The Impact of Final Fantasy 7: The Game that Changed Everything

23 Th12, 2019
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Hey. Final Fantasy 7s like my favorite game ever. Here’s a video about it.
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    • Aeirith

      Benjamin QuinnBenjamin QuinnTháng trước
    • Brilliant video. All the very best to you mate.

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    • .fc

      Steven Of StoneWallSteven Of StoneWall2 tháng trước
    • You would become a real boy. 😐

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    • Look at what you have done Sir. You were never nobody.

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  • The game play really cool! ✌️

    Muhammad KhairulizatMuhammad KhairulizatNgày trước
  • "I just hope [with the remake] square remembers what made FF7 special" Ya, about that...

    Garett StrathGarett Strath2 ngày trước
  • ff7 is the most influential art piece to me.

    Free FlowFree Flow2 ngày trước
  • The Midgar Zolom is tough but totally beatable. If you have the enemy skill materia you can learn its awesome beta attack too, if you survive it of course 😂

    RuTheSuperJew22RuTheSuperJew223 ngày trước
  • 0:30 ahh c'mon don't bad mouth yourself. The fanart's really not bad at all.

    Mat TurnerMat Turner4 ngày trước
  • Excellent essay. Hit that button hard with the feels hammer. And always get a little shiver with how strong you close your videos

    Justin TuesdayJustin Tuesday4 ngày trước
  • Tifa > Aerith

    Henry MagoHenry Mago5 ngày trước
  • "Shockingly, Final Fantasy 7 is the 7th installment in Final Fantasy." me: really? wow i never knew that!

    BenjaminBenjamin5 ngày trước
  • Finally somebody giving credit to the masterpiece that is SEGA BASS FISHING II... Hold up...

    Armando René CantúArmando René Cantú6 ngày trước
  • .... John. I swear to god I might have bought a print from you back at Arcadecon in 2013. It could have been that Tifa one in the foreground at 0:32. I'm not sure where it's gone or if it even EXISTS, but. Man.

    PeannluiPeannlui6 ngày trước
  • Rude is a great character

    Xavier AllredXavier Allred7 ngày trước
  • I only beat the final boss by rearranging different materia that added and subtracted Health points until Clouds max health was 7777. Which activates "Lucky 7's," which causes the character to pretty much do nothing but limit breaks 100 times in a row

    Mr. NickMr. Nick8 ngày trước
  • I'm a HUGE fan of the FF series and my personal opinion is that FF7 is one of the most overrated games in history. It's a brilliant game, but it doesn't deserve this mythical status it's achieved. FFIX and FFX are better games in my opinion. It being the first of it's kind is why I think people falsely elevate it, but it's been surpassed.

    rickymcn1rickymcn18 ngày trước
  • 24:03 This part of the video is really intriguing to me, because how he explains Sephiroth is really darn on point.

    Jake Daughrity-JohnsonJake Daughrity-Johnson9 ngày trước
  • Tifa still got some big tiddies though.

    CesotoseotCesotoseot9 ngày trước
  • little did he know, almost exactly one year later Sephiroth would get into smash

    hey man, that's cringehey man, that's cringe10 ngày trước
  • I would really want to see your thoughts on the PSP prequel of FF7 Crisis Core. The strengths and weaknesses and how it added more depth to FF7, such as giving Zack a greater meaning and how he and the game became so desired. By the way, I love your videos even though they’re long I find myself not wanting them to end because they are so captivating and entertaining.

    Danny MendezDanny Mendez11 ngày trước
  • As a big fan of the series i really like how VII change gaming but i still don't like sephirot as a villain if anyone asking who the best final fantasy villain my answer is always the same he is kefka

    Vo 1ceVo 1ce13 ngày trước
  • I think you could get me to fall in love with anything

    spacelizbianspacelizbian13 ngày trước
  • Aeris?

    Casper TCasper T14 ngày trước
  • Really enjoyed this, if anything because I love spending more time looking back at one of my favorite games. This video was very well done, let's get it to a million views.

    Not FamousNot Famous14 ngày trước
  • Hi SEW! Would you ever consider doing a video like this about the impact of the Remake?

