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The VIIth Legion of Space Marines.
First Founding Chapter
The lore of how they stand today. Mush history has been covered in the playlist/trilogy of videos concerning their Primarch, Rogal Dorn, the Praetorian of Terra.
An extended story 'Siege of Conqueror's Ruin' is contained to highlight their character.
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Rogal Dorn - Praetorian of Terra Act 1:
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Superanchors Plays (Rogal Dorn from TTS)

  • Dear gentle listeners, well, I can only hope this was worth the wait. It did take an inordinate amount of time to put together and I have had zero time off and long days doing it. Just to explain that there may just be light bites for the next week. I sincerely hope you enjoy the show. Patron Link: Donations towards future productions : Rogal Dorn - Praetorian of Terra Act 1: Chapter Master Valrak: Ki MacKenzie: Superanchors Plays (Rogal Dorn from TTS)

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    • Amazing. One of the best yet.

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    • Baldermort , thank you for this video and all the work that went into it. I like alot of your subscribers am a long time hobbyist of the 40K genre. There are many people i enjoy listening to , there are many authors i enjoy reading when it comes to Warhammer 40K and the Stories of the Astarte's specifically. In no way am i over stating this , that at the age of 41 , this audio video was the most enjoyable and easy listening of lore and fan fiction i have ever had the privilege of listening to , let alone taking the time out to enjoy the artwork. It is currently the 30/03/2021 when i watched this video , finishing at 0520. Thank you again , for the effort , the writing , the story boarding you must of done , the collaboration with fellow enthusiast .. just all of it. My day is made better beyond my meager grasp of the language to explain. -Thought for the day- In the toils of our betters do we learn the first steps of humility and appreciation to so better ourselves for others to do the same

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    • Just found your channel, astonishingly good work. Genuinely blown away!

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    • how many people did the voices do you have a team of voice guys, this video was truly amazing and if its fan made this should be officially on audible as official content, god lord this is epic

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    • Thanks a lot for your dedication! Great work!

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  • The best part of this video was learning that the Imperial Fists First, sit around in a room every couple of 100 years debating a new name, just to pick whatever person/foe they want to meme on with their new name

    Rohan NarayananRohan Narayanan8 giờ trước
  • To be honest I think the imperium would have been long gone if Rogal had been in charge. He’s my favorite primarch, but Guilliman was the only one who put his personal feelings behind him, and did whatever he could for humanity. Sure he has made mistakes but he is aware of that and acknowledges that. The other loyalist primarchs like Rogal disappeared on foolish crusades of vengeance, dooming the imperium for 10 thousand years.

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  • Imperial fists are just the Kevin Mcallister of warhammer

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    • Home alone? Bwahahahahahaahahah! Can I nick that? Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha¬!!!¬¬!!!!!!

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  • This was surprisingly awesome. I just subscribed. 👍👍👍

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  • I am a big fan of Dawn and Guillamen. I suspect they were as close as any two other Primarchs possibly could be. Love their Legions. Really good story dude. Enjoyed it a lot.

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  • Masterful story telling at it's best,bravo !!!

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  • "I am not a block of ceramite father, I am a living being."

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  • Impressive. I like most lore except for that love for zombie on throne. Praising some emperor for amazing deeds yet nobody talks about those deeds like he did absolutely nothing and all that forced love is just huge scam. Did emperor rly do nothing?

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  • The Music on this is perfect.

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  • Fukin Brilliant Baldy

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  • Soooo their basically the closest to being actual "soldier's", and infrastructure engineer's in term's of demeanor and discipline.

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  • I am fortifying my subscription.

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  • Thank you for bringing to life this universe that we al share.

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  • And once agine Sir Baldermort You have gone above and beyond the call !!! and I thank you ,,Sir.

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  • if you have a world defended by the fists and a contingent force of might as well just pick another planet to invade lol.

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  • What is the source of background graphics?

