SCP-035 Possessive Mask (SCP Animation)

29 Th07, 2020
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TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation KETER class object, SCP-035 Animation.
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SCP 035 appears to be a white porcelain comedy mask, although, at times, it will change to tragedy.
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  • When I was about 5 years old, I saw a man cut in half. Only his head and shoulders could be seen. His color was white, transparent, bald and without any Facial features like Slender Man. He was flying. When I ran to my father to tell them, he disappeared. True story.

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  • I Have No Terrifying Story,But I Can Make One Up..Hope You Like This,The Rubber...I Have decided to name it scp - #1##0,yes the #'shes are there for a reason,its name is bake-mono,translated as monster in Japanese. _________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________ I Was Around 23 At The Time. I Had Just gone outside for a nice stroll in the evening,and Was deciding to go into the woods,I Remember that when I Was little my friends told me it was haunted. But I Don't Believe In Ghosts now. So I Took a stroll. Through the trees. It Had Just Started Raining And I Was just coming up to the lake trail when I Heard a..Screaming Sound? I Kept going And Thought To Myself,It Was Probably A Fox..Or Wolf..I Hoped It Was Not A Wolf,I Kept going around the lake and then i heard it again...I Looked back and nothing was there..I Walked a bit faster just to make sure..I Heard A New Sound..A..Growl? ..I Thought there must be wolf's out there...And just as I Was getting to the end of the trail A Plane crossed over my head..And I Lost Track Of The Trail..Once It Had Passed I Realised I Was In The Woods And Could See Nothing..I Saw Something White Hanging From A Tree..And With Horror Realised It Was A Hand Chained To The Branch..I Started Running Now And Saw More Of Them..Even..Feet? But Why...I Thought there was no time for that as I ran,I Just wanted to get out and go home.And That's When I Saw It...It Made My Head Hurt To Look At It..It Had No Nose...Just A Big..Grinning Mouth...And..A White Sack For A Head...At least..Its skin looked like A Sack...The Mouth looked like it was painted on..And Its Hands Were Jagged...With...Claws..?...I Ran..And Ran..Then I Heard A Sound And Tripped...I Realised I Had Tripped Over A Branch..And Could Not See The Creature Anymore..I Swear I Could See Faces...And Then Something Brushed My Head..I Looked Up And Saw Another Hand Dangling From The Tree..I Thought I Was Going To Throw Up..I Saw The Creature Again Its Metallic Like Claw Scraping A Tree..I Think It Relied On Touch ..Or Sound.. It Scraped through the trees and let out an unearthly shriek...Something brushed my head..and I Realised one of the hands chained to a tree was up there..I Thought I was going to be sick..And then sudden I Tripped! And I Looked round In Fear Of It Being Closer..And saw it..hanging from the some giant spider...And Then I Heard another scream..And it was gone..It sounded so..human like...Could it copy Human screams..I Was terrified and..then I Saw it...behind me hanging onto the branches of a tree.. I Have No idea if it heard me..or If it could sense me..I Saw another person not too far away...A Jogger..I Wanted To Shout To Them To Run..but the creature was in the trees and the Jogger was snatched up...I Never saw them again..And then..from that tree..A Hand was dropped on a chain...I..Don't know how to describe the next bit..The Hands..All of them started to ooze blood..And..Somehow I Made it out of that forest..I Phoned the police..told them what happened..they didn't believe me..I Didn't care..I Got home And..As I Drifted Into Sleep...I Swear I Could Still See It's Face...Out There...Grinning At Me..Waiting for me to come back...The clock Hands Stroked Midnight...And I Fell Asleep. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is as good as I could get to a mini can edit any of these make it more scary. Anyways,this is the story I Made. Enjoy,The Rubber. I Really hope you can animate this for me.

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