Jeffrey Dahmer. Inside His Messed Up Mind & How He Almost Got Away. Mystery & Makeup | Bailey Sarian

17 Th02, 2020
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Hi friends happy Monday !
We’ve got a long one! Thank you for always sending recommendations my way, I so greatly appreciate you guys for doing that. Some of the story I did cut out for time purposes, but over all we got the major stuff covered. Um, not much you can really say about him. You know what’s crazy though ? His upbringing seems so tame compared to lots of others we’ve talked about here and he was REALLY BAD. I wonder if there was more to his upbringing he didnt share or I missed. Let me know your thoughts down below. Long videos or shorter? I definitely lost my voice on this one. Ha. Love and appreciate you guys so much and I hope to be seeing you very soon.
x o
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  • Hi Friends Happy Monday! Hope you liked todays long video and thank you for hanging out with me

    Bailey SarianBailey Sarian7 tháng trước
    • Please do the Dyatlov Pass Mystery!!!

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    • Report click bait. You street walkers ruined these types of videos sith your look at me not the victims of even the story. You are the story and i hope one day you meet one of the people you do a story on so someone can do a story on you.

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    • Can you please do the case of paulette guevara, please please

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  • Maybe its the details, but oy this is the hardest one to sit through

    johnnypoolsjohnnypools4 giờ trước
  • Uggggg march 25th my bday.. Thank you Mr. Dahmer . FYI Love Mondays now!

    Lady LexyLady Lexy6 giờ trước
  • So he had a changed of behavior after surgery?? Was it possible that during surgery he got blood transfusion?? You know I’ve heard before that when you had blood donations your dna gets mixed up with the donors dna that’s why you tend to have a change of behavior. I had a friend before who had a surgery and she got blood transfusion after that it seemed like something was off with her. Like it wasn’t her. 🤷‍♀️ Watching at 6:57 part.

    Marie BiscuitxMarie Biscuitx10 giờ trước
  • Yeah I am not going near anyone named Jeffrey-- weirdos

    JKJK11 giờ trước
  • Fun fact that’s not actually fun: my uncle was Jeffery’s babysitter when he was a kid

    You’re beautifulYou’re beautiful11 giờ trước
    • Thats terrifying lol

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  • My family and I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin and my father grew up in the same neighborhood as him on vliet st.

    Jessica RollinsJessica Rollins21 giờ trước
  • Wait I’m new and I LOVE the way you tell stories

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  • I also think of Jeffrey dahmer when I hear Milwaukee but I also think of the scene from Wayne’s world 😂 apparently when I was little I watched it on repeat to the point my parents knew it almost word for word..I would watch it and have them rewind it (vhs) and watch it again lol

    Brittany ReedBrittany ReedNgày trước
  • I remember being 6 years old, just shy of 7, when news broke about Dahmer. I'd hear his name alot on the news, but before the segment would begin, our parents would send my friend and I to her room so we wouldn't hear any details. We'd listen through the door and once I heard that he ate people, I was terrified of him. I was afraid he would break out of prison, and the day the world found out he was dead, I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

    AmaryllisAmaryllisNgày trước
  • I really liked the bright lip stick!

    Katie HughartKatie HughartNgày trước
  • *Bailey talking about her opinion on the death penalty* Me: "YES THANK YOU BAILEY. I FEEL THE EXACT SAME WAY!!!"

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  • Whenever Bailey says she hopes we hope we are doing well today, I instantly feel so much better

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  • Watch the first movie called Dahmer and watch the second movie called my friend dahmer it's amazing movie most recommend it's on tubi which is for free

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  • Not on the same level as Jeffery, but my ex used to wait until my sleeping pills would kick in... it, umm, I’m just glad I’m away from him now.

    Sonija CurleySonija Curley2 ngày trước
  • I cannot believe that the officers who helped the 14 year old boy up to Dahmer’s apartment didn’t look around and find the other dead body from three days prior on the ground?!!

    Rhiannon GaleaRhiannon Galea2 ngày trước
  • I'm new here and let me tell you....I'm rolling on the floor. Not because this is funny, I'm just in such disbelief... that coupled with your delivery...!!!!👏👏👏👏👏 HE IS THE DEVIL REINCARNATED

    Boss LadyBoss Lady2 ngày trước
  • My mother in law worked at the Florida prison when Ted finally got arrested and taken to prison. She said she didn't like the feeling he gave off, so she put in to transfer to the Lawty prison. Something like that.

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  • She looks like fergie 😍

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  • I really HATE TED BUNDY Ugh he was the absolute WORST And I really don't want to hear his story again :(

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  • Being called a "dweeb" and a "nerd" is probably 1 of the many reasons why he turned into what he was. Yeah what he did was evil af and there is no excuse for it. But maybe, just maybe a bit more kindness from people could've changed this mans future.

    TangibleTerrorTangibleTerror2 ngày trước
  • "Not that working at a chocolate factory makes you a creep" meanwhile Wonka still gives me the heebygeebies

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  • "Jeff" is such a power move

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  • Hey, you okay? 😷🌹🤜🏿🤛

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  • I love you you're amazing i live for each video

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  • Bailey, have you heard about the story nor fred and rose west. Huge story in the UK. Shocking story.

    Quarantine BunnyQuarantine Bunny3 ngày trước
  • I really hate that a lot of people feel sorry for Jeffrey dahmer.

    The Boidae LadyThe Boidae Lady3 ngày trước
  • Something I find interesting is that Jeffrey Dahmer converted to Christianity about 8 months before he was killed. He even got baptized while in prison.

    Aurora LookoutAurora Lookout3 ngày trước
  • I would love an episode on Israel Keyes! I had never heard of him until I listened to a podcast about him and it was wild and stuck on my mind for like months. Love your videos!

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  • I'm from Milwaukee, and Jeffrey Dahmer is a sad part of our history. Thank you for spending the time to get the full story correct. And your makeup is on point as always ;)

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  • Love the look!

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  • people are stuck on him cause they are obsessed with anything canibal/zombie

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