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  • Awesome video I couldn’t hit subscribe fast enough

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  • This was amazing man I got that lost in the story I managed to finish my weirdboy. Lol not a marine sorry about that

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    • Oh no. A weird boy completed is a thing of wonder. :)

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  • This voxcast publicae is now Alpha prioris

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  • GW may have created this universe, but brother Baldermort shows it to us! Amazing video man 👍👍

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  • Incredibly well done. I love this video.

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  • Psions if Redemption... I like that name. *Turns dials on box 😁 Now, had the Imperium been forged in the image of Rogal? Well, it would blaze across the hell of the warp like a hellblazer for his is the face of a Constantine.

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    • @Baldermort's Guide to Warhammer the show wasn't too bad, although it does deviate from the comics a bit as tends to happen.

      Philip DruryPhilip Drury11 ngày trước
    • What, Conjob? Nah. Gotta love Constantine. (Comics. Not seen show yet).

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  • Rogal Dorn was the strongest primarch. He had the strength to carry his fathers broken body to the golden throne. It makes sense his sons have the strength to carry the weight the emperors dreams

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  • Absolutely fantastic!!! I now have a sudden urge to order loads of Averland Sunset 😂

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  • 👍🏼👍🏼

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  • "Fecal matter has no mental capacity. You need not fortify against it."

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  • Also: for some reason final song on YT has a lot of 'fortifying done in comment section' :D

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  • If Rogal would've been the Regent instead of Roboute, it would have been like a turtling Protoss. There's nothing scarier than a turtling Protoss in SC2 because once it moves nothing can stop it (except Serral).

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  • When I thought about starting a new army I found this video about the imperial fists and it not only changed my view on the fists but also turned them into my new favorite chapter and my new army. Thx for your wonderful and inspiring vids and for expanding the knowledge off all watching you with such a wonderful style!

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  • Special powers..........holding a seige. Also, living up to a Primarch who was so unbending that he took his greatest son and disowned him for his devotion and farsightedness. . Tits.

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  • Thank you

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  • And to think when I first got into the hobby I didn’t get into the fists because I don’t like the color yellow. Now they are easily my favorite chapter

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  • I am fortifying my knowledge

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  • That was an amazing 2+ hours,I really enjoyed it. words cant express and also I don't care what the canon is, but Superanchor will always be the canon Rogal for me.

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  • a tip for your videos, a beta type translator would be very welcome

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  • Some heretic: This video sucks. Rogal Dorn: No.

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  • Ultramarine here, love what you’re doing.

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  • Love it. Love it. Love it!!!!

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  • Everytime I watch this intro!! goose!! bumps

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  • This is actually very very good. Listened to a few audiobooks and other youtubers. You sir, put them all to shame

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  • Dorns Imperium: Taco Tuesday

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  • Fantastic!!!

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  • Chills, whenever you start reading I get chills. Incredible job, thanks for all the effort to bring us this fantastic video

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  • Imperial Fists.....Masters of the Turtling strategy from RTS games.

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  • 36:14 I think we've found Rogal guys...

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  • 1:16:20

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  • I think we all know, that Leman Russ should have taken over the Imperium and not Dorn or Papa Smurf.

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  • That sergeant sounds suspiciously like Dorn.

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    • IT was.

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  • Please, do Night Lords lore in that fasion. This is Just perfect

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  • Imagine a heavy lasgun being implemented by the imperial fists in case of situations where ammunition conservation is paramount.

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  • Painting my Imperial Fists and listening to Baldy wax poetic 'bout my Defenders will always be my favorite thing to do in the off time.

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  • At this rate you could start selling actual books that would probably surpass the black library's content in a few years

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  • Does it make me gay if I want to swap out my fiance's voice with yours? Yall this is a serious question!

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  • You have earned my subscription

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  • 13 hour shift... listened twice. Liked it even better second time.

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  • Yes, no, Yes, no.....time up. HAHAHA, awesome

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  • Thank you! I was a wonderful Ride!

