Justice League Snyder Cut Ending - End Credit Scene Breakdown and Easter Eggs

18 Th03, 2021
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Justice League Snyder Cut Ending. Justice League New End Credit Scene. Joker Scene, Darkseid Easter Eggs and Martian Manhunter Scene ► bit.ly/AwesomeSubscribe
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Covering new Justice League Snyder Cut Ending and Justice League Snyder Cut Post Credit Scenes setting up Justice League 2 and Justice League 3 Sequels and solo movies. Like Ben Affleck's version of The Batman Movie. And new Justice League Snyder Cut Alternate Ending Joker Scene with Batman. And Snyder Cut Martian Manhunter Ending Scene with Green Lantern Deleted Scenes Explained.

New Darkseid Ending Scenes. Superman vs Darkseid Explained. Future Knightmare Scenes, Deathstroke, Knightmare Scene Joker, Zack Snyder Justice League 2 Sequel Movies Story. New Henry Cavill Black Suit Superman Scenes, Batman and Joker Scenes with Jared Leto Joker. Superman and Darkseid Scenes Explained. New Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg Scenes. The Flash Movie Trailer. Ben Affleck Batman, Michael Keaton Batman, Black Adam Trailer and The Rock Black Adam vs Justice League Teaser.
The Batman Trailer 2022 and Robert Pattinson Batman Movie and Batman HBO Series. Zack Snyder, Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer, The Suicide Squad 2021 Trailer and Suicide Squad HBO Series. There will be more DC Movie Trailer videos for all the new DC Movies and New DC Series. I'll be post more DC Movies videos and updates as we get more footage for everything and big announcements!
And I'll do more Batman Movie videos for all the different Batman versions based on what DC Movies Announce in the future. And this is not related to the new Batman Scenes coming to the Justice League Snyder Cut Movie next year. That will still be all Ben Affleck Batman.
I'll be doing Episode videos for all the 2021 Marvel Phase 4 Movies and Disney Plus Series. We'll get a Spider-Man 3 No Way Home Trailer soon and a Venom 2 Trailer for all the bigger Spiderman Movies next year.
My Full Justice League Snyder Cut Breakdown video will post this weekend. Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 1 video will post next!
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  • Here's my new Justice League Snyder Cut Ending video for the Epilogue of the movie and all the new end credits scenes. Let me know how many easter eggs you spotted! Falcon and Winter Soldier next. Here's my Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 1 Trailer video too! viworld.info/rock/video/uIiGm6XR0WBquZc.html&t0s

    Emergency AwesomeEmergency Awesome2 tháng trước
    • ñppppp ñmmm m mm. m m m m

      EZ FoxEZ Fox13 ngày trước
    • sgtetestetetttetetetettetetetetteetetetetetetet a asasaaaaaaaaawwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwaawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa A aasassaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaawwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      The HëzkilThe HëzkilTháng trước
    • I think tht the flash will somehow time travel nd tell Batman about the future nd Batman will kill joker😳😳

      Nate RodriguezNate RodriguezTháng trước
    • @faridblaster FBI watch list because of that comment

      Isaiah FloresIsaiah FloresTháng trước
    • @Emergency Awesome can you please do a video for all the upcoming movies coming out in 3D 😎 ? Here's the current list: Abruptio (TBA) Wish Dragon (TBA) My Little Pony (TBA) 🎠 New Gods: NeZha ReBorn Raya and the Last Dragon 🐉 Godzilla VS. Kong 🐲 Mortal Kombat (April 16) ❄ Mitchell's VS. The Machines Cruella (May) Vivo Spirit Untamed 🐎 Luca 🌅 Fast & Furious 9 🚄 Top Gun 2 (July 2) ✈ Peter Rabbit 2 🐇 Black Widow Cinderella 👠 Space Jam: A New Legacy 🏀 The Tomorrow War Jungle Cruise 🚢 Suicide Squad 2 (August) 💀 Hotel Transylvania 4 Free Guy 🎮 Bios Paw Patrol: The Movie Jackass 4 (September 4) 💫 Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City 🌂 Reminiscence Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 🏯 Boss Baby 2 🚼 Venom 2 Infinite Dune (October) The Addams Family 2 No Time to Die 🎰 Snake Eyes (G.I. Joe) 🐍 Ron's Gone Wrong 💻 Eternals (November) Clifford the Big Red Dog 🐕 Ghostbusters Afterlife 👻 Mission Impossible 7 😎 King Richard 👑 Enchanto West Side Story (December) 💃 Spider-Man No Way Home The King's Man (Kingsman) 🎩 Matrix 4 🌐 Sing 2 👄

