Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: An Unbridled Rage

08 Th01, 2020
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Disney's failure is now complete.
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  • Hello there! It's pretty crazy that it's been two years since I put out that video ranting about a crappy movie and now, here we are. Disney managed to make, essentially, the exact same mistake as they did in 2017 and so I have a perspective to share on the subject. This video kinda wiped me out a bit, I've been writing, editing and rendering for 3 weeks straight, little sleep/socialising but it meant getting something that normally takes about a month and a half out, in half the time. Thanks to that, there may be a couple of mistakes and corners cut but the message is mostly unmistakable; The Rise of Skywalker was awful, the sequel trilogy was a disaster... But I am thankful for what it brought my life. I'm thankful for you lot enjoying my content and supporting this channel. I guess this video marks the end of an era in a way, or at least the bookend for the two years. I have a bunch of big plans for 2020, I hope to see you lot there. o/ Also, check out Shadiversity, he makes kickass Medieval media analysis videos - See yah next time folks...

    MauLerMauLerNăm trước
    • The official Disney lore for Fin after TROS is; He totally forgets about Rey after meeting the black girl and they go off into the jungle to live together happily ever after. They polled different possibilities for Fin's character with people in China and that's what they picked as the most appropriate end for a black character like Fin....

      darron patteldarron pattel4 tháng trước
    • General kenoby

      blueblue4 tháng trước
    • McMuffin.... nom nom nom nom nom

      Galileo ChiuGalileo Chiu4 tháng trước
    • Hey Mauler! 👋... When are we gonna get anymore unbridled rage videos??? I absolutely love these... I haven't even seen TROS but this is the 3rd time I've watched this video. Keep making great videos, man.

      Mike BushMike Bush4 tháng trước

      Darth MaulDarth Maul4 tháng trước
  • Doesn't she know Anakin hated Sand!!!!

    Kimberly The MagnificentKimberly The MagnificentGiờ trước
  • Great video. Just the excessive use of "c*nt" undermining your argument that this turd trilogy's haters aren't (a little) sexist. Otherwise, kudos.

    Aj AjajAj Ajaj2 giờ trước
  • Palpatine's totally not spontanously plot adapting goals: -Kill the girl -be replaced by the girl -use the girl as battery -committing suicide

    y_ nikiy_ niki7 giờ trước
  • 29:39 "That is an *explanation* that is not an *excuse*" Wrong choice of words there. Whether on purpose or not, it fails to convey the correct point. What you should have said is "That is an *excuse* , not an *explanation*"

    YowLifeYowLife7 giờ trước
  • Kylo ren is a primarch

    josh cranstonjosh cranston8 giờ trước
  • 44:36 this is the point when the movie "jumps the tie fighter"

    Shloomy ShlomsShloomy Shloms8 giờ trước
  • 16:00 in to this and I am glad I never watched the movie, what hot garbage.

    Shloomy ShlomsShloomy Shloms12 giờ trước
  • as far as I am concerend there is no star wars after episode 6 and rogue one.

    Shloomy ShlomsShloomy Shloms12 giờ trước
  • Let's just agree First: Disney sucks!! Second: Legends is so much better than the canon and Third: Fanfic writers are better than most screenwriters on Hollywood

    Larissa MarquizzeppeLarissa Marquizzeppe12 giờ trước
  • Dude...I never thought of it as every Skywalker being dead and the palpatine line living on...lmao yeah that's a HUGE

    nextgenstatusnextgenstatus14 giờ trước
  • First video I’ve seen on the channel, so, does someone have a back story as to why its called “the gay”

    Connor JacksonConnor Jackson14 giờ trước
  • Palpatine is 2 for 2 on fucking himself with his own lightning

    nextgenstatusnextgenstatus14 giờ trước
  • Of course fin felt it. He was 100% meant to be force sensitive

    nextgenstatusnextgenstatus15 giờ trước
  • 1:07:12 when the movie makes so much no sense anymore, that you don't know how to describe how rey got there

    ExodusExodus17 giờ trước
  • The insults were the best part of this review. Babu Fricks scene at the end makes me laugh my ass off every time. He just ripped a big rail of space blow off the console of the xwing and popped up gacked out of his gourd. That shit is hilarious.