    NikolitaNikoNikolitaNiko14 ngày trước
  • Final Fantasy VII (Including The Remake) is my favorite game of all time. The closest if not the only game to come to perfection.

    MxttStrxfeMxttStrxfe15 ngày trước
  • So apparently I've always been a cynical bastard. I'm listening to the description of how awe-inspiring Sephiroth is in the fight in Cloud's false memory and I can remember even as a child thinking... "Well, yeah. He's the end boss. Of course he'd have ridiculous stats. That's the point, isn't it?" I felt the same way about the Sorceress joining the party in Final Fantasy 8. "Oh, cool! We got the boss of the game with us! Oh, she has standard player stats. Well, I guess it makes sense, now that we get to use her." Not saying that's a bad thing - it IS a good storytelling technique. Just to me, it felt artificial even at the time :)

    MalidictusMalidictus15 ngày trước
  • 44:25 Stop calling me out like that jesus...

    Xedof MorningstarXedof Morningstar15 ngày trước
  • i'm not sure that the 3d models in VII require a defence. no one complains about how mario looks in 64. they're just of their time.

    BrenderousBrenderous16 ngày trước
  • What about Myst....damn you - what about Myst!!!??

    Thap Thop TheepThap Thop Theep17 ngày trước
  • 0:14 7w7

    Nox' GilNox' Gil17 ngày trước
  • just discovered your channel and now you're my boyfriend 🥰

    Jake BurgoyneJake Burgoyne17 ngày trước
  • In depth world building is what made me fall in love with Breath of the Wild. That world has amazingly deep history and lore hidden within its world design.

    Bungalow FeuhlerBungalow Feuhler18 ngày trước
  • Hey people should go check out Crisis Core. It's rad and not talked about often

    BrawlerBrawler19 ngày trước
  • I really enjoy your video essays and the lovely way you read out your script. You have such control of your voice that it lends itself to a nice emotional impact. I *feel* when you make an emotional statement. You have talent.

    KrazyKotoKrazyKoto20 ngày trước
  • Sephiroth = death Aerith = life Sephiroth continues on and is inescapable. Always present. Aerith is shortlived and fleeting.

    Frederick BingleyFrederick Bingley20 ngày trước
  • Midgar zolom was legit scary.

    Ken Hamms cousinKen Hamms cousin21 ngày trước
  • you got the number wrong ff6 change everything

    Lieutenant PepperLieutenant Pepper21 ngày trước
  • Square Enix will never be able to create such amazing stories like in their old school final fantasy series. Modern Final Fantasy feels so generic and bland, meh...

    Crow of CainhurstCrow of Cainhurst23 ngày trước
  • no, they didn't. they fucked up the remake. once i accepted they were padding the game i got into the extra back stories and character development. the combat was really good, far better than ffxv. They fucked the story, many events either don't matter or simply should never have existed. I wish they'd just given us our story with more stuff. but noooooooo they "went a brave new direction" why is it always brave.

    phenelphenel23 ngày trước
  • Anyone know the track at 15:19

    the one who winsthe one who wins24 ngày trước
  • Did I just hear "Floating Point" by Froxic as background music around 1:12?? Huh, nice

    Justin ZhongJustin Zhong24 ngày trước
  • O_O haveyouplayedcrisiscore

    Emerald loonEmerald loon24 ngày trước
  • Nice use of My Burden is Light.

    SecretorSecretor25 ngày trước
  • Sephiroth reminds me of Sesshoumaru

    ADsamaADsama27 ngày trước
  • Aerith. Goddamn Aerith

    Axolotl83Axolotl8329 ngày trước
  • I still think FF8 is better, and it always will be.

    Justin MartinJustin MartinTháng trước
  • The organic pruner socially rule because hawk byerly claim until a silent delivery. automatic, teeny insulation

    Zolly HendrikZolly HendrikTháng trước
  • No one forgets there first

    rene kaminawashrene kaminawashTháng trước
  • FF7 is a decent game, but it is MASSIVELY overrated. Its popularity is solely because of its advances in graphical technology. In terms of story and gameplay, it's just okay. Compared to the rest of the FF series, it's mediocre at best.

