18 Th01, 2021
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  • I love how this evolved into TikTok tests

    parsa nasirzadehparsa nasirzadeh3 ngày trước
  • The 3x scope is better for the Stoner

    Emph K33FEYEmph K33FEY10 ngày trước
  • hi i love your youtube videos and streams

    Camila CruzCamila Cruz22 ngày trước
  • Close to 3m

    Ace GuzmanAce Guzman25 ngày trước
  • Yes

    AnimuwuAnimuwu29 ngày trước
  • what are you doing today

    bo lockeybo lockeyTháng trước
  • Tim you are the best man. Your videos are the highlight of my days.

    Seth DSeth DTháng trước
  • Tim wins Gulag ‘I’m coming home ‘

    Mr_moody 001Mr_moody 001Tháng trước
  • Use jGods class

    brady c15brady c15Tháng trước
  • Were is my goodnight tho?

    Captain Chaos360Captain Chaos360Tháng trước
  • Great I was secretly running this for weeks now streamers like to blast it to the world and then it’s nerfed even though it’s just a good gun wish people would think for them selfs and try guns out for them selfs imagine that

    Ryan and mike GamingRyan and mike GamingTháng trước
  • The stoner is amazing

    Gamer ScopeGamer ScopeTháng trước
  • Tim Tim use the m13 again

    TheGlitch BoyTheGlitch BoyTháng trước
  • it should rain in warzone ngl

    Thikmonkey PlaysThikmonkey PlaysTháng trước
  • New tidal tim carries nickmercs

    TherealmratrainTherealmratrainTháng trước
  • Apparently the cavalry lancer barrel is the shit

    Adam NehalAdam NehalTháng trước
  • I’m gonna use this and change the stock to airborne grip to aim way faster

    Keiran RookerKeiran RookerTháng trước
  • The unwritten quince algorithmically dust because payment postnatally please via a overwrought time. glib, selective sycamore

    Aaron LawrenceAaron LawrenceTháng trước
  • Yo Tim used the Calvary lancer the attachment has increased bullet velocity even tho it says vehicle damge

    Wack HeadWack HeadTháng trước
  • The accent was scottish bane

    eclipse3g dohceclipse3g dohcTháng trước
  • Was that mr bean/bane voice

    Karl GKarl GTháng trước
  • Try the Finn it smacks

    SwazyonytSwazyonytTháng trước

    Landon RowlandLandon RowlandTháng trước
  • Soo tim dropshots at 6:02 and doesnt get the kill then abt 10 seconds later he hipfires the shit out of someone else like 5 meters away that shows how concentrated he is during playing this game.👍the definition of a real cod player

    Jacob KinsyJacob KinsyTháng trước
  • Finally, I haven’t seen anyone talk about the stoner and it’s been my main gun since I started playing

    James EvansJames EvansTháng trước
  • Add the ammo Change the sight to axial and throw on task force loved that you played with this throw the bully frog 🐸 on there and make a one to punch class 7 out of 10

    JOSTON_is_HEMP Colonel CrispyJOSTON_is_HEMP Colonel CrispyTháng trước
    • Mmment the cav barrel

      JOSTON_is_HEMP Colonel CrispyJOSTON_is_HEMP Colonel CrispyTháng trước
  • Try the RPD plz Tim it's actually pretty good!

    Angel VelasquezAngel VelasquezTháng trước
  • Same

    fia elftmannfia elftmannTháng trước
  • Just got my gold Stoner on Cold War Ima try out on wz later

    HighGames DailyHighGames DailyTháng trước
  • Tim I like Your vids they just give me chilllll vibes

    SamScoots 5SamScoots 5Tháng trước
  • You should try rebirth

    Tasha RichardsonTasha RichardsonTháng trước
  • I swear bro.... Krig 6 melts.

    CapircomCapircomTháng trước
  • Why are these intros 2 minutes long? Is this to get more view time cause its alot

    Kris TerryKris TerryTháng trước
  • Shoulda named it mp5 is really good Oo and I got like 3 kills with the stoned

    iits Golfiits GolfTháng trước
  • “I needed to reload” *reloads with 60 bullets left in mag*

    Erick ZeronErick ZeronTháng trước
  • Is the ffar Cold War gun it’s good

    Wavy BoyWavy BoyTháng trước
  • Try the double magnum's

    the awkward egg !the awkward egg !Tháng trước
  • I remember when the FiNN was good :( Used to have the same recoil.