      Shahaneh LimonadiShahaneh LimonadiTháng trước
  • DC could capitalize. Be nice if they'd listen to their fans.

    Phil DamicoPhil Damico2 ngày trước
  • Bu hangi bölümleri ben izledim yok böle sahneler

    Tunahan HatipogluTunahan Hatipoglu3 ngày trước
  • Wait i taught the green arrow vs deathstroke and flash owns the star labs

    CHEVY GUTZCHEVY GUTZ3 ngày trước
  • #RestoreTheSnyderVerse #ReleaseTheAyerCut #JusticeForJohnnyDepp #MakeTheBatFleckMovie #ManOfSteel2WithHenryCavill #CyborgMovieWithRayFisher #DeathstrokeHBOMax #GalGadotFan #JohnStewartSnyderVerse #ChrisTerrioFan #ReleaseTheNumbers #MakeTheNewGodsMovie #UsUnited #ReleaseTheGreenLanternScene #IStandWithRayFisher #DoYouSeeItATandT #DoYouSeeItHamada #DoYouSeeItSarnoff #ZackSnyder #BrainiacSnyderVerse

    Nicolas LaroseNicolas Larose5 ngày trước
  • A very well done movie , Steppenwolf one of the best supervillains. 😱👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Manuel SaldanaManuel Saldana14 ngày trước
  • Tbh I’m a Heath fan when it comes to joker but he set such a high standard it’s almost a given we won’t like the new jokers but letos still does a good joker because he’s crazy creepy he is a sick actor and the tension him and Ben affleck created was mad

    Jason BurnellJason Burnell14 ngày trước
  • So Batman and flash have been time traveling but failed all of them...so joker is the answer, for Harley not to die, which flash needs to go back in time and talk it out with past joker to stop doing and prevent the bad stuff from past joker...I think

    Sebastiano CanaliSebastiano Canali14 ngày trước
  • Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E ➣ amd-showbizz.blogspot.com/tt12361974/.html -All Subtitle Available !💖🖤❤️今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした,. 💖🖤在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。. 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品:"""""` √™ Lorsqu'une pilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendus arrive dans les rues de la Nouvelle-Orléans, un adolescent marchand et un policier local doivent faire équipe avec un ancien soldat pour √™ faire tomber le groupe responsable de sa fabrication. √™"""thanks"""

    Rahayu RahayuRahayu Rahayu15 ngày trước
  • This can’t happen because robin is dead but what if Snyder made a teen titan movie

    DwrkzDwrkz15 ngày trước
  • Why the fuck would they kill dick Grayson before we even see him, or kill him at all tbfh....

    Blade DursoBlade Durso17 ngày trước
  • Did u see the green lantern in the Batman mask holding super man seen???

    siddharth Lolgesiddharth Lolge19 ngày trước
  • You forgot to mention genghis khan army

    Zaid HollZaid Holl19 ngày trước
  • Hopefully it comes out in dvd

    Jerry HuertaJerry Huerta20 ngày trước
  • There’s one thing I don’t really understand. After the unity, Darkseid wanted to come to Earth to find the anti life equation but Earth exploded after the unity, right? So how did he wanted to come to Earth when there’s no Earth, haha. Let me know because I’m really curious.

