Insomniac's Spider-Man is Truly Superior

22 Th09, 2018
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Marvel's Spider-man on PS4 isn't just the best Spider-Man GAME ever. It's the best Spider-Man story in any medium. It's not perfect, but it nails everything it needs to.
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    Sebastian HoganSebastian Hogan17 ngày trước
  • Watching this makes me SERIOUSLY miss the old Spider-Man’s face

    Kyle Matthew RevillaKyle Matthew Revilla29 ngày trước
  • cliche average self promotion. I’m a small channel just trying to grow a little, I make videos on comic book movies and I’d appreciate it if anyone would check my channel out

    CB MeLLoCB MeLLo3 tháng trước
  • Otto Octavius in this game is so well done. You know he's gonna become a villain, and yet you spend the whole time just praying he doesn't become a villain. You expect it, but it still hurts

    OhHecking FrickOhHecking Frick4 tháng trước
  • Finally someone giving this game the credit it deserves. Best Spiderman media PERIOD. Way better than Spider-Verse for god’s sake. That movie is overrated as fuck.

    manav bhallamanav bhalla5 tháng trước
  • I'd really like to see ALLL of New York fully realized in the Sequel they can really just take that exact map and add the missing blocks; as well as update some of the building to be more accurate

    IsaacDDestroyIsaacDDestroy5 tháng trước
  • I'm so glad that every word of this review holds up all these years later for the Remaster. I never had a PS4 and completely missed out on this one but having now finally played it on PS5 I was blown away. The game hasn't aged a day and it's still spectacular. Though after all this time of seeing the old face around I still haven't quite adjusted to the new one...

    IsaacDDestroyIsaacDDestroy5 tháng trước
  • We need a miles morales game one now

    2noobsproductionz2noobsproductionz6 tháng trước
  • Love that opening about 90s kids and the Spidey cartoon (and all those Marvel cartoons back in the day). It's what made me a Spider-Man fan, not the comics, I barely read them and not Raimi's superior films but the cartoons. And Insomniacs game does makes you a fan once more.

    Mao DijongMao Dijong6 tháng trước
  • 2:03 dude looks like he's in a game lmao

    The Blue Phoenix: Captain GamerThe Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer6 tháng trước
  • It's honestly a war crime that the Ultimate Spider-Man game hasn't made its way to current gen consoles

    BmptheMvpBmptheMvp7 tháng trước
    • Exactly!!!

      Baby SahaBaby Saha5 tháng trước
  • This man put so many Spider-Man references in a game packed full of Spider-Man references

    Aidan DawsonAidan Dawson8 tháng trước
  • Wait for it, hes gunna have some fun with miles morales before he talks about it haha

    Trey HebertTrey Hebert9 tháng trước
  • Can’t wait for Spider-Man Miles Morales

    KaineKaine9 tháng trước
  • What I liked most about this game was even if not that much compared to other characters who were interacting with spidey was with Miles Morales and now with the announcement of the new game were you play as Miles I really hope it continues the relationship between these two

    Star WarsStar Wars10 tháng trước
  • As somebody who cares more about game narratives than mechanics, you got me to spend the money to enjoy the webslinging where I'd never otherwise have pulled the trigger

    Scout O'BrienScout O'Brien10 tháng trước
  • 10:30 video game equivalent of sex?

    Pluse FriePluse Frie10 tháng trước
  • Pfff, I loved friend or foe. Not a great game looking back at it, but was fun as hell and it made me actually wanna unlock all the upgrades and had so much fun on my Wii

    XavonXavon10 tháng trước
  • 9:54 no one played the ps3/xbox 360 version of Web of Shadows? Or even Spiderman 3? (Granted, Spiderman 3 didn't evolve the swinging as much as it could've).

    SpidiccuSSpidiccuS11 tháng trước
  • is nobody going to talk about how most of the swinging in the game is based on the tasm 1&2 movies

    spyre ツspyre ツ11 tháng trước
    • Sable I didn’t say I don’t like the ASM films I actually prefer it than Sam raimies

      spyre ツspyre ツ11 tháng trước
    • @spyre ツ The swinging mostly reminded me of Sam Raimi movies and Spectacular spider-man animation. Also some people like ASM movies other than you (but I don't tbh)

      SableSable11 tháng trước
    • Sable rewatch the movies mate oh wait nobody likes the movies other than me

      spyre ツspyre ツ11 tháng trước
    • ...what? No it's not

      SableSable11 tháng trước
  • Enter the Spider-Verse. "Hold my beer."