    Raging ModerateRaging Moderate17 giờ trước
  • I REFUSE to accept any of these movies as canon

    Sean QuinnSean Quinn22 giờ trước
  • Mmmmmmm McMuffins!

    Michael JohnstonMichael JohnstonNgày trước
  • In Star Wars, the very first movie, the Millennium Falcon was tracked through hyperspace by the Death Star to Yavin IV, didn't it? Pretty certain it did.

    Michael JohnstonMichael JohnstonNgày trước
    • @JBlaze420 OK. Thanks for the clarification! 👍

      Michael JohnstonMichael Johnston13 giờ trước
    • They put a physical tracking device on the millennium falcon that gave their location when they came out of hyper space.

      JBlaze420JBlaze42020 giờ trước
  • Kylo's ship got blown to shit, with the McMuffin in it, when Rey bifurcated it. How did he then take it to Endor? And, did Rey take the McMuffin out of Kylo's ship before torching it??

    Mike SusalkaMike SusalkaNgày trước
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    Alex OrtizAlex OrtizNgày trước
  • Lemme explain to you why the star destroyers dont know which way is "up"... In this case "up" is the opposite of gravity, correct? And gravity is something we consider natural, no? But did you know, that Exogol is a dark side planet, and that the dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities, some considered to be unnatural? And that is the THEME of the movie!!! I dont understand how someone of your intellect missed this, since it really explains everything (and sorry, but makes all your videos invalid); logic? consistency? You see those things are considered natural, but the dark side of the force...

    A DA DNgày trước
  • So many people hated Rise of Skywalker and a lot hated Last Jedi too, it just wasn't a good enough conclusion for such a beloved franchise, it failed to deliver. One of my friends in an eighth grade German class in like 2017 (before Last Jedi) was CONVINCED the Emperor was coming back, and I thought it was stupid and would never happen. Two years later, I be darned... I thought Last Jedi was good at first and Rise of Skywalker was mediocre, but if you pick them apart there's a lot to hate. I don't think this was the satisfying ending most people were after, including myself. But after seeing Force Awakens, what did we want? Clearly not what we got and I've been binging reviews of people tearing into it and I don't blame them, but no one really seems to say what they wanted instead. Tell me! I'm all ears. Even I'm not sure what I would have preferred.

    BlazeFireBlazeFireNgày trước
  • "hear the voices of all the past jedi through the-" im gonna assume i didnt mishear you and you said gay there. wh- what is the purpose of saying that-? i cant tell if it's an insult to gays or if it's some weird form of respect or something? im not entirely sure what you intended it to mean, or really who you are, but just in case, please dont use that word however you please, you might offend someone

    Salamander SharpSalamander Sharp2 ngày trước
  • The hyperspace tracking thing wasn't even new. The inquisitor did it in Rebels episode 9 (Gathering Forces) by planting a device on the Ghost (really the Phantom) and I think it happened again in A New Hope to track the rebels to Yavin. Why wasn't it used more after that, and why did they act like it was impossible?

    BlazeFireBlazeFire2 ngày trước
  • Finn has the best and most consistent character arc in the whole trilogy Episode 7: “REY” Episode 8: “REEYYYY” Episode 9: “REEEEEYYYYYY”

    Papa ShpeePapa Shpee2 ngày trước
  • This opening scene was perfect

    PeakToxicityPeakToxicity2 ngày trước
  • holy shit that intro LOL! hey man great video!

