Rewriting the Entire Disney Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

07 Th02, 2020
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When Disney acquired Star Wars back in 2012, the storytelling potential of the franchise was nearly limitless... and yet here we are. In the aftermath of the Sequel Trilogy's conclusion, many people have been trying to make sense of what went wrong, but I'd like to take a different approach. In this video, I will present a basic outline of one of the many possible ways that the saga could have been continued from where the Original Trilogy left off.
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  • "This movie is well-written" "This movie is poorly shot" are still subjective statements, because they're still based in opinion. They can be based in conventional wisdom or academic perspective but it is still a perspective and so is by definition... An opinion. All that it really means is that someone important or a large number of people will likely agree with you. It is still subjective. Objectivity can only fit within the realm of "Luke's lightsaber is green in return of the Jedi" or when stating someone's intention "Lucas liked Jar-Jar because he thought he was funny." those are objective statements. Attributing notions of good or bad to a style or format or quality is still subjective. There's nothing wrong with subjectivity, subjectivity is the lens through which all art is absorbed, read and understood, to objectively look at art (however shallow or trite you may perceive that art to be) is an incredibly dull and, by nature, surface level. "This scene was shot at X angle over Y amount of time, you can see X, Y and Z characters. They are carrying out X action." You cannot attribute any kind of quality or perspective to something and remain objective. The moment you say that "This performance was bad" even if you use academic art studies or compare to other pieces of art that you like, it is subjective. An "objective review" is never objective on youtube nobody ever says "The rock is 12 pounds" it is always "The rock is 12 pounds, this is bad/good." You are being subjective and cloaking yourself in an air of 'objectivity' to deflect any possible disagreement or counter-analysis. Not saying this to discredit your position or view on the movies, I don't like them either, but the absolute *boner* people have for so-called "objectivity" in media analysis on youtube is an utter eye-roller and is blatantly just a "I'm right you're wrong" stance. Its childish in its attempt to seem mature and 'above it all'. Don't fall for it. Yes I'm aware this video came out over a year ago, my point still stands and the trend of "objective" analysis is still persisting.

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    • @Cardinal West maybe just don't make a rambling 8 minute intro trying to sound smart

      JasmineJasmine11 giờ trước
    • @Questionable Object It is bad that Leia leaves Takodana and regroups her Resistance on D'Qar after Han has witnessed Starkiller Base destroy Hosnian Prime when she has the fully fuelled and shielded mobile headquarters of The Raddus at her disposal to use as a base from which to deploy Poe's Black Squadron of X-wings to jump through hyperspace to assault the enemy's superweapon, destroy it, and return through hyperspace to land back inside The Raddus and have it jump again into deep space where its trajectory can't be tracked by the enemy as they did not witness them leave. As it is an incompetent strategy to strike at a superior enemy from a planetary base, only to return to that planetary base when Leia knows the enemy has already destroyed a planetary base, then without some other reasonable explanation being offered (e.g. Leia is now senile), then the Disney films disrespect her characterisation in the Original Trilogy, where she was demonstrated to be a competent and inspiring leader with excellent guerilla strategies involving asymmetric warfare. When taken in isolation as if it were a standalone movie _The Last Jedi_ is quite good. When evaluated in context in comparison to the superior world building a Hero's Journeys of the main protagonists of both the Original Trilogy and the Prequel Trilogy, Rian Johnson's _The Last Jedi_ is subjectively bad content. This is persuasively demonstrable. It is fine if you like it, or indeed love it, but are you not ignoring its responsibilty as the eighth episode of a saga?

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    • @Ph[c]ookie. T well the Sequells are pices of shit, anyone with commonsense knows that.

      darien schnückerdarien schnücker7 ngày trước
    • ​@Ph[c]ookie. T You're confusing objectivity for being "correct" or "acceptable". What is deemed good or bad in art isn't a matter of science or calculus, there is no true universal fact of art, broad opinion on art is formed through consensus of opinion.

      Questionable ObjectQuestionable Object7 ngày trước
    • There has to be some objective metric though, otherwise all pieces of media would be stuck in some sort of a weird limbo where nothing is really "good" or "bad", they just kind of exist. How about if you don't know what a creators intention is, and they never tell? What if they lied? You could use conventional wisdom and your opinion would still be "subjective", even if you were right on the money. No one can have a objective opinion, but you can get pretty damn close.

