Making Liquid Nitrogen From Scratch!

16 Th08, 2019
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I used a nitrogen membrane and Stirling cryocooler to liquefy nitrogen out of the air. For this video I partnered with Starbucks to celebrate their Nitro Cold Brew. Order one here:
Making liquid nitrogen is hard - in fact up until 150 years ago scientists doubted whether it was even possible to liquefy nitrogen. In 1823, At the royal institution in London, Michael Faraday first produced liquid chlorine, kind of accidentally by putting it under high pressure. He similarly liquefied ammonia.
Borrowing a mixture from Thilorier in France, a combination of dry ice, snow and ether, he reached a temperature of -110C. By 1845 he used this mixture plus a hand pump to pressurize gases to liquefy all the known gases except six, which included oxygen and nitrogen. These became known as the “permanent” gases.
A French Physicist Aimé compressed oxygen and nitrogen in tanks and then lowered them into the ocean over 1.6km deep, where the pressure got up to 200 atmospheres. Still the gases didn’t liquefy.
Only at the end of 1877 were the first droplets of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen produced, by Cailletet in France. He first tried oxygen by compressing it up to 300 atmospheres, cooled to -30C, but that wasn't even enough to liquefy oxygen. But when he suddenly released the pressure, the expanding gas cooled, he estimated to -200C and he saw a mist and then droplets slide down the walls of his vessel.
It's amazing how far we've come in that now I can purchase a helium-based cryocooler. It compresses and expands the gas to absorb heat from the tip of the cold finger and eject it into the surroundings at ambient temperature.

  • but why wait cant you but air in to the cooler itself so it will be faster

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  • How to buy cryocooler

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  • 5:10 but why are you even barefoot tho 🤔

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  • Me: oh I see he has a pint of a Nitro Stout Veritasium: my Starbucks Nitro cold brew... Me: oh.....

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  • 12:36 ~ I don't want coffee!

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  • 'There's no oxygen in this air, baby, it's all nitrogen.'

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  • Sir make some Oxygen

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  • To make it from scratch, you need to make your own air. God made the air.

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  • “Liquaheed nytrohageen”

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  • The cryocooler is an STI Hybrid 98. It costs $500-2000usd. No idea where to get one, but thats what it is.

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  • plz make some arrangement to extract oxygen india needs oxygen

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  • This is the way its done in a low-tech/salvaged-tech post alien apocalypse ;) Hmm, need a way to pressurize this to do Alton Brown's instant-icecream machine with Liquid Nitrogen instead of CO2.

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  • Your buddy has a gambling problem.

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  • I'm pretty disappointed to see "don't try this at home" on this kind of thing. First, it's silly; the most dangerous piece of equipment in the video is the air compressor. Second, it comes off as pretty arrogant, given that , by the time I stopped watching, you had "professionally" dumped a bunch of liquid air into a glass beaker way too fast and without eye protection... which would or should get you a stern talking to in any undergrad lab or any modern trade apprenticeship. Pyrex is not magic. Third, *the whole point of this kind of education is to teach people to do things* and verify things for themselves. "Don't try this at home" is a demoralizing and destructive attitude. Fourth, if you actually care about riski, then it's far more effective to *teach the precautions* ... taking care to learn them yourself first, of course. Fifth, replicating the video would require thousands of dollars worth of equipment, and most people who would even know where to *source* that equipment probably know more about safety (and about how to do the task) than you do.

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    • You must be the god of all things in the world. Please, good soul, teach us the ways of life... for we bow before your feet.

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  • How about the Haber-Bosch Process, which is a complex chemical procedure that takes nitrogen from the air and under high pressures and temperatures combines it with hydrogen to produce ammonia. This ammonia is the base of the synthetic nitrogen fertilizers increasingly used around the world today. Without this fertilizer, farmers couldn't produce enough food for the world population, but this process consumes a huge amount of energy which injects tons of carbon into the atmosphere, helping the global warming crises....isn't science wonderful.....

    Billy MarkwellBilly Markwell13 ngày trước
  • Using a helium/Stirling cryocooler is cheating. Let's see you do this using only compression and expansion, as liquid air was originally made (in the 19th century, before helium was even known). Hint: the first refrigeration used air as the working fluid. Compress, dump the heat of compression into water, expand, and suck heat out of a reservoir (they used brine). That gets you cold brine, cold enough to make ice. Now use the cold brine as the heat sink for another stage, and cool something with a much lower freezing point -- like ethanol, methanol, or acetone. One or two more stages and you'll be able to use the air in the system with a phase change, like the refrigerant in modern heat pumps, freezers, and air conditioners -- and the cold side will be filled with liquid air. Distill to obtain pure nitrogen and liquefy that again, and done. BTW, a minor variation of this (using modern refrigeration to cut the number of stages needed) is used for commercial production of both liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen, and pure compressed gases like nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and carbon dioxide (all obtained by distilling liquefied air).

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  • Okay how to make liquid oxygen

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  • Total nerds.... You Rock!!!

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  • so I know how you said not to try this at home.... But is it ok if I try it in my backyard?

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  • Now make an computer custom loop that condenses liquid air, stores it, pumpts it to the components, and lets off the gaseous air

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  • So many VIworld videos I’ve seen I wish I could watch a video about the cleanup.. sounds weird, but I know it’s a major part of being a VIworldr and nobody talks about it. Cleanin up afterwards

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  • where can i get this thing?

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  • I love this so much, especially that alan is in it :D make it really show the danger level ;)

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  • Hi, please explain how to make liquid oxygen. India need this these days, people are dying.

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  • what happens when freeze compressor add in water cooler for cooling system

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  • They made the most liquid nitrogen the first time... could have saved them time, but I love the experimentation.

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  • Can anyone provide me with a link to where I can buy one of these cryocoolers?

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  • Can you sell this nitrogen ?

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  • How to make a moisture evaporator at home

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  • Id love to see a video focusing on that selectively permeable membrane!

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  • Thanks

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  • I thought this was going to be an add for starbucks but it turned out to be a pretty cool (-200 degrees) video on making a mess in the living room. Now I want one of them cryogenic cooler thingys !

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  • I think Veritasium is lying. I mean, he claims to have nitrogen just pulled out of thin air!

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  • cool the air storage tank with a dry ice and alcohol slurry in a bucket to get it down to -100 C to up the yield?

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  • 'From scratch' - very funny...

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  • how about argon?

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  • I watched a good friend make liquid nitrogen and oxygen, any given evening, forty years ago, we working nights in Kaneohe, Hi, in the Marines, he working at "cryo" making the same, in a jet engine run system, making it for pilot oxygen, nitrogen for the aircraft tires. We froze cockroaches regularly, given they were rather ubiquitous. That is awesome, I never thought I'd see it outside a major installation or "portable unit" as my friend Bob ran it.

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  • but doesn't helium decompose?

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  • "nitrogen is everywhere, it makes up 78% of the air" me: So why tf is it so expensive.

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    • @Existential-He did you not see the equipment needed to make it or something? Especially in a large quantity

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    • Most people don't know it's so abundant and based on this producing it doesn't seem that expensive either. Guess if people believe something is rare you can fool em and raise the price of production...also seems to take a lot of time to make

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  • 2:31 on top of the „cooling tower“ there is a black fan but why is there a plate on top ? how should it cool wenn it cant move air 🤨

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  • Arthur Guinness had this figured out in 1759.

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