    Offhand HominidOffhand Hominid2 ngày trước
  • Two hours of me laughing so hard 😂 "...give it back you greeeeedy cow!!!!" 😝 All about those McMuffins 🤦🏻‍♂️

    NaseweísNaseweís2 ngày trước
  • This was by far the dumbest high budget & sjw movie i have ever seen

    JellyJelly2 ngày trước
  • watched vid after these disasters, jj abrams created plot for 3 movies, rian threw all it out, so 9 was more damage control over wat rian did. think he made it worst lol. either way, poorly handled since they bought SW. neither directors cared nor loved SW in first place

    don mckaydon mckay2 ngày trước
  • Why are you calling Rose Shrek? It feels very disrespectful. I understand if you don’t like the character. You have every right to dislike the character but to call a female character of color “shrek” feels very disrespectful. Also given the enormous amounts of hate people have spewed at Kelly Marie Tran personally for the role it feels insensitive to ad to the critiques in such a nonconstructive way. The comment also feels harsh and not at all a funny joke given that shrek often is used as an insult to a persons appearance, which is a completely irrelevant thing to comment on

    Juni WalchJuni Walch3 ngày trước
    • @Juni Walch because its still a character in a movie that fucked up everyones childhood Also heres a question why is it so bad to call someone a name? You immidiatly pointed out race when in all reality we could both be wrong and it just popped into his head to call her that Neither me nor you can vouch for anything in this argument so dont act as if you can

      kip the bruhify soldierkip the bruhify soldierNgày trước
    • @kip the bruhify soldier I am willing to take your word that the comment is not about race but I don't think the fat shaming you are perpetrating is any better. How is it better to make disrespectful comments about someone's body? What you are saying is not at all making the comment seem ok. Quite the opposite actually

      Juni WalchJuni WalchNgày trước
    • uh the reason is that shrek is fat and rose is also fat seems pretty obvious but no lets make this about race fucking brainlet

      kip the bruhify soldierkip the bruhify soldier2 ngày trước
  • 1:55:20 I like that, at this part, the footage perfectly describes Mauler. The destruction of hundreds of video essays and lectures and all he can say is “oh, it’s beautiful”. The footage you use is absolute gold, love these videos

    Noah GirtmanNoah Girtman3 ngày trước
  • The Force always ALWAYs Always creates and directs "plot conveniences" for Light Side Characters and Dark Side ones too as it has THROUGHOUT ALL STAR WARS HISTORY! Please stop all this hating! You are entitled to your opininions sir but not a single one of your critiques is thought through enough in light of what is known about Star Wars by fans who actually love it to be remotely logical. True enough that constructive criticism is fine and dandy but all YOU want to do is find EVERY EXCUSE YOU can to hate on the sequels. Sure they're not perfect (they were created not to be) but the makers of the sequel trilogy are NO idiots and a lot smarter and knowledgeable about STar Wars Lore, which I doubt you even care about, than you believe.

    Brent Sohlden KoivopoloBrent Sohlden Koivopolo3 ngày trước
  • Only the Sith know how to harvest Midiclorians to make Sith clones, duh, THATS the secrets only sith know, not cloning. No Star Wars director is dumb enough to claim in a Star Wars movie that only Sith know how to do cloning after they have all seen Episode II, who hasn't?

    Brent Sohlden KoivopoloBrent Sohlden Koivopolo3 ngày trước
  • “How dare you stand were he stood” took me absolutely off guard. Amazing content!

    mateo jaunsolomateo jaunsolo3 ngày trước
  • My favourite thing about this movie was when they made Fortnite part of the Canon.

    FifthFifth3 ngày trước
  • Glad I'm not the only person who picked up on how that dagger thing identified the location for the movie critical stuff. "Does anyone understand how geometry and perspective work? What is this nonsense?!" Made me think I was gettin punked.

    Zachary PettigrewZachary Pettigrew3 ngày trước
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    adunik12 babosthanadunik12 babosthan3 ngày trước
  • final order final solution ???

    le Hoarderz Al-Shekelsteinsle Hoarderz Al-Shekelsteins3 ngày trước
  • I never watched the movie... But this sounds shit.