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  • The plot and characters like po and Rey are greatly improved but I still think finn didn't have much to do he was just going along with what everyone else wanted. Also I would of still liked to have seen han interact with leia that at least was a good moment in the original movie. And why no chewie

    DanielCarroll2001DanielCarroll20013 giờ trước
  • Thank you so much! I was having problems sleeping, this video fixed that.

    mr31337mr313374 giờ trước
  • This man made the entire sequel trilogy great from a writing perspective, and doesn’t even have 15K subs. Subscribe to this man. He deserves it. Edit: And even then, this has nearly 500K views! HOW?!

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  • This is pretty much what I was expecting/hoping the sequel trilogy to be! Good work, far more interesting and developed than what we received! Abolishing the EU was a massive mistake for many protagonists, so many story beats.....literally thrown away! Other than Rouge One Disney failed! Even Blade Runner 2049 made sure Dekkard was a relevant part of the story...and even that depended on a lot of previous knowledge to understand!!

    James StewartJames StewartNgày trước
    • The fact is we understood and wanted the story to continue, in the same universe but differently!

      James StewartJames StewartNgày trước
  • I like the story but again what is the deal with not wanting to show how powerful Luke is he is a grand master Jedi he would not be taken down like that having him die is not the issue the issue is how you have him die by being taken out by somebody that should not be more powerful than him let him go out with a blaze of glory displaying his power and he's only using that power to save everybody so he's sacrificing himself while showing how powerful he is and no I'm not talking about that hold bulshit projection crap

    William BarrettWilliam BarrettNgày trước
  • This was amazing

    Cole SteinCole Stein2 ngày trước
  • I still think the idea of having palpatine behind it all is a great idea and u know it would add just a little more spice and satisfaction when they’re done defeating them and if Rey was lukes kid that he knew he never had that would’ve been even better

    Cole SteinCole Stein2 ngày trước
  • Video: "he turned only to reveal a young man [shows a picture of Cal Kestis]" Me: Oh my god! This is amazing! Video: "He tells then that his name is Bren Me:...What the fu-

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  • For what it's worth, having characters trail off mid-sentence because they're overwhelmed with emotion sounds better in your head than it does when spoken.

    Kyle ManganKyle Mangan2 ngày trước
  • I enjoyed the inclusion of kuat in your story because the only source of entertainment I’ve seen it in is Star Wars the old republic. Enjoyed the video man keep it up

    Hard PeterHard Peter4 ngày trước
  • I woke up at the very end. But I liked it

    KenobiKenobi4 ngày trước
  • The trilogy would have been much more well received if disney made the Mandalorian and all of the spin offs following it first.

    Dan OvenDan Oven5 ngày trước
  • 1:14:36

    MrLogicMrLogic5 ngày trước
  • The problem with all of this is that you’re confusing Star Wars with Dune. Star Wars was never meant to be space opera. You must tell a simple story WITHIN a larger universe. The simple story is the the focus. Not the wider political conflict. You must find the simple story through which we experience the wider events and setting.

    Watch MagaWatch Maga5 ngày trước
  • amazing

    Vision ScreamVision Scream5 ngày trước
  • I really like what you did here, I’m just a little disappointed that there is still no big 3 reunion.

    CT-6321CT-63216 ngày trước
  • Nice. Now deliver the rewrite of the prequels too. Thanks.

    Nifft BatuffNifft Batuff6 ngày trước
  • If You watch the sequel backwards they are actually good, also the story makes more sense.

    Nifft BatuffNifft Batuff6 ngày trước
  • This is boring tho

    MrLogicMrLogic6 ngày trước
  • A couple of things in this rewrite are a bit choppy, and I wouldn't use Thrawn as the main villain either (maybe another Imperial). But overall, this is way better.

    josh macfarlanejosh macfarlane6 ngày trước
  • Not to mention that outlook was Anakin's downfall. Luke would never do that.

    Mark BaldwinMark Baldwin6 ngày trước
  • Avoiding the Mary Sue sexism I find I like to use Plot singularity. As the character literally warps the plot around them, consuming other Characters skills, interests, habits, or even the established rules and order of the universe they are in.

    Skyler AzzuoloSkyler Azzuolo6 ngày trước
  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Don't end the Skywalkers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    darien schnückerdarien schnücker7 ngày trước
  • The Force Awakens 39:58 A Galaxy Divided 1:08:52 Light Of The Force 1:44:14

    OrthernerOrtherner7 ngày trước
  • Hello I am VIworld. I am here to claim your video. Too much good music.

    Dr.LeatherwoodDr.Leatherwood7 ngày trước
  • Hard to watch when u bash the prequels for having “poor writing” when it had more of the story than the OT and added a lot to the OT story and also adding lore with it, all being great things. Sure u have a point when u said bad dialogue but if u pay little or any attention to what George has said, he obv wanted it that way bc it’s more like poetry

    RedHex4045RedHex40457 ngày trước
  • Wait what happened to mothmas plans to User the starkillers? Did I miss something?