    PekopekopekoPekopekopekoTháng trước
    • You say that, but 7 has my favorite narrative in the series

      Fabian KrummeichFabian Krummeich13 ngày trước
  • That Shiva transition at 15:52 *chef's kiss*

    CloudnerdCloudnerdTháng trước
  • this game had such a good sense of humor but knew when and where to get serious

    walrus3479walrus3479Tháng trước
  • 0:31 Ngl, that fanarts pretty good man.

    Tony Stark`Tony Stark`Tháng trước
    • Agree

      Joshua HeinsJoshua HeinsTháng trước
  • 18:00 makes me think of how I would set up my characters in Bravely Default

    Jessamyn RoguskiJessamyn RoguskiTháng trước
  • Great video. I remember looking at an EMG magazine with Cloud on the cover and was instantly sold on the game.

    JeromeJeromeTháng trước
  • This game is amazing it's my favorite final fantasy game.

    Mortal Kombat Pro GamerMortal Kombat Pro GamerTháng trước
  • My feelings on Squeenix going with Aerith as the official spelling can be summed up in the words of Nick Fury: "I recognize that the council has made a decision, but given that it's a stupid-ass decision I've elected to ignore it."

    The WorstThe WorstTháng trước
    • I prefer Aerith.

      Paul BellPaul Bell19 ngày trước
  • You got the pre-rendered background thing wrong btw. You do have to model and texture everything, you just don't have to render it in real time with the console's hardware.

    LeginNoslenLeginNoslenTháng trước
  • Nintendo's hissy fit is always hilarious to revisit

    XXI GeorgeXXI GeorgeTháng trước
  • too bad VALVE tf2, help me

    idot spyidot spyTháng trước
  • This is the most excellent, thoughtful, intelligent analysis on the game I have ever watched. Thank you for this video.

    KamiSilverKamiSilverTháng trước
  • I've watched this video a few times now and it is a brilliant couldn't have worded it more perfectly....I especially love the last 5 minute's Nice one Something I feel people have completely missed out on with the remake is the entire build up of sephiroth is missing from the remake

    Danny BDanny BTháng trước
    • @Vincent_ Graymore I wasn't quite as harsh as you with the 0/10 😂 I have it a 7/10 after the playthrough for the bits it got right...but I was disappointed In a way I didn't think I could be by a game

      Danny BDanny BTháng trước
    • @Danny B I hope you can find some relief in another playthrough because this is what we will get. More of the bad additions as well :(. I do not think my opinion can change. It stung so deep. The game is a 10/10 when it is FF VII OG and 8ish additions like wall markets quests but a 0/10 when the whisperers enter the picture.

      Vincent_ GraymoreVincent_ GraymoreTháng trước
    • I'm still interested to see if they can stick the landing ....I'm going to replay it a 3rd time and see ify initial thoughts on the game have changed. I liked parts of the remake but everything new added I could've done without...I wasn't wowwed by anything...the exception s being boss battles ,music etc but in terms of story...meh It's a shame because I went in I can just see the train running headlong into a similar story which will be vastly inferior to the first but will incorporate many parts of the utter ass that was the ff7 compilation...maybe I'll replay it and feel different...or maybe I'll just play the original

      Danny BDanny BTháng trước
    • @Danny B I do care, but there is nothing to be done :S. The remake will go on and people will praise it. People do not even realize that a realignment with the OG in themes and narrative doesn't work, but the most likely case is another game that is similar but with all different context, new narrative and meta device like the whisperers will be added each game because the developers doesn't know how to do anything else.

      Vincent_ GraymoreVincent_ GraymoreTháng trước
    • @Vincent_ Graymore I do 😂

      Danny BDanny BTháng trước
  • Geez, what a big ass spoiler in those TV adds haha

    Juan BermúdezJuan BermúdezTháng trước
  • The real question is why the hell is he spending 10 hours in midgar

    Jay DrizzyJay DrizzyTháng trước
  • the final moment harshly hurts... because it's relatable.... I had the same problems.... great video

    I am diamond299I am diamond299Tháng trước
  • Great video.... I am very nervous about FF7Remake after finishing the game.... I am really really nervous about what I saw at the ending....Square Enix might have destroyed the game after all. Or they have something up their sleeves.... But I am so nervous...