    Let's ChatLet's Chat11 tháng trước
  • Wait.... someone else loves superior Spider-Man as much as I do? Mad respect. Superior Spider-Man is also my favorite run

    MikeBearTheGamer13MikeBearTheGamer1311 tháng trước
  • 4:39 bro is ur mic ok

    Shrimpy ShrimpShrimpy Shrimp11 tháng trước
  • I couldn't disagree more even if it was possible. What they did to him in the game was a disgrace.

    AlienPatchAlienPatch11 tháng trước
    • @William Zullo he's full of shit. This is the best modern version of Spider-Man.

      UsernameUsername2 tháng trước
    • How so? You know you could just choose to enjoy the game because it’s fun and entertaining. That’s it there’s no ruining the character it’s just a damn good game made by really passionate people

      William ZulloWilliam Zullo9 tháng trước
  • Probably the most enthusiastic review (of anything) I've ever seen. I watched the whole thing and I don't even own a Playstation

    reezlawreezlawNăm trước
  • spectacular spider-man is slightly better to me

    Jacob KratzJacob KratzNăm trước
  • wtf is up with you sound. i was sitting in bed watching it on my computor and thought uit was to qwute and was thinking about hoping up and terning it up then it went good unuff then it went lowder and i had to tern it down. all in the first min lol xD

    flynnflynnNăm trước
  • Ok, but what if psvr?

    Lex CLex CNăm trước
  • 'In fact, I'd argue that this is the single best take on Spider-Man in any medium, Films, TV, Comics and Hilarious Toku Satsu shows included.'. You're welcome to try but with the rabid fan bases of many interpretations of Spider-Man you're going to have a hard time convincing anyone who doesn't think that PS4 Spider-man is the best interpretation of Spider-man otherwise.

    Ocean KimOcean KimNăm trước
    • Way more better than Ironman jr

      Jaylen MarkJaylen MarkNăm trước
  • Y just finish Spiderman in PS4 and it's feel so good and a very good ending. Nice review!

    Ayrton LunaAyrton LunaNăm trước
  • My only bother with this game’s story was how well they got Peter but how poorly they understood MJ. To be fair, I don’t there’s a single adaption that’s done her right or well (aside from Spectacular, but unfortunately her arc was never able to continue due to cancellation). I know they wanted to try and adapt a lot from the ultimate comics, but that MJ is incredibly kind, understanding, and loving throughout their relationship, and she had good reason for her reservations in the relationship. This version of MJ is cute, and she has some amazing moments with Peter, but she’s often incredibly brash, impulsive, and mean with little to no good reason. A lot of the conflicts stirred up in this game that are derived from their relationship are surprisingly mostly her fault. Comic MJ was great because she called Peter out on his shit but was incredibly understanding and caring of his situation regardless of the circumstances. This game sort of just turns her into another problem for Peter to hopefully work around. Even when Felicia lied to him in a horrible fashion, I still liked her more because she didn’t treat Peter like he’s an idiotic piece of trash.

    Charles MikulasCharles MikulasNăm trước
  • "spider-man 2 on my game cube" *show's black cat* ah, fond and confusing memories

    alec christiaenalec christiaenNăm trước
  • Bruh it's normal for everyone in any generation to want to be Spiderman

    Itz KnightoItz KnightoNăm trước
  • For my own two cents, all the boss fights are at least serviceable and only go up from there. Some are a little dry but they are still engaging enough to avoid being bad. No, the worst thing this game can offer is that Spidey's sheer kinetic momentum doesn't lend itself well to the greater precision sometimes asked when trying to stop said momentum for objectives in certain side quests (something you alluded to). Spider-Man really just wants to "go" and the fact there really isn't a middle ground between a sneak walk and full-on sprint can be a bit obnoxious but totally doesn't bring the game down in any larger sense. In other words, the biggest thing I can harp on is so trivially small as to basically be a non-issue.

    Gellister SBB64Gellister SBB64Năm trước
  • Spider-Man Ps4: Is the best Spider-Man story Spider-Verse: "On your left!"

