Star Wars: The Last Forcebender

21 Th02, 2018
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The way I see it, I'm 3 months ahead of schedule on this.
Two corrections:
1. I said the Master Code-breaker could not have known about the transport ships fleeing when they did. This is just wrong. He heard Poe yelling about them on a call to Finn/Rose.
2. "Training [Kylo] doesn't even come up." Ackshully, Snoke considers the decapitation of Rey as completing Kylo's "training." Yeah, okay.
The music for the ending credits was btfo'd to spite UMG. Filthy leeches.
Tracks (by order of appearance):
Limbo OST - The Spider Approaches
A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd OST - 羊が通る
Avatar: The Last Airbender OST - Ba Sing Se
Fuck Me, I’m Famous - Dougal & Gammer
Deadly Premonition OST - Comic Relief
Tujamo - Darth Theme
The Irregular At Magic High School OST - エリカとレオ
Blind Witness - All Alone
Carl Wheezer - Moon, Moon, Moon, Spoon, Spoon, Spoon
Baccano! OST - In the Speak Easy
Virtue’s Last Reward OST 2 - Clarification
My Hero Academia OST 2 - 閉会式的次回予告
Black Cat OST - Hungry Kitchen
Cuphead OST - Ruse Of An Ooze
Cuphead OST - Botanic Panic
Diddy Kong Racing OST - Everfrost Peak
Carl Wheezer - Star, Star, Star, You’ll Go Far, Far, Far
David Rose - The Stripper
Food Wars! OST - 不味くて最高のゲテモノ
Omnibus OST - Jaunty (On the Moon)
Future Diary OST Vol. 6 - Usagi Attack Fast
Baccano! OST - Ohiru no Gunman to Makka na Odoriko
Donkey Kong 64 OST - Mine Cart Carnage
A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd OST - ひとりBINGO
Accel World OST - Blues Pig
Kyousougiga OST - Grouch
Hot Ham N Cheese - Nah B*tch!
The Irregular At Magic High School OST - コミカル3
Assassination Classroom OST - Niramiai
Dunno who made it - some remix of the Oriental Riff
A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd OST - Bang-Bang-You
Blue Exorcist OST - IiMuRoYa-$. Feat 2nd-Mov.: CHaos + CHorus
Omnibus OST - Moon Chill
Zodiac War OST - Shikou
Assassination Classroom OST - Asano Gaku Mime
M.I.A. - Paper Planes
Assassination Classroom OST - Tadashi

  • "Ryan. Craig" *Ding ding DING DING. LMAO!!

    Richard E. KranzRichard E. KranzNgày trước
  • that Luke dies joke at the beginning was absolutely golden

    Malakai RossMalakai RossNgày trước
  • I love that you placed kirito's ggo avatar as a example for marry sue

    UNinvitedDEATHUNinvitedDEATH2 ngày trước
  • Cosmonut is a hypocrite

    Bad DiaperBad Diaper2 ngày trước
  • loved the "why are you smiling?" audio clip! excellent choice! 1:05:31

    James CassidyJames Cassidy3 ngày trước
  • I honestly just feel really bad for everyone involved with the sequels except the ones who wrote it.

    Alden's WorldAlden's World3 ngày trước
  • It was upsetting to see what they did to Luke and Han specifically, but the more I think about it they unintentionally did the same thing to Leia as well. That's how bad the story writing is. While they're trying to portray Luke and Han as old failures and shells of who they used to be, they make Leia the leader of the resistance and a General to show how much she has it all together. Except she doesn't, she's a failure too. She's responsible for the rise of the First Order, her entire fleet getting destroyed, and doesn't do anything in the movies that give any hints she knows what she's doing at all. She actually seems incompetent and lost most of the time. It's utterly jaw-dropping that JJ and Rian did this and that dozens of other adults in the building went along with it.