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  • As for the point of whether or not it was good Guillaman was a good leader, I think the major issue is that Guillaman didn’t remain to guide the Imperium after being struck down by Fulgrim. I think if he had survived the last 10,000 years the imperium would not have fallen into decay and regression. In fact, when he returned he recognised certain errors he had made and changed the law and his previous directives. My own personal homebrew chapter is descended from Dorn, but they are even more closely aligned to the Ultramarines and Salamanders. They both favour fortification and governance, alongside highly disciplined fighting methods. So despite being Dornian, they revere both Guillaman and Dorn. They don’t see Guillaman, nor any Primarch but the traitors, to be at blame for the state of the Imperium. And to that end, blame is meaningless. The Imperium is as it is. All that can be done is one’s duty to Mankind and the God-Emperor.

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  • What an incredible video....I’m honestly awestruck!

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  • I like how the title is soo straight forward

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  • "Primarch, Progenitor - To your glory, and the glory of Him on Earth" Great video ! Honours greatly the first 40k army that I collect.

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  • These are so good. Great narrative that really captures the character of the chapter. Well done sir!

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  • This was one of the best 40k video's i have ever seen , from anyone.

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  • what would have happened if Dorn, not Horus fell #DornianHereasy

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  • only you dearest badlemord can take the most boring Legion/chapter and make a 2 hours captivating video. i rly hope GW see this and ask u to do an official audio book. the constant change between the history and, as u say existing wisdom,is so softly and masterfully made. congrats!!

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    • Thanks for such generosity of spring brother. Thank you. :£.

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  • As a loyal son of Macragge a have no choice but to side with my primarch but I can not deny the aspect of Dorn as lord commander but that is for a different imperium but I wish my imperial fist cousins would see greatness in ultramarine as we see in all of the sons of Dorn our difference makes us great

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  • I would love to see a similar video based on salamanders lore. They are one of my favorite founding Legions, and I feel they don't get the respect they deserve...

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  • I'm ready! Curled up in bed with a big smile for this

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    • Hope you enjoyed. :)

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  • What is that song during the credits? That was so friggin good.

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  • *EPIC*

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  • Ask yes or no questions so I can say "Noohh"

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  • "Value loyalty above all else"

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  • This is awesome! Subbing

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  • I hear Rogal Dorn is commanding his sons from beneath his centurion armor.

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  • Anyone else think Rogal Dorn looks like Soldier 76???

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  • At "taunt procedures" i just imagined an imperial fist doing fortnight dances on top of huge walls.

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  • I normaly don't write comments, .... but by the emperor. This might be one of the best 2½ hours i have ever spent watching a video or anything else. Brilliant video. edit: spelling error

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  • This does show that even though their populace was great at working together, great at leadership and getting the best out of its still relied on an army to protect it, for even with their beliefs and values in abundance...there was still a need for those who would fight and could fight.

    Chris BennettChris BennettTháng trước
    • @Baldermort's Guide to Warhammer There is one but the deterrents of others still protect them. As long as there are varied opinions,cultures,,ideals and diversity there will be chaos therefore battles,no matter how minute.

      Chris BennettChris BennettTháng trước
    • Of course. Is there a nation that hasn’t needed a deterrent? An army?

      Baldermort's Guide to WarhammerBaldermort's Guide to WarhammerTháng trước
  • Fist! 👊\ '_'/👊 Not first! Lol (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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  • Great video Baldermont... the's story telling is great and the lore is delicious.

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  • if L.size = 0 return null largest ← L[0] for each item in L, do if item > largest, then largest ← item return largest

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  • I don't care what GW says, this story is now canon!

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  • I hear the voice of my primarch in the voice of that sergeant. True son of Rogal Dorn that one.

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  • I am so glad you are adding soundafixs with the readings.

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    • Because it is. In the credits and everything.

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  • A great video about the greatest of the legion! Praise the sons of Dorn!

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