I Tried to be the MOST SUS Crewmate AGAIN For No Reason in Among Us

28 Th11, 2020
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Playing Among Us while trying to NOT be the most SUS crewmate ever... but I still ended up being SUPER suspicious for no reason! I played with Gloom, Scott, DanTDM, Sykkuno, Valkyrae, QuarterJade, Hafu, CouRage, OMGchad & ShowThyme.
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  • rip headphone users-

    xXdixillia_XxxXdixillia_Xx3 ngày trước
  • This is literally the best VIworld channel ever

    Lily MurrellLily Murrell4 ngày trước
  • Wow before I watched this video I checked how many subscribers Lauren had and it was 5.17 and then when I was finished with the video it’s 5.18 😂

    Emma MiserendinoEmma Miserendino6 ngày trước

    ElleryEllery6 ngày trước
  • The title: I tried to be the most sus. Lauren: What!? Why does this keep happening?! Me: Hm I wonder why

    Anderson HillAnderson Hill8 ngày trước
  • Lauren: * breath- Everyone: Okay Lauren you’re the imposter

    Amy GAmy G10 ngày trước
  • Syykuno: Lauren is sus Lauren: Why?And How? Syykuno: Well tbh I forgot Everyone: okay seems legit

    Amy GAmy G10 ngày trước
  • awsome

    Zenna QuillZenna Quill10 ngày trước
  • Dan at 5:24 was amazing Dan: well that’s unfortunate

    Sophia SeebothSophia Seeboth13 ngày trước
  • *Lauren just normally doing task* ,,body reported” Everyone expect Lauren:,,it’s lures for sure” ,,yeah”

    TeddieTeddie13 ngày trước
    • I meant Lauren

      TeddieTeddie13 ngày trước
  • Who else is watching this in 2021

    Random VideosRandom Videos13 ngày trước
  • Sykkuno is the CEO of standing on top of vents why is Lauren being sused by him for STANDING ON A VENT

    ellio Velez-reillyellio Velez-reilly13 ngày trước
  • :)

    draydonomgdraydonomg15 ngày trước
  • Lauren: **eats food** Scott: *sus*

    Steve DeVizorSteve DeVizor16 ngày trước
  • Where find sus shirt

    JustAkariJustAkari17 ngày trước
  • The faces Lauren makes when she runs away from bodies

    WittleNugWittleNug19 ngày trước
  • Hafu: I saw chad killing and walking away Dan: oh well that’s unfortunate Me: yup that really is

    Little RupelLittle Rupel21 ngày trước
  • Hi

    Darcey MooreDarcey Moore22 ngày trước
  • i love you so so so so much

    Emily GoodwinEmily Goodwin22 ngày trước
  • .    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •   ゚   laurenzsus was not An Impostor.  。 .   '    2 Impostors remain     。   ゚   .   . ,    .  .

    Dezarae HgggchdhfjtggmbbjjDezarae Hgggchdhfjtggmbbjj22 ngày trước
  • When sykkuno is sus suskuno

    Roslynn FergusonRoslynn Ferguson22 ngày trước
  • Lauren: I was in admin- Me: sWiPen tHe cArd bUt iT wOuLdEnT gO tHrOuGh I wAs sWiPeN tO hArD

    Devils MagikDevils Magik24 ngày trước
  • No one: Not even the imposter: Lauren: Runs away Scott: So you've chosen ejected.

    Light SaberLight Saber24 ngày trước
  • But who nos maybe she try different game and data ok

    T ChartrandT Chartrand24 ngày trước
  • Yeah

    T ChartrandT Chartrand24 ngày trước
  • When Lauren said she was in upper engine she was actually in lower engine

    Marco's TeamMarco's Team25 ngày trước
  • Have u told your freinds

    Carol GriffinCarol Griffin26 ngày trước
  • 10:46

    someone in somethingsomeone in something26 ngày trước
  • I don't like how everyone say she is sus

    thalia chambersthalia chambers26 ngày trước
  • ~Lauren chants “come on” as she glided across the touret in weapons asking to be murdered~

    Katie PicketteKatie Pickette28 ngày trước
    • lol

      Fnaf FanFnaf Fan27 ngày trước
    • 2:00

      Katie PicketteKatie Pickette28 ngày trước
  • She posted this when it was my birthday♥

    Kiyomi KraftsKiyomi Krafts28 ngày trước
  • I randomly found Lauren once and she makes me laugh more than any other youtuber

    catherine dorseycatherine dorsey29 ngày trước
  • Hi

    Leon GomezLeon GomezTháng trước
  • Hi.

