One Marvelous Scene: Two Robots Stood in the Woods Reflecting on Existence

30 Th04, 2019
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All I can say for this video, I hope that this makes up for lost time. Thanks, Nando v. Movies, Hitop Films, Marcus from Cosmonaut Variety Hour, and others for giving me the in I needed to come back, as I have some thoughts on a very special scene from Age of Ultron.

  • Hey old and new viewers alike, I'm here the day after the news broke regarding Joss Whedon and Charisma Carpenter. Truth be told, I was planning on talking about the whole situation with Ray Fisher and Justice League as well as Kai Cole in another video regarding the discussion of separating the art from the artist as well as just the broader subject of acknowledging the work of a bad person. I've been stewing over this all day, trying to figure out what to do, because a large part of what I made this video on was me being a fan of Joss Whedon and all the research I did regarding his state of mind at this point in his career... but morally I don't know if what I discussed was even the truth. It was always conjecture... but I always prided myself in looking beyond the scene and into the artists behind the work. It's a large part of why this video is the way it was. As a fan of Whedon, I'm incredibly heartbroken and disgusted (I even had videos on Firefly and Much Ado About Nothing I wanted to do, as well as another video comparing how Whedon and the Russos molded the Avengers on screen, but for now... it just feels wrong...). As a content creator and a filmmaker, I feel so conflicted, because I want my videos to have a sense of empathy for the people behind them, but in light of what's happened, it shakes me to my core. So I decided to keep this video up, not only because it was such a huge video for me (and I'm not partnered anymore, so I'm not even making any money on this), but as an editor, I'm genuinely proud of this video and Whedon was not the only focus, but also the discussion of each writer and director taking to these characters like artists and writers on the comics they're based on. I WILL however be deleting a Joss Whedon video I had on my channel for years, because I don't want to celebrate a man who abused his power on and off set. This is an emotional reaction, I'll admit, and some may not agree with me on this. But when you look up to someone and are influenced by someone like I was with Joss Whedon, you feel almost a sense of betrayal. And I don't want to condone that behavior at all, nor do I want him to taint my work. Thanks for reading, see you in the next video.

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    • @Harrison Lane no i don't think it will be he really had a vision of what he wanted for justice league but it won't be as good as if he had the rights from the beginnings

      John FaustJohn Faust2 tháng trước
    • @John Faust it's gonna be godawful I can't wait

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    • @DSDftw!!! God damn I didn't know you felt so highly about people talking about vision

      Harrison LaneHarrison Lane2 tháng trước
    • Let's goo Justice League Snyder Cut In 5 Day's cannot wait.

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    • I didn't know what I was talking about Joss whedon isn't doing Dr. Strange im an Idiot its Sam Rami another crap director lol get those two confused hahaha lets hope to god Dr. Strange is good

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  • Joss Whedon kinda looks like Notch when he's wearing a fedora.

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  • That was awesome bro

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  • Fucking beautiful

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  • Avengers age of ultron was my favorite Marvel movie

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  • Less than 2 years later, he's at 17.3k. It's not HUGE numbers, but that's a pretty big increase.

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  • The studio focuses so damn much on what they think is needed. Refusing to budge on main points, it's almost like because they control the business side of things they think they know how to plan a story. If ya want extra stuff that doesn't fit a movie send out a mini clip of it a few weeks before the movie it's ment for as a publicity thing.

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  • Wonderful video, Thank you for the thought provoking viewpoint.

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  • I feel you skipped a beat in Ultron's development. In his "main" body, with Wanda on the broken bus, I feel he shows genuine concern for her when he says "You'll die." With Vision he's afraid for himself but, in spite of what he is, what he's done, I think he showed fear for her. Just some amount of actual concern for her.

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  • I always thought that the ancient one's death scene could have a great potential to talk about

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  • You know you've found a good VIworldr when he spends the first two minutes of his video crediting and linking others, props to you man.

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  • I've always preferred the films version of the personality of Ultron over that of the comic books. He was much more dynamic to me in that way in the film. And it really does make sense that he would have some of the personality of the person who created him in his programming. And Starks ego is just Completely huge. So it just made sense to see that. I've read him throughout much of his existence in the comics and I've always thought that Ultron story was told very well in film. I personally think it is a superior film to the original Avengers. And probably the third best for me behind Civil War and Infinity War. And actually ahead of Endgame. But for whatever reason people love those films over. But regardless Age of Ultron rocks....

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  • Didn't realize Aziz Ansari was also a VIworldr. Good stuff.

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  • I would love to see a followup to this video covering Vision and the Ship of Theseus scene. It doesn't have the context of Whedon anymore but I think there's a lot to he said about how it relates in the context of the MCU in its current state.

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  • When the earth's settles God throws a stone and let me tell you HES WINDING UP

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  • 2:43 Title card!

