POKÉMON Detective Pikachu - Movie Review

09 Th05, 2019
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We have ourselves a live action Pokemon adventure where Ryan Reynolds voices Pikachu. Here's my review for DETECTIVE PIKACHU!
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  • This movie is great. The action and references are great and the emotional stuff was genuinely good. Plus just seeing Pokémon in live action is really cool

    Agent AschenbrennerAgent AschenbrennerTháng trước
  • You should check out the anime Pokemon films.

    Hiatt GreyHiatt GreyTháng trước
  • I just watched this movie for the first time. I'm no Pokémon buff, but I immensely enjoyed it.

    David RayDavid Ray2 tháng trước
  • For some reason.. My teacher told me to determine.... t h i s.

    Lucky RedAceLucky RedAce3 tháng trước
  • its shit

    Bigoun BigBigoun Big4 tháng trước
  • I'm not really a Pokémon fan, but I had a good time with this movie. I'll probably watch it again

    Dune InkDune Ink5 tháng trước
  • Trash movie

    Ty QueenTy Queen6 tháng trước
  • Why nobody talks about how this movie is basically Zootopia with Pokemon?

    Adwait MoreyAdwait Morey9 tháng trước
  • This movie had one of the biggest plot twist ever.

    Despacitegg AdventuresDespacitegg Adventures9 tháng trước
  • The pacing was terrible

    Tommaso LeonardiTommaso Leonardi11 tháng trước
  • Am I the only one who found all the grown-up jokes funny 😂

    Dead Gamer 2.0Dead Gamer 2.011 tháng trước
  • This movie was fucking garbage.

    OMGitsBaMbOOzLEOMGitsBaMbOOzLENăm trước
  • The concept of this movie seemed like trash after hearing Ryan Reynolds was the voice of Pikachu, made no sense. I came in with a non bias opened mind as a non Pokemon fan and enjoyed the movie. I just wish there was a little more adult humor. 7/10. This REALLY felt like a squeal to another movie that sets the tone..... The tone was definalty not set and Pokemon fans are left like "WTF" is going here. Also Deadpool's Cab driver is in this lol. Nice one.

    LaBountiLaBountiNăm trước
  • Finally watched the movie on Netflix I had a very great time! Now I’m excited for the Sonic Movie to see this weekend

    Chris TianChris TianNăm trước
  • I want a pokemon cinematic universe

    Carla SouzaCarla SouzaNăm trước
  • Hype garbage reviewer

    XionXionNăm trước
    • You did the same thing on Chris Stuckmann's Detective Pikachu video, troll.

      SicParvisMagna123SicParvisMagna123Năm trước
  • I love this only because of nostalgic reasons but the human part of the story is boring 😑

    iulix maxiulix maxNăm trước
  • Pokémon red or blue ... cmon we’ve all asked that question before

    Harris MatthewHarris MatthewNăm trước
  • Was a little weird that there was a few low ranking curse words. Like hell. I mean..cmon, its pokemon, it just seems weird lol

    dick flameydick flameyNăm trước
  • This is my favorite movie so awesometacular and worth buying on blu ray 10/10

    Incredibles World 2005 EDCP / Ronan BuddyIncredibles World 2005 EDCP / Ronan BuddyNăm trước
  • I see you love Ryan Reynolds but. . . . HE DID NOT MAKE THE MOVIE. The two leads did great to me.

    Aaron Fantazii #AFLiveAaron Fantazii #AFLiveNăm trước
  • They should've casted Dan Green as Mewtwo. That would've been amazing and a great callback to the first Pokémon movie!

    Jason LuJason LuNăm trước
  • I noticed the weird physics too

    rudeboymonrudeboymonNăm trước
  • It was kind of weird because Ryan Reynolds is 42 and Justice is 24 so I think it would have made more sense with someone older.

    KKNăm trước
  • I said the same thing on the scene where he should have died.