    DerJonaDerJona7 ngày trước
  • IMHO, Leia and Han's roles would be reversed in your redo. Leia believed in the Old Republic, Han never did and lived under it as a starving kid. I think it would be the distrustful Han that would be out fighting the old Empire groups. And you can't call them Rebels... more like... insurgents or militia as they are not looking to overthrow a government but another, stronger militia.

    Rann XeroxRann Xerox7 ngày trước
  • Okay okay, all good and all up till 1:40:00, but I have to ask, ¿where is Chewbaca? haha the only cool thing they do with him in the sequels is his reaction to Han Solo's death. Why isn't he with Han as usual to react to his death? D:

    Jacob BattashiJacob Battashi7 ngày trước
  • Remember, in a not too far off timeline, this exact rewrite word for word is cannon

    Soviet Russian MapperSoviet Russian Mapper8 ngày trước
  • wait but didn't rebels already do thrawn

    Alexander MayoAlexander Mayo8 ngày trước
    • @Alexander Mayo yeh he couldve came back the chiss is in the unknown regions and he knows most planets their. So if he crashed landed with ezra he can build a ship to come back to rule the empire.

      MrLogicMrLogic6 ngày trước
    • @MrLogic but at the end of rebels thrawn and Ezra hyper jumped into the unknown regions of the galaxy

      Alexander MayoAlexander Mayo6 ngày trước
    • Yeah they did this is after rebels

      MrLogicMrLogic6 ngày trước
  • A point to be made, Ashoka was initially not well received by the fan base, in a similar way to Rey, however over time as her character evolved she became a fan favorite. I doubt the same will happen with Rey just simply due to how terrible Rise Of Skywalker was if nothing else.

    Morgan DavisMorgan Davis8 ngày trước
  • Wow this pre text is amazing. I wouldn't have thought of such an intriguing and well done way of shifting each piece into place. New republic Vs a divided warmongering empire that fight amongst themselves like Mongols after their leader falls. A reason for Leia to keep the rebellion instead of a cheap excuse of a rehash called the resistance. And a reason and cool way for Kylo to have Luke vanish and make his order of force sensitive warriors.... Amazing and just 40 minutes in!

    Jacob BattashiJacob Battashi8 ngày trước
  • Your rewrites man. I don't know how this video came to be played but damn. Im 47 minutes in and thrown being the villain is epic. Will ahsoka came?

    Kattia C. AbogadoKattia C. Abogado8 ngày trước
  • Was that a music cue from *Ôkami* at the beginning? Yooooo

    CheezmonkaCheezmonka9 ngày trước
  • Thank you.

    lungu13lungu1311 ngày trước
  • In my Opinion you focus way too much on the military of Thrawn, sidelining the Jedi vs Sith battle, which is kinda the point of the Saga. Here is what I would change about your plot - Add Sith Eternal, a religious group with the First Order as it's military wing that initially support Thrawn, but ultimately plan to oust him and restore the Sith rule. This would be an interesting departure from OT, where the Sith no longer rule the Empire, but still exist. I would also go deeper into the ancient Sith and Jedi lore, as the New Trilogy kinda?sorta? attempts to do. The ultimate result is dissolution of the Jedi and the Sith as two opposing factions since the Force always seems to create the balance between the two. And I would also make Finn the force use who seeks Luke, and make Rey daughter of Han Solo and Leia.

    ElizarElizar11 ngày trước
  • script it and sell it to who? Good luck in your fandom ;)

    JC OuelletJC Ouellet15 ngày trước
  • They should have used alien characters , its like they forgot that not every main character has to be human.