    Logical DudeLogical Dude5 ngày trước
  • This shit was way more entertaining than the movie

    PdrewPdrew5 ngày trước
  • How come u didn’t get cancelled for comparing atla to a Disney movie 😂

    PdrewPdrew5 ngày trước
  • 46:14 Could an E;R dub save The Last Jedi?

    EmiEmi6 ngày trước
  • Quite literally it seems like they didn't just kill off every character you care about but they made sure that they were worthless when they did

    m mm m7 ngày trước
  • no Daisy...... just reciting the word "sexist" doesn't erase the fact you played a bad character in a bad film. why is this film bad? well...... take story, characters, faithfulness to the previous franchise, new ideas, twists, new abilities, and just put a big fat YES tick on all of it. Almost every single aspect of this movie is nothing better than an arrogant mistake that finally murdered this billion dollar property into the dirt of ridiculous failure forever. Nice work, Ryan. Who knew one person could f#(k it up so completely, and all within a single film.

    UltimateSteevilUltimateSteevil7 ngày trước
  • Master Mark Hamill told us "this is not gonna go the way you think"... and then they kill Luke Skywalker!!! How dare they do that... that is our hero. The farm boy who rescue Anakin and make a stand against the Empire...

    Luis RibeiroLuis Ribeiro9 ngày trước
  • Why the hell did they decide to set TLJ to take place DIRECTLY after end of the force awakens???? This whole trilogy is such a mess my 10 year old self could’ve thought of a more creative and sensible plot line

    Patrick HanlyPatrick Hanly11 ngày trước
  • This is some of the best editing I’ve ever seen.

    Woods MasonWoods Mason11 ngày trước
  • when i saw the new trilogy i had no idea what was going on. i thought i was missing a movie but no. they were just bad. imma go back to the Lego star wars trilogy.

    xXphantom9030Xx -xXphantom9030Xx -12 ngày trước
  • The throne room fight is godawful.

    Pocket B1d3nPocket B1d3n14 ngày trước
  • Mark signed with george. before it was sold

    flower_ girlflower_ girl14 ngày trước
  • Rian's voice is so annoying + plus all his choices

    NAkerNAker16 ngày trước
  • 1:11:11 basically $$$$$, that’s it.

    KcKc16 ngày trước
  • 18:00 LMAO

    KcKc16 ngày trước
  • YT won’t let me like this lol

    KcKc16 ngày trước
  • 6:12 wtf is going on??

    KcKc16 ngày trước
  • the actress who plays ray is so boring to listen to lol

    John Doe22John Doe2217 ngày trước
  • cosmonaught variety our is a simp for dudes wgat a freak defending the last of us 2

    Kamui YuKamui Yu17 ngày trước
  • 18:44 open subtitles and yell

    Oxi GenOxi Gen19 ngày trước
  • You know, I've trained with swords and spears/staves and let me tell you: they are nothing alike. Switching from one to the other requires training, not just with the stances and techniques but also the mindset. Using a sword is not the same as a club, which have different intentions so I find the fight choreography, especially with Rey, very terrible.

    Spectre King2105Spectre King210520 ngày trước
  • I just noticed how the last jedi poster is stark copy of empire lol

    flower_ girlflower_ girl20 ngày trước
  • Yes, the original trilogy changed directors but remember those guys were working with each other the entire time, there were all familiar with one another. They even co-wrote the script. They weren't too totally different people like JJ and Rian.

    flower_ girlflower_ girl20 ngày trước
  • Lagacy cast was only put on the there for money. Also miniorites are only put on there for money too

    flower_ girlflower_ girl20 ngày trước
  • *LUKE DIES* spoilers Yeah.....I can see that.....

    IceCreamChief 54IceCreamChief 5421 ngày trước
  • You lungs don’t explode in space, as it is only one atmosphere of pressure conceivably different. Also the “cold” in space really isn’t a problem as there is no medium for the heat to leave your body. Most spacecraft actually have to have heat sinks in space to allow extra heat to bleed off so they don’t overheat rather than freeze. You would definitely definitely die in space, just not for those reasons. The affect that the pressure would have on your blood and the dissolved gasses in your blood would be the most notable eminent concern, but you might be able to survive some amount of time in space without permanent damage.