    Day In a life time as RosieDay In a life time as RosieTháng trước
  • lauren should try being a 3rd imposter- •sees imposter kill and be friends with them/doesnt vote them off •stands still in one place •runs past body's •hides body's

    MaddieMaddieTháng trước
  • 😈😈😈

    mickey 99mickey 99Tháng trước
  • The dexter stuff ☺️🥰

    Reagan SpiveyReagan SpiveyTháng trước
  • Hi

    Princess JoannaPrincess JoannaTháng trước
  • Lauren: *Joins Lobby* Scott: Right that's sus get her off my ship.

    Nerdy GerlyNerdy GerlyTháng trước
  • Lauren: “WHY IS IT ALWAYS MEEEEEEE” Title of this video: I tried to be sus for no reason

    The avo qweensThe avo qweensTháng trước
  • Me this entire video: Poor Lauren

    Musical FanMusical FanTháng trước
  • Lauren the hack for the task you were talking about only works if you do it from upper engine. I love you videos btw and I am so happy for you and bobby!

    Vivi LeachVivi LeachTháng trước
  • Hi I like ravioli

    Sophia MerrymanSophia MerrymanTháng trước
  • LOL! Dan's "that's unfortunate." at 5:25 was the most British sentence in this video.

    Galaxy QueenGalaxy QueenTháng trước
  • Lauren’s face when chad killed her is me when I don’t get imposter

    DinoNåtēDinoNåtēTháng trước
  • I feel like Courage is always sooo sus when imp. 😆 🤣

    AvaLynn ParnellAvaLynn ParnellTháng trước
  • This is literally me whenever I play Among Us.

    Elizabeth FedericoElizabeth FedericoTháng trước
  • Thank you so much ☺️

    Sarah Al-DallalSarah Al-DallalTháng trước
  • Omg Lauren did you play with a girl named Lydia and than leave the game because if you did you played with me and the persons name was LaurenZsus just like you but if not people must be stealing your name!

    Mason OlandMason OlandTháng trước
  • Sykuno I dunno kinda sus

    Henry RoachHenry RoachTháng trước
  • 7:43 i think its Sykkuno he only trusts Rae when hes the imposter

    Brooklyn BenoitBrooklyn BenoitTháng trước
  • 10:24 the DVD sign hit the corner lol.

    WillieMeganKrischkeWillieMeganKrischkeTháng trước
  • Classic Lauren! You are so easy to be Sus! Haha!

    TheAngelSimmerTheAngelSimmerTháng trước
  • You should play hide and seek in among us!!

    Chellsea HolbrookChellsea HolbrookTháng trước
  • this game is clearly for bullies,they're clearly bullying laurenz

    alolanraichualolanraichuTháng trước
  • Why is there a black rectangle on the bottom of the screen?

    Lapis FoxLapis FoxTháng trước
  • Lauren talking to friends: *deep voice and serious* With us: HI Z SIDERSSS 🥺✌️✨

    ellaellaTháng trước
  • Lauren was in the bottom not top

    Glace vaporGlace vaporTháng trước
  • I was playing among us on my phone and i was standing in the Middle of the bodys

    Alexis DannelsAlexis DannelsTháng trước
  • Who else stayed up all night waiting for Lauren to upload......... or just me Btw I’m on my road to 40 subs it would mean the world if u could sub :)

    The Sunset HorseThe Sunset HorseTháng trước
  • Love u Lauren

    Galaxy WolfGalaxy WolfTháng trước
  • don’t be suspicious don’t be suspicious🎶

    F i r e P o t a t o e sF i r e P o t a t o e sTháng trước

  • I like how when Lauren tries to act sus she isn’t sus at all but when she actually tries she gets sussed- XD

    beansbeansTháng trước
  • Its funny how in 2020 friendly animal crossing used to be very popular. But now its a game about killing people

    Rhonda Tallent LunsfordRhonda Tallent LunsfordTháng trước
  • When your imposter, you can see if the other imposter kills if your kill button flickers. Your welcome!

