Psychics: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

25 Th02, 2019
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Psychics may seem harmless and fun on TV, but they can make a lot of money by exploiting vulnerable people.
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  • Is John Oliver a psychic himself? Cuz the GameStop thing Greg became true in 2021 😂😂

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    Alex OrtizAlex Ortiz7 giờ trước
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    Hurline RoseHurline Rose9 giờ trước
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    dhoni msdhoni ms11 giờ trước
  • Total honesty, I have watched so many psychic exposed videos, I know that they are not only fake but predatory BUT despite having previously watched every story in this video, despite having ranted about how they scam and take advantage of vulnerable, desperate people, not 15 minutes prior to this video randomly autoplaying, I was on tiktok, and saw this woman talking about how she offers psychic/tarot sessions and I asked her how much she charges. I am a young widow, he passed a few years ago. We had been together since I was 14, he died when I was 28. I miss him so much and recently lost my grandpa, who I was incredibly close to. I keep having nightmares and Im just tired and sad tonight. This is how they get people. I am so well versed in psychics and their tactics, im not stupid....but that "what if" creeps into your mind when your laying down trying to turn your busy mind off and you entertain the idea of wasting your money. But then she responded she charges $80 for 60 minutes and that squashed my contemplating pretty quickly.

    JuliaJulia11 giờ trước
  • Hot Reading = Cheating

    Jerline JJerline J19 giờ trước
  • Using people’s feeling of grief, and inherent desire to feel the presence of some they have lost for profit is disgusting. The same as when people who didn’t know someone claim what “they would have wanted” or that they have “something to tell you”. Some of the most painful experiences of my life have been having to listen to people talk about my friends that have died young like they’re still around or that “they made that sunset” or that one that’s was a musician “is here in that bass solo”. It just pulls the scab right off of only halfway healed emotional wounds. Thank you John Oliver for having the nutsack to talk shit on everything that i hate:))

    D.B. CooperD.B. CooperNgày trước
  • Am I the only one who read it as "Physics"?

    Jay MontealegreJay MontealegreNgày trước
  • Rachel Dratch is completely underrated

    JefbutmynameisnotJefJefbutmynameisnotJefNgày trước
  • In 2021 we enriched us by robbing the rich with GameStop, Oliver is medium

    krepnata kadarakrepnata kadaraNgày trước
  • Well, people believe that a male god sits up in heaven, but he magically had a kid with a human virgin. This virgin gave birth, still a virgin, and her child became a scapegoat for all our wrongdoings. When we have wine and wafers at church, we are actually drinking his blood and eating his flesh, (that is what I was taught.) This dad god boomed his voice down and talked to certain people, and he lit bushes on fire, back in ancient times. He also dictated a book to certain guys, that to this day advises us how to live. It even says not to eat shrimp. So believing in psychics is not so surprising, is it.

    petmom fulpetmom fulNgày trước
  • Do all the snake oil salesmen, Mind readers/ Mega Churches, etc of the world get together and say how do we snake the world?

    Small BugSmall BugNgày trước
  • if I were psychic all I'd do is solve crimes. I can't imagine as a mother having a child disappear. closure is a good thing. profiting from a tragedy isn't.

    Featherstone Jewelry & HealingFeatherstone Jewelry & HealingNgày trước
  • Every time you call Phil McGraw “Dr.” another 10 con artists and a pervert actor on CBS get careers. Looking at you. Weatherly.

    Hannah SchwartzHannah SchwartzNgày trước
  • Reminds me of the movie Ghost.

    Robert PetersonRobert PetersonNgày trước
  • Gamestop Greg seems to be doing pretty well for himself now.