    Garrett StephensGarrett Stephens21 ngày trước
  • This video is fucking funny man, i didn't realize at the time when i was enraged by disneys ass-end start to ruin star war.

    Z DZ D23 ngày trước
  • And weirdly homophobic.

    Philip A. StephensonPhilip A. Stephenson25 ngày trước
  • You are weirdly racist.

    Philip A. StephensonPhilip A. Stephenson25 ngày trước
  • More like: the last shit!

    the redstone manthe redstone man25 ngày trước
  • Absolutely hilarious; well done.

    mrsta8541mrsta854127 ngày trước
  • So much pain in Mark's voice when he talks about TLJ oh no

    Daniel MasonDaniel Mason27 ngày trước
  • the memes are strong with this one

    CryAlotCryAlot27 ngày trước
  • 28:19 Mark sounds like he's about to stand up and sucker punch Goi Boi

    ZuttiNet NetworkZuttiNet Network28 ngày trước
  • lmfao "return to the kitchen"

    livewire2k4livewire2k428 ngày trước
  • 2:45 the subtle silence speaks and then mark hamill just aaid its the longest is the funniest sh*t

    DerpyNerdyDerpyNerdy29 ngày trước
  • I wish I could like this video more!

    Ben MBen MTháng trước
  • "I need someone to show me my place in all of this." -Every fan who watched the sequels, wondering WTF is going on

    Logical DudeLogical DudeTháng trước
  • "Where she's still handing him his lightsaber" LOL that's a funny point

    Logical DudeLogical DudeTháng trước
  • 13:34 this is kylo rens training.. its obviously dark side training, so snoke was just trolling him. all Anakins training scenes with Palpatine were them talking and getting emotional.

    n4murn4murTháng trước
  • Abrams and Ruin - pushing the envelope on absurdity

    Grahame CampbellGrahame CampbellTháng trước
  • I used to be a hopeful and optimistic guy but after TLJ I am now a bitter old cynic.

    Grahame CampbellGrahame CampbellTháng trước
  • It is now confirmed that Rey was Kathleen Kennedy's self insert character... I already knew this.

    YuritZen PresentsYuritZen PresentsTháng trước
  • Han runs into a room with hundreds of troopers in and that one shot he takes hits the random guy at the front.😂🤣😂🤣😭😭 I feel bad for him.

    James ShepherdsonJames ShepherdsonTháng trước
  • 0:48:00 or need to watch the throne room fight scene again. It's HORRIBLE. The choreography is ridiculous; the Sith-ish guards spin and dance around for no reason, only (painfully obviously) waiting for the right time to attack; at one point they have to edit out one of the guy's daggers because otherwise he'd have killed Rey easily. In fact, go watch Shadiversity take that scene apart. The scene only works if you don't focus on anything & just "see" all of it. If you watch any one person in the scene, you'll be like "wtf did they just do??" And it doesn't matter which person--they ALL do it, throughout. At one point Rey kicks, and three of the enemies all fly/spin back at once. WHAT. THE. FUUUUUCK?????

    Mike SusalkaMike SusalkaTháng trước
  • Where are you ER?? Need more videos!

    wizardnug2wizardnug2Tháng trước
  • STAR WARS... RETURN TO THE KITCHEN.. CHOP CHOP THERE'S A GOOD GIRL 18:23...... ARRRRRRRGH So so so so so funny. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    richard kingrichard kingTháng trước
  • why do laser blasts have arcs in space? why do bombs fall in space? WHY RIAN. WHY

    Yeethan10Yeethan10Tháng trước
  • I use to think the child at the end of the movie would be in the rise of skywalker but NOPE he was just there for no reason

    RotierRotierTháng trước
  • I understand many of your points and agree but this hole „Why isn‘t the 1stOrder weakened after there great thing gets blown up“ doesn’t make sense to me.If somebody is answering to this Comment I can explain why, but time is money right?