    TheVoidLordTheVoidLordNăm trước
  • I gotta tell you: I would buy PS4 just to play this. Even though I've watched the hell out of let's plays and will probably keep rewatching them regularly. This game looks so effing fun!

    Jade RushJade RushNăm trước
  • Great video! I also think its the best spider man it has ever been, and its my second favorite game of all time😃

    Gerardo RochaGerardo RochaNăm trước
    • Way more better than ironman jr

      Jaylen MarkJaylen MarkNăm trước
  • The superior spider-man run is GOAT!!

    Caleb WittsCaleb WittsNăm trước
  • Web of shadows had a web swimming physics...

    DonnieDisastersDonnieDisastersNăm trước
  • This may be my favorite game and I hope that the sequel at least comes close. Take your time, Insomniac! You've got my money for sure.

    NalonNalonNăm trước
  • This game was amazing for its story minus MJ. Seriously, how can they get Peter so right yet MJ so off? Everyone else is so done so well

    Charles MikulasCharles MikulasNăm trước
  • Just subbed, excited to finally play the game, gonna be getting a PS4 soon, so hyped! 🙂

    Jquan2020Jquan2020Năm trước
  • You're talking about Yuri Lowenthal as if we Prince of Persia fans don't already know he's amazing.

    Sairaj R. KamathSairaj R. KamathNăm trước
  • Ok but like can we talk about the music? It just sounds like Spiderman. Like, it just *fits.*

    Raspberry JamRaspberry JamNăm trước
  • I clicked because of the thumbnail and was not disappointed

    GhostwriterGhostwriterNăm trước
  • This game sold me on Spider-man fully and after looking at other media. Nothing compares to this version of Spider-man aside from into the spider-verse thats close but not quite as good.

    iq2992iq2992Năm trước
  • Yah ok but when those webs dissolve the guy is going to fall to his death

    SuperParodyLoganSuperParodyLoganNăm trước
  • Oh god. It's already been a year.

    DominoPivotDominoPivotNăm trước
  • Clicked for the thumbnail Stayed to see scene with thumbnail

    Cringe LordCringe LordNăm trước
  • Avril Lavigne???????

    Bryant AndersonBryant AndersonNăm trước
  • Great video man!

    remy mccoolremy mccoolNăm trước
  • and before that I wanted to be an astronaut Eu:EU QUERIA SER ASTRONAUTA, A MINHA MÃE NÃO DEIXOU!!!

    _nier__nier_Năm trước
  • I think it will be very excited for a spiderman motorcycle or spiderman car that will be awesome in marvel spiderman game ps4 and he lives in his mother's basement that is so cool ever Peter parker I like the reviews of the video game is very amazing

    Eric RobinEric RobinNăm trước
  • Hey, don’t hate on Detroit

    BookwormBookwormNăm trước
  • 8 year olds: FORTNITE IS STILL BETTER!!!

    Blossom Heart WolfBlossom Heart WolfNăm trước
  • Game is good but MJ missions are horrible

    BreadMyToesBreadMyToesNăm trước
  • Pete looks like James Franco hahaha

    CV NaciancenoCV NaciancenoNăm trước
  • One time I knocked a guy off a building and he just fell to the ground

    Dingoman 12Dingoman 12Năm trước
  • The Game would had been my all time favorite if Peter ended with BlackCat MJ just seems too boring for me, at least in the game she's more interesting but as a love partner nah

    A UFO with WiFi coverageA UFO with WiFi coverageNăm trước
  • I think spiderman is the most famous and the most loved superhero of all time ❤️

    Akshay KumarAkshay KumarNăm trước
  • I finally got my hands on the game so I can watch this I totally agree with pretty much everything you said

    Leif HLeif HNăm trước
  • Can't help but reminisce those days of gaming with Alex Mercer.

    Cray CloverCray CloverNăm trước
  • This game is damn near flawless. Without a doubt the most exhilarating and one of the best Spider-Man experiences of my life. Insomniac's love, knowledge and passion for Spider-Man is undeniable. Like the Arkham games before it, it effortlessly sucks you in to the character's universe and makes you feel like a superhero. It's not perfect and has a few tedious or frustrating moments but the pros far outweigh the cons. Voice acting is superb, web swinging is ridiculously addictive and combat is fast and frantic. It's the closest you can ever come to being Spider-Man.