    Panzer Vor1Panzer Vor1Ngày trước
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    Masalmeh RamiMasalmeh RamiNgày trước
  • "there's a big D"

    Laurent ParmentierLaurent ParmentierNgày trước
  • Please Do A Piece on Michael Jackson Hi, I’m writing to you because Last Week Tonight as opposed to other such shows actually cares about issues rather than chasing the headlines. It has been 11 years since Michael Jackson passed away yet to this day what the common consensus is that he is a taboo subject for many. I recall you guys once did a piece on Public Shaming. Michael Jackson was a genius, an abused child. He was strange. He was one of the few major stars from the 80s who came out of the 80s without a heroine addiction. He in his own way did many, Many strange things, but so do most other superstars. And more than others he actually cared. About children, about the earth. About the issues we are discussing to this day. While Icons like Freddy Mercury, Elvis Pressley, Prince, Beetles and many more are known for their good works, Michael is known for the something which he has repeatedly been acquitted for. It’s the truth that anyone looking for will find instantly but due to the “where there is smoke there is a fire” narrative, even 11 years after his death, the new media treats him like a criminal. All his trial pages are open for the public to read. He WAS weird. Making a ranch called neverland, hanging out with children. Trusting people he shouldn’t. But I urge you please cover him, hear beyond the noise like you guys often do. The most successful African American Artist of all time was a humble man child, who respected women, loved children and cared about our environment. He was not a heroine junkie, a private man who did not share his disease even all the way back in 1993 even though he was accused of wanting to become a “White Man”. He was eccentric. Hanging out with animals and caring about them. This article covers multiple sources, some of which I had read previously. Michael Jackson was a multi talented millionaire pop star, who was not an alcoholic, was a caring father, a filial son, Treated women with respect, cared about the planet and it’s beings. The press that constantly kept DASHING him, had found a way to subvert their guilt. All those years of calling him a “Jacko”, “monkey” and many more hurtful things was justified if he was a paedophile. They NEEDED him to be guilty. Such a man cannot exist in Hollywood. Such public shaming had allowed and to this day allows Michael to be a victim to all this slander. Please do a piece, if not one that exonerates him then one that once and for all cements the fact the Michael Jackson, the greatest pop star, the first African American Idol was a paedophile. Not through unknown sources or flimsy headlines but through concrete proof. A news echoing in a closed chamber will not reach anyone, most fans who what to know the truth know it, other people will read the headlines but not the explanations. It’s about time the general public knows. Please do a piece on Michael, the blatant mistreatment by the media, The systematic racism he faced during his trials. Please don’t let the first African American Singer be remembered for the things he did not do, He was weird, weird enough to annoy Freddy Mercury with Bubbles feedbacks, weird enough to let kids crack raw eggs over Michael Jackson, Weird enough to play water balloons with children. But he was not a paedophile and the world needs to acknowledge that. He was in no way a “Perfect Human” but he tried his best to live right and we should not punish him for doing that. On this year please exonerate this Black man, the Justice System has done it two decades ago, it’s about time everyone else does. Please do a piece on Michael Jackson.

    Plumikii RyuPlumikii Ryu2 ngày trước
  • “These freaking spirits lemme tell ya” is a fantastic name for a book

    Keeley WheelzKeeley Wheelz2 ngày trước
  • It doesn’t surprise me that 4 out of 10 people believe in psychics when so many people are also foolish enough to believe in a god.

    Rick MartinRick Martin3 ngày trước
  • Wanda should totally get her own show. Every time she appeared on last week tonight she was killing it

    Geroy3000Geroy30003 ngày trước
  • Wanda joe does everything she is the wife of a mega reverends and she runs vanned parenthood

    Arcane GamerArcane Gamer3 ngày trước

    Erel HerzogErel Herzog4 ngày trước
  • So wait....John Oliver is an actual psychic with that gamestop call

    AlexAlex4 ngày trước
  • OMG! My grandmother WAS a bitch! How did she know!

    humangeneric 777humangeneric 7774 ngày trước
  • John was the psychic who knew about game stop.

    Alison Miller-MehtaAlison Miller-Mehta4 ngày trước
  • 16:85 dude Denny's nschos are so good I promise

    David MiscaviageDavid Miscaviage4 ngày trước
  • 14:58 she's the only hot one out of the three vicims

    David MiscaviageDavid Miscaviage4 ngày trước
  • 14:00 oh sorry babe your kid definitely got rsped

    David MiscaviageDavid Miscaviage4 ngày trước
  • Bahahahaha Aged like wine, That gamestop bloke got pretty close! lol

    Mark McClellanMark McClellan4 ngày trước
  • Greg from Gamestop could be pretty rich now if he sold at the peak.

