I UNLOCKED DIAMOND LAUNCHERS and I'm never going to use them again

28 Th11, 2020
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  • Jev how did you get your rapid kills dude...Using the Cigma in hardcore literally makes me wanna headbut a power saw

    Venom KryptzVenom Kryptz3 ngày trước
  • RPG is horrible it’s so hard to shoot down a UAV

    Vonte BoyyyVonte Boyyy5 ngày trước
  • Flak jacket is so overpowered

    Zay K47Zay K4710 ngày trước
  • Use them for one game so ppl know how flex you are.

    alex marsdenalex marsden12 ngày trước
  • I've done shotguns with plauge and those crit kills just nah

    LatestLatest13 ngày trước
  • 3:11 why u gassed? U just said u already got diamond

    RECTO RectoRECTO Recto13 ngày trước
  • League play in Cold War is the worst idea I've ever heard of. Who wants more SBMM?

    MagnumTriumphMagnumTriumph15 ngày trước
  • Chatting

    Glizzy GaryGlizzy Gary16 ngày trước
  • Play zombies

    Reuben StevensReuben Stevens18 ngày trước
  • This guy says you know to see what the pros are doing like bruh your in faze

    Mc CommanderMc Commander19 ngày trước
  • Hey Jev, just wanted to say I love the way you commentate. It feels like we’re just having a conversation with someone right next to us, which is especially nice during this lonely pandemic. Just wanted to thank you cause I’m high af and it’s awesome to feel like I have a homie next to me talking about games and shit.

    AkTonAkTon29 ngày trước
  • I can’t wait to finish the Dark Aether grind, because at that point I’m gonna get multiple camos at once just by playing normally instead of crouching with a 5mw laser getting hip-fire-headshots

    URBN SurvivalistURBN SurvivalistTháng trước
  • this is yes

    VidonicleVidonicleTháng trước
  • I finished the launchers so watched your vid but then I realized I’m going to get analy railed tommarow when I start on the noob tube

    Shane DuffyShane DuffyTháng trước
  • "I unlocked dark matter but my son won't stop crying"

    samsamTháng trước
  • How did ppl get that Milano skin?

    WartgodzWartgodzTháng trước
  • do you really need to make 10 jumpcuts every sentence?

    nonoTháng trước
  • did u do the double kills with the cigma in core or hardcore?

    Adrián CastroAdrián CastroTháng trước
  • does jev smoke weed

    Brody CarruthersBrody CarruthersTháng trước
  • 6:15 lobby was a dozzy

    Scarecrow the BeastScarecrow the BeastTháng trước
  • Bro the M79 was the annoying one for me but I got over it good luck lol

    Wyatt ZimmermmanWyatt ZimmermmanTháng trước
  • This is the definition of sbmm I played 6 games of nuke town dom first three I have three games of getting 50 kills+ then the next three games I go like 25 and 20 😔

  • If getting diamond launchers was a nightmare for jev, it's gonna be like Cthulhu is taking a shit on my house

    PenguNoahPenguNoahTháng trước
  • "I unlocked dark matter but I just had taco bell so now i have a different dark matter'

    xd lonely hobbitxd lonely hobbitTháng trước
  • XM4 damage is cheeks bro 😭

    Dean BrownDean BrownTháng trước
  • “I got Diamond Launchers and I’m never using them again” Obsidian 2.0: “Let me introduce myself...”

    Mister SleepyheadMister SleepyheadTháng trước
  • Smash like botton for more videos

    Bryan RicoBryan RicoTháng trước
  • Huge kudos to you. Don’t know how you manage to get launcher diamond but you did it. Flak jacket is way toooooo op

    JSMJSMTháng trước

    Jacob HerlJacob HerlTháng trước
  • Bro i gave up on that the m76 think it is I can't do it I'm going for the zombies camp then I'll go for multiplers

    J0nny317J0nny317Tháng trước
  • I’m doing my best trying to get dark aether and it’s pretty difficult. Especially the elite elims

    Elw TitantronsElw TitantronsTháng trước
  • I struggle with getting one weapon to gold and this guy..

    Nazar NadirovichNazar NadirovichTháng trước
  • Buy pizza rolls and mtn dew for more xp

    Tucker NiemiTucker NiemiTháng trước
  • Does he not use stim shot

    Aiden AcostaAiden AcostaTháng trước
  • FFAR is more difficult to unlock gold on than the launchers, don’t @ me

    w y a t t ww y a t t wTháng trước
  • *Plays Cold War VIworld: warface

    actually nobodyactually nobodyTháng trước
  • What cod is it

    I.simp.for.panda_ High420I.simp.for.panda_ High420Tháng trước
  • “I finally UNLOCKED Dark Matter, but humans now live on Mars...”