    Thuy NguyenThuy NguyenTháng trước
  • For the record Zack was an unsung LEGEND. He defeated a Valkyrie (A Norse Deity, the Daughter of Odin) in battle. Sephiroth never did that and he lost to a child with a sword shaped like a key. IJS

    Seth BryantSeth BryantTháng trước
  • The section on Aeris's death genuinely brought me to tears. I've always heard _about_ Aeris's death but never actually felt the impact of it before. It's just heartbreaking.

    hotelmario510hotelmario510Tháng trước
    • *Aerith

      Clerisvaldo NogueiraClerisvaldo NogueiraTháng trước
  • Still haven't played a game that has impacted me like this one did. Music, story and gameplay coming together to create a beautiful broken masterpiece.

    Lightning straight swordLightning straight swordTháng trước
  • Aeriths death in the original was heartbreaking and now I'm scared to experience it again in the remake and Nomura knows how to do it. NO GOD PLS NO

    WeebcatWeebcatTháng trước
  • Hey Josh great vid

    Dillon BurnettDillon BurnettTháng trước
  • I know I’m kinda late to the party, but around the 7:30 mark, did he say that you spend the first 10 hours of the game in Midgar? Personally, in my first play through I got through Midgar in four hours with no guide or help whatsoever

    Delta FierceDelta FierceTháng trước
  • Dang you got a shitload of patrons

    SamsaraSamsaraTháng trước
  • "Sephiroth is barely in the game and its fantastic storytelling." Oh don't worry they "fix" that in the remake so that he's in like every other scene.

    Stephen LoftonStephen LoftonTháng trước
    • @Nehemiah Stevenson His new purpose is not to reclaim the Planet, but to sell copies of the game to people familiar with the brand.

      PekopekopekoPekopekopekoTháng trước
    • @Stephen Lofton Because FF7R it's a sequel. Sephiroth has another purpose / mission, and it is to annoy Cloud again but he was once warned of his destiny (Supposedly he is destroyed at the end of FF7OG and in Advent children)

      Almendra BLAlmendra BLTháng trước
    • But yea, it's just up to personal preference so I'm not gonna be mad if you didn't like it. I personally think they could've implemented it a bit better, too. But hey, it's just an opinion at the end of the day

      Nehemiah StevensonNehemiah StevensonTháng trước
    • @Stephen Lofton I more so meant that he changed narratively and in his motivation. While I do definitely like how he was built up in the original, his purpose in this game - at least to me - is to essentially change his fate what it would be at the end of the original game. I think this is why we see him with the black wing in this game, as he is a Sephiroth from the future who knows what will happen at the end, and needs a way to manipulate the main cast to get rid of the ghosts. If you're into the lore of this game, I think you should watch the Easy Allies spoiler cast episode of FF7R, and they go through this idea in much more detail and explain a lot more of the nuance in this game. Again, I think that it was brilliant in the OG that we rarely saw Seph so it could demonstrate both his mystery and his power. And while would be great to have that again, I think this new direction could possibly fit better if the next installments to him right.

      Nehemiah StevensonNehemiah StevensonTháng trước
    • @Nehemiah Stevenson "sephiroth serves a different purpose in the remake" uh what? How do you figure? How can sephiroth "serve a different purpose"? What like philosophically? Narratively? Sephiroth is sephiroth hes the legendary war hero that cloud idolized and whom discovered hes a biologically engineered monster that decides to take revenge and build a new world by destroying the old. How can you change his purpose without it being a fundamentally different character? Now I will grant you that some of the story leading up to and after the Midgar storyline is a little...weak? Like why did seph wait until when he did to start moving for example. So I could see that being expanded on i just found it a little frustrating the way cloud sees him basic everywhere in the remake.

