Quentin Tarantino and the Poetry Between the Lines

24 Th07, 2018
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Quentin Tarantino embraced the classics and elevated them to a new level in his genre movies, creating something entirely unique. His directorial control and incredible knowledge of cinema from all over the world allows him to twist universal movie tropes into new, innovative stories.
“The story of a genre. The three stories in Pulp Fiction are more or less the oldest stories you’ve ever seen: The guy going out with the boss’ wife and he’s not supposed to touch her -- that’s in The Cotton Club, Revenge. The middle story, the boxer who’s supposed to throw the fight and doesn’t -- that’s about the oldest chestnut there is. The third story is more or less the opening three minutes of Action Jackson, Commando, every other Joel Silver movie -- two hit men show up and blow somebody away. Then, they cut to “Warner Bros. Presents” and you have the credit sequence, and then they cut to the hero three hundred miles away. Here, the two killers come in, BLAM-BLAM-BLAM-- but we don’t cut away, we stay with them the whole rest of the morning and see what happens to them . The idea is to have these old chestnuts and go to the moon with them.” Quentin Tarantino Interviews, pg. 78
Tarantino Analysis

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    • Hi. I would be grateful if you could confirm the subtitle in Vietnamese, which my friend and I had translated one week ago on the purpose of letting my Vietnamese friends know about your video easily. Thank you so much.

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    • It would've taken you only few minutes to list songs used in video...

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    • Loved the video! Just wanted to mention that at 3:05 you used (???) in the closed captioning to show that some audio was illegible. I'm certain that the words you missed were "for my money", an expression that just means "in my opinion". Still, thank you for writing out the captions! It doesn't mean much to people who don't use them but it means a lot to those who do!

      grass bear officialgrass bear officialNăm trước
    • the backround music is like 100 times too loud

      guitarplayer30001guitarplayer30001Năm trước
    • Are you fucking kidding me? Quentin's a hack lmao.

      SkyrillaSkyrillaNăm trước

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  • Yeah this is awesome

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  • He takes the most badass moving pictures i have ever seen

    Davies ChristensenDavies Christensen3 ngày trước
  • Can anyone say where i can find first interview ?

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  • Quentin Tarantino, you are an awesome artist. Thank you

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  • I wish I could watch Kill Bill for the first time again.

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  • Quentin talking about the Laserdisc version of Taxi Driver really shows his fascination , love and knowledge about movies.

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  • Hello. Can anyone recommend any movies or box sets to watch on Netflix or Prime. Not the obvious ones, I’ve seen most big movies. I didn’t mind subtitles I’ve just run out of things to watch in COVID Times

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  • What I love most about this video is the ending. You always see people, especially film snobs, say they hate Tarantino because he does copies of other movies. But Jean- Luc Godard has done the same thing, yet film snobs hold him to a higher standard. Tarantino is no different from other filmmakers. They all are doing the things they love because of their love for movies when they were kids.

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  • I loved every moment of this video.

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  • I still come back to watch this video once in a while, thank you so much for making this, I cannot explain to you how much this fills my hearth

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  • Imagine how much poorer the world would be without Tarantino. God Bless.

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  • What an absolute treat!

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  • django is the only film i have ever shouted at the screen. in the scene were django gets revenge and whips the guy. was shouting GET HIM GET HIM FUCKING GET HIM

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  • Maybe you could work on turning down the background music.

  • Tarantino is kinda excited most of the time... while talking about movies

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  • God I love cinema

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  • Why everyone hating on jackie brown? They think rum punch better? The book did have more people shot but I think he wanted them to matter.

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  • 15:14 --> Beatrix vs O-Ren, under snow, Misunderstood as background music... that's it: masterpiece of art

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  • What an absolute legend!

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  • Bunch of bullshit artistry. For real.

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  • Quentin tarantino dancing is my favorite thing of all time.

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  • Tarantino is that Director that makes actors say "I did that", with pride.

    Cruz RodriguezCruz RodriguezTháng trước
  • I don't love everything Tarantino does - though I'll always see whatever he puts out - but I do love Tarantino. It's hard to deny his passion for cinema, the high and the low. It really is about pleasure.

    Orpheus90Orpheus90Tháng trước
  • 12:33 "In the laser dick section"

    Biggus DickusBiggus DickusTháng trước
  • What is this ADHD bs lol, this is hard to watch

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  • Uh? Wokeness will label him worse than banal. Once this idiot is canceled- he will join the racist garbage pail of American film.