    LornextLornext4 ngày trước
  • Thank you so much for clarifying to me that the reason why I've been unable to follow the plotline of this movie, even after several attempts, isn't because I'm beginning to go senile. I mean for all I know I still might be. But in this particular case it is because the plot has the coherency equivalent of shooting first and asking Christian Slater. - I mean, WT-(freaking)-F was J.J. on... in order to be able to make even less sense than Hunter S. Thompson on his worst trip (or best depending on your perspective).

    Carsten LervadCarsten Lervad4 ngày trước
  • How is do you this fuckin stupid? 🤣

    David RowntreeDavid Rowntree4 ngày trước
  • this video would have been better with a sin counter

    IamtheupdogIamtheupdog4 ngày trước
  • J.J. played too many video games

    David RisseladaDavid Risselada4 ngày trước
  • When you get your cannon from the movies and the movies only:

    Michael SigdestadMichael Sigdestad4 ngày trước
  • Why is Mr Bean in this.

    Tom CammTom Camm5 ngày trước
  • Even many clones and mandalorians had jetpacks.

    Squirrel ASMRSquirrel ASMR5 ngày trước
  • People hate star wars rebels, but at least they explained why agent callus went spy. Rebels is for little kids, but still way better.

    Squirrel ASMRSquirrel ASMR5 ngày trước
  • Shrek? Oof that's harsh 😂

    Squirrel ASMRSquirrel ASMR5 ngày trước
  • Okay now I'm really hungry for mcmuffins. Thank god McDonalds is doing all day breakfast these days.

    Squirrel ASMRSquirrel ASMR5 ngày trước
  • Palpatine reusing quotes kind of seems really lame to me...

    Squirrel ASMRSquirrel ASMR5 ngày trước
  • 1:01:47 That timing tho 👌

    Ryan BurnettRyan Burnett5 ngày trước
  • Why does Poo Danerin look like a 65 year old smoker

    Squirrel ASMRSquirrel ASMR5 ngày trước
  • Och, 3 out of 9 isn't too bad a record, is it?

    Malcolm HutcheonMalcolm Hutcheon5 ngày trước
  • This movie feels so rushed because it's not only trying to tell its own story, it's trying to undo everything from the previous movie as well. So it's almost like two movies rammed into one. Half the movie is retcons and the other half is trying to salvage what's left.

    Logical DudeLogical Dude5 ngày trước
  • This entire films plot progressed entirely on luck

    Jimmy DasaniJimmy Dasani5 ngày trước
  • ​The way to fix this mess of a franchise is to take ep's 8 and 9 and make them just a dream Kylo Ren had while in a coma healing from his injuries at the end of ep7...also, Snokes is Darth Plageuis. This is possible and actually makes sense because both movies are kind of dream like in their logic and would clearly fit an anxiety dream mixed with personal fantasy from the perspective of Kylo...and some of it could be prophetic and also telepathic as well.... Rey could even see his dream by probing his mind or he could show it to her... it could even go so far as to say, in his dream many things he saw were true, but his vision that Reys parents were nobody, was because that truth was being blocked from him by another force and his mind interpreted that blank as if they were no one.... Rey should have been Luke's daughter born through cloning, yeah I like that. Not a Kenobi because that would require retconning.

  • Don't kid yourselves, Lucas would've brought back the Emperor had he done sequels, he just took the chance to pile on.

    Matt StormMatt Storm6 ngày trước
  • JJ literally saw Endgame reviews without watching any marvel films and went “oh that’s how you make a good film, okay” without realising the reason it’s good is the writers had a brain and cared, and that film was built up to for TEN YEARS with multiple movies and Tv shows, I really hope these films are used as an example of how NOT to write movies in classes soon

    Poke PrimePoke Prime6 ngày trước
  • Star wars has always been garbage. You must be moronic to give any fukr

    DM .hDM .h6 ngày trước
  • I'm honestly surprised they didn't introduce time travel just so they could have a Rey vs Darth Vader fight in the movie.