      Stephen LoftonStephen LoftonTháng trước
  • Fantastic video!!

    fatt musiekfatt musiekTháng trước
  • I really hope you do a deep dive on the ReMake and the changes in the story and the meta-narrative it now has

    Sam CarterSam CarterTháng trước
    • @Vincent_ Graymore While I whole heartedly don’t agree with Resonat Arcs opinion on the ReMake (Max Dood loves the game but was able to give it fair criticism, so it’s possible to do and not put yourself at risk, but again he likes the game in general so probably isn’t in the same camp as people that outright dislike it.) I think, based on SEWs XV video that he could look at ReMake objectively and criticize or praise as he feels. I like the way he discusses his topics, but I understand that if he had anything new he wanted to say, he probably would have said it already or maybe he just doesn’t want to risk the dogpile. I get it. I’m not upset that he has t done a video on it, it was just something I personally would like to hear from him in a video essay format.

      Sam CarterSam CarterTháng trước
    • ​@Sam Carter Resonant Arc or FriedFishCat? I assume one of those. This is just proving my point though. In this video there is no criticism really. It is not that kind of analyzing that has 2 sides but rather just go for what the creator feels and justification for that. What would you do if Super eye patch wolf really went for all the negative things for 1 hour or 2, trashing the meta narrative as well with the remake and says the same thing, will you "curse" him even though you asked for his opinion? What if he did a video like the bleach video and have some praise but end up with statements that still speaks of the "downfall" and concentrated on the parts that make failure? Or the video of FF XV. It is not like he hates them at all, but I think that such a video regarding FF VII Remake will get much toxicity since I feel the consensus is different. I think that if Super Eye patch wolf feels that the remake was like how he presents FF VII in this video to him then he will or should have done a video already. It is possible he just wants to wait for all to come out and that might take some time. I cannot speak for him, but I have seen creators getting wrecked for not loving the game, which I think is highly unfair, and I feel bad for them. People asking for opinions but get angry when it is the wrong opinion. 1 hour or 5, it is their right to complain or praise all or nothing during that time. If one do not want to listen one should tune out, leave a comment of like or dislike, and you seem like a rational person, but we have to understand that there are many out there that will not be satisfied with that and go and harass. NSP did his best to try and get people on what was planned to be a series but ended it rather quick because of the backlash of him being the critical one, which he ofc would be in every part if that is the way he feels. I have seen people targeted because they want to talk about things but gets dogpiled unless it is praise. I would hate that to happen to Super eye patch wolf and I think that is what would happen if he did not make a video like this and loving everything. If he does then great, we just have to wait for that video. However, I think many people that ask him more often than not want or seek validation for their own view, which is understandable, and I am just curious to hear what people actually want. We all have our creators to turn to and hope they agree with us, and it feels good when that is the case.

      Vincent_ GraymoreVincent_ GraymoreTháng trước
    • @Vincent_ Graymore It’s unfortunate that some people act the way they do. I will admit that I listened to SFC and NSP when they spoke with another individual who was also critical of the game and while I don’t hold it against them for their views, I felt they were pigeon holed by being on that podcast because it felt like an echo chamber of dissent. Not a single person being talked to had good things to say about the game and I felt that was disingenuous to the review process. I don’t have an issue with people being critical of ReMake because it’s notIt perfect. But I’m not gonna suffer through a 2 part podcast where the only thing being said is ‘They should have just done the RE1 style update. That’s all we wanted.’

      Sam CarterSam CarterTháng trước
    • Edited (a lot) and reposted: Do you want him to bash it or praise it? I have asked people this and since he has not made a video yet even if he gets a lot of these comments, I think he might feel pressure to do either way. Regardless of side he will get a lot of hate. He will get way less though if he goes with the "love it" but if that is not how he feels I think he shouldn't do a video and if he did love it he should already have done a video. In the case of going with "hate it" or even if he is skeptical I think he should not do a video because I think he will get down voted into oblivion. It might be damaging to him on many levels to express anything but love. NSP and Soldier first class was basically bullied all internet fronts into depression and doesn't cover FF VII news anymore because of that, despite having built their channels on love for the franchise. And they both liked to love the game but is skeptical and have criticism.