    Robert RRobert R4 ngày trước
  • I once met someone believing in psychics. Her favorite show was The Mentalist and I have a feeling that she missed the whole point of that show. She still believes in psychics.

    Georgia OverdriveGeorgia Overdrive5 ngày trước
  • How five thousand people have disliked this video is hilarious!

    Jasmine IsaacsJasmine Isaacs5 ngày trước
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    Qw FsQw Fs6 ngày trước
  • spirits say "they were related to someone whos name starts with m??" really

    Chris LeedhamChris Leedham6 ngày trước
  • I believe in psychics, I just believe there are like 10 in the world and they sure don't have a tv show.

    Marc DaggattMarc Daggatt6 ngày trước
  • Out of 100 psychics I am sure 98 are fake and just great at reading body language and other non verbal clues.

    kahamarca kemosabekahamarca kemosabe7 ngày trước
  • A con game is a con game... If it involves imagination, you are vulnerable.

    John KincaidJohn Kincaid7 ngày trước
  • 2:38 hmmmmmmmmmm

    Ethan HudkinsEthan Hudkins7 ngày trước
  • The audience freaked me out

    Randy BellRandy Bell7 ngày trước
  • seems like the $GME guy was the richest all along

    CiscoStuCiscoStu7 ngày trước
  • Psychics and religion two grifts that just keep on going. You truly have to have no heart or soul to do this shit to people.

    66fiveandahalf66fiveandahalf8 ngày trước
  • I thought it said physics

    Dan RudderDan Rudder8 ngày trước
  • John Oliver is the true psychic because, and this is true, he predicted the Gamestop Millionaires of 2021!

    Medicine MundyMedicine Mundy8 ngày trước
  • Matt Lauer was fronting for the promotion money coming down the line. He ain't no fool . Money rules

    Zack ClarkZack Clark8 ngày trước
  • Woah!😳😳 It's about psychic abilities and then refers to one of the richest people having to do with GameStop! I mean not exact but very relevant this year..

    Sudden Turn For The BestSudden Turn For The Best8 ngày trước
  • John Stewart proves psychics aren't real by psychically predicting GameStop stock rise.

    The Urban ShamanThe Urban Shaman8 ngày trước
  • Professional tarot reader here (meaning I get hired for parties) I straight up tell my seekers that anyone can read tarot. It's one part theater, one part gut instinct, one part knowing people and one part knowing the card meanings. It's like a language, and you're the translator. I never call myself a psychic, never trust people who label themselves as such, and have never charged more than $50. I also don't pretend to speak to the goddamn dead like an amoral dickbag.

    The_Bard_In_BowsThe_Bard_In_Bows8 ngày trước
  • you ARE correct! my grandmother IS a bitch. you are real!!

    Joe CraftJoe Craft8 ngày trước
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    Anthony PhungAnthony Phung9 ngày trước
  • That gamestop joke hits different now after the reddit invasion of wall street

    Mihovil BeckVMihovil BeckV9 ngày trước
  • This gives me confidence that any scam is possible in the USA for they believe in things beyond stupid.

    Stephen KyburzStephen Kyburz9 ngày trước
  • 2:38 Aged so well

    Quantum InfinityQuantum Infinity9 ngày trước
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    Lloyd PhillipsLloyd Phillips9 ngày trước
  • Stonks.

    Utopia LightUtopia Light9 ngày trước
  • 2:43 prediction of future gamestop stocks rise

    samrat Singh Rsamrat Singh R10 ngày trước
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    Eva MakarskiEva Makarski10 ngày trước
  • Who the fuck disliked it?

    Arjun SinghArjun Singh11 ngày trước
  • John Oliver predicted Gamestop 2:42

    Bernadette Paulyn GostelowBernadette Paulyn Gostelow11 ngày trước
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    masfia raymasfia ray11 ngày trước
  • Hits differently bitte that grandma just died.. But... Nope, not believing in psychics any more than before

    Furious ImperatorFurious Imperator11 ngày trước
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    Kayla MabeKayla Mabe11 ngày trước
  • Came here to be proven wrong Left confused as to how this late night host is a psychic debunking his fellow colleagues

    SelineSeline11 ngày trước
  • The fact that many of his jokes have aged amazingly is a testament that John Oliver is definitely a time traveler.