    Shadow AssassinShadow AssassinTháng trước
  • 12:27 17:55 19:17 48:51 23:39

    big cloverbig cloverTháng trước
  • Fuckin Hollywood blowhards know they can do whatever they want. Because once in a while morons and kids have a laugh at a visual gag, The buzzcut feminatzi who showed up to the movie specifically for the purpose of tweeting about it, got to see some cool lesbians just being lesbians, and a ridiculous amount of explosions Are what keeps the money funnelin wheels a-turnin. That's what runs the engine of mass produced, generic, propaganda films.

    Chubby Jub JubChubby Jub JubTháng trước
  • 45:16 I’m sorry, Poe should get an award just for this scene. I can actually feel his internal screaming while Holdo is yammering,

    Jack All-TradesJack All-TradesTháng trước
  • 11:21 i lost my shit there lmao

    The_lone_wanderer GThe_lone_wanderer GTháng trước
  • Pewds at the end: Damn it. I do not support that message. Whatever tha whats it SEXIST! SHSNHOGENISTIC! Disgusting doesnt belong anywhere on this channel! I just want to put my foot down right now. Im putting it down, you cant see im put for this type of content. Don loek et.

    PreleposavaPreleposavaTháng trước
  • Hamill: I have to let go of the past and accept that this is the new generation and... *THAT ITS SHIT!*

    PreleposavaPreleposavaTháng trước
  • Kylo: **KILLS HAN SOLO** Rey and Fin: **stare** Chewie: REY WTF SHOOT HIM HE IS AN EASY TARGET! **shoots** Rey pulling Fin with her: *Nah man imma head out.*

    PreleposavaPreleposavaTháng trước
  • Luke: **has known Chewie for extremely long and been friends with him since he was young** Chewie: (to Luke) You are coming with me! Rey: hE sAiD tHaT yOuR cOmInG wItH uS Luke: *I dont remember askin you a goddamn thing!*

    PreleposavaPreleposavaTháng trước
  • At least we have the Mandalorian to redeem Luke somewhat.

    Alex RossAlex RossTháng trước
  • Fuck off Ridley, stupid bitch

    Cairsahr JosephCairsahr JosephTháng trước
  • The accusation of "racism" is really a complaint of satan that you are too good with the Truth. Specifically the Accuser of Apoc. Ch. 12.....I really mean "specifically"

    Cairsahr JosephCairsahr JosephTháng trước
    • What?

      Papa Joe SmoothPapa Joe SmoothTháng trước
  • Not canon. You can't be a legit marrano. Kudos to anyone who gets that reference.

    Cairsahr JosephCairsahr JosephTháng trước
  • Rian Round Head has the gun fire from the First Order ships arcing like fucking colonial era cannon balls. Clearly physics, like opening doors to the vacuum of space, isn't in his wheel house. No one will ever convince me this film isn't the very first draft written.

    David PDavid PTháng trước
  • Star Wars : the galactic nazis , and the runaway space Jews. Featuring a group of mixed races and creatures running away from a man with a burning cross.

    Karim LichtsteinerKarim LichtsteinerTháng trước
    • Nietzsche gets around

      Grahame CampbellGrahame CampbellTháng trước
  • Is nobody talking about how one bomber can destroy the whole dreadnaught. In that case why tf would you bring so many, even if they all make it their just wasting bombs....... Fuck this movie.