    ImaRando PersonImaRando PersonTháng trước
  • Anybody else realise that Lauren and Dan are the only mama and papas

    Chris FlanaganChris FlanaganTháng trước
  • I dare you to do a video of not talking the whole time apart from us-

    MoodxymousesMoodxymousesTháng trước
  • Once I was playing with my friends among us and I got crewmate after a few Impostor games. I accidently said: " Great now I'm not a crewmate" Instead of now I'm a crewmate and they voted me

    Iz Mr Cuddles boiIz Mr Cuddles boiTháng trước
  • React to sister located turn human

    strawberry Sharonstrawberry SharonTháng trước
  • Get your Lauren your not muted merch today!

    Leonard FiorilliLeonard FiorilliTháng trước
  • i was having a REALLY BAD bay and this video made me cry a little less, thank you lauren! :) (explaining at 1 like)

    Plushie PlaysPlushie PlaysTháng trước
  • 4:22 ah yes the green cup that blends with the green screen

    Inko MidoriyaInko MidoriyaTháng trước
  • Ho

    Chocolate CakeChocolate CakeTháng trước
  • sus, in my language means ,,up'' And Lauren kept saying she is UP XD Lauren as a ghost I AM UP XD

    Karma_ DragonKarma_ DragonTháng trước

    Travels by PhanTravels by PhanTháng trước
  • When Lauren said “Because your sussing me for trying to get away from you” the captions said”Because your assaulting me for trying to get away from you” I am now scared

    Madelyn PriceMadelyn PriceTháng trước
  • React to sister located turn human

    strawberry Sharonstrawberry SharonTháng trước
  • Lauren always sus

    Scarlett MayhewScarlett MayhewTháng trước
  • I literally played among us with Lauren! She joined my lobby, and played a couple games and actually talked to me in chat. I shouldn't be fan girl-ing this much, but I totally am

    Annabeth ChaseAnnabeth ChaseTháng trước
  • Once someone said how do you fake task and he faked medbay but he was innocent 😂😂😂

    eg gamingeg gamingTháng trước
  • React to sister located turn human

    strawberry Sharonstrawberry SharonTháng trước
  • React to sister located turn human

    strawberry Sharonstrawberry SharonTháng trước
  • *“Lauren your not muted”*

    Heather n AbbyHeather n AbbyTháng trước
  • Someone tell me why there's always a black bar at the bottom in her among us videos

    pj curtispj curtisTháng trước
  • You should also do 1iq in among us

    Michele McPhersonMichele McPhersonTháng trước
  • ...ii feel weird and dumb

    Erich HallErich HallTháng trước
  • Last week I had exams every subject a day and I didn't even open a book since the beginning of the year and finally the week is over and I'm watching your videos I'm Sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy

    Saga AhmedSaga AhmedTháng trước
  • I love ur vids omggggg there amazing I wanna be in a among us vid

    Killua_ zoldyckKillua_ zoldyckTháng trước
  • 5:20 I love how dan just goes "that was unfortunate" XD

    Amy CarterAmy CarterTháng trước
  • I SUBSCRIBED!!!! I LOVE YOUR vids! please show me in the video please...

    Cpt JbudCpt JbudTháng trước
  • She either dies first or gets sused first ndndndnsndjsj

    Magda ZwolskaMagda ZwolskaTháng trước
  • Congratulations for 5 million subscribers

    ShezShezTháng trước
  • no one: hafu:i think its reeeeeeeeedddddd

    Katlynn BaileyKatlynn BaileyTháng trước
  • Don't be suspicious don't be suspicious Lauren was ejected because she is suspicious Stop being SUS lauren

    ClownyCookieUvUClownyCookieUvUTháng trước
  • I have to say I hate hafu..

    -Finny--Finny-Tháng trước
  • Poor Lauren

    annabell jaegersaannabell jaegersaTháng trước
  • first Lauren gets killed ever round now she’s being voted out every round

    Carli OlsenCarli OlsenTháng trước
  • i keep forgetting lauren is pregnant

    Gaming and Stuff with JGaming and Stuff with JTháng trước
  • Stay unmuted when you’re crew and say something like, Cassie (or anyone you’re playing with that’s still alive) lets do a double kill! Try to make it seem like you’re being genuine and that will make you look really sus

    Galaxy WolfGalaxy WolfTháng trước