    Chris LeeChris LeeNăm trước
  • Video game movie curse broken out of all the human characters I prefer Lucy the most

    Captain JakemericaCaptain JakemericaNăm trước
  • Wow

    Phuongnamkhue nam khuePhuongnamkhue nam khueNăm trước
  • Ur so right im a fan but yeah some of the acting ........ But i ended up buying it cuz it is kinda funny,no alcohol required

    Carlos PerezCarlos PerezNăm trước
  • I enjoyed this better than the lion king remake

    LunarSault23LunarSault23Năm trước
  • I loved the movie

    Mystic FishMystic FishNăm trước
  • 0:50 that's why i hope now that endgame is over, i can see these actors do other characters and not be pigenholed anymore

    MrFlipperInvader792MrFlipperInvader792Năm trước
  • Take a shot every time Jeremy says Ryan Reynolds. 😂

    Sy ASy ANăm trước
  • the moment i saw the city where they all lived together, i lost interest hahahaha stopped it there , never met dead poolkatchi, never will lol

    corostacorostaNăm trước
  • Just hearing Deadpool's voice coming out of Pikachu was amazing

    Yaron CharlesYaron CharlesNăm trước
  • How didn’t he recognize his dads voice?

    J GJ GNăm trước
  • observe ► howdy-do ◄ Danke

    Bob VictorBob VictorNăm trước
  • It was passable i guess, i found the kid actors awful though.

    James O'BrienJames O'BrienNăm trước
  • this is the gayest shit ever created on the face of this planet! this is not pokemon at all! the story was not even about pokemon, but about a stupid kid that don't even like pokemon who lost his daddy in the mall! this movie is a piece of shit! nothing to do with pokemon! this the first of it's kind too and already they fuck it up with bullshit!

  • I thought the movie was pretty fun to watch for the comedy bits the emotional ones had no weight to it so I kinda came off as weird because the main character is pretty fucking awkward and bland at points and it feels like they were trying to make interactions like the Pokémon games but who the hell exchanges information if they are “beaten”

    Alien NationAlien NationNăm trước
  • I thought this movie was a lot of fun

    WTF Am I Even Doing?!?WTF Am I Even Doing?!?Năm trước
  • Loved it as a Pokémon fan! Good movie for all like you said. It has its flaws, so I agree that it’s a good time no alcohol required!

    LindstheteacherLindstheteacherNăm trước
  • Which part of the movie was the Tim Burton reference?

    Ryland MooreRyland MooreNăm trước
  • I enjoyed this movie last night, i do have a few problems with it sure but thats cause im a fan and i wanted it! lol I feel it didnt have enough pokemon battling in this film, i know its a Detective move, but its still pokemon right? Could you do another review "spoiler talk" if you will, so you can go a bit more in depth to some of the points you make here such as the pysics moment you mentioned. And the batman reference? cause i missed that

    David GreenwayDavid GreenwayNăm trước
  • This movie was horrible.. Reynolds playing Pikachu made no fucking sense

    Devon JenkinsDevon JenkinsNăm trước
    • Especially when Ryan Reynolds is 42 and Justice is 24 XD

      KKNăm trước
  • This movie was so annoyingly bad, terrible dialogue, terrible story telling... but ooh we threw like so much money at vfx! That's what a good movie is right? The entire time watching this, all i could think about is what the fuck did the screenplay for this look like? How did this ever get made? Do the directors and writers hate pokemon? Like seriously they used a majority of the most unlikable pokemon as characters for the movie... why were the giant mountain turtles even needed? Oh they weren't by the way. why did they sneak into a research facility when there is literally a tent open at the back of the facility? So much of this movie made no logical sense at all. Ryan Reynolds is to the Pikachu movie what Jim Carrey will be to the Sonic movie... The only reason to watch.

    Tairyn NgataiTairyn NgataiNăm trước
  • Was decent and the pokemon were cute that was enough. Would prefer a conventional pokemon film with Ash going around being a pokemon trainer instead battling gym leaders and catching pokemon.