    Matien AzemyMatien Azemy20 ngày trước
  • Just realized Steppen Wolf did not fail 😳 he in fact succeeded

    Lynden JonskiLynden Jonski20 ngày trước
  • Are they still making a New Gods Movie? I Heard it was Cancelled.

    Daniel's Hot TopicsDaniel's Hot Topics20 ngày trước
  • Shazam should be in one of the justices league movies too

    Vaughn BoeVaughn Boe21 ngày trước
  • I did not expect to be so blown away. We can't let this be it. We need the rest of Snyderverse

    Homosapien26Homosapien2622 ngày trước
  • #RestoreTheSnyderVerse

    Oriya FareedOriya Fareed22 ngày trước
  • I'm lost . Is the Snyder Cut coming out. I keep seeing Snyder Cut but have no clue to what exactly it is. Are they releasing it or have they already done so?

    ShootnTexasStyleShootnTexasStyle24 ngày trước
  • Can somebody explain it to me Did Superman becomes evil just because his lover/wife dead? What,does S stands for Simp now? XD Still in love with superman tho..just confused

    ZeusZeus25 ngày trước
  • there's no eater eggs, the snyder franchise is toast 🤣🤣

    Heuristic ALgorithmHeuristic ALgorithm27 ngày trước
  • "We got lucky with Superman. He shared our values. The next Superman might not" - Amanda Waller

    Orange SheepOrange Sheep28 ngày trước
  • The scene with Martian Manhunter has me intrigued because his dead body wasn't there in all of the nightmare scenarios. So this could mean that Flash altered the timeline so much that the League has an ace up their sleeve with Manhunter. Martian Manhunter is on par with Superman in terms of strength, even though the Green Lanterns were supposed to show up originally.

    FlashPocketFlashPocket29 ngày trước
  • Black superman works for darkside

    Bah Humbug.Bah Humbug.29 ngày trước
  • I firmly believe that DC/Warner should do another, possibly a third JL movie that are logical progressions from the excellent ZSJL. What I mean is do a Darkseid-comes-to-earth movie, bring back the League, work in The Martin Manhunter and a Green Lantern and some of the Injustice League...which might be best saved for JL 3. Make them so a casual fan can watch and enjoy, but with plenty of goodies for hardcore DCEU fans, like me (and many of you). If you introduce messy stuff like the multiverse, and what Batman saw in those dream sequences, you just confuse casual fans. We need these movies to be popular blockbusters or no movie company will fund a project like this. Feel free to disagree...

    Aaron CohenAaron Cohen29 ngày trước
  • That all sounds like a plan atleast. But now everything is diffrent, this is not what we will be getting. Especially not for Flash, Cyborg, Batman or Superman and soon it feels not even Wonder Woman but depends what they do in the next one. Aquaman seems to be the only one who could continue based on from JL Zack.

    AhturosAhturos29 ngày trước
  • Wait so are their gonna be sequels or?

    Michael PerkinsMichael PerkinsTháng trước
  • Marsyang Manghanter 👽 batang 2000's 😂

    cam ycam yTháng trước
  • 10:58 If Batman kills Joker he becomes a "batman who laughs". Toxin contained in his heard gets to Batman. It would be really cool seeing fight between batman who laughs and injustice superman

    elektrowoodaelektrowoodaTháng trước
    • Yes bat man would be op 😂

      yoyboycooly !!yoyboycooly !!28 ngày trước
  • australia will get the dvd on may 26 the us and uk still not confirmed

    Nolan HewittNolan HewittTháng trước
  • Mrs. Puff: AH FORGET IT!

    CDHfilmsCDHfilmsTháng trước
  • I remember liking the original version but now that I know this could have been a thing I’m kinda sad lol. They obviously tried to do what Disney Did with Marvel, only Disney handled it very very well, while these just… made a mess of good and bad movies. Wonder Woman, Man of Steel, Shazam. Idk. I think if they try to fix it, and maybe use Synders in some way, they may get what they wanted in the first place lol. An awesome, established, cinematic universe.