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  • Most handsome man ever?

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  • This was exactly what I needed to avoid getting down to work this morning. Thank you!

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  • Top notch editing and great narrative. Thanks.

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  • Before this I liked Tarantino, but I didn’t consider him one of my favourites directors. After this, I have a whole new appreciation for Tarantino and his work. Everything I’ve seen from him before I have a whole new perspective for it

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  • No a popular opinion but 50 years from now, people are going to look at his films and critick his copyiing of so many films.

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  • Nice to not listen to a self inspired narrator belabour every damn point for a change.

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  • Being a film nerd is awesome!

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  • This is Beautiful! Thanks for the upload

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  • I appreciate the video. Mr. Tarantino is just one bad ass individual

    David ReynosaDavid ReynosaTháng trước
  • GREAT job, man! Fantastic structure and editing, and thank you for letting QT tell us what his movies are about, instead of a cinema bro narrator telling us why they're important. Bravo!

    Shaky VenturesShaky VenturesTháng trước
  • Good work thank you !

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  • Gran video! Si alguien quiere conocer más sobre la historia entre Tarantino y las canciones que seleccionó para Pulp Fiction y Reservoir Dogs, que pulse en el hipopótamo

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  • 10:40 Oh I remember that interview. That's the one where the news channel's movie reviewer starts talking shit to Tarantino about how his film has no soul and is too violent and he goes off on her lol. It's pretty funny.

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  • He is the best film maker of our time.

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  • I want to see Tarantino's take on superheroes

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  • I like Travolta and glad Tarantino only wanted him to play Vince. Especially that dance scene. Once in a lifetime genius that Quentin is. Dude is an encyclopedia of movies.

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  • This guy has dropped the N-word into his movies about a thousand times. The left ignores it. What does that tell us about the left? Tells us they're giant hypocrites.

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  • Anyone else here can't believe they FINALLY found this channel in 2021?

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  • So Quentin is just a movie fan who decided to make movies.

    Kane The UnsettledKane The UnsettledTháng trước
  • Tarantino's brilliance comes from his love of movies without the pretense. He can create a tense scene like no one else. (Though I didn't care for Django).

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  • And when you're gone, you stay gone, or you be gone.

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  • I think QT is on the spectrum. Which explains why he's a Genius

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  • that's it, Tarantino es a living art god, we are lucky.

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  • In addition to that, I'd like to say that "The poetry between the lines" can also refer to elements other than the written word. In the case of Sergio Leone, where his use of dialogue or lack thereof is completely the opposite Tarantino's wordy style, yet the same dynamic is at play in both Director's films.

    ValkonnenValkonnenTháng trước
  • Quentin is such a movie nerd, i love it.

    Cynical AnonCynical AnonTháng trước
  • So he watched a spaghetti western from 1966 with a guy who drags around a coffin with a machine gun in it, and rips it off or "adapts" it with the propaganda or "Poetry between the lines" of slavery that had nothing to do with it. Then he does the same thing with the Great Silence, poetry between the lines of slavery, plus adds a who-dunit element wherein the twist is Everyone dun-it. Lmao, what a hack.

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  • gay

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  • Tennessee means Holy Land

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  • My favorite film Maker and Django is amazing

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  • This is a beautiful love letter to one of the greatest directors of all time

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  • It feels so good to see people who have such a passion of film make it in Hollywood

    Toymon 2468Toymon 24682 tháng trước
  • "Movies made from a lot of movies but with the feel of what he felt when he watched them" The best way I can describe his movies

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  • 12:00 -- It's still interesting, though, that Django's adversary isn't tied to a tree; he's standing up, facing Django, able to fight back.

    JohnnyWishbone85JohnnyWishbone852 tháng trước
  • I thank Tarantino for my depressing obsession for movie culture and film knowledge

    Franco De CiccoFranco De Cicco2 tháng trước
  • I thank Tarantino for my depressing obsession for movie culture and film knowledge

    Franco De CiccoFranco De Cicco2 tháng trước
  • The SJWs criticising Tarantino are so dumb. He empowers women and black people in particular. He’s one of the greatest American directors ever. The critics who say he “steals” all his ideas are debunked by this video, he wears his influences on his sleeve. OUATIH was a disappointment imo but nothing can beat his first 3 movies.

    Iceman90Iceman902 tháng trước
  • Protect this man at all costs

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