    Darksider95Darksider95Năm trước
  • Reynolds carries it. That's the bottom line. Next one is how good the designs are, things you think is not important until you see the abomination called sonic live movie. All pokemons look great, no sight of my fave, blaziken, but the classics are there.. Last one that makes the movie good is the story is more focused, it's not about "just" pokemon, but it's about detective pikachu solving a case, there's twist in it and overall i like it, a good video game movie, a rare thing since the old days. Enjoyable, fun, recommended. Imdb and rotten only give 6? What these critics expect? Plot like capote or good will hunting? Same sites give avengers 9 lol 🤣

    WriteWriteNăm trước
  • 369

    Aarif AliAarif AliNăm trước
  • I think it was aiming for small kids. I didn't buy the Two Main protagonists - the boy and the girl. The CGI and action were pumped up, and i liked the actor who played the villain, but the lines and the screenplay aimed for children.

    nicolae cosminnicolae cosminNăm trước
  • Story was meh. I needed more pokemon battles but it was mainly Tim fighting Ditto. Was expecting team rocket or other legendaries, but nope it was just mewtwo and dynamax torterra.

  • You know the movie sucks when you watch a dubbed version (without Ryan Reynolds voice).

    Tiefe dunkle MitternachtTiefe dunkle MitternachtNăm trước
  • Probably not a good idea to watch this while drunk.

    AdrianTreskAdrianTreskNăm trước
  • I thought it was pretty good 7/10

    Shoney ReyShoney ReyNăm trước
  • never played Pokemon? ok.

    Udon't SayxxxUdon't SayxxxNăm trước
  • This review seems VERY forced.

    RumboticoRumboticoNăm trước
  • As a huge pokemon fan I was expecting this movie to suck like most video game movies do but I was pleasantly surprised.

    DisrespectfulBastardDisrespectfulBastardNăm trước
  • Jeremy - you call BS on the laws of physics in a world where Magcargo exists - a pokemon with an internal body temp exceeding 10k Kelvin (for reference, The Sun has a temp of 5.7k Kelvin, making Magcargo twice as hot as the Sun) - a wild Magcargo appearing next to you would literally make you spontaneously catch fire, and melt.

    Jakub FabisiakJakub FabisiakNăm trước
  • Same. Not exactly a Pokemon fan but I really enjoyed it. Fucking cried at the end haha.

    Sean Patrick PerfectoSean Patrick PerfectoNăm trước
    • @dragging no i know only like 5 pokemon haha.

      Sean Patrick PerfectoSean Patrick PerfectoNăm trước
    • Wouldn't that make you a pokemon fan though? If you enjoyed the movie?

      dragging nodragging noNăm trước
  • I literally walked out of this movie....3/10

    ezekiel rochaezekiel rochaNăm trước
  • Tim Burton Batman moment: yes. I couldn't believe nobody I was with thought that too. Thank you; I'm not alone!

    Ryan NoakesRyan NoakesNăm trước
    • I've never seen all of the Tim Burton Batman so I might've missed it....which scene was it?

      Rebekah NeubeckerRebekah NeubeckerNăm trước
  • Just saw the movie it was fucking bad ass loved the CGI love the Cast I would give the movie 9/10 and buy it on Blu-ray

    Matthew OsmanMatthew OsmanNăm trước
  • Pokémon movie targeted towards Pokémon fans??? NO WAY!

    Gianluca IaniroGianluca IaniroNăm trước
  • There was one point in the moment where I went, "Did they get that from X-Men? Because I was getting strong X-Men vibes."

    klimmr3021klimmr3021Năm trước
  • I loved it. Though the twist was painfully obvious

    darrennornirondarrennornironNăm trước
  • I really loved it :) and he survived the fall through telekinesis (an ability from a pokemon shown in the movie that i don't wanna spoil to others lol)

    ArnamoArnamoNăm trước
  • I was really entertained by the film, nothing phenomenal, but it was a surprisingly fun time, especially for a video game movie

    MediawatcherMediawatcherNăm trước
  • Take a shot every time you hear "Ryan Reynolds"

    Críticas CrónicasCríticas CrónicasNăm trước
  • Nah it wasn't good, felt like an amusement park ride for Pokemon fans

    ModusModusNăm trước
  • I found in parts this film was aimed at more older audience than who actually went to see this film. Example, miming pouring gasoline over mr mime and threatening to set him on fire with a imaginary match.