    ExtraSaltExtraSalt6 ngày trước
  • Yes but does it have to be two hours long?

    Maxim Z.Maxim Z.6 ngày trước
  • i dont think mauler realizes how slow 50 mph is for a spaceship

    I like cheeseI like cheese6 ngày trước
  • ROS- the only time TIEs have a hyperdrive? No other Tie Fighters were equipped with hyperdrive, they always needed a Star Destroyer to dock with to jump, but now the ships, as small as they are, no change in design expect red coloring, and they all have a hyperdrive.

    Andrew SmithAndrew Smith6 ngày trước
  • decided to watch this for the 3rd time and skip the movie... "The Big Gay" compels me

    Ra.e.Ra.e.6 ngày trước
  • Here’s an odd little detail that’s always bugged me in the sequels. All the background aliens are new species, there’s like 0 aliens we recognise like Rhodians, it makes it feel disconnected and also would cost a lot more to design ugly new aliens

    Poke PrimePoke Prime6 ngày trước
  • What was your reaction to the end of the movie and don’t use words .... Wel I wanted to say “pass” but fuk u

    Michael Dario PellittieriMichael Dario Pellittieri6 ngày trước
  • Question: why does he refer to Rose as Shrek? And why does he refer to Luke as Jake? I feel like I missed the connection lol

    Matthew LearMatthew Lear7 ngày trước
  • I just remembered, didn't Anakin turn to the darkside so he could save Padme? But suddenly the light side of the force can heal and save people from mortal injuries and death? Or is Rey using the dark side of the force to do that because she's a Palpatine? But it's made to appear that she's a 100% good Mary Sue Jedi who would do no wrong so it appears to be the light side of the force... All the rules just completely go out the window and the entire movie becomes a slog as you don't care about anything...

    Ilya SeletskyIlya Seletsky7 ngày trước
  • 57:54

    Nye SomboonsupNye Somboonsup7 ngày trước
  • Can we PLEASE get a Star Wars movie were the Empire Wins, I mean at least once

    Emory MorrillEmory Morrill8 ngày trước
  • I was really entertained by this review, except for the casual misogyny (referring to Rose as "Shrek") and childish homophobia (referring to the Force as "the gay") that served to undermine the otherwise well-formed arguments.

    Ken RosenbergKen Rosenberg8 ngày trước
    • No misogyny here, dude. They call the _character_ Shrek, because it's badly written, not the actress (they actually complimented her in another video). And "The Ghey" is just a joke ridiculing how nonsensical the force has become. It's not homophobia at all.

      Ro manRo man8 ngày trước
  • questioning a story about space wizards is an exercise in prevarication...

    sir loinsir loin9 ngày trước
  • It was just so so so so so disappointing

    Peyton FeltsPeyton Felts9 ngày trước
  • The worst part is you can’t even make any jokes about this movie. Every joke you try to make is literally the plot of the movie.

    Harrison CoraHarrison Cora9 ngày trước
  • Umm.. Ya!! What he said...

    JJ10 ngày trước
  • 4:21 autism joke

    xxvalkire 999xxvalkire 99910 ngày trước
  • LOVE the dark souls music 10/10 made the video for me instantly

    DoodlepedeDoodlepede10 ngày trước
  • Im hungry for a McMuffin

    Koyuki KazehanaKoyuki Kazehana10 ngày trước
  • I’m curious where the Falcon came from when our band of heroes are escaping the Star destroyer before the go to Endor? When they left not Jaku they took darth Uchies ship so how the fuck do they magically have the Falcon?

    Lord JoshuaLord Joshua10 ngày trước
  • This script is just... Insane. The amount of luck that happens is fucking ridiculous.