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  • despite their best, the russos are still beholden to Disneys demand. More meta-commentary More SJW representation More emphasizing Americas past sins Whos REALLY in control? Because its not even Disney anymore, given HALF their choices are too boneheaded to have been willing. EVERYONE knows theyre smarter than this. So do they themselves. So why make bad choices anyway? Theyre being FORCED to. By who? Thats the unbreakable code now, isnt it? SOMEBODY has disney by a death-collar. Greed cant explain away stupidity of recent magnetude, such choices would be bad in terms of greed itself. What other explination can it possibly be but outside cohersion?

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    • You’re glowing, pal

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  • This is beautiful, I always loved age of Ultron but I didn't clearly know why, you made me realise why...thank you

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  • Great video essay. Vision really does have some of the best lines in the MCU, I also hope Ultron returns some day.

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  • You lost me talking about other videos

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  • Not specifically agreeing with the guy but no one would really notice Terrance Howard not being war machine because 1. He didn't do much in the first movie and 2 I think Don cheedle does a much better job of playing the character.

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  • Russo Brothers > Joss Whedon . . And it isn’t even close

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  • I don't care if people don't enjoy or understand the MCU but no one can deny Marvel have redefined cinema expectations forever

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  • my foot

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  • "He can't control the way his pain makes him behave and I can relate to that" that quote takes a whole new meaning now, yikes

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  • I've heard some people say this scene is like Jesus and Satan having one last discussion after the apocalypse.

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  • (Look at my subscriber count) (Finishes video) “That son of a bitch is going up young man!”

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  • 3:06 my one marvelous scene will always be where it all began, the one scene that got my entire _generation_ to cheer in theatres, from "That's my secret captain", to the iconic panorama shot. The Chitari hordes screech, and the Hulk ROARS back! Like... That's it. That's the greatest scene in my opinion.

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  • I have to disagree with this interpretation. For me to try to recontextualize a scene that is so remarkable for being purely philosophical in a tentpole blockbuster greatly diminishes its impact. That being said, I thought the argument was well made in a elegant and compelling fashion.

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  • this video has A LOT of views

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  • Ultron should come back somehow. His moments singing “There are no strings on me” is just beautiful in my opinion

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  • Wtf it take you 20 minutes to describe one 30 second scene. Its like ur writing a school paper

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  • Great vid very humble

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  • Bruh, you just helped me see the MCU in a whole new light. The MCU is pretty much our story of experiences as human beings. This is why we feel so much emotion, this is why we feel connected and inspired.

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  • Bruh, I've seen this damn movie at least four times and I can't remember any of these scenes.

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  • I can't stand Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Joss Whedon, or most of the MCU. And yet I love The Age of Ultron. It's so confusing. 😂

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  • Her video is now private

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  • Yo I was the 55,000th like les go

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  • Man, the VIworld algorithm knocks it out of the park once again. Fantastic take on this, well done.

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  • Youre gonna think im tripping but visions quote "Somethings not beautiful because it lasts...its a privilege to be among" is a quote that has saved my life. I struggle with suicidal ideation and a few attempts and a bit of the cause is existential in nature. I hate the monotony and thought of life existong forever. I find meaning in the ending of things and dont see the point of life in general. The quote represents to me that maybe its ok that some things are here for a time. Maybe its the point of life for some things to exist then fade, perhaps the formation of thing creates a "footstep in the sands of time" as Waddsworth would say. Its deep and metaphysical stuff, but it gives me peace because though i am a temporal being that craves the eternal, perhaps its ok that eventually everything i do will fade, maybe its the point that it was ever done at all.

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  • In retrospect, Ultron & Vision should have had a discussion about the ship of Theseus.

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  • A year later two robots talk in a library about a boat and the existence of life

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  • Fuck Jose Whedon

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  • beautiful

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  • It was a beautiful time for cinema, I was always excited for the next marvel film with each one never disappointing. The finale was epic in a way I never knew films could exist. A decade of exploring films in a combined universe, hit hard I don’t know if it can be followed up.

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  • Age of ultron is my favorite right behind infinity ♾ war 💥

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  • WandaVision ripped you off

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  • Not sure I love the analogy to Joss and the like, but the scene itself is probably my favorite.

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  • 4:10 am I the only one that saw "ass of ultron" for a split second

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  • Intellectual on VIworld: in this scene ultron is LITERALLY at the end of his rope. Me, not an intellectual: there is LITERALLY no rope in this scene.

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  • It's heart warming seeing your sub count a year later on this video. I don't think people understand what this video series for budding channels.

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  • So many memorable scenes in this movie

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  • Ultron is an underrated villain

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  • But of a stretch but I’ll take it.