    LxllbiesLxllbiesTháng trước
  • "I got darkmatter but my great grandkids do too"

    Ahmad PashaAhmad PashaTháng trước
  • Is it me or does his beard looking 10 times better than it used to?

    MJRMJRTháng trước
  • You have no life

    I don’t even knowI don’t even knowTháng trước
    • @Vincent Montejo doesn’t matter still bent

      I don’t even knowI don’t even knowTháng trước
    • Well this is his job and we’re in quarantine

      Vincent MontejoVincent MontejoTháng trước
  • Go get some sleep

    Mirzabekov BrothersMirzabekov BrothersTháng trước
  • how do you feel about hardcore this year? they kinda made it ass.

    Macdad18Macdad18Tháng trước
  • Yo he better come back he BETTER I ain't waiting another day

    Jr zombieJr zombieTháng trước
  • “I GOT DARK MATTER but I’m too broken to play anymore” or “I FINISHED THE GRIND but I broke my controller at the end.”

    PrephisPrephisTháng trước
  • It’s crazy to me that after all these years he still can’t brake 1000 dislikes and that’s amazing

    Matthew RogersMatthew RogersTháng trước
  • You okay, Jev? We miss you 😢

    DangerisinuDangerisinuTháng trước
  • Jev, buddy. Did you die?

    Royal RidingRoyal RidingTháng trước
  • Multiplayer dark matter in cold war is just haptic from bo3 blackmarket:/

    Haise sasakiHaise sasakiTháng trước
  • What are you’re settings

    RixoRixoTháng trước
  • I'm a zobies player mainly but I have to come to multiplayer to level up my wepons faster

    Fiery demonFiery demonTháng trước
  • challenge accepted : bring back fist me daddy

    Lucas MesaLucas MesaTháng trước
  • Man you're views are popping off

    Wasi AlviWasi AlviTháng trước
  • took me near 8 damn hours to max the damn mp5 off pure tdm

    dead pikmindead pikminTháng trước
  • Challenge accepted:play on keyboard and mouse for a day with max sensitivity

    F4de 4ndrewF4de 4ndrewTháng trước
  • When Jev has the time, we gotta see him play the campaign, it's a masterpiece

    JumpyJumpyTháng trước

    My names DillanMy names DillanTháng trước
  • jev are you ok ;c

    MatoYTMatoYTTháng trước
  • Bro wheres jev at he hasn't uploaded

    Gil 1Gil 1Tháng trước
  • Lmao Jev is dead bro 😂

    ThatWeirdKidThatWeirdKidTháng trước
    • And by dead I mean that he hasn’t uploaded in 2 days

      ThatWeirdKidThatWeirdKidTháng trước
  • Jev : i post every day Me being bored i want to see more jev content

    Ibrahim AlmahmoudIbrahim AlmahmoudTháng trước
  • I love when jev talks ab ufc bc I don’t know what he’s talking ab but I still want to listen

    AkumpoAkumpoTháng trước
  • Challenge Accepted: Play For Honor Again :)

    Mark MiyadiMark MiyadiTháng trước
  • challenge accepted: play miles moralas spider man

  • He talks more about the ufc than cod 😞 at times I'm confused asf

    benjamin lopezbenjamin lopezTháng trước
  • I have been UNLOCKED DARK MATTER but all of mankind lives on the moon now ...

    Rxcky PxnguinRxcky PxnguinTháng trước
  • “ double XP is over so I actually have to work hard “

    DopeSmokeKingbud 2kDopeSmokeKingbud 2kTháng trước
  • Do more Requis

    Psychocreepr !Psychocreepr !Tháng trước
  • How did you do it HELP ME

    MichaelMichaelTháng trước
  • Play zombies because your views will go 📈📈📈

    JJ53talmanJJ53talmanTháng trước
  • Who else wants mk11 back because jev missed a lot and I want to see more mk11

    supersmash kidsupersmash kidTháng trước
  • No upload in 2 days he died

    xGSx CitrusxGSx CitrusTháng trước
  • I really do like watching Warface videos.

