I SURVIVED 100 Days in a Post-Apocalyptic WASTELAND in HARDCORE

27 Th04, 2021
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I Survived 100 days in a post apocalyptic wasteland in HARDCORE. This was insanely difficult but also crazy fun. This is a new ORIGINAL 100 days challenge! This video was inspired by Forgelabs and LukeTheNotable.
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Mods used (forge):
Resource Pack
Tissou's Zombies
0:00 - intro
0:52 - Day 1-10
12:18 - Day 10-20
18:39 - Day 20-30
23:03 - Day 30-40
29:24 - Day 40-50
32:26 - Day 50-60
37:43 - Day 60-70
40:02 - Day 70-80
45:00 -Day 80-90
46:40 - Day 90-100
Video Includes:
Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days
Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days Gameplay

  • 💥200 DAYS COMING SOON💥 Inspired by ForgeLabs and LukeTheNotable

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    • Omg your vid is so good,and you got 2M views keep up(☆▽☆)

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    • Do 200 day and make the zombie mutated

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    • U said u need more people and babys count or maybe not

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    • Yes

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  • So all the food in minecraft must be dry because not once did he get a drop of moisture from eating

    Little TimmyLittle Timmy18 phút trước
  • The zombie jump scared me on the toilet

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  • Is it the person that survived in a zombie apocalypse with a blood moon

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  • The moment where u killed the baby villager- sheesh

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  • 19:00 music name ??

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  • Tbh I love your vids

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  • This guy voice is so cooL!!!!!!

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  • "New Subscriber I Like This Video 200 daysl

  • Little idiots keep respawning

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  • Zombie's egnore the sun soooo yeah you get it. Btw im from norway so i think i written egnore wrong.

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  • You changed thebthumbnail

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  • If you want more iron golems name them nin c a poop

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  • 26:54 "I don't even need exp, I just want the rotten flesh" I never thought in my life that I would hear someone playing minecraft say that

    HenrexHenrex2 giờ trước
  • A trap chest has a diffrent look from a chest

    SkogsoppSkogsopp2 giờ trước
  • man in 200 days will like the zombies become so powerful that they litterally one shot you and can catch up to you from like fifty blocks away because that would be crazy also loved this vid you are awsome

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  • You could've replaced the farmer in the cage with the nitwit you killed!

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  • "And together, they're morons" lol 🤣

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  • Mods nsme

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  • **people making mods about zombies** Phantoms: JUST FRICKING TRY TO NOT SLEEP FOR THREE DAYS

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  • Make slime slingshot

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  • people should make a mod where you can make food with special effects, such as spicy food to keep you warm for a certain period of time.

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  • at the start didnt he say that the zombies couldnt burn in daylight and could spawn in daylight as well?

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  • I see your full video

  • Part 2

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  • This is basically just fallout 4 but the bombs were more powerful and there's just more ghouls

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  • Ah yes torches will help decrease the spawn rate of zombies even tho they spawn during the day

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  • I know he has it tagged as United States for a reason like he might be an American, but Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland with the tag United. What are ya trying to hint at?

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  • When i saw he literally lit his fortress with torches WITH the zombie awareness mod i instantly knew he wasn't going to survive, this dude is simultaneously the dumbest and smartest person.

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    • @Beppo Yeah ,that was really entertaining, specially when you dropped tnt on that horde and their limbs just flew upwards, that was cinematic!

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    • But I did survive 😎

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    • I was getting a lot of hate for it being similar to forgelabs and it also had a low ctr so I’m experimenting

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