    Daniel StevensDaniel StevensTháng trước

    The It GuyThe It GuyTháng trước
  • #restoreTheSnyderVerse

    INGSOCINGSOCTháng trước
  • Once more we are being set up to be dissapointed for future movies.

    Stephanie MurrayStephanie MurrayTháng trước
  • Well the symbol engraved into the Earth is definitely the Omega Effect. Synder definitely fucked that one up.

    Alexander WinfieldAlexander WinfieldTháng trước
  • Lol the world right now is feeding us with purple bald guy villains

    Craftsboy MobileCraftsboy MobileTháng trước
  • Где перевод по русским 🙄

    Zohid. Z.Zohid. Z.Tháng trước
  • When were the mother boxes destroyed? I’m sure Superman and Cyborg separated them and then they just dropped to the ground?

    J.O.R.DJ.O.R.DTháng trước
  • Is that Jared lito?

    Eddie SoloEddie SoloTháng trước
  • Hey EA, I was wondering if you still make videos on the Flash TV shows? I haven't seen any videos as of lately covering the Flash TV Show

    WeAreTexans #RedNationWeAreTexans #RedNationTháng trước
  • wait is a sequel confirmed yet bc we need a sequel to this

    Gregory Shannon IIGregory Shannon IITháng trước
  • Amazing movie. There was actually 3 f bombs in the movie tho

    dstone6240dstone6240Tháng trước
  • I will buy tickets to any DCU movies from Snyder. No matter the cost!!!!!

    MightyBifferMightyBifferTháng trước
  • 8:00 Her pregnancy is pretty much confirmed in the last scene at Kent farm. Bruce even congratulates him as they look at Lois carrying a baby basket.

    NahuelNahuelTháng trước
  • It breaks my heart that we could've gotten an amazing cinematic universe if WB didn't interfere with Zack Snyder's vision. First, they forced him to cut 40 minutes of Batman v Superman for the theatrical release, which ruined a huge portion of the movie (the Ultimate Cut is the movie as Zac intended it to be; and I think it's a great movie), and then they destroyed his Justice League movie and tried to turn it into a Marvel movie in the sloppiest way possible. Zac Snyder's Justice League is one of the best superhero movies I've seen, alongside The Dark Knight and Civil War. I really wish they would let them continue his universe on HBO Max, since his movies really benefit from having a long running time.

    NahuelNahuelTháng trước
  • Bro how did you get this so clear and good color? I had to crank my TVs color up to max when I watched the movie and it still looked grainy

    Sheev BacSheev BacTháng trước
  • 6:50 You missed The Mutant Gang Easter Egg from Frank Millers The Dark Knight Returns. Batman has a few members of The Mutant Gang arrested at the bottom of his Bat Tank.

    Elvira HancockElvira HancockTháng trước
  • Hm ... am I the only one who read all Injustice comics and now find a lot of paralels between Injustice and where the Snyder Universe is going.

    Paulo PinheiroPaulo PinheiroTháng trước
  • Emergency awesome never reviewed legion series wrapup/update like he promised. I will never forgive you. Shame. Shaame

    ham sandwichham sandwichTháng trước
  • Who is the random guy and the right of Darkseid ?

    mlg promlg proTháng trước
  • Why did they try to pull a mulgiverse like marvel.They had great one offs.watchmen was great Constantine was amazing.nolons batmans were all great.wtf happened to DC there all green screen cgi crap and they have better cgi in the early 00s.ghis shows how much worst a movie can be with horrible cgi.ehatvwas dumb to the point of absurdity was Darkseid found the anti life then just forgot.his m a in objective his true goal he just forgets it was on earth.like seriously.and him smashing the axe showed the equation that I don't understand did he create them posters or were they under the soil.and how would he now if I smash my Halberg right here ill find the equation.wtf I'm lost with that.but come on ghats lazy writing Darkseid just forgot.smgdh

    Doug bullDoug bullTháng trước
  • So are all these spin offs referenced in ZSJL happening or not?