    Wayne KingWayne KingNăm trước
  • My favorite part of the game is honestly the backpacks. It adds so much world building and really expands the universe.

    Dylan MagararuDylan MagararuNăm trước
  • Spider-man 2: I’m the best Spider-man ever! Spider-man PS4: Spidey can swim in my game Spider-man 2: You’re clearly superior

    Unreal _999Unreal _999Năm trước
    • Unreal _999 holy shit throwback to trying to swim in Spider-Man 2 on the GameCube

      Jonathan CarreraJonathan CarreraNăm trước
  • To me this is the best spiderman movie/game out there available. The story is so well structured i feel like im playing a movie.

    TheCableguy xTheCableguy xNăm trước
  • It’s so much better than spider verse

    CaYlYaCaYlYaNăm trước
  • God, I remember that PS1 game. That was one of my favorite games as a kid.

    BoopBoopNăm trước
  • I really did not like the MJ parts until the last 2. Those were fun.

    Davey JonesDavey JonesNăm trước
  • Every time I see a betterhelp sponsorship in an older video nowadays all I can think is “NO DON’T DO IT!”

    Evan DavisEvan DavisNăm trước
  • Is that title a refrence ?

    Ree nRee nNăm trước
  • I feel the spider man and peter parker of this game is way better than any of the movies i think this game is the spider man movie we were all waiting for

    Baba Cora SeneBaba Cora SeneNăm trước
  • Shit I still wanna be spiderman but I know that's not possible.

    Malcolm FitzgeraldMalcolm FitzgeraldNăm trước
  • My balloon!!!!

    Scuba SteveScuba SteveNăm trước
  • My only point of connection to this game so far was Snapscubes real time fandub (and some swinging vids when it came out) so every time I see cutscenes in this vid I hear their fandub voices,,,,,,,,

    KierenKieren2 năm trước
  • you forgot the hyphen in the obligatory "Feel Like Spider-Man". You... MONSTER...

    Daniel NieldDaniel Nield2 năm trước
  • I just love the Spider-Cop jokes. He should team up with Burt Macklin from FBI.

    0seconds0seconds2 năm trước
  • A nice touch I liked with the Octavius segments is how you are lulled into a routine with the pipe minigames for most of them. Do this, succeed, see more results in the cutscenes. But then you come to the last one and things do NOT go the way you expect them. It catches you off guard and effectively means that not only is Peter Parker partially responsible for Octavius becoming Doctor Octopus, the player is as well.

    dragonstormxdragonstormx2 năm trước
  • what if we have local/online co-op with Miles and Peter

    Nathan WillersNathan Willers2 năm trước
  • Spoiler We're definitely getting miles as the next spider-man

    Nathan WillersNathan Willers2 năm trước
  • I cried at the stan leee sceen

    Nathan WillersNathan Willers2 năm trước
  • what a spectacular, spectacular, spider man game

    BoomchacleBoomchacle2 năm trước
  • and activusion

    the wahyudinthe wahyudin2 năm trước
  • Love the raimi track in the background btw see the gameplay with the music in the background

    Black BatmanBlack Batman2 năm trước
  • Omg your Rowlett collection is amazing and I'm very jealous

    doctorowldoctorowl2 năm trước
  • amazing video as always. deffinitly a great one. i know im a little late to the party but i started playuing the game and loved it and this video is what motivated me to give it a shot. im also discussing it and analysing it in my videogame representation english writing course ( yeah i know.... painful) but haha it is really preaty awsome.

    G. Waits4GainzG. Waits4Gainz2 năm trước
  • Batman- Arkham series, Spider-Man- 2018 PS4 game, Now we’re just missing a great Superman game and we’re in business.