    control ur kids.control ur kids.16 ngày trước
  • The whole “saving what we love bit” could actually have worked IF the messaging had been slightly reworked. Obviously by destroying the first order you’d be saving your loved ones, but in order for this message to work, there actually has to be contradiction involved on the opposite side of that statement. Instead of having Poe make rational choices, you could for example see him watch his fellow resistance members be wiped out and grow so angry that he voluntarily endangers everyone or at least more of his fellow soldiers not to accomplish some objective that helps in the long run, but to just kill as many First Order enemies as possible, and you could have this really interesting parallel to light and dark side stuff portrayed in characters who aren’t sith or jedi, with noble people losing their senses in hatred and then you could have actual interesting commentary on war, think back to the first world war and trench combat, that saw hapless commanders callously send their troops to mass slaughter just to gain an inch on the germans, where winning becomes more important than HOW you win, such as the atomic bombs dropped on Japan that were quite arguably not necessary at all, thousands of innocent people murdered in the interest of striking fear in your enemies. Imagine if say they introduced something like the Planet Killing Star Destroyers from Episode 9 in here and say Poe or Finn manage to hijack it and they have to decide wether to do something really awful, like destroy a planet that while having innocent people on it is a hugely important strategic position for the First Order, say it manufactures Star Destroyers or something. You could have something like them deliberating on wether they incur the risk of evacuating the oppressed civilians first and have the First Order fleet bear down on them or destroy the planet outright and make sure they live to keep fighting. Then you could have DJ’s line about the war being meaningless and both sides being too alike for concepts of good and bad to matter actually carry weight, because the “good guys” are willing to do awful things as well. Instead of having Holdo be a carbon copy of Leia, she could fall on that extremist side of the spectrum and serve a unique function in the story, be an actual FOIL to an existing character.

    The Story Of UsThe Story Of Us16 ngày trước
  • The sequels shouldn’t be rewritten, but rather, thrown away. Sidious lives? Kylo is related to who? Rey is a Palpatine? It’s like Disney just tried to repeat the skywalker idea over and over. Lazy writing at its worst. I think Star Wars should have followed Luke’s story from the books. Disney could have gotten much more out of the franchise. The is no point in polishing a turd. No amount of rewriting can save such an ill considered premise. Best to forget it ever happened and replace the trilogy with a better story.

    Evil SimeonEvil Simeon19 ngày trước
  • @Cardinal West you jumped over the fact that Luke has no piloting background in the original cut in the film. Only if you read the novelization and consider the deleted scene with Biggs that was added back in for an extended cut, does Luke flying an X-Wing and taking the finishing shot on the Death Star make any sense. I didn't even know about Luke's background hence why I always thought Luke in the battle made no sense and was just fan service. Thus, when being compared to Rey, yes you are right Rey didn't have an established piloting background either but if a novel is released after does that then justify something never being established in dialogue? Also, her knowing how to repair a star drive does not seem out of the ordinary. The opening scene for her, shows her collecting ship parts for sale. By extension, she would know which parts are useful IF she knows a lot about things fit together. I would say her skills as an engineer makes more sense than her skills as a pilot. But again, this goes back to the problem with how Star Wars is written, a lot is done that we are supposed to just accept and only later are novels released to explain these inconsistencies. As for the Rey vs Kylo fight why is it that I and few others are the only ones who noticed that it wasn't a fair fight to begin with since Kylo has a blaster bolt in his gut, was spilling blood for a long distance before even encountering Rey, and thus by the time he fought them he not only initially beat them despite a lot of blood loss but was punching his gut to keep the pain and thus adrenaline in his system up so he wouldn't pass out. I can't believe these glaring facts goes right over the head of most people, I noticed that on my first watch. Smh...

    Isaac SpartanIsaac Spartan20 ngày trước
  • I agree. Most arguments I have seen in favour of TLJ that make sense are based on potential thematic implications, a notable example I remember being Luke trying to live up to his image of savior. The reality is such arguments can't be grounded because the worldbuilding and plot are fundamentally flawed, and in my opinion largely meritless. Comparisons to the prequels, in my opinion, are improper given that there is a cohesive plot and an attempt at proper execution in the Prequels, whereas (imo) the only potential quality of the sequels being themes which only become distinguished after significant rework makes it far inferior

    Solomon LamSolomon Lam24 ngày trước
  • Rey sucks

    Lucas RollLucas Roll24 ngày trước
  • Rip brenn. True hero

    Dan LDan L25 ngày trước
  • Dude. I don’t know if you will EVER see this comment. But this. this is fucking incredible

    Joe MehalikJoe Mehalik26 ngày trước
  • How is it that fans are able understand the relationships between all the history, lore, and other TV shows are able to create something that is imo-legitimately SW! This is the problem when large corporations shit on something good, just to make money-yes I’m talking to you Disney and J.J. Thank you for this video, truly loved it. 👍🏻

    Paul BarlowPaul Barlow27 ngày trước
  • I pictured Keanu Reeves as Korin and now I'm bummed he died so Keanu Reeves deserves a character that never dies o.o

    Lichen MosswillowLichen Mosswillow28 ngày trước
  • I guess Jakku is fake now

    Leo DangLeo Dang29 ngày trước
  • I will say this though. The change from "Yub Nub" to the Special Edition Celebration song is the one change that I will die on a hill for. Yub Nub totally undercuts all of the emotional resolution to the actual story. It interjects a very dated feeling silly song into a moment when Luke is reflecting on the journey and the sacrifices made to be there. The new ending song captures the essence of this perfectly. It's a celebration song but with a great deal of melancholy. Instead Yub Nub feels flippant.