    Henry WilsonHenry WilsonTháng trước
  • there are 4 kinds of jev 1. Goku Jev 2.Depressed Jev 3.Beanie Jev 4.Aumish Beard Jev

  • What happened to darth

    savege Penguinsavege PenguinTháng trước
  • everyone you gotta go to 4:06 and put playback speed to 0.25. what is going on with the guys legs who jumped off the deck 😂 legs were all types of messed up

    Guy Who Killed UGuy Who Killed UTháng trước
  • Jev hasn’t posted in over 2 days...I’m worried😔

    glvz.z 1glvz.z 1Tháng trước
    • Give him a break

      BrutusrobieBrutusrobieTháng trước
  • this mans jev is drinking a mexican drink

    ZxphyrZxphyrTháng trước
  • Can you do a ufc 4 REQUIS series

    Talib HarrellTalib HarrellTháng trước
  • I think Jev has died from diamond camo since he hasn't uploaded in a few days

    TreyarchTreyarchTháng trước
    • @Jody Lewis i killed him

      Nick SjaakieNick SjaakieTháng trước
    • Finally someone is saying something I’m worried

      Jody LewisJody LewisTháng trước
  • The krig I been saying it shoots like the kn94

    beastman04beastman04Tháng trước
  • Hd

    Abraheem SaeedAbraheem SaeedTháng trước
  • I made the decision to get diamond launchers on release. Worst idea I've had for a minute.

    GrnwoGrnwoTháng trước
  • Here’s a little tip with the FFAR, play 24/7 nuke town core , I got it gold in 3 hours (with double xp). To get long shots lay down near the end of the side of the Map where there is a little metal thingy at spawn, to get kill enemy behind cover you can shoot someone behind a house window (you can also get long shots that way but it’s less consistent) . You can play core or hardcore but this helped me get the worst ar gold in only 3 hours.

    Real HazzardReal HazzardTháng trước
  • Zombies just levels you up faster, sorry to tell you jev

    Dave DepazDave DepazTháng trước
  • Hope they keep nerfing snipers

    Dave DepazDave DepazTháng trước
    • If they make ADS faster and add freaking flinch it’ll be balanced. It’s just because there’s no flinch and that’s annoying af

      Nick SjaakieNick SjaakieTháng trước
    • What u want them to nerf the most underpowered weapons

      Jayden JenkinsJayden JenkinsTháng trước
  • I am Walter White

    00000000Tháng trước
    • Give me meth

      Nick SjaakieNick SjaakieTháng trước
    • Give me meth

      Jayden JenkinsJayden JenkinsTháng trước
  • Im so excited for khamzat and Leon im praying it doesn't fall through like the past few fight nights and ufc events

    Stephan NguyenStephan NguyenTháng trước
  • Hi Jev! I won't torment you for long! please! show your Cod: MW 2019 settings!!!!! I watched a lot of your videos, but I didn't find them! the graphics are cool and very bright! maybe you're using the Nvidia filters? your graphics in the game are very juicy and rich in colors! I don't know how to do the same as you. do you have a guide about this somewhere? I will not remain in debt!

    Gamer FilGamer FilTháng trước
    • He plays Cold War not MW

      Jayden JenkinsJayden JenkinsTháng trước
  • Jev did u know that moby dick Is $645

    YouTube CuzYouTube CuzTháng trước
  • jev can you please take a shower now

    XI FlynterXI FlynterTháng trước
  • Missing the DEMI GOD rn

    Malik WestMalik WestTháng trước
  • Sexy beard

    Christian TamayoChristian TamayoTháng trước
  • G

    loserloserTháng trước
  • I really wana know why people don’t just buy a bag of Cold War Doritos because they can just get double xp from that you should try that jev

    OgilowOgilowTháng trước
    • I got double xp from jacklinks jerky

      ImplexxImplexxTháng trước
  • What zero 🐱 does to a man

    Wydstep BroWydstep BroTháng trước
    • He’s married so he won’t need any other pussy other then his wife’s but if u weren’t talking about pussy then idk what u r talking about

      Jayden JenkinsJayden JenkinsTháng trước
  • ahh yes warface my favorite game

    _ShiroSarcazmGod __ShiroSarcazmGod _Tháng trước
  • Jev daddy you haven’t posted in 2 days, are you fucking dead?

    • He’s back

      Splash MangoSplash MangoTháng trước
    • Yes i killed him lmao

      Nick SjaakieNick SjaakieTháng trước
    • He better not miss another day I can’t take this

      MacBookMacBookTháng trước
    • Came back to say the same thing Lmaoo

      Splash MangoSplash MangoTháng trước
  • Is my boy jev drinking Ronas

    Redneck Sh*tRedneck Sh*tTháng trước
  • looks like cold war gave him burnout

    56 Nights56 NightsTháng trước
    • Nope i killed him

      Nick SjaakieNick SjaakieTháng trước