    That Random Encounter GuyThat Random Encounter Guy2 năm trước
  • My only problem with the game was replayability. It took me a relatively short amount of time to do everything there was to do in the game, and the web slinging mechanics became boring after a time. I agree with everything he says, but only on the first playthru lol. Its been a couple months since ive played the game, maybe i should pick it up again

    Maverick TitanMaverick Titan2 năm trước
  • Everyone is so soft on the traversal in this game As a huge spidey and insomniac fan I was so let down by it The combat rules (except the mostly lame gadgets) But the traversal is really meh and feels too automated and hands off Better than amazing spiderman the game But theres not only very little room to perform poorly, but there’s like 6 swinging animations only, and the crawling is garbo for realz

    Cynic The HedgehogCynic The Hedgehog2 năm trước
  • I feel like they could have done more with MJ. Not just with her barebones stealth sections, but her character. Personally she ended up feeling too much like Lois Lane without much character to call her own. I wouldn't say she was badly written, but she wasn't great, wt least for me.

    LuigizillaLuigizilla2 năm trước
  • Breakneck speed web swinging? Are you literally insane or have you just forgotten how fast you cold go in SM2 on ps2? The swinging in this game was pathetically slow, I expected Aunt May to out pace me on her fucking walker. What's the point of a physics model where you cant retain or even gain any real speed? Absolute failure compared to real physics you had to learn to swing on ps2. Kids today need hand holding so it's gotta be easy to use.

    Fusion SpaceFusion Space2 năm trước
  • spiderman used the arkham combat and built on it to make it more spiderman than anything and thats where its good. it didnt just copy arkham, it built off of it.

    Swole SenzuSwole Senzu2 năm trước
  • batman has always had a grapple gun and you swing when you use it, so its stealing from spiderman. biggest bullshit youve ever said. and batman has always glided through gotham with his cape and grapple gun so i dont see how it steals from spiderman to make it work. the shear disrespect for the arkham legacy. that combat came from arkham it wasnt stolen from any spiderman game. that system was a pioneer for combat. spiderman used the arkham combat and built on it to make it more spiderman than anything and thats where its good. it didnt just copy arkham, it built off of it.

    Swole SenzuSwole Senzu2 năm trước
  • Mary Jane is kinda problematic in the game mostly because instead of being the damsal in distress she was in other mainstream forms, she's become the girl that can't understand when she's in over her head and now puts herself in danger that Peter has to save her from. This doesn't fit her character at all because she's not that much of a pushover outside of the mainstream, she's not supposed to be this somewhat annoying "power chick" dummy. If they had shown her being in more situations where she can actually take care of herself (and I mean not being depowered to the point that she can't directly interact with the "enemies") more without Spider-man it wouldn't have been such an issue but unfortunately they still push Peter into a lot of the situations she's in. (and she never steps up purely selflessly or to protect Peter even once which is a bit of a degrade to her character as well) Also she doesn't need to be a journalist. That's some of the issues with her. Also Miles is problematic because they just use his comic interpretation without his Shield dad instead of making him more interesting or something. He also doesn't actually feel that smart despite canonically in the game being very smart.

    MegaCake1234MegaCake12342 năm trước
  • Oh wow it makes me wanna buy this game now. OH WAIT I DID!

    Dragonmaster 61Dragonmaster 612 năm trước
  • Amazing video. (Pun intended)

    Enzo TessaroEnzo Tessaro2 năm trước
  • Maybe Insomniac can it make it to the game of the year with the next sequels. I probably think so, god of war has won 2018 but you should remember that it's not the first game ever made of the franchise, it takes a lot of learning by the developors to do so until they finally make a perfect game. Remembering Witcher 3 I think Insomniac needs to give us more action in their dlcs. You can see it right? Not enough challenges, just a 2-3 hours of gameplay, and 3 suits with no new suit powers, well the fact remains that it's Spiderman, that's the only reason why I bought the dlcs but honestly the dlcs were not worth the price they were perfect but quite less the amount than they had been paid for. But the most important parts where insomniac needs to improve are the boss battles which to be honest don't feel cinematic with that gameplay, just like he said in the video. I think that Insomniac can make a goty with the next sequel already. Who knows?

    Sneaky NinjaSneaky Ninja2 năm trước
  • fans: nobody can do a good Spider-Man game! Insomniac: hold my beer!

    Joe HumpstonJoe Humpston2 năm trước
  • 7:30 can't believe you went with spidey whities instead of tighty spideys

    brendan wiesnerbrendan wiesner2 năm trước
  • referring to Uncle Ben as the "instant rice box" guy HAHAHAH

    Spaghett0idSpaghett0id2 năm trước