      Vincent_ GraymoreVincent_ GraymoreTháng trước
    • @UCYF4kHDVpVhfJt4TUtkh2_A from my personal perspective, I enjoyed ReMake. If he enjoyed it, I’d like to hear why. If he didn’t, I’d like to hear why. I enjoyed FFXV, but he clearly found it lacking and expressed as such. I enjoyed his video on XV either way. I’m not someone that is ‘if you don’t like what I like then you must be wrong.’

      Sam CarterSam CarterTháng trước
  • 0:31 "I draw terrible, awful fanart"-- Are you insane??? They're great, what the fuck!!!

    SunnySunnyTháng trước
  • Welp, for sure I'll be attacked but IMHO, FF7 is kind of...overrated.

    Far A.R.Far A.R.Tháng trước
  • im probably not the first saying this fantasy became fornite.

    Levy Oliveira PantojaLevy Oliveira PantojaTháng trước
  • The weight and darkness of this game's narrative is not known to the wider public who've never played this game. Thanks for the great video.

    dddmemaybedddmemaybeTháng trước
  • camellia? nice

    Isabelle St.AmandIsabelle St.AmandTháng trước
  • Nice drawings man

    Pedro AntonioPedro AntonioTháng trước
  • I found both your Yakuza video and this one on the same day I’m trying to decide which one to buy

    Pop Bitz BlastPop Bitz BlastTháng trước
  • Anyone know the name of the song used in the Material segment?

    AnirexAnirexTháng trước
  • more than a year after the video was released, and 25ish years after the game has been released, I never knew rude wouldn't attack Tifa

    GallantGallantTháng trước
  • 24 years later and that scene with Aerith still brought me to my tears.

    Lucky RevillezaLucky RevillezaTháng trước
  • I was into the Final Fantasy franchise starting with FFIV (or FFII as it was originally in the US) on the SNES. Still, FFVII was an amazing experience that I don't think I've found a proper parallel for in video game experiences. It is probably the best written, presented, and delivered story I've seen. I've had all kinds of discussions with friends and casual acquaintances about aspects of the story. I'm waiting to get the remake when it comes to PC (I just don't want to invest in another console at this point). I really want to see how well they keep the heart of the story while making it so visually beautiful.

    Ryan HollistRyan HollistTháng trước
    • Well... Not to spoil, and I think you have seen it everywhere, but the remake is either a parallel different story, a "rebuild" story, or simply a sequel to other titles like perhaps after DoC. In that sense it becomes more of capturing the heart as difference and sequel-like being easter eggy and not capture the heart as in being the OG story. The new themes introduced in the remake more or less either obsolete by power scaling above the philosophical levels of the OGs or by the very nature of the new theme changes the context for everything. People call the remake for a rebuild and gets in dictionary war for a reason and many people that hate on the games story does not hate it for being a remake but for not being a remake. Which the people that are adamant in calling it a remake recognize even if they do not want as they know exactly why those that feels it is not the same story mean. It even lacks the : in the title to imply it is a subtitle, yet it is very much indeed a subtitle in the veins of compilation material and is now even the fifth title. I would advise going into the remake with eyes open for that. I was not on board with that and that meant I was subverted for the worse and not better. Had I been more prepared than maybe. Watch the actual release trailer, and you will see what many people did not see before playing. It is spoilery but shows why it is different. I hope this is vague enough to not spoil but also be an ease because otherwise it is a hard drop and I have seen to many been burned. If you already know then just discard this comment and if you are on board then I wish all the best to you. It is a great game.

      Vincent_ GraymoreVincent_ GraymoreTháng trước
  • Wow. Outstanding video! This captures and conveys perfectly what FF7 was about and why was... IS... so loved. I'd be very interesting to hear you opinion on the remake and his new possibilities. I satisfied yet conflicted yet timidly hyped for where we can go from there.

    Marcello GariniMarcello GariniTháng trước
  • A lot of these top comments are jokes, but this is actually a really great video, you did an amazing job with this especially the part about Aeris.