    Google made me do itGoogle made me do itTháng trước
  • When I found out about the midichlorian which I want to mention reminds me of mitochondria and the power and fascinating qualities they possess. But I learned of them in a comic. In the comic i believe they showed a strange creature through holo video. I dont recall what the non humanoid creature was. They might have been the midichlorian or ancient force using species. Does anyone remember this? Does anyone have this?

    4242Tháng trước
  • I love this video!! Thank you for sharing your ideas, they are brilliant! :)

    Bruno LapinskiBruno LapinskiTháng trước
  • I disagree, the sequels have created something truly beautiful, made loads of money, and united life long fans......... Just think of all the add revenue and new content generated on VIworld by life long fans in an attempt to put out Disney's dumpster fire of a trilogy. You would be hard pressed to find another instance of movie fans with greater united passion for a beloved franchisee/universe than in our rejection of the sequel's corrosive disaster. Surely the love demonstrated for star wars true lore and artistry is a beautiful thing.

    Joshua MillerJoshua MillerTháng trước
  • 1:46:43 getting some real halo 3 vibes here

    YaBoySavoieYaBoySavoieTháng trước
  • This is a great rewrite, really brings out the 'war' in Star Wars, with battle plans and force deployments actually meaning something.

    vagabondflowvagabondflowTháng trước
  • The sequel trilogy was how KK, the two directors, and others choose to make it. Ditching George's vision and abandoning their promise with more emphasis on most popular characters was all their choice, no one made them do it. Definitely traded something they wanted at the moment (money and/ or things in their total control) for something they wanted for a long time (everyone's respect, being revered as marvelous filmmakers, and forever remembered as people who made SW greater). They made choices, and choices made them. They were how they chose to be in the end.

    Countess Marya Zaleksa FanCountess Marya Zaleksa FanTháng trước
  • in this whole video, not once did he use the droid invasion music :(

    Sheev PalpatineSheev PalpatineTháng trước
  • The last trilogy of disney is a big shit. Rey Johnson kenn so on no exist

    Francisco MirandaFrancisco MirandaTháng trước
  • I love how you handled Princess Lei and Han Solo, and also how the 'Dominion' rises. Keep up the good work!

    Emad AyshaEmad AyshaTháng trước
  • Wow! Congratulations! I wish we had a time machine and means to make this awesome and much better sequel trillogy! As a huge Fan since I saw the original Star Wars in the theater when I was 15 years old - and actually loved all original 6 movies and Rogue One... I was sooooo disappointed on how “the force awakens” was beat by beat a copy of Star Wars. It was obvious to me that Disney must have had to pay George Lucas if they used the original characters and thought they could just kill them off one by one... Your great version is so much better - and so respectful to the original cast and the new cast! Again, congratulations - and I hope someone sends this to George Lucas - and he insists on giving you a job at Lucasfilm.

    George LewisGeorge LewisTháng trước
  • Anything with Rey and Kylo Ren is not star wars to me.

    William SaaranenWilliam SaaranenTháng trước
  • Literally got goosebumps at 1:07:00 goddamn, good script

    Luke BoyleLuke BoyleTháng trước
  • 55:30 you got me so hyped for a second

    ExplosiveLizardExplosiveLizardTháng trước
  • I mentally pictured your entire rewrite. Excellent job. It'd easily be superior to what we actually got.

    Ą ÁĄ ÁTháng trước
  • I guess im the only one who loves the prequels

    Chris K47Chris K47Tháng trước
  • I always though the second movies theme of obey your superiors and don't rebel against authority theme was a attack on bernie sanders and the progressive wing of the democrats... Don't rock the boat and obey the party elite... i.e pro-corporatist propaganda i mean that was after the election so i think it was low key a put down of the progressives hoping they would go away like occupy wall St...

    blarg harblargblarg harblargTháng trước
  • I wonder how long it’ll be until Disney starts cracking down on this type of content. 😅

    Connor HANSONConnor HANSONTháng trước
  • For a guy that made a 2-hour video like this, you should know that Palpatine DID die on the second Death Star. The planet he is discovered on in IX is inhabitted by Sith worshippers who _clone_ Sheev Palpatine. He did not survive, he was cloned after his death.