    Paul ShorneyPaul ShorneyNăm trước
    • Ok and? This is targeting the 90s kids Not only that there's more adults today that play pokemon than kids so it was smart to add that in and Idk about you but there was hardly any kids when I went same with other people on reddit

      PokemonFanPokemonFanNăm trước
  • Can we take a moment and realize, that is finally a good videogame movie adaption?

    Celtic AkumaCeltic AkumaNăm trước
  • This guy sure did say a lot of things for a 3:30 minute clip but the thing is, I really didn't get anything from him in 1min. I just went to another channel.

    Odan.fledOdan.fledNăm trước
  • Jeremy... You're starting to look older. I've been watching your videos for too long. Now I'm gonna go take my kid to the Pikachu movie.

    Noel GonzalezNoel GonzalezNăm trước
  • I was just pumped about seeing "live" pokemon, lol, was enough for me

    C GeeC GeeNăm trước
  • Honestly I was very disappointed n the movie. Big pokemon fan but I say there weren't enough references at all. I sat through the movie thinking the acting was okay but to me the story was the weakest part of the film. I was expecting background easter eggs and references out the ass. To me it didn't blend very well because they marketed it to children and being an adult I felt left out. A kid would love this movie for all of its faults. When the main kid was on the train and that video started playing I was like so this is the pokemon version of zootopia? One of my biggest peeves was the fact that it didn't feel like it belonged in the pokemon universe. What was the name of the region? What were the starters? why did it seem to have an abundance of region pacific pokemon? The story and the script were underwhelming to me. Pokemon fans come in all ages but this was directed towards children and not the actual fans. It had little inside jokes or references so that all of the passerby's could follow along. Quick throw in at the end also didn't like the pacing , movie felt rushed. There was no real chill between scenes it was just one thing to the next and kept going. The movie took place over the course of like 2 days and just felt like it needed more.

    TheMichaelmythTheMichaelmythNăm trước
  • So this is the best video game movie

    Big A Little ABig A Little ANăm trước
  • I thought this movie was a huge disappointment. For me, Ryan Reynolds couldn't carry that uninteresting of a story. Every joke fell flat... Who's this movie for ? People who say they're Pokémon fans

    LucaLuca2 năm trước
    • Everyone of all ages and non pokemon fans and pokemon fans of course

      PokemonFanPokemonFanNăm trước
  • The turtle wit the lettuce on his back

    Different BreedDifferent Breed2 năm trước
  • *Stumbles along singing the Pokemon theme song while sobbing.*

    James FrostJames Frost2 năm trước
  • Justice’s performance in this film was horrendous. He was monotone and his comedic timing was terrible. He also had no chemistry with any of the other actors. Seeing the Pokémon was great, but this film would have been better without the humans or at least with better lead actors.

    MyJelleoMyJelleo2 năm trước
  • This whole movie is practically zootopia. Pokémon going savage because of a scientific substance, different species coexisting in a big city, heck even the scene in the lab with the greninja is almost an exact copy of zootopia! They shine the flashlight into a seemingly empty cage and then a creature jumps at the glass. This exact thing happens in zootopia except with a tiger! I’m not saying I hate this movie though. I actually thoroughly enjoyed it.

    BurntPagesBurntPages2 năm trước
  • I think its fair pikachu survived the fall since he's smaller he's kind of like a cat and cats can survive falls from some skyscrapers

    CarlWheezerCarlWheezer2 năm trước
    • Pikachu Is Actually A Mouse Pokemon

      Avery HaywoodAvery HaywoodNăm trước
  • The ending of this movie was dumb though lol

    j wolfj wolf2 năm trước
    • and I agree the girl actor is just bad lol

      j wolfj wolf2 năm trước
  • I've seen up until the twist villain comes in. I enjoyed it, but my entire theater shut down because of tornadoes. I love you Texas, but your weather is killing me.