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  • Avinger is an excellent company IMO waaaay undervalued IMO;)

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  • The hex symbolizes Hollywood, and how they can make movies anyway the see fit. Comic books be damned!! But wait....or can they?...

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  • Ik it’s a unpopular opinion but AoU is my fav avengers movie. I don’t count IW and Endgame cause they weren’t just avengers movies but conclusions to the whole of marvel so not the same standards. I get how the Thor’s side quest was viewed messy but it was a good way to introduce the avengers to the other stones and build up a lil bit of thor ragnarok.

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  • Ikeman more like YIKESman ammiright.

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  • When I first watched the movie, I just thought this was just a boring scene that had no real value to it, other than to just being an “emotional scene” and a conclusion to a problem that existed in the world of the movie. After watching this video, years later (and having matured a bit), this completely changes how I saw not only this scene or movie, but the Marvel Universe as a whole. Very well done.

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  • ok but can we talk for a minute about how good ultron’s actor did like goddamn

    The Doom SlayerThe Doom Slayer2 tháng trước
  • You know...Vision kinda lied when he said "I was born yesterday". Jarvis served Stark for few years before he became Vision's mind.

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  • Damn....

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  • You unironically have more views than Nando's video.

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  • One year later and he has over 16 thousand subscribers. Congrats

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  • How do you say Josstic League don't count when he rewrote 75% of the movie??? Don't try and salvage Wheldon after single handed runing the DCU!!!!

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  • Did he- did he just pull out the Louis narrating music?

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  • This video‘s title sounds like it could be a 1975 album.

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  • Love this man

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  • james spader nailed ultron. change my mind

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  • I wonder if the scene like this in Wandavision is a deliberate callback

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  • Guess he wasnt perfect enough for the JL to work cause he fucking destroyed it

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    • When they give you like 5 months to write and direct a whole ass movie you are bound to screw it up

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  • That Infinity War credits music hit hard :'l

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  • Welcome to my life Joshy boy!!!

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  • I thought we were talking about one marvelous scene.... not the entire mcu

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  • Click to the end of video and press replay to avoid ads

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  • Please... just get to the point already

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  • Yeah? Howard didn't return in Ironman 2 because he wanted the same money as RDJ. Period.

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  • Bro I have to say well done. The script you wrote for this should be in a hall of fame man

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  • If you want a really interesting take on how machines and Ai might experience an existential crisis play the game Nier Automata. One of the most underrated games of all time.

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  • 229 subs? Bruh, I'm seeing 16.6k now, talk about rising *from* the occasion.

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  • I feel like a big reason it seems better as time goes on, is that so much of the consequences in world were caused by the events of this movie

    Michael JohnstonMichael Johnston2 tháng trước
  • 6:53 It’s really interesting how a robot comments on God, but not in a refuting way, rather a critiquing way. I like to think he believes in God even though he’s a robot.

    Anthony HernandezAnthony Hernandez2 tháng trước
  • I already had a love for this movie and now I respect it more than ever

    Dragon WreckDragon Wreck2 tháng trước
  • A scene so nice they did it a second time in wandavision lol

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  • And this boy comes out of no where and essentially lifts the youtube equivalent of storm breaker and mew mew.

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  • Epiç

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  • One Marvelous Scene: A simulated robot and a robot flew in a library reflecting on identity and the self.

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  • Everybody: Wow, this scene is so deep and philosophical! The director of this movie: Two robots in a forest, teehee!

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  • “...but there is grace in their failings. I think you missed that.” He literally did. Iirc, The Canadian Lad mentions that Ultron missed this when he was first born and collecting information

    DanielDaniel2 tháng trước
    • Nvm, it was Newrockstars' breakdown

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  • WandaVision just had its finale and these films really have taken on a life of their own

    DanielDaniel2 tháng trước
  • You read entirely to much into that with your whole handing the movie over bull shit, it made this video go from cool and informative to your own weird rambling trying to prove how deep you are or something. Stick with the basics guy

    • You’re glowing, pal

      Victorino IV RondainVictorino IV Rondain16 ngày trước
  • Seeing this on my recommended after the ending of wandavision is very fitting. Less of the nature of the video but just of the confrontation of these characters and the parallel at the end (not trying to spoil). Anyways well done with the video, a yr late to this, but good job all the same.

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  • WANDAVISION EPISODE 9 SPOILERS: Funny that this got recommended to me, considering Vision vs White Vision.

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  • Damn. Crazy this got recommended after seeing WandaVision and visions scene

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  • they've done it again

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  • " No JL dosnt count" how said it dose?

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  • Who's here after Wandavision Finale - *Two Robots on a Library*

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  • You do a good job kid. Subscribed.

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  • Had a really great time watching this video, really hope you keep doing content like this :)

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  • Good timing for this to pop up in my recommendations again. I was just thinking about this scene after the final episode of WandaVision.

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