    Arpandeep SinghArpandeep SinghTháng trước
  • I think they will go the injustice route due to the part when Lois lane open her drawer and there was pregnancy’s tests strips boxes inside of it. Could hit she might be pregnant or thought she was.

    Punchy RiveraPunchy RiveraTháng trước
  • Fight...fight...fight and fight......🤢🤮😣 NO MORE FIGHTING ! - PISS in D'world 😀 and who the fuck is Snyder ? - now we have the 4th dimention too - "Snyders"..... ? 🤮

    Sand WavesSand WavesTháng trước
    • @Sand Waves nah, I'll just stick with snorting fear toxin.

      Jon SmithJon SmithTháng trước
    • @Jon Smith ye. u want some ❓🤣

      Sand WavesSand WavesTháng trước
    • Are you high?

      Jon SmithJon SmithTháng trước
  • Let’s be real tho nothing will be better than endgame

    Yur boi 6969Yur boi 6969Tháng trước
  • That part when Joker gave his card to Batman. Is that also the leading or becoming of Batman that Laughs? It's what I found on my own is that Joker got what he wanted he Infested himself into Batman. Killing the Soul the throne of emotions to reason right from wrong 2 a OM so refreshing IDG7F’s Wits of the Batman and carelessness of the foul Kyng boldly Joker.

    DaKyngLyfe JonesDaKyngLyfe JonesTháng trước
  • JL Synder Cut made me love DC more

    Ketchup KawaiiKetchup KawaiiTháng trước
  • Thanks U rock

    Francisco SantiagoFrancisco SantiagoTháng trước
  • I think joker is essential because his insanity somehow allows him ro remember every diferent reality that has passed in the multiverse.

    Barra LibreBarra LibreTháng trước
  • Wait, what happened to Wonder Woman? I know aquaman died, but what happened to Wonder Woman?

    KYLE LIKYLE LITháng trước
  • Is the same deathstroke as in Titans?

    Deyna OrqueraDeyna OrqueraTháng trước
  • Hope they'll do a Man of Steel 2 and continue with this version of JL and bring back Zack Snyder. WB just has no ducking clue how to launch the DCEU.

    Big PunBig PunTháng trước
  • A truce Bruce. One of the london museum guys drops an f bomb as well

    Mickey JohnoMickey JohnoTháng trước
  • Why didn't darkseid use the Omega beam through the portal and destroy justice league?

    sachin _aksachin _akTháng trước
  • Just came In to say...Marvel is better 😂😂😂

    h2opigeonh2opigeonTháng trước
  • If Zack Snyder gave justuce to the JL movie,does that make him an avenger?

    Pipayi IsukaPipayi IsukaTháng trước
  • Ohh I get it now. So when cyborg had that vision from the future of darkseid killing aqua man and Louis, then Superman joins darksied so then flash Bruce cyborg and mera went to try to fix it and try to go to the hall of fame thing that Bruce was trying to build so they could hide then finds them. So what I’ve noticed was that in cyborg’s vision the joker card of truce was cut in half so that means joker kinda started this war to lead to all of this

    ZxdeZxdeTháng trước
  • new gods got cancelled :(

    DAJGEEDAJGEETháng trước
  • #restorethesnyderverse

    Dylan GeorgeDylan GeorgeTháng trước
  • I counted 3 f bombs

    David StewartDavid StewartTháng trước
  • I'm a marvel fan and this movie was a MASTERPIECE!!!

    Brian MBrian MTháng trước
  • I want to see this project in theaters, may they #restorethesnydervers

    Aimeric RAZETAimeric RAZETTháng trước
  • superman is a scary man with those red eyes

    #03ESCUETA, Armon Criston I.#03ESCUETA, Armon Criston I.Tháng trước
  • #RestoreTheSynderVerse

    Kyle GrimseyKyle GrimseyTháng trước
  • Now the Snyder Hype is over will there be A Sequel?