    Connor HANSONConnor HANSONTháng trước
    • Also just to add it theres a comic where palpatine flexes his exegol base on vader, showing snoke, lukes hand, and 2k star destroyers

      MrLogicMrLogic6 ngày trước
  • Fire Kathleen Kennedy

    michael bmichael bTháng trước
  • Well done 👏

    william flowerswilliam flowersTháng trước
  • Minor correction on your analysis of hearing and resurrection (13:00). Force Healing is a common thing among Force users, light or dark. It’s the healing of others, however, that is established as being difficult, especially for darksiders. But, it is still doable. Resurrection of the dead is rare and circumstantial, and I can only think of two who have done it... Darth Plagueis, via his study of Midichlorian manipulation. Asajj Ventress, via a dark side nexus created by the slaughter of Gungans.

    James LesherJames LesherTháng trước
  • At the end of the first movie I would change one thing... The Republic has resources beyond that of even the Empire, as the Empire had to spread itself throughout the galaxy to control it. They can afford to build big. Therefore I would have ended with Mothma gazing out upon the three newly completed Death Stars. It was, after all, the Separatists who developed the technology first only to have it completed by the empire.

    william flowerswilliam flowersTháng trước
  • One thing... Thrawn flagship would likely still be the Chimaera

    william flowerswilliam flowersTháng trước
  • "Luke rips [the Knight of Ren]'s lightsaber with the force and cuts it with his own" is an utterly badass of a thing to do with Luke, the Last Jedi Master. Absolutely fitting. It's a Jedi Master's way of saying SIT DOWN, SON. ARGHH Great writing man.

    Kenjirou MiyamotoKenjirou MiyamotoTháng trước
  • Well then - MUCH better. Binge complete.

    DCAbsolutJohn1DCAbsolutJohn1Tháng trước
  • This is awesome. Brings tears to my eyes when I compare it to the giant turd of Disney

    Truth in th WordTruth in th WordTháng trước
  • I am at 1:08:30 now and the video is absolutely amazing so far! I really wish we got that episode 7!

    xl yangxl yangTháng trước
  • here is a interesting concept, Was Leia a Mary-Sue, she was head strong, fierce and opinionated, she was capable and demanding. Is a Mary-Sue only described to those in the leading role? Episode 4 - Leia was held hostage and refused to tell Vader the location of the Death Star plans Leia also was more than capable when Han and Luke was getting over run by Stormtroopers Leia was considered very important to the story even though she was not per the plot, She sent the droids away, they went to find Kenobi, Kenobi went to Alderaan (IF KENOBI WENT TO YAVIN 4 THEN HER CHARACTER WOULD BE DEAD) If Kenobi gave Mothma the plans, they blew up the Death Star then her life would have been ended right there Episode 5 - Leia is on Hoth as some Rebel Leader which up to this point she was claiming Diplomacy, from what narrative does her experience relate? How everything is expanded on to show she supported the Rebel Fight early, which is ignorant if Luke is believed to be 19, she being in charge of anything would be laughable, their is reasons why Military do not give Lietenants command of vast amounts of resources. Leia goes to escape from Hoth on Han Solo's ship to be tracked to Cloud City, once found Darth Vader puts Han Solo in Carbonite even though Leia is shown to be much more of a threat, She was the very person that caused the Death Star to blow up, while not in the X-Wing she was in charge for delivering the plans to the Rebel Alliance that caused those events, in history she would be ARRESTED ON THE SPOT and transferred to a MAXIMUM SECURITY facility to stand trial for Espionage, War Crimes (Attempt to over thrown a Sovereign Government, Plotting to cause Mass Genocide and Galactic Terrorism). It is amazing that she was not executed before Han Solo was frozen Leia has faced Darth Vader twice and escaped serious punishment while Luke lost his hand for what? He shot and blown up the Death Star? his crimes would be way lower than hers Episode 6 - Leia goes in alone