    Adriel SebastianAdriel Sebastian12 ngày trước
  • Wanda Jo Oliver's hair is an engineering masterpiece of gravity defying structure topped off with dark roots to make this a truly magnificent thing to behold.

    Frank BenlinFrank Benlin12 ngày trước
  • John Oliver exposing psychics, MLMs, SLAPP suits, con artists & predators of many flavors. The hero we don't deserve.

    ihateyoutubeihateyoutube12 ngày trước
  • That GameStop reference intuition aged an episode about psychics

    sawan kumarsawan kumar12 ngày trước
  • Can you say Curandero?

    sebastian de la osebastian de la o12 ngày trước
  • what breaks my heart is that ppl desperate for five more minutes with a dead loved one(I'd love to have that with my dad and younger brother) fall for these charlatans.

    proud2bpaganproud2bpagan12 ngày trước
  • Hey, if Greg was paid in stocks and sold last week, he is on the money.

    CaraMarie13CaraMarie1312 ngày trước
  • They won't name names huh? Shawn you friking liar

    Andrew WagnerAndrew Wagner12 ngày trước
  • 2:46 Turns out in 2021 even more people have lots of questions about GameStop

    NoxyNoxy13 ngày trước
  • You know, Wonda wasnt wrong. My grandmother was a bitch

    Ultima228Ultima22814 ngày trước
  • Anyone watch this after the GameStop thing

    Jacob MontagJacob Montag14 ngày trước
  • Dr. Phil is not a legit Dr. of anything!

    M dlMM dlM14 ngày trước
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    albert chavezalbert chavez15 ngày trước
  • Bro that Gamestop joke aged REAL well

    Martin MaldonadoMartin Maldonado15 ngày trước
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    Jayson BurkeJayson Burke16 ngày trước
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    Leona GonzalezLeona Gonzalez17 ngày trước
  • Actually I once got a fortune cookie that read “when the time comes it’s the read door on the left”

    sleep worthysleep worthy17 ngày trước
  • oliver may be a psychic himself. he didn't know it yet. i bet he's wondering now in 2021.

    sreetama dattasreetama datta17 ngày trước
  • This video is really undercut by the fact that John Oliver predicted GameStop billionaires

    Harley_yelrahHarley_yelrah17 ngày trước
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    Kb BryantKb Bryant17 ngày trước
  • For the record, the Lucky Charms guy is called "Lucky the Leprechaun"

    Thomas Fieschi-RoseThomas Fieschi-Rose17 ngày trước
  • "now I have a lot of questions about GameStop and literally everything else" Aka, welcome to 2021

    TheMessAfterTheMartyTheMessAfterTheMarty17 ngày trước
  • These freaking spirits let me tell ya! 😂😂

    Hayan ImadiHayan Imadi17 ngày trước
  • But if people turned into spirits after they died, shouldn't the spirit world be absolutely crowded? Feels like you could more easily win lottery 10 times in a row than find the correct spirit.

    Tiia MannixTiia Mannix17 ngày trước
  • I prefer the endless void that is devoid of audience laughter. 😐

    SarahSarah18 ngày trước
  • Greg might well be the second richest person now. Because life is f*cking weird.

    83gemm83gemm18 ngày trước
  • John is gonna have a lot more questions for game stop after stonks go brrrttttttttt

    emily poweremily power18 ngày trước
  • Boy, that GameStop comment aged like a fine wine, didn't it?

    Mediocre GamerMediocre Gamer18 ngày trước
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    infinity mainfinity ma18 ngày trước
  • Fk all those psychics John is the real Psychic who predicted Greg getting rich . How ???

    Zack SmithZack Smith18 ngày trước
  • 2:41 This joke aged horrifyingly well

    Evelyn OkayEvelyn Okay19 ngày trước
  • 2:38

    AniematedSteph1729AniematedSteph172919 ngày trước
  • So can we say oliver is a psychic cause he mention gamestop before the thing with the stocks?

    Adam AldabbaghAdam Aldabbagh19 ngày trước
  • Ahh when the VIworld algorithm pulls up this year old gem because it mentions Gamestop.

    Sam SungSam Sung19 ngày trước
  • '' This little girl is me'' Woah

    Adam AchAdam Ach19 ngày trước