.

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  • That zombie attack after he made it home, scared me so bad. This is as good as any movie.

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  • I love zombie hole 3.0

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  • Don't go out tonight zombies are bound to take your life, there's a blood moon on the rise

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  • Does that mod only provide vanilla weapon? I thought there are supposed military weapon on that military checkpoint

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    X ProjectX Project54 phút trước
  • So do you have to pay for Patreon to play this mod or do you get it from the links in the description? Or is the patreon specifically for this map and the buildings/stuff your friends made on it?

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  • “Just build a good base im the air”....but would this video be ANY entertaining doing so?

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  • Take a shot every time he says "A man [can/who/could/etc]" Other than that though, the commentary is pretty dry and uninteresting and the mod itself and it's progression is the draw of the video as opposed to the commentary

    SerigofSerigofGiờ trước
  • I think if you did 200 days then you should build something like an area that is full of quicksand and random holes of lava and then another layer of wall because the zombies could break blocks and also another thing in 200 days is that there’s a small chance that a blue moon will rise (I’ll get to that in a min) and each time the virus mutates, it only mutates every 15 days and the blue moon spawns zombies with more health and harder to hit, as in sometimes the sword will hit but their skin is too hard so each time the virus mutates the blue moon chance is higher and the zombies have slightly more health, that’s my suggestions for changes in 200 days. (If you do 200 days).... Please do 200 days :)

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