Star Wars Rebels: The story from start to finish

18 Th04, 2018
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A tribute to one of my favourite stories in Star Wars, summarizing the entire story in around the length of a normal Rebels episode. Thank you to all the cast and crew of Star Wars Rebels, and especially to Dave Filoni, who not only provided the voice of Chopper, but also for creating this memorable journey.
Music: Gustav Mahler - Symphony No.3 finale
Claudio Abbado, Lucerne Festival Orchestra

  • I love star wars, but this video is about as much as I can watch of Rebels, this is worse than the Christmas special with Chewbacca

    DreadnaughtDangerDreadnaughtDangerTháng trước
  • Eh rebels wasnt rhe best honestly, dont get me wrong its good, but not the best, love clone wars tho!

    A little bit of everythingA little bit of everything2 tháng trước
  • Thanks I needed this for the upcoming Asoka series

    Asher SedwickAsher Sedwick5 tháng trước
  • Here cause I refuse to watch this trash series

    Kevin CastanedaKevin Castaneda5 tháng trước
  • video is amazing.

    Lords ChildLords Child5 tháng trước
  • Damn that song is annoying

    Brian NicholsonBrian Nicholson5 tháng trước
  • (Clears troat) Wait a Minute.

    Jonas P. AL Gold PhönixJonas P. AL Gold Phönix5 tháng trước
  • why is the audio in this video sub par

    jaidan reimanjaidan reiman5 tháng trước
  • That is my childhood memories and all my good memories at these years is that history that episodes

    Zlix_ YTZlix_ YT5 tháng trước
  • Thanks, I want to watch and keep up for the mandalorian but I do not have time to watch the series in full.

    Tech PhilipTech Philip6 tháng trước
  • 👍👌👌👌👍

    Bade.vijayalaxmi Bade.vijaylaxmiBade.vijayalaxmi Bade.vijaylaxmi8 tháng trước
  • upload vid again with better audio if you can be bothered cause its shite

    Deaf JeffDeaf Jeff8 tháng trước
    • True

      Shubham KelkarShubham KelkarTháng trước
  • Cool now I don’t need to watch it

    PatrickPatrick9 tháng trước
  • 👌👌👌👌👍👍

    Bade.vijayalaxmi Bade.vijaylaxmiBade.vijayalaxmi Bade.vijaylaxmi10 tháng trước
  • This is such a beautiful tribute

    The Dangerous Ivy VitaleThe Dangerous Ivy Vitale11 tháng trước
  • Man really hope that they reconsider and make a 5th season

    Chikush OdizChikush OdizNăm trước
    • I just don’t think it would make sense thematically, we also just got a huge possible leak that in the new Ashoka show her whole journey will be finding Ezra, and it’s sorta kinda mentioned it in the mando

      Ashton PierceAshton PierceTháng trước
  • Wow

    cfordd13cfordd13Năm trước
  • I love this! I’m crying so much right now!

    Just a FangirlJust a FangirlNăm trước
  • GREAT edition .....APPALLING music sound mix

    Chuy RoldanChuy RoldanNăm trước
    • Yeah all I heard was the blaring music

      DecidingOdin 251DecidingOdin 251Năm trước
  • This is cool, but the low audio quality makes it unwatchable! Ugh!

    Aaron HintonAaron HintonNăm trước
  • 9:19 (Kanan: We'll see each other again... I promise) yeah um about that...😓

    Nicholas Gieschen IIINicholas Gieschen IIINăm trước
  • 5:10, 5:26 Moments of Instant chills!

    Nicholas Gieschen IIINicholas Gieschen IIINăm trước
  • At first i didn't like the series, but this video nudged me to try it again, and I am very glad I did thank you it grew on me. The force will be with you always.

    Ryan GreeneRyan GreeneNăm trước
  • Be happy to help do a great day for us 😀😁😆😗😙😉😃🎀

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  • Nicely done .. ..

    Sammy NishiSammy NishiNăm trước
  • Magnificent. An amazing tribute to a magnificent story.. had me tear up near the end.

    x X C0k3cAn Xxx X C0k3cAn XxNăm trước
  • may kanan rest in peace

    Anime FanaticAnime FanaticNăm trước
  • Star Wars Clone Wars & Rebels captured the spirit of Star Wars and would love more of them both, cannot say the same for Resistance unfortunately :-(

    SMChurchillSMChurchillNăm trước
    • @XYshyguy Gaming He joined the Dark Side and became an Inquisitor, but was so "good" at it they gave him a desk job to avoid more Jedi escaping ;-)

      SMChurchillSMChurchill4 tháng trước
    • @Jar Binks maybe we’ll find out what happens to Jar Jar

      XYshyguy GamingXYshyguy Gaming4 tháng trước
    • well it seems like you get your wish. Bad Batch here we go