to save Han Solo, she succeeds in freeing him but ends up getting caught, Jabba who had Han Solo on a wall as a decoration did not think of freeing Han to feed to the Rancor or Sarlacc, he was perfectly content with leaving him as a message that those who betray him will end up like that, Her punishment for releasing Han Solo was wearing a metal bikini. Jabba was either stupid enough to not realize she was proven capable against Stormtroopers to escape, not get executed by the Galactic Empire, that she would not escape his bondage. She was again wanted by the Empire for MANY WAR CRIMES he could have turned her over and got much more than a few lap dances (Unless he wanted to put her to service clients to earn more money which honestly would be the only reason to keep her around, with things like Shock Collars and Binders being shown to restrict people and subjugate even a WOOKIE, i would say he committed suicide) Leia on Endor is another problem which she is shown to not have any problem driving a speeder bike, killing Stormtroopers who should be trained to avoid rear fire. She gets knocked out and treated like a Princess on Endor while they are planning on eating Luke and Han until C3PO flys and Luke calls him a god. Leia is learning from Luke that she is his brother which she just casually addresses that she knows. Was it the KISS, was it Bail Organa saying, oh you have a brother called Skywalker who was raised by Kenobi (Bail would not know he was raised by Owen) or was it that she had the force and she knew when Luke called out to her. Her powers was not addressed in ANY of the source material, Jedi training or other stuff, she just "KNEW" Episode 7 - Leia is considered the GENERAL of the Resistance, all she done up to this point was deliver some Death Star plans by shooting a escape pod with some droids onto Tatootine Leia is considered the greatest military mind of the Resistance while Mon Mothma, the leader who actually did the planning, information and plotting of how to take down the Death Star was what? Episode 8 - Leia is considered to show to have greater control of the force than Luke who was trained by 2 Jedi Masters, 2 of the BEST Jedi Masters of all time, One who even bested Darth Vader, the other who fought Palpatine directly, She is able to survive the vacuum of space which in some episodes where Kanan Jarrus is ejected into space by Darth Maul had seconds to survive and get back to the air containment, she is nearly Frozen completely in space and yet her MAGICAL force powers can be called on even when she is dead in space after MINUTES IF NOT HOURS IN SPACE (After exploding the bridge Kylo was told to break off and return to the ship which he was already docked and heading to see Snoke when she Mary Poppins back into the void where the bridge was. Leia also put Huldo in charge which again shown nothing besides following her around like a puppy, (hey Maybe this is how you get promoted in Star Wars, having a ***** and following others around) after being shot into space and surviving on but a single gasp of air. she survives in critical condition, Nothing like Luke who lost to Vader ended up costing him the entire hand, she comes out from the experience not with glass cuts, bruises or scars but looking better than Han and Luke did in the past vs Carbonite and CloudCity) Episode 9 - Leia is training Rey who up to this point has done nothing beside watching her do more intense training than Luke, telling her to go somewhere and "May the Force be with you" Kylo is facing down Rey and Leia distracting him enough to open a kill for Rey to win. Leia then falls and dies which Rey decides that this is not the way to end him when he just lost his mother. Everyone who is acting like her death means something really great but it wasn't. Han? Oh he didn't have a single person really miss him! Luke? again no one really missed him! but Leia got a entire seconds of montage of background characters mourning her. Her death was played for what? (She did not sacrifice her life to heal Kylo which would have made MORE sense but no, they just kept it as Rey had to fix him up