    CharCharTháng trước
  • Lol. Admiral pap smear.

    jchoneandonlyjchoneandonlyTháng trước
  • I hear Ritsu's theme at the end

    Waifu WaffenWaifu WaffenTháng trước
  • Disney’s abhorrent problem is that everything must be about women only. They keep ruining the beautifully animated films into this feminized, girl power woke nonsense by undermining everything around them. You can make a female character without undermining male characters. For example, look at how DC handles their female characters. Notice how Faora didn't bash Clark's masculinity or invoke any "girl power" nonsense? And still, she came off as a powerful female character in the movie. And women should not be a superhero or be highly talented in action to be great. Females can be great by staying true to their feminine nature. Look at Martha Clark's mother, Rachel from the dark knight, WW, The Amazonians, That's good writing. Disney tried so hard to implant the idea that women can do a man's job… which just tells the audience this simply boring and plain lame. And the worst thing is Disney is not only ruining their classic animated films, but also beloved franchises like Star Wars, Fantastic Four, Spiderman, Pirates of the Caribbean, X-Men, and most marvel films after the Infinity war. Trust me in time they will also ruin Pixar Studios. It saddens me that all these good studios will be undermined by Disney and will be forced to follow the same formula to fill their films with cringe jokes, pg-13 rated scenes, diversity, girl power, metoo, feminism and blah blah. Take a look at other studios people, learn from WB, Sundance, Sony, F24, Universal and Paramount at least. Not all films should be about superheroes or woke power nonsense. Also, the problem with Disney is it has blind fans…fans that think whatever Disney produced is automatically the best. that's the worse argument to combat technically. Hiring people based on gender or color is in fact economically inefficient and is reverse racism on the other hand. Also, Disney used to be customer-driven, but in time after establishing what is a cult following now, they, in turn, are driving customers their own way. They have too much power, and people are blindingly consuming their products by giving them their time, money, and undivided attention. Customers need to wake up and take control; put back the company where it belongs. i.e. Disney should serve the customers not the other way around. And saying Disney sucks while subscribing to their app on your mobile phone isn’t helping anyone. If you are not going to take a stand and make a change then it's all just futile. Companies like Disney are greedy and their only goal is to cash-milk their customers. Parents are subscribed to Disney+ for 15 bucks a month and on top of it they go out to watch those same movies in cinemas while buying barbie dolls for their children. Well, guess what Disney is still ripping you 350$ a month and spitting on your face at the same time. Wake Up.

    Jobs mineJobs mineTháng trước
  • the chinese don't care about star wars because it's western world war 2 propaganda for the mentally challenged.

    vascosilvervascosilverTháng trước
    • Have you never seen Chinese cinema? They can't get enough of WW2 propaganda films.

      ZontarZontarTháng trước
  • lol good job putting Kirito in his place with the rest of the Mary Sues.

    Ibrahim HammoudiIbrahim HammoudiTháng trước
  • 😒Ok fine rey is a mary sue but was not korra idea to be with Asami ok it because the boyfriend did told her past oh sure the 2 season is meh or bad if you have watched season 3 and 4 in my opinion it help fix the mary sue ok 😏

    Brazil BarnesBrazil BarnesTháng trước
  • Yoda did. To a planet. And died there. But he did eventually train Luke. W/e

    DrCash7DrCash7Tháng trước
  • 10:18 I actually started reciting that scene from memory. Somebody help me.

    Matt TOBMatt TOBTháng trước
  • Ray's triple kill - oh, I didn't know that offmarket quad laser turret on a small freighter has enough firepower in one of it's cannons to triple kill a shielded, millitary grade spacefighter. Something that, most llikely, wouldn't be accomplished by a dedicated anti-spacefighter ship like raider class corvette, lancer class frigate and a tartan cruiser.

    miqvPLmiqvPLTháng trước
  • 13:45 matched up with Luke's mouth so good

    Marie LMarie LTháng trước
  • *Maybe* except for Geogre Lucas, if anyone would have an inkling on who Luke Skywalker is as a persona, it's Mark Hamill. I don't argue his opinion is biased, because 1) whose would not be with any given topic, and 2) mah man's been acting the character since day 1. Leia's a woman and a woman in power at this point. Of course they couldn't let her die. Clearly, Daisy hadn't heard of the term Gary Stu at that point. Adm. Genderstudies is the *last* person I'd expect to call bullshit on the phrase "seeing is believing". Oh, it was Leia's thing? Well, that makes sense. Dang, Rose sexually harasses Finn with no reprecussions? What the flip does China mean by the cast of TLJ being "esthetically disadvantaged"?