    Brandon PachecoBrandon PachecoTháng trước
  • While I'm not of the mind that this game's the best ever, hell I think FF6 tells a better overall story, I can still agree that this game is a great example of how games can open up storytelling opportunities that no other medium can and I think a lot of games' stories would be improved if they took pointers from FF7 in that way.

    Gamer's Holy ArmyGamer's Holy Army2 tháng trước
  • Wish you would do ff8

    Daniel Plainview 419Daniel Plainview 4192 tháng trước
  • Can’t understate the impact of FF7 - it changed the genre, the industry and defined an entire generation of gamers growing up in the 90s. By that virtue, I can also understand why some people would consider the game overrated.

    My Enemy's EnemyMy Enemy's Enemy2 tháng trước
  • The ending of this video where you compare yourself and how you were feeling at the time of playing this to cloud and how he is a nobody.... that hit home for me. I felt exactly the same when I was growing up and still struggle with that to this very day as a 32 year old adult. Love the video, same with the dbz one. Subscribed

    Jay SheelerJay Sheeler2 tháng trước
  • I Just beat ff7 remake, had it on hold because i was afraid it wasn't gonna be as good as the original, it let me very disapointed, thanks for this, makes me want to play the original again

    Vic FrancoVic Franco2 tháng trước
  • intense

    Christopher EsguerraChristopher Esguerra2 tháng trước
  • I don’t really like games, I’ve tried the big names. Skyrim, fallout, etc. Always bail after 5 hours. Decided to buy ff7 for ten bucks and it’s the first game since maybe my childhood Im on the road to finishing and enjoying it.

    dfdfdgg gjhjjhdfdfdgg gjhjjh2 tháng trước
    • I was just now looking for advent children English dubbed. I’ve never seen it. I just realized there’s three other prequels and sequels to this game as well as books. But I bought ff7 original on switch for $10. If you have a switch you can buy it. But I’ve been watching the remake on VIworld because I don’t have a PlayStation.

      dfdfdgg gjhjjhdfdfdgg gjhjjh2 tháng trước
    • I enjoyed it a lot too, just watched the orig for 2-3 days. It's a bummer I can't play, i don't have a copy but it's fine. Have known this game since I was young from my cousins who were watching advent children on tv but I never got to search for the orig gameplay up until recently so I already knew what happened in AC. And here I am addicted to watching clips, video essays and other people's thoughts and q's about it on reddit and yt 😂

      jinjin2 tháng trước
    • You finished? What did you think?

      dfdfdgg gjhjjhdfdfdgg gjhjjh2 tháng trước
    • I decided to buckle down and put in ten hours the past two days to beat it. Really really really good game. Enjoyed it a lot. Graphics didn’t bother me at all. I actually thought the graphics outside the characters were really nice to look at. But I’ll eventually play it again to make more sense of the story. Like rewatching a movie.

      dfdfdgg gjhjjhdfdfdgg gjhjjh2 tháng trước
    • Haven't played it, only watched through these youtube videos and I just finished the orig about 3 hrs ago, hope you'll have the time of your life haha!

      jinjin2 tháng trước
  • This is cool and all, but when I was playing this game for the first time during my childhood years, I don’t understand anything of these. Nostalgia definitely doesn’t hit everyone the same here.