    Cody HoweCody Howe10 ngày trước
  • No one ever talks about how the writers made Luke drink alien titty milk just to emasculate him.

    Johnny PattersonJohnny Patterson10 ngày trước
    • I feel like many people talk about that. It’s like why so many people hate that scene.

      Markus AndrewMarkus Andrew9 ngày trước
  • I went and saw tfa in the theater, thinking: "this is how one is supposed to see a star wars movie (and with any luck, it'll make me forget about those 3 movies george made when he surrounded himself with boot licking yes men)." After I left the theater I thought: "all jj did was copy episode IV...and he did a half assed, lazy, piss poor job of it" and I absolutely refuse to watch what the Disney studios try to pass off as episodes VIII and IX. That fat, little ginger and Mr. "Subverting expectations/mystery box" did something I didn't think was possible. They gave episodes I, II and III inflatable arm floaties so as to not look as bad as VII, VIII and IX. Think of it like this: I, II and III are that fucking annoying kid in the neighborhood drowning in a river of shit that is VII, VIII and IX but the brat manages to dog paddle to shore because of those arm floaties (that the little punk found in the river of diarrhea).

    Cliff CampbellCliff Campbell10 ngày trước
  • Amazing video!

    Matthew JonesMatthew Jones10 ngày trước
  • That intro was so awkward

    Colin BagelColin Bagel10 ngày trước
  • This is a master piece.

    jacojaco11 ngày trước
  • My takeaway from this is I’m wiser than Master Yoda, himself, for refusing to see this film.

    Tim WaldenTim Walden11 ngày trước
  • Fuck Disney: A Star Warts Trilogy.

    Tim WaldenTim Walden11 ngày trước
  • “Let’s just undo the first 6 movies!” What? Why? “I don’t know. Because.” Oh, ok.

    W _ 4 C AW _ 4 C A11 ngày trước
  • Even they all know it was bad lol

    Jesse RobertsJesse Roberts11 ngày trước
  • Great video critique.

    David WarnerDavid Warner12 ngày trước
  • "If the coordinates are random, then he should be hitting the dead of space pretty much every single time, considering the ratio of THINGS versus NOT THINGS out there." LOL that ratio.

    Damen ClowDamen Clow12 ngày trước
  • "Do you understand the sheer insanity of this f**n moment?" that phrase always gets me hahahaha

    Felipe ArróspideFelipe Arróspide12 ngày trước
  • poor daisy, she had to do that role in a movie and now people hates her :(((

    • @Mr B She was fine, her character was unlikable

      Techno MageTechno Mage9 ngày trước
    • @Mr B nah, you just see the bad things, you think that way, if shes a not so good actor she wouldn't be in the Star Wars, idc what people say, shes a great actor and have a good personality ❌🧢

    • she's just not a great actor

      Mr BMr B11 ngày trước
  • when a review is better than the film itself

    VoffkaVoffka12 ngày trước
  • Imagine if they asked him to play the Emperor and he said no...

    Tyler FisherTyler Fisher12 ngày trước
  • Its just woeful the way they react to each other almost as if they can only fake it when acting other than that they don't know what to do As for Daisy all I can say is Luke Skywalker had to have months of special training with yoda to control other people's minds yet she can do it off the bat but Luke also new off the bat how to pilot fighters and how to interact with r2d2 during the process Its like having one good cup of coffee if you have a second one Its never the same I was awed when Star Wars iv came out and the two subsequent films were terrific to but they have got worse and worse which is Hollywood's interfering and adding social political and sexual agendas but it will only get worse I love your videos and comments they are well so true

    david smithdavid smith13 ngày trước
  • Episode X: Return of the Clone Wars The Second Order has produced a clone army of Palpatines. Lightning strikes, everyone dies, the end.

    Sam FaberSam Faber13 ngày trước
  • Rae just walks away.. why!? The trailer... Thats why😂😭

    Byron DavisByron Davis13 ngày trước