    Simon HansenSimon HansenTháng trước
  • Why is the TLJ title plural in Spanish? Am I to understand there are *two* Jedi left at the end?

    Simon HansenSimon HansenTháng trước
  • To be hones, I thing SW VII was awesome until they drag Poe into the shuttle. I was awesome that he started with a joke in front of Kylo and just met cold answer of search him and kill the rest and then just a slaugther. Basically the Disney trilogy was flawless from the start ntil the point when Fin did not pull the trigger. It became garbage only after that point.

    EldexoEldexoTháng trước
  • Chewie gave Rey the Millenium Falcon......WHATTHEFUCK?! Chewie did the ultimate simp move without any context.....MAAEER(R)E(E)E(Y)YYYYYYssSSSUUUUUEEEEUUUEEE....

    Anthony McRoosterAnthony McRoosterTháng trước

    AARonAARonTháng trước
    • If it didn't have so many flaws, there wouldn't need to be.

      TheMrJaiTheMrJaiTháng trước
  • I kind of wondered why Snoke's guards decided to attack Kylo and Rey. Kylo was doing Snoke's bidding by executing Ray when suddenly a lightsaber ignited next to Snoke and magically flew through the air. There was no way to know who was to blame for the magic flying light sword, besides, they could have brought Snoke to Sick Bay and had him put back together without much of a fuss and waited for his orders. The only thing worse was when Kylo blamed Rey for killing Snoke. Was he afraid that he was going to be put in some kind of First Order jail? In an evil empire, it you kill the top man, everybody moves up one step. He should be bragging, not denying. The whole thing is brainless.

    Steve CSteve CTháng trước
  • Star Wars is owned by people whose only desire is to kill the heroes in order to demoralize people and make them easier to control.

    Jason WarrenJason WarrenTháng trước
  • Comparing fanfictions to the latest star wars movies is frankly insulting Fanfiction writers actually care about the source, and some of them actually have talent.

    Astronomy DemonAstronomy DemonTháng trước
  • 41:42 this shouldn't have made me laugh so hard, I'm going to hell

    Astronomy DemonAstronomy DemonTháng trước
  • just... why wouldn't the falcon be chewie's?

    Christian WasseniusChristian WasseniusTháng trước
  • 55:45 They don't shoot cus its a war crime lol

    Rock_Co2707Rock_Co2707Tháng trước
    • *Cut To Anakin Skywalker Coming Mass Warcrimes*

      TheMrJaiTheMrJaiTháng trước
  • The last Jedi was pathetic

    Reliable SignageReliable SignageTháng trước
  • 52:56 fucking broke me.

    PumpActionCrusaderPumpActionCrusaderTháng trước
  • Did he just call J.J. Abrams “Jew Jew”??? 🤭

    MusicGuy20MusicGuy20Tháng trước
  • The biggest middle finger to an audience ever.

    darkchakaradarkchakara2 tháng trước
  • 36:04 i thought you said: lies, deception!

    Master david The leopardMaster david The leopard2 tháng trước
  • Ruin Johnson subverted our expectations for a decent sci-fi flick just as much as fans subverted his expectations of a good review or even liking his trash.

    Joe BlowJoe Blow2 tháng trước
  • 47:45. noo. no, they fucked that up too. look closely at the scene again. somewhere in there youll randomly have some of the guards clash blades with EACH OTHER for no other reason than the director must have told them "move around so it looks cool". it makes no fucking sense that they would swing their weapons at those two enemies, then randomly decide to throw them at their own allies, just to get back into fights with the lightsaber wielders a second later. plus, why the hell did none of the guards notice the turning lightsaber, when its literally their only fucking job to protect the shriveled potato?

    Stone7C1Stone7C12 tháng trước
  • what the problem I dont like blacks and blacks dont like me- so what ?

    Unknown OriginUnknown Origin2 tháng trước