    Echo1Echo1Tháng trước
  • What got me dying laughing was the dude he killed on police station, “Ching a tu madre” 😂😂😂😂

    Xavier TorresXavier TorresTháng trước
  • My ears: exists Tim’s intro every vid: adios amigos

    MeepyMeepyTháng trước
  • Stoner for a gun name is kinda weird because you would never think of a gun to be alcoholic

    FBIFBITháng trước
  • Anyone want to make a generous donation of $10 so I can get black ops cold war, I forgot that prices went up $10 on the ps5😔😒

    JaMikel -JaMikel -Tháng trước
  • If you want me to give you my stoner class I’ll be more than willing too

    BubzBubzTháng trước
  • The salvo 150 mag is good and the sight I use the 2nd to last one down

    BubzBubzTháng trước

    ISRISRTháng trước
  • What is his mp5 build?

    thecrazyone 104thecrazyone 104Tháng trước
  • The stoner was keeping these guys so distracted for some reason with the amount of bullets spraying their way that nick just runs in and destroys em lol

    Curtis EdwardsCurtis EdwardsTháng trước
  • Cavalry Lancer barrel is broken. Makes the gun hit scan.

    David WarehamDavid WarehamTháng trước
  • Yo tim Cold War AK or Bullfrog

    Colton The greatColton The greatTháng trước
  • 1:44 unerhört

    oHLtLXoHLtLXTháng trước
  • Tim getting way better at warzone

    Noah DamooseNoah DamooseTháng trước
  • Timm TRY MY AMAX SET UP BARREL -XRK ZODIAC UNDER BARREL -RANGER FOR GRIP MAG -45 VLK 3 SITE STOCK -XRK GATKEEPER This gun does not move at all try this set up and you will not regret it

    Bryan JandresBryan JandresTháng trước
  • I’m good in warzone. I’m the stoner

    enocloke24enocloke24Tháng trước
  • which do you prefer Kevin or brew

    Tyler StierenTyler StierenTháng trước
  • tim at the end there who you trying to convince the viewers or yourself? lol

    Paperclip Hat4Paperclip Hat4Tháng trước
  • What is timthetatman gunna say when theres a new map.. no Verdansk

    ziomus 4123ziomus 4123Tháng trước
  • 🦀🐥

    AngelmtzAngelmtzTháng trước
  • Tim

    Jordan KelleherJordan KelleherTháng trước
  • pretty sure at 10:10 that guy is using aimbot look at his pattern and zero recoil plus both cracked on players & using stock sight

    O P HDO P HDTháng trước
  • Love the vid as always. Stoner ain’t it tho it’s like a mix of the pkm and fin but in a bad way lol love you Tim!

    tony balonitony baloniTháng trước
  • Yo tim the bullfrog is broken. The bruiser foregrip is glitches gives you 0 recoil

    PalindromePalindromeTháng trước
  • Try the m91

    iamthedarkness1iamthedarkness1Tháng trước
  • no stock, but the salvo 150 mag

    AssassinJTAssassinJTTháng trước
  • The Stoner or any LMG has always been good. You just stay on the bandwagon with guns along with anyone else

    CPTRedBeardCPTRedBeardTháng trước
  • EBR 14 with the right attachments is the DMR 14 the old one

    Devon PateDevon PateTháng trước
  • "that guy's worse than me" lasered lmao

    Jackalope OutdoorsJackalope OutdoorsTháng trước
  • The DMR is gone???

    Tyler TerryTyler TerryTháng trước
  • try the bullfrog!!!

    jeysse acostajeysse acostaTháng trước
  • Put the vehicle damage barrel it gives bullet velocity you will beam with it

    Ife AdzIfe AdzTháng trước
  • Yo use the m60 it lowkey shreds

    Dylan RichardsonDylan RichardsonTháng trước
  • Where’s tank

    Victor VazquezVictor VazquezTháng trước
  • Impressive how much better Tim is at this game now

    Sabi DojoSabi DojoTháng trước
  • Use the QBZ

    Weeb_Killassist 9156Weeb_Killassist 9156Tháng trước
  • Hey Tim who grinded ur camos for you ???