    James GilleylenJames GilleylenTháng trước
  • yeah, though, unlike a sword, with a lightsaber, you do not have to worry about edge alignment. the fact that he could fairly competently handle a lightsaber is perhaps one of the most miner of the issues with ray

    mike secristmike secristTháng trước
  • I'm writing this as I pause this video at around the 41 minute mark; the reason why is the narrator (I'm not sure of his name, I just came upon this video and decided to give it a shot) has just outlined the setting for his rewrite, his brief backstory of what's happened to this point, and that short outline is SO VASTLY superior to everything in all three of the sequel movies, in my opinion. It makes perfect sense, it shows some thoughtful contemplation of what might've happened after the death of the Emperor, and it sets up a perfect jumping-off point for the next part. If Disney had done this one simple step, they could've created one of the greatest trilogies ever. They certainly had the filmmaking chops, all 3 movies LOOK gorgeous, absolutely flawless (with one exception, the lightsabers now look too much like the toys; seriously, the points have this perfect shape, like a small sword, just like the toys. in the OT they actually looked like beams of energy, not toys), but mind-bogglingly they didn't. And basically trashed the greatest IP in history. Unbelievable. Ok, on to the rest of the story..!

    Jack MaddoxJack MaddoxTháng trước
  • Kylo should never turned back to the light. It was way to predictable. Snoke should have survived and went into the next trilogy as possibly Kylo. The Knights of Ren should have been used but should have been using lightsabers. Thats where they should have been in episode 7. Training and searching for lightsabers of fallen Jedi or Sith. Rey was way to Overpowered to begin with. Episode 8 should have shown Kylo training with Snoke as hinted in episode 7. It would have been a call back to TESB but from the view of the dark forces. As Rey should have gotten training scenes as well. Palpatine shouldn't have returned. It wasted the sacrifice of Anakin in TROTJ. The scene on Canto Bight should have been completely rewritten. It should have been a mission that Leia sends Finn and Rey to find an old Rebel General that would be a great help in the new war. That General should have been Lando Calrissian. He would have been there gambling. Very fitting of his character. Lando should have also been Finns father. Finn would have been taken by the first order when he was very young. Episode 7 should have started out with Luke and Leia training with lightsabers. Then it should have discussed between Leia & Luke about restoration of the Jedi order. Low and behold Yoda force ghost could have shown up to instruct and help Luke to do so. The story should have progressed with Luke training new students and telling them of the past, what happened and how to not repeat the same mistakes. Obi-Wan force ghost could also come back (As Ewan McGregor) Liam Nesion could also come back as could Christian Hayden as force ghosts along with Sam Jackson. I think that the mystery of Syfo Dyas should also have been explored. Maybe Snoke could have been hiding in plane sight as a member of the republic counsel. Sensing Palpatine but not exposing himself. Snoke could also have possibly been Darth Plagues. Who learned the power of life after death. Disney really dropped the ball. There is so much story and lore that could have been explored. Especially the dark side of the Force. I'm so very disappointed

    Russ GreenRuss GreenTháng trước
  • absolutely amazing

    ConloonConloonTháng trước
  • 0/10 no finn x poe

    lunarlakeslunarlakesTháng trước
  • I think I may have skipped pasted it but what happened to chewie?

    Cybernetic4500Cybernetic4500Tháng trước
  • Could do animation of your version of the 3 film?

    spiderverse 616spiderverse 616Tháng trước
  • 1:02:05 it's her fathers

    spiderverse 616spiderverse 616Tháng trước
  • The ending was a bit of a let down but good effort, def better then what Disney gave us lol

    Steven AndrewSteven AndrewTháng trước
  • Finn's backstory is as fleshed out as he needs to be and Kylo Renn/Ben Solo is a charachter who is there to point out that no one is beyond saving, a common belief of college grads

    Michael McKinnonMichael McKinnonTháng trước
  • TWO HOURS of Star Wars analysis - holy crap - too much for me, but testament to how bad hollywood screwed up a good thing. Go Woke = Go Broke.

    Bill GuevremontBill GuevremontTháng trước
  • The Sequel trilogy do not just disapoint me as a Starwars fan, but also as a Disney fan. I came up with the Disney Renaissance era of animation. I loved their clasic movies as a child. The sequals were not the Star Wars I remember. They were not the Disney I remember either.

    Linda DawsonLinda DawsonTháng trước
  • Definitely better than what we got. Thrawn was always the right pick for the sequels. I like how you made a complete story from A to C. And you were more logical about people knowing who the Jedi were and the Falcon, etc. Shame on you for stealing Chewbacca’s thunder though... that was probably the best scene in TFA. I’m not so sure about the ending. See,we too so,plastic, Thrawn would’ve had contingencies for everything, not just a “hey shoot us all if I lose”. And that last bit about Disney ... wow I guess Ryan Johnson is just wrong about EVERYTHING.

    PigumonPigumonTháng trước
  • I just hope some SW fans manage to capture JJ and RJ and force them to watch this, just so thay may understand what an incompetent shits they are.

    Auriel ArgentisAuriel ArgentisTháng trước
  • Rey isn’t a really Mary Sue in teems of lightsaber combat. She’s not good with a lightsaber. Everything else is just extremely bad at it for some reason.

    Jon TravisJon TravisTháng trước
  • hey uh.. you spelled “should” wrong

    luke skywalkerluke skywalkerTháng trước
  • I liked it until the Knights of Ren showed up on Ach-To. I really liked the vibe of the night of waiting. Rey's ability to defend against several knights of Ren in the second one is still without training and isn't explained, Luke died like a chump, and why he was hiding from Kylo wasnt explained. Thrawn was wasted and surrendered too easily from losing one guy; he should have had a backup plan, the Republic Starkillers weren't addressed after showing up once. I get that this video probably had to be shorter to be viewable, but lots of things were weird.

    Jansen BakerJansen BakerTháng trước
  • this content actually made me like the movie hahaha this own side s tory is spot on i paused so many time's and fantazice my own bits and then continue hahah keep up man

    jefjefTháng trước
  • 🤦‍♂️Oh brother, rewriting it without having Rey adopt the Skywalker name in honor of the Skywalker family?

    daveydaveyTháng trước
  • As I'm watching this I've gotta give major props for including so many characters from ATLA for examples for well-written characters. I absolutely agree, there's a reason why that show remains/will stay a classic.

    Sub BotSub BotTháng trước
  • the very ending of the video... the reality is that the media is really the villains this day and age. they propel things like war more than anything. their riches are our folly and misplaced worship.

    Isaac EIsaac ETháng trước