I Wore Trisha Paytas Clothes For A Week!

21 Th04, 2020
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I had so much fun making this video over the span of the last two months. Thank you to trish for letting me borrow her clothes!! I hope you are all safe and doing ok. Love you.
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  • From the bottom of my heart my intention always has been and always will be to make videos to make people laugh and be entertained. I know for a lot of people this video has crossed a line- and I am truly sorry for anyone who has felt negatively from my actions and I hear you and see you. I will always do my best to take your feedback and show you that I really do care. And I know mental health is so sensitive and personal to every individual including me, and I’m sorry for my actions affecting you and will take full responsibility for that and hope to do better for you in the future. As for a timeline- we filmed with Trisha before any stay at home orders were in place. I stayed at my apartment alone for 25 days to make sure I wouldnt get my family sick, then came to stay with them. This was filmed over the course of a few weeks. Also I see a lot of people saying their comments are being deleted- I appreciate and understand your feedback and value your feelings and haven’t deleted any comments. VIworld filters through what the top comments are so people have new comments to read. I hope you know my heart was in the right place, and I will take accountability for anyone who I have negatively impacted. I’m sorry, I love you, and I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. ❤️

    Morgan AdamsMorgan Adams5 tháng trước
    • The nasa get up is MY FAV on her esp looks PHENOMENAL😍💜🔫🚀

      Suzette wolffSuzette wolff4 ngày trước
    • Morgan Adams what brand is the orange space suite ? Anyone know

      Symer CrossSymer Cross20 ngày trước
    • @That One Girl Bre she can be friends with who ever she wants, leave her alone everyone.

      Dawid ASMRDawid ASMR2 tháng trước
    • Hunn 10:16 you are human Viagra!!!!

      RabbixRabbix2 tháng trước
    • I honestly still don’t understand why there was so much drama over this video. It was just meant to be fun and funny.

      rentenrenten3 tháng trước
  • Yes orange jumpsuit

    Ruby RudolphRuby Rudolph2 ngày trước
  • how similar Shane and Morgan are is ridiculous

    hope anglehope angle5 ngày trước
  • 18:09 Shane's creep. Ryland: ugh...She called me her daddy. Shane: haha, I liked that!

    Anna TairovaAnna Tairova5 ngày trước
  • morgan-yes let me put handsantiser on my GLOVE !!!!!!!!!! /:

    Tara WatkinsTara Watkins6 ngày trước
  • Morgan is Queen 👑❤️

    Aesthetic_ramenAesthetic_ramen6 ngày trước
  • 11:20 MEE! Also you look great in that outfit!

    ShainaShaina7 ngày trước
  • Lol yeah just throw the weeds 5 feet away to discourse their seeds even more and they can grow back with 10 times as many

    TT9 ngày trước
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    Janet BaldwinJanet Baldwin9 ngày trước
  • Tbh kinda bored watching time Ryland did it better😑 I really wish siblings would stop trying to copy each other

    Lizz 420Lizz 42010 ngày trước
  • Tisha is honestly so cute

    Tuesday Rochel'leTuesday Rochel'le10 ngày trước
  • 14:31 she screams exactly like ryland 😂

    Blake BinghamBlake Bingham12 ngày trước
  • You looked like a rich barbie doll in outfit 3! Cuuuute

    KatKat12 ngày trước
  • im not tryna sound weird but morgan has a nice body i wish i had one like that >:(

    egirlegirl13 ngày trước
  • The fact that shan is just rapped in a tortilla blanket is everything

    Alice McDilda-AtchisonAlice McDilda-Atchison13 ngày trước
  • You have a nice shape , you are lucky and all natural

    Lo nyLo ny13 ngày trước
  • Didn’t kian and jc did a video in that home or am I tripping

    Yakelin SanchezYakelin Sanchez13 ngày trước
  • Ryland falling and then saying he’s cancelled is too funny omg I love him

    Amber LiddicoatAmber Liddicoat14 ngày trước
  • I REALLY WONDER WHY YOU SAID “can I have a Mexican quesadilla”if toco Bell is nothing like Mexican food.... I think only Mexicans will understand the frustration.!

    Sandy MojicaSandy Mojica14 ngày trước
  • When Morgan keeps saying she’s not pretty and I’m over here like “uh no???” Such a beautiful girl ❤️🥰

    BoopBoop14 ngày trước

    Lida PannerLida Panner15 ngày trước
  • um. tacobell is homophobic

    Liz. exeLiz. exe21 ngày trước
  • Love you Morgan 💕💕💕

    Samantha FloresSamantha Flores23 ngày trước
  • you looks amazing in orange

    grey mwagrey mwa25 ngày trước
  • Haha that space suit is actually bumpin ✌🏻

    Sian ConnockSian ConnockTháng trước
  • I cried when I heard Shane. Like I feel like I haven’t heard him in forever :( his voice made me feel better. Love you Morgan sorry to make this comment about Shane but just missed seeing Shane :( We miss you an love you Shane! 💕

    Bubblez R UsBubblez R UsTháng trước
  • When ryland was taking the trash in/out in heels made me think of when my mom asks me to do that...so I jusst through on random shoes

    Jodi MayfieldJodi MayfieldTháng trước
  • ryland: they discontinued the taco salad 😪 morgan: there are people literally dying

    Emmalie RamdeoEmmalie RamdeoTháng trước
  • I think Morgan would look fabulous in tube tops, based on that first outfit.

    MelissaMelissaTháng trước
  • I love how when Morgan is driving the car she keeps stopping fast and it sounds like she’s about to make an excuse but then she stops cause it’s her fault lmfaooooo

    Skye La LaSkye La LaTháng trước
  • 17:45 omg who remembers Andrews morganchella shirt

    Skye La LaSkye La LaTháng trước
  • Your look is straight up GORGEOUS😍

    Jakob HanssenJakob HanssenTháng trước
  • Lol I have the same blanket as Shane and it's like the third most precious thing to me that I own

    Ashe MarlowAshe MarlowTháng trước
  • Are we not gonna talk about how Shane said he liked when Morgan called ryland daddy...

    zoey sabbatinozoey sabbatinoTháng trước
  • After this video I’m only where bulky shoes at peoples houses.

    zoey sabbatinozoey sabbatinoTháng trước
  • people be too sensitive now. comedy is dead

    yomamalovemustachesyomamalovemustachesTháng trước
  • You are lovely v

    Sue HarigSue HarigTháng trước
  • Creepy Shane saying 'I liked it'..

    ZoSoArtZoSoArtTháng trước
  • pause on 10:43 lmao

    shininqmillsshininqmillsTháng trước
  • Those legs !! 😍🔥🍓

    Roxanna AlcaláRoxanna AlcaláTháng trước