    M. Arbah BinaminM. Arbah Binamin2 tháng trước
  • Thank God it didn't come out on N64...

    Jose GuapoJose Guapo2 tháng trước
  • Okay, one thing I can't stand about these videos is when you insert identity-politics into them, when they'd honestly better without it. I really enjoy your videos and your analysis on most topics, they can be very informative. Which is why it's a shame when you have to insert your own politics into it. It really takes me out of the experience. For example... 1. Refering to Shinra as a capitalist nightmare. This is less to do with a disagreement that "capitalism bad" (even though that's still oversimplifying things), but capitalism being bad was never the point of Midgar. The point is it's a city run by a corporation. A corrupt corporation. It's likely inspired by Walt Disney's scrapped plans for a corporation-owned domed city, and exploring how that could go wrong. Again, I'm not trying to say capitalism is flawless, or that you're a demon for not liking it, but that's not really the point of Midgar. 2. Claiming Aerith is "way smarter than you" as if to imply she's smarter than everyone playing the game, like you somehow know every person who's playing the game and how they'll react to the events unfolding to them. There's also this nagging feeling that you're implying she's "way smarter than me" purely by virtue of being female, which in of itself is a sexist notion. When I played this part for the first time, I had a feeling she'd be following us or waiting outside when we least expected her, and I was right. I predicted the outcome, but played along with the story, because I had no other option. How exactly is she smarter than me if the game was intentionally designed this way? If you're trying to say she's smarter than YOU, Super Eyepatch Wolf, and not "you" as in the audience, then fair enough, you do you. But it'd also be more accurate to refer to cloud in this situation, since he's the main character. And unlike some protagonists, Cloud isn't exactly a self-insert for the audience. He's his own person. Still, I wouldn't exactly call him dumb in this situation either. Aerith isn't some modern-day feminist's flawless, perfect, cool at everything she does character that's insufferable to watch and has no depth beyond her perfection. Yes, she's not a pure maiden archetype, she's a well fleshed-out character who knows her way around the slums and loves to have fun and bring levity to the bleak odds around her. But she's not fit for combat outside of her magic-casting abilities, so it'd be natural for Cloud to show empathy for the flower girl he had bodyguarded and not want to endanger her during his adventures. It's simple human compassion, not some condescending sexism. He's not abandoning her, in case you just forgot what the context of the scene was. He's distancing himself from her for her own well-being. 3. You felt the need to refer to Cloud's stand-offishness as "a shield of masculine bravado", but this isn't an exclusive character trait to men, or even people. Masculinity has nothing to do with this. He became a mercenary, likely due to Zack's influence on him during his last moments, and he just wants his pay. His cold demeanour doesn't come from "masculine bravado" whatever that means... It stems from his traumatic experiences in Nibelheim. His Mother, and almost all the villagers were murdered by the man he looked up to, and he nearly lost the girl he admired. And in his broken state, he witnessed the death of the only person who refused to abandon him. It might be a repressed memory, but it still informed his attitude from then on. He probably wouldn't want to get close to anyone ever again, if it meant going through the same pain of losing someone close to him. Zack died protecting him from Shinra troops, so I can see why he doesn't want more guilt weighing him down. 4. While I agree Aerith is one of the first people to lower Cloud's emotional guard, I think you're overlaying your own metaphors onto the Wall Market section. Cloud's masculinity (which you seem to imply is toxic purely by virtue of it existing) being stripped away only really applies his clothing. It was only supposed to be a fun, light-hearted section to balance the game's tone out. Hell, you get a trophy in the rereleases for getting all the accessories and having the Don pick you. Most people doing this were in it purely to see the absurdity of it all unfolding. The point is, it's a goofy scene where Cloud and Aerith need to infiltrate the building and rescue Tifa the only way they know how. There needs to be a distinction between your personal agenda and the game's intentions, because it's disingenous to misrepresent the game just because of the superficial similarities its content may have with what narrative you're trying to string together. It's not a massive part of the video, and most of your analysis here is on-point. Drawing parallels with your own experiences in life is also fine, that's not what I take issue with. It's the moments I mentioned above. They're significant enough to lessen my overall enjoyment of it, and I've seen you constantly do this over the years. It's entirely up to you what you do with this feedback, but I needed to address this somehow. I've said my piece.

    BufudyneBufudyne2 tháng trước
  • 10 hours in midgar? More like 3 hours...

    Martin RößnerMartin Rößner2 tháng trước
  • Don't say sportsball you embarrassing nerd

    lem fandangolem fandango2 tháng trước
  • of the ancients is subterranean? I thought it was just in a valley or ravine sorta thing.

    DecitronicDecitronic2 tháng trước
    • The city is not subterranean itself. Parts are below the surface though, and it is where she is killed specifically.

      Vincent_ GraymoreVincent_ GraymoreTháng trước