    Joseph SmithJoseph Smith2 năm trước
  • I knew all the Pikachu by name and ability. I'm forty. Don't have kids. It's a miracle I've ever gotten laid. That idiotic yellow mouse is just too damn adorable not to watch such a movie :D

    paper kaypaper kay2 năm trước
  • I really liked it, for me it brought what I was expecting from it and that is mroe than most movies do these days.

    Kunoichi4everKunoichi4ever2 năm trước
  • Take a shot every time he says Ryan Reynolds

    Phil SwiftPhil Swift2 năm trước
  • which shot was the 'straight out of tim burton's batman' shot?

    EliEli2 năm trước
    • @Matthew okay, thank you

      EliEli2 năm trước
    • *SPOILERS...if anybody cares* I'm guessing he meant the scene where the giant balloons are filled with the chemical agent/gas.

      MatthewMatthew2 năm trước
  • I'm go wtc tommorrow... I'm listen... I'm relax... And i'm think this film is best... Product amazing.... Cartoon to 3D gif... Incredible

    Dương PhạmDương Phạm2 năm trước
  • Minor spoiler: the fact that they could put a waterboarding joke in a kid’s movie but make it work and because it’s an essential character ability from lore just shows how much care and ability they had with this movie. I didn’t expect much, but got everything and more.

    MikoDrawMikoDraw2 năm trước
  • Take a shot EVERYTIME he says Ryan Reynolds

    Vanessa WilliamsVanessa Williams2 năm trước
  • It was fantastic

    A.C. WorshamA.C. Worsham2 năm trước
  • I’m jhi blown that Pikachu just didn’t evolve into Raichu smh

    Stephen StackzStephen Stackz2 năm trước
  • Psyduck 😍 also I agree with where Jeremy stands on his opinion on Pokemon in general.

    Ryan WequRyan Wequ2 năm trước
  • I grew up with the original _Pokemon_ games, cards and anime in the late 90's and early 2000's. Admittedly, I drifted from the franchise around 2003/2004 and haven't really kept up with the new games, but _Pokemon_ still has a lot of nostalgia for me. And to me, this was definitely a "Worth Buying on Blu-Ray" film. Saw it with a friend and we both had a really fun time. It really captured the magic of the series, the story was fun and Ryan Reynolds knocked it out of the park. And the world building was just top-notch. It felt like a real living, breathing world that you could walk right into. As soon as I got out of the theater, I kinda knew I was hooked back in after all these years. And I know I'll now be first in line to buy the new games for the Switch.

    MaximumMadnessStixonMaximumMadnessStixon2 năm trước
    • @PokemonFan Dunno yet. I may end up just getting both. (Which is what I used to do, lol.)

      MaximumMadnessStixonMaximumMadnessStixonNăm trước
    • Nice well welcome back too the series and what game will you be getting pokemon sword or shield?

      PokemonFanPokemonFan2 năm trước
  • Alita break the curse of bad anime adaptations and this movie did the same for videogame adaptations.

    Erick BrianoErick Briano2 năm trước
  • This was more Zootopia than Roger Rabbit.

    Sinjin ReedSinjin Reed2 năm trước
  • Imagine Kevin Hart instead of Ryan

    John WayneJohn Wayne2 năm trước
  • I went in not having experienced anything pokemon related in about 20 years. I used to like the tv show. I think I recognised about 10 Pokemon in the whole thing. The two best actors are wasted and with a premise like this it should have been funnier. Check out my review.

    LukeToTheMoviesLukeToTheMovies2 năm trước
  • Anybody else hate the main actor? That kid ruins every movie he is in.

    Cloud NeinCloud Nein2 năm trước

    Kyle CampbellKyle Campbell2 năm trước