Miles's Leap of Faith And Why it's the Best Scene in Any Movie Ever (Into the Spider-Verse)

17 Th08, 2019
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I take a leap into the utter perfection that is Into the Spider Verse in order to explore what it is that makes it's most perfect scene so god damn perfect.
So this was supposed to come out about five months ago, but I'm currently in the middle of the whole transition from high school to college, so I hope you'll cut me a break if the upload schedule is a little sparse for awhile. Not that it's ever been all that consistent to begin with, but I feel like I should at least update you guys on why this took so damn long.
Into the Spider Verse Script:
All the Dutch Tilts in Thor:
A deeper dive into this scene's music:
Drone footage of cityscape:
My Twitter:
Character Art by Jonathan Vasquez at:

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    • @CoolCat171 bruh hush, Your logic is so flawed. it was his video 99% of it was his work the music should not be enough to give the copyright claimers all of HIS money

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    • @CoolCat171 Don't be a dick dude, he knew it was gonna happen that's why he said it in the way he did. He wanted it to have "relevant" music, which would be What's Up Danger, Sunflower, and the scores from the movie, which are all copywritten and he knew that. Which is why he is politely asking for people to perhaps subscribe and see more of his videos if they enjoyed, because he basically sacrificed the ad revenue on a GREAT video to improve it.

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    • @Hermit Sage But he is not critiquing the music which is what he got claimed for

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    • If it's demonitized anyway, then why, _why_ did you cut off "Portals" like you did?

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  • Prowler's Theme is an insanely underappreciated piece of audio art.

    Peter CorlessPeter Corless2 giờ trước
  • That was a pretty great watch/take on this thing. thanks

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  • Entire comment section: (Just keep scrolling down) Me, who is literally apathetic to the movie: *I have no such weakness*

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  • Firewatch = Chinatown Without downer endings there would be no tension.

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  • 1:20 Avengers endgame portal Scene is Far Better More Emotional more everything 10 years pays off. (also even the scene you showed before that was more emotional to me anyway but yeah its one of the best scenes not THE BEST)

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  • Loved all your analisis. Then you hit the Conclusion and start making your personal comments and MEN I FELT EXACTLY THE SAME. I can't think of a more inspiring movie than this one, and it doesn't get old, I've seen it multiple times, and everytime I see it I get something new. Its so POWERFUL!

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  • It’s such a good scene because it’s full of the exaggerated swagger of a black teen.

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  • This movie would be perfect If they didn’t add the stupid bonus characters 🤮 The movie was amazing with miles, Peter and Gwen but the 3 extra characters ruin the film and make parts genuinely painful to watch And it’s a shame because the story, emotions, messages and miles himself is perfect but the anime and pig characters are so out of place in the story that it genuinely destroys most of the film

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  • This was an incredibly well written and thoughtful video essay. I couldn't agree more with your synopsis of that scene and am overjoyed that it resonated with you and gave you strength on a personal level. Good work.

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  • This breakdown was amazing! Hit different when you brought to light his movement reflecting that of his Uncles! Something I will always see moving forwards. I wanted to add the addition of a small, subtle, but effective detail in the movie also - The frames. So it was intentionally decided that, for the first half of the movie, Miles would be shown moving through the world in 16 fps as opposed to the 24fps the world, and the people, around him moves. This is to depict him as a kid. The feeling of him not keeping up with the world, due to the various reasons you brilliantly mention in this video. He has a slight stutter to his movements denoting an "amateurish" vibe. But, as Miles slowly becomes that little more confident, his frames catch up to the world around him. Miles starts moving at 24fps. This depicts him catching up. Taking the leaping head-on to his problems and hurdles. It gives off the vibe of "professionalism", granted, he has more growing to do as a hero, but he's reached a level of confidence, that allows him to be addressed as one!

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  • I love watching these videos because as a casual viewer I can never understand these hidden metaphors, and when I watch these videos I finally understand what attracts me to some movies. I'm 14 years old and I'm not joking when I say this, I teared up watching this. I am going through the almost exactly same situation as miles right now. I feel my parents and families expectations growing on me constantly, and I know that I'm gifted but I keep running away. I know that I can be whatever I choose to be because I'm smart, I'm really damn smart. I have a different dream than my parents have for me, a different ideal I want to chase. All I need is a push A leap of faith, Thank you

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  • Just got recommended this by YT and I'm glad I was. This video was well executed to the point of perfection. So much insight to cinematography, which I for one, am not too familiar with, but happy to learn. I'm sorry that it was demonitiezed, but I think you did the correct choice by leaving the music in, the music does really help to elevate the points that you're trying to make. The only (really negelectable) critique is that the video could've been five minutes shorter, it hit it's crescendo somewhere 2/3's in. But hey, still great work and I'm now a subscriber and hope to view more awesome stuff.

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    • An unexamined life is not worth living.

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  • What I liked about this movie is that it's not a "You're suddently going to get superpowers and the problem is solved". Here he gets the power but needs to work, it's not enough, he needs to improve. The message is completely different, the responsibility is within him and not outside of him

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  • Great break down of the scene. There was only one detail that didn't fit with the whole analysis at 13:40. The Stan Lee phrase: "It will fit... Eventually" Is not in contrast with what aunt May says. It is actually entirely related with that and to the leap of faith Miles takes. Stan lee wasn't refering to the actual halloween costume that Miles bought. He meant, metaphorically, that the suit/responsabilities might seem big at that moment, but that eventually Miles would grow up to the be the person he needs to be, after leaving his fears behind. That Stan Lee phrase hits different when you understand what it was actually intended for.

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