    Hey1mA1exxHey1mA1exxTháng trước
  • I’ve been using the stoner for a while in rebirth it melts you should try it on rebirth

    Kanye southKanye southTháng trước
  • Agency suppressor, task force, hawksmoor sight, field agent grip, 120 fast mag try bro it is super good I am not even cappin

    alberto echavarriaalberto echavarriaTháng trước
  • I thought he was gonna say a actual stoner 😂😂 my high ass

    Mini DabruhMini DabruhTháng trước
  • Tim use the bullfrog smg in Cold War it hits hard and good mobility good recoil

    Nathan RomanskyNathan RomanskyTháng trước
  • use the cold war dual magnums its op

    Pablo FrancoPablo FrancoTháng trước
  • Eh, idk if I'm that good

    KyrispyKyrispyTháng trước

    Solomon ClarkSolomon ClarkTháng trước
  • 🍇🍈🍉🍊🍋🍌🍍🥭🍎🍏🍐🍑🍒🍓🥝🍅🥥🥑🍆🥔🥕🌽🌶🥒🥬🥦🧄🧅🍄🥜🌰🍞🥐🥖🥨🥯🥞🧇🧀🍖🍗🥩🥓🍔🍟🍕🌭🥪🌮🌯🥙🧆🥚🍳🥘🍲🥣🥗🍿🧈🧂🥫🍱🍘🍙🍚🍜🍛🍝🍠🍢🍣🍤🥮🍥🍡🥟🥠🥡🦀🦞🦐🦑🦪🍦🍧🍨🍩🍪🎂🍰🧁🥧🍫🍬🍭🍮🍯🍼🥛☕🍵🍶🍾🍷🍸🍹🍺🍻🥂🥃🥤🧃🧉🧊🥢🍽🍴🥄🔪🏺hi tim

    suckyanan gamingsuckyanan gamingTháng trước
  • I dont even play warzone but watch all ur vids ur just awesome one of my favorite VIworldrs

    Kobe CollinsKobe CollinsTháng trước
  • Yo Tim, try this STONER, you’ll love it. Agency suppressor, cavalier barrel (it’s got hidden crazy bullet velocity stats, and you melt vehicles as a plus), vision 2x sight, field agent grip (or bruiser due to its hidden stats) and any of the fast mags. I like the regular to keep the ADS quick. Try it out, I’d give it a 9/10 and say is best lmg with this build

    Peter BoydPeter BoydTháng trước
  • Bruen feels like a healthy compromise between the kilo and amax

    Cameron MelvinCameron MelvinTháng trước
  • You really should be watching JGod’s vids - he discovered Calvary lancer barrel increases velocity to over 1000m per second, would really help you connect some of those shots at range!

    Cal & Aly -Cal & Aly -Tháng trước
  • Hi the accent I believe was some sort of Scottish me

    Tom PikeTom PikeTháng trước
  • wrong barrel fatboy

    Dominic MartinoDominic MartinoTháng trước
  • I’m pretty good at warzone if that’s what you’re asking Tim 😃.

    Nic WalkerNic WalkerTháng trước
  • Make sure Activision makes everything private to protect the streamers

    shroudedstew 1shroudedstew 1Tháng trước
  • Bot lobbies.

    shroudedstew 1shroudedstew 1Tháng trước
  • Tim was going beast mode

    Bryce LongBryce LongTháng trước
  • Hey Tim can you make some more WOW content?

    Joseph CooperJoseph CooperTháng trước
  • Hey Tim! Please try the type 63!!!

    DpalmDpalmTháng trước
  • Try the m82

    Carson FrostCarson FrostTháng trước
  • Gotta try the PKM Timmy

    SolinaSolinaTháng trước

    Yuuur CrodieYuuur CrodieTháng trước
  • React to your first win😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    vMerfz LozanovMerfz LozanoTháng trước
  • Nick hop out the car hop out *they jump* timmy wait what am i blind nick yes

    leooleooTháng trước
  • Not better than the PKM tho

    Aydin WynnAydin WynnTháng trước