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24 Th05, 2019
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So, hopefully it isn't too late to get into the One Marvelous Scene playlist. Here is a link to it so you can see the other videos by over 100 video essayists, some more talented than others, but all equally deserving of your time and attention.
The One Marvelous Scene I have picked for this project (and I know, my video is late) is the beautiful "Teach me" moment in Doctor Strange. Back in 2016, my life was being built from a dark place, and being able to go see the Marvel movies in theaters on premiere night was one of the things that made me feel like a responsible and financially independent adult. Probably largely due to this, but also because this movie is just great, Doctor Strange became my favorite Marvel movie in the entire MCU. And this one marvelous scene, the "Teach me" scene, has got to be my favorite part of it. Now let me tell you why.
Avengers Endgame had some incredible moments in it. Captain America Lift Mjolnir, which had every single person in the theater (mostly me) screaming. Iron Man snaps the nanogauntlet and dusts thanos. Spiderman comes back. Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye goes crazy after losing his family, and Bruce Banner and the Hulk have somehow become Professor Hulk off screen, and also we got to see Professor Hulk dab ... so yeah, there's that. But prior to Avengers Endgame, there were 21 incredible movies full of superheros of all kind that made up the beautiful intertwining narrative come to be known as the MCU .
Now, an amazing team of video essayists have come together to talk about their favorite scenes from the MCU.
Also, Thor . Not just Thor. Fat Thor. That was pretty funny, I guess
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  • Dormammu I've come to Medical Jargon

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    • Fuck you, _I_ editted this video -Medium D

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    • Editor here: that's one of the best comments we've ever gotten

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  • No shame in going stag to the movies.... not that it matters much nowadays 😪 Miss you, cinema experience!

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  • The Alchemax and Tinder bits went on too long for little payoff, but the rest of the video was great.

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  • I want to Spend More time with him

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  • Well. If magic didnt exist, he could probably teach, he is also the perfect instructor so he could gain a living no doubt. But oh yes. The pride.

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  • You should do the series of gods starting with Iron man that would be dope and would love to know your insights.

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    • Go on tinder and tell every girl you match with "hey wanna just have sex? " and let me know how that goes for you.

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  • Id rather go see a movie by myself if its a movie im intersted in. I only take girl to see a movie i dont care about.

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    • You're a smarter man than me

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  • If House was in DrStrange 2......*throws money at screen. Than takes out loan to throw more money at screen.*

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  • "You thought I wasn't going to put in a Hamilton reference? You don't know Medium D Speak!"

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  • Great Video! Maybe once the movie is released you do a revised version. Are you interested in doing a DC version. First one was released this weekend.

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  • Doctor Strange is my favorite character in the MCU! I think the movie is criminally underrated!

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  • I would've said Tony Stark and Derek Shepherd.

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  • The ancient one is the strongest female character in the MCU. Period!

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  • Was honestly also wondering why no one had done this scene before😂😂

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  • Good video but there is a lot of obvious filler.

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    • @Cameron Macones yeah it's not disrespectful at all. it was a part of his script as a joke.

      AlchemaxAlchemaxNăm trước
    • Medium D Speaks Ah i see! The parts I took issue with were the long part about seeing the movie alone and looking up who made the other Doctor Strange video. I did enjoy the video and Doctor Strange is by far my favorite MCU film. I just felt like those parts went on too long (and having to look up who made the other video could be seen as disrespectful). Again i enjoyed the video overall! Thanks for the reply!

      Cameron MaconesCameron MaconesNăm trước
    • I had like 2500 subscribers when I uploaded this. I have no reason to intentionally try and pad my videos' runtime because I earn basically no money from this channel. If you felt something went on too long that was just a poor production choice from a small youtuber doing his best at the time.

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  • This was hilarious 😂

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  • Who tf does one marvelous scenes any more But great video

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    • Medium D Speaks Shit my bad :/

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    • This video came out in May...

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  • As for not ruining his surgical record is unfortunately just a smart move. It's a ruthless field and stats like that even at his level are vital for his career. That's a hate the game not the player move.

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  • This is what is amazing about the VIworldCinematicUniverse. When the love of one content creator leads you to another amazing one!

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    • Medium D Speaks thanks man, great video btw

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  • the whole tinder and eggplant took me out of it.. it says that this is about me not the content

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    • I _am_ the content. You're watching a video _I_ created. A script _I_ wrote. That's the point of VIworld and having a personal brand. Personality. If you want pure analysis with no personality go watch WatchMojo, I used to write for them

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  • I had a pretty weird experience watching Doctor Strange myself I was going downtown on a bus to eat at a restuarant and then go into the cinema, but once I got off the bus, I felt that my wallet wasn't on me, and the bus left before I could get back on. Panic set in, as I called the local bus hotline to see if I could do anything. After a couple of hours of asking to go onto busses and check for my wallet, I gave up. I locked my credit card and such, just to be safe, and then walked into the cinema to ask if I could see the movie while I explained my situation. I had already paid for my ticket to it was all good, I just had to verify with my phone. So I sat down, exhausted after running around town and being an anxious wreck, watching the movie and enjoyed the hell out of it, Even though I went alone and the cinema was pretty barren, it was actually quite comfy. If you wonder, I got my wallet back 2 weeks later, but I had already replaced most of my cards and stuff by then.

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  • Wow, it seemed like nobody else on this site had seen house other than me... that’s a sub. Oh and the rest of the video was cool too I guess

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  • I wish they had more of a B story that played up his transformation. Maybe like a character who was one of the patients he refused to work on, but in the end he came back to advise another doctor on how to approach the procedure.

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    • You mean the Conan Doyle character who was based on a doctor? Oh, and wasnt he played by a certain handsome British actor? Hmm... I wonder...

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  • This was amazing. Liked and Subbed. DR. Strange is sadly overlooked, it's up there with one of my favourite "super-hero" films to date.

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  • I just realized that Strange's hand shakes a bit when he puts up the one finger in Endgame.

    Ramen The KidRamen The KidNăm trước
    • The Ancient One told Doc "You cannot beat a river into submission" and in Endgame he does literally that.

      Kermit Tea FrogKermit Tea FrogNăm trước
    • Nice catch!

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    • Thanks man. Appreciate the help, sub if you think our art is worth your view, it honestly means a lot

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  • I always took this scene, not so much as a drastic shift in character, but an emphasis on his belief in evidence. He has a need to know this, to learn, and with proof presented showing these things to be real he immediately abandons the notion that these things aren't real. Not because of a fundamental shift, but because the evidence supports it. He continues to be his arrogant self as soon as he starts to learn more. He's not so much humbled here as curious. And he continues to break the rules of the place for his knowledge quest. Don't get me wrong I think there are signs of the character shift starting through his early journey but most of that comes not in the "teach me" scene but rather as he is faced with the threat of death and the decision to fight.

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