      Jar BinksJar Binks4 tháng trước
  • This was an excellent compilation. You hit all the important points of the series! Bravo!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌👌👌

    Bill CampbellBill CampbellNăm trước
  • tribute = good show = bad

    GVegaGVegaNăm trước
    • @Marko Čenić the show is bad bocz there are many parts that makes the worst. I'm a fan of rebels but I don't like it anymore ! Ezra and kanan were jedi and star wars is focused around the jedi but the behave as dumbs in this show. Remember the episode when kanan showed how good he was with the force while finding luminara and within free minutes he is like weak and close to death ! The only problem is ezar this space Aladin hold every character for developing

      Shubham KelkarShubham KelkarTháng trước
    • GVega why?

      Marko ČenićMarko ČenićNăm trước
  • Awesome tribute. I really want to find out what happened to ezra, sabine, ahsoka, and thrawn now.

    will jwill jNăm trước
  • These Damn onions....

    Jack RipperJack RipperNăm trước
  • You did a very good job and I am a big fan of this show.

    Donald SchraderDonald SchraderNăm trước
  • I love this show.i love the cast.💕

    Donald SchraderDonald SchraderNăm trước
  • thank you for this!! by the way who is older luke or ezra?

    franzxiyafranzxiyaNăm trước
    • Elessar S hi.,. Thank u for the reply.,. Im just wondering leia was shown in rebels where she delivered the ships to the rebels, she looks older than ezra,. Then i was thinking the episode in twin suns where luke has silluette he looks like a kid there.

      franzxiyafranzxiyaNăm trước
    • franzxiya, Ezra is older, but only by a few days. He was born on The day the Empire was created (Padme was in the Senate Hall) the twins were born a few days later.

      Karen SKaren SNăm trước
  • It’s been out for over a year, and no dislikes, great job

    Ventus TorresVentus TorresNăm trước
  • WoW you’ve got some of the best editing skills I’ve ever seen, GREAT JOB, GREAT VIDEO!!! The end made me cry, I miss these rebels. May the force be with you, always

    Anne HölscherAnne HölscherNăm trước
  • You told the story better than the series with this video!

    Lorenzo MargiottaLorenzo MargiottaNăm trước
  • Sniff

    Nomads cheap-n-nerdy!Nomads cheap-n-nerdy!2 năm trước
  • I'm not crying, you're crying... Why is it over 😭. Can't stop the tears! I love you Rebels

    Elki StudioElki Studio2 năm trước
    • @Royal1_MarioYT probably around 2021 or 2022. For the Ashoka show

      Kamsiyonna EnedaKamsiyonna Eneda5 tháng trước
    • 😭 love you rebels

      Wahid KaziWahid Kazi5 tháng trước
    • I’m crying too!!😭

      Just a FangirlJust a FangirlNăm trước
    • LeXyZ the book. The art of star wars rebels

      Elki StudioElki StudioNăm trước
    • @Royal1_MarioYT what

      LeXyZLeXyZNăm trước
  • It don't get much better than that

    Jacob SheleyJacob Sheley2 năm trước
  • Ok, am I the only one who sees the symbol on the wolfs head? 19:50

    HoneypineHoneypine2 năm trước
    • I see it and I actually never noticed it before Also I see ur comments on some episodes of season 3 of Star Wars Rebels

      General FrecklefaceGeneral Freckleface2 năm trước
    • Also, may the force be with you, always.

      HoneypineHoneypine2 năm trước
  • You're editing is incredible! You earned a sub! I also love the story of the Ghost crew, however, one thing I feel is that since they had to appeal to younger audiences a lot of potential was left unexplored. Nonetheless, as an older SW fan, I enjoyed it.

    The Sexy SkywalkerThe Sexy Skywalker2 năm trước
    • Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed this!

      Space FamilySpace Family2 năm trước
  • Awesome tribute! Great job, thank you! And remember, the Force will be with You, always.

    РептилияРептилия2 năm trước
    • Yondu Udonta I’m surprised to see you here Mary Poppins

      General FrecklefaceGeneral Freckleface2 năm trước
  • I love this

    Krazy AvyKrazy Avy2 năm trước
  • Best I seen

    Devon KDDevon KD2 năm trước
  • Great work

    Pokémon-fan17Pokémon-fan172 năm trước
  • *The force is all around us. it surrounds us it binds the Galaxy together -Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi*

    blueraccoon 10blueraccoon 102 năm trước
  • ok, i call rebels two words: beautiful crap. it's nice but they throw in random things that spits in the face of what was already established

    Guardian MorohtarGuardian Morohtar3 năm trước
  • The Force will be with you #always

    rudyinko5rudyinko53 năm trước