    Official Tru-DruOfficial Tru-DruTháng trước
  • Marvel : we r in ENDGAME DC : it is just BEGAN

    akkiakkiTháng trước
  • How many timeline u want DC: Yes

    akkiakkiTháng trước
  • They canceled New Gods 😭

    Aadil MianAadil MianTháng trước
  • The Bat 🦇TANK!! Is pretty Bad ASS!! It's as big as a building 🏢

    Thomas HendersonThomas HendersonTháng trước
  • Georgia voting bill

    Rochell DaphneRochell DaphneTháng trước
  • Joker refers to Batman as Bruce during the Knightmare conversation.

    Duke TogoDuke TogoTháng trước
  • Ayo fuck amber heard

    Black SasoriBlack SasoriTháng trước
  • #restorethesnyderverse !!!!!!!

    Fasi HussainiFasi HussainiTháng trước
  • MY GOD...why ohhh why would all this NOT happen!?!?!??!?!?!? IF EVERYTHING YOU JUST TALKED ABOUT(movies to come) D.C. WOULD NO DOUBT TAKE OVER marvel AS THE #1 COMIC LIVE ACTION UNIVERS.

    Savage Opress77Savage Opress77Tháng trước
  • Just saw a article where NEW GODS movie is cancelled, did anyone see that yesterday???

    Chocolate RainChocolate RainTháng trước
  • Loved it

    Michael StoylesMichael StoylesTháng trước
  • Man...Yes DC let Zack do all the jl movies....why didn't this version come out first?...this final rivals a Marvel movie.....it had dark side in it...that is great...like this was what I wanted to see ...not that steppinwolf version...I probably spelled that name wrong but so what...that version was corny compared to Zach's....I'm back a DC fan....almost lost hope....especially with Shazam...smh...

    mike corkermike corkerTháng trước
  • looks like same story of Avengers

    Divorce FrontDivorce FrontTháng trước
  • My theory about why batman keeps getting these visions is because he's messed up saving lois in soo many different ways he's essentially somehow integrated into the space time continuum( probably some variant on how the Omega sanction works in the snyderverse). The idea of the alternate future timelines he keeps seeing is probably the consequences of time travel experiments where he sends flash back in time with a different message everytime hoping that his older self understands. As for why he needs joker to help him is probably because he's sooo insane that he is the only being in the universe immune to anti life somehow which batman probably noticed and is trying to decipher the key. The only loop hole for me was how martian manhunter ends up knowing that much information about who darkseid , what the anti life equation is. Figuring out Superman's real identity as Clark and figuring out that Bruce is batman. Clearly there is no way Bruce would be that accepting of his alliance because it almost seems shady

    Parashara RameshParashara RameshTháng trước
  • The reacharound comment from Joke is the implication that Batman is gay.

    Stuart BriggsStuart BriggsTháng trước
  • I want to see the part 2 of justice league Snyder cut

    1HP ARNAB1HP ARNABTháng trước
  • it`s still a crap movie..these ppl can`t write for squat..

    willzy75 Rivero Rangerwillzy75 Rivero RangerTháng trước
  • Anybody else doesn’t want to see the justice league die😔

    Nate RodriguezNate RodriguezTháng trước
  • i fucking hate jared Leto as joker! I need jobquin phoenix as joker

    AbdishakurrAbdishakurrTháng trước
  • Everyone's probably waiting to see how far Superman will go to being close to the savageness of Homelander in the sequel, but at least we got Brightburn...

    The Sound Painter's StudioThe Sound Painter's StudioTháng trước
  • Snyder Cut made me have hope for super hero films again. Aint nothing took my fancy since infinitywar and Endgame with IW being the superior.

    DazDazTháng trước
  • "01:88" .Dadyapp.𝖼𝗈m* is more reliable

    Blister BlisterBlister BlisterTháng trước