The Lighthouse -- EVERYTHING Explained (The Ultimate Companion Guide)

19 Th04, 2020
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00:32 Intro
01:15 Content Disclaimer
01:59 Section 1 - Foundations
02:01 Real and Unreal
02:28 Timeline of Events
03:32 Aesthetic shifts denote reality/fantasy
05:21 Just a figment of the imagination
08:00 Influences & Intertextuality
09:04 Maritime Masculinity
10:30 Ernest Hemingway
13:28 Section 2 - Psychosexual Degeneration
13:38 The film is obsessed with sex
13:52 Linking the sea and Howard's sexuality
16:05 Howard's Lens
18:21 Howard & Homosexuality
20:00 Shellshocked: Homosexuality & PTSD
22:15 Defining Howard
23:50 Winslow
24:48 Howard acts on fantasy
27:25 Sexuality and the light intertwining meanings
29:22 Howard and Wake's almost kiss
32:20 Real and unreal - Gynocentric fantasy v Phallocentric reality
34:02 Troubling Climax
36:30 The Lighthouse as phallic Imagery
39:20 Section 3 - Of Proteus & Prometheus
39:22 Greek Mythology Intro
41:34 Introducing Proteus
43:37 Introducing Prometheus
47:06 The Natural Order
48:00 A god-fearing man
50:38 "Should pale death, with treble dread"
52:12 Prometheus, Howard & Humanity
55:25 Transgression of station and hierarchy
55:41 Excrement
57:10 Rejection of the gods gifts and recovering from alcoholism
58:00 Toil beats away the doldrums
58:39 Olympus & Visual representations of hierarchy
1:00:00 "Say you like me lobster"
1:01:40 "If I had a steak..."
1:04:00 Olympian/Zeusian Wake
1:06:16 Prometheus rebukes Olympus
1:09:00 Relief in the light
1:11:18 Section 4 - On Madness & Murder
1:11:26 Things to clear up
1:11:30 Wake's madness?
1:13:50 Wake killed Howard's predecessor?
1:15:26 Howard's madness
1:15:49 Winslow's murder
1:17:11 Psycho
1:19:30 END
1:19:31 Closing chatter and extra comments

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  • I thought this was vile eye. But its not. But it is indeed just as good. Good work dude!

    Roy McgrathRoy McgrathNgày trước
  • around 25:50 you meantioned that howard described him as a 'candy bastard.' now i dont know about you but i turned subtitles on almost immediatly, he did not describe him that way, he said 'canady' which is slang for canadian, and this detail makes me seriously sceptic of the rest of your position. I felt like it was a much more 'boss vs worker' dynamic and not to go full marxist here but it closely resembles the struggle for working class people at the time, 1890. nontheless this was an excelent video.

    TheTrueVoiceOfRockTheTrueVoiceOfRock3 ngày trước
    • 100% it's 'Canady' you're absolutely correct sir, that and wakes predecessor missing an eye were the two key mistakes I made. But really in something of this scope I try not to have a position as much as multiple readings and parallel interpretations when I'm doing a complete thing like this so hopefully it hasn't called too much into question. I am really glad that these comments are so productive and honestly thankyou for taking the time to point it out because accuracy is really important to me. Cheers for watching dude.

      NovumNovum3 ngày trước
  • Please make a part two talking about the stuff u didn’t get to at the end!!!

    Owen CharlishOwen Charlish3 ngày trước
    • @Owen Charlish No overstaying here dude! Comments really help the video get pushed to people and honestly 99% of everyone commenting are having a productive discussion. Really glad to hear that dude and yeah, there's lots coming so stay tuned!

      NovumNovum3 ngày trước
    • Oh I guess I should specify (at the risk of overstaying this conversation😂) I had already watched it and decided to watch it again(!) after watching this!! You gave me a whole new perspective, I think that’s something that makes your video so special because, of the variety I watched, this was the only video that did that for me. Can’t wait for whatever is in the pipeline😁

      Owen CharlishOwen Charlish3 ngày trước
    • @Owen Charlish That's really crazy to think that someone would watch the film because of my review but I'm really happy about it! I think a lovecraft exploration could really work actually. Thanks so much again dude, glad to have you on board!

      NovumNovum3 ngày trước
    • I watched the movie after watching this and I ended up giving it a higher score on letterboxd🤣 I especially would LOVE to know your interpretation more in depth of the use of love craft horror here because I think that’s a really cool thematic tool that not a lot of filmmakers use today, let alone successfully like Egger’s did. Keep up the good work, just recently got into your channel :)

      Owen CharlishOwen Charlish3 ngày trước
    • Legitimately considering it!

      NovumNovum3 ngày trước
  • thank you so much for this video, you truly deserve more recognition for your work!!

    milesaphmilesaph7 ngày trước
    • Thanks so much for watching milesaph!

      NovumNovum7 ngày trước
  • just finished watching the movie, and one thing i tough about while watching your review is that he mention wanting to have a smoke after he saw his coworker die. People often smoke after they have sex, its kind of a cliche. Perhaps im reading to much into this but i though it was something to consider. Good work btw! i will subscribe for sure!

    Alex AdAlex Ad9 ngày trước
    • Yeah man spot on! I don’t suppose you have the time stamp for that? Thanks so much for subbing and commenting!

      NovumNovum8 ngày trước
  • Incredible analysis. Subbed

    Olha MatsapuraOlha Matsapura10 ngày trước
    • Thanks so much Olha!

      NovumNovum9 ngày trước
  • this feels like one of those videos that should have more the 1 mill views

    AnotherSettlement NeedsYourHelpAnotherSettlement NeedsYourHelp10 ngày trước
    • Strong, cheers for watching my dude.

      NovumNovum9 ngày trước
  • I actually interpreted Howards reluctance to drink as him not trusting himself to keep the murder secret, rather than necessarily being a recovering alcoholic. Like he doesn't wanna loose control and spill the beans. Not to mention lower inhibitions/homosexual angle.

    The Nova FiendsThe Nova Fiends12 ngày trước
    • @The Nova Fiends I think it was an accurate and well put rambling thought dude. Much closer to the money!

      NovumNovum11 ngày trước
    • @Novum Thats a good point. I got the sense (don't ask me why) that he was sober when he killed Winslow, so the behavior could have been the bonding and eventual sexual contact brought on by a loss of inhibition. I was musing over the Necter/Ambrosia angle that alcohol could represent, but after a brief look at the mythology, the food/drink of the gods seemed to sustain a gods divine power, and in a human confers immortality. The whole situation came to a head when they ran outa alcohol and switched to turpentine/honey. I dunno if I can draw a direct link. That said, the homosexual impulses seemed to be able to be sublimated and repressed when they were drunk, like the kiss/fistfight scene. If he had discovered the ledger when drunk he might have dealt with it quite differently. Same thing coulda happened with Winslow. Homosexual contact when drunk, but in the cold light of sobriety he couldn't handle it and murdered him. Just a rambling thought.

      The Nova FiendsThe Nova Fiends11 ngày trước
    • I definitely think that's part of it for sure - I'd go a little bit further even. I think he's concerned he'll lose control and repeat similar behavior that led to the previous murder!

      NovumNovum11 ngày trước
  • "My lung collapsed" lmfao

    Tyler HansenTyler Hansen15 ngày trước
    • “Cool”

      NovumNovum15 ngày trước
  • I just watched The Lighthouse and I was wondering if you had the answer to my question - during the "monkey pump!" scene where they are drinking kerosene, Winslow puts goo into the canister. What was that gooey substance?

    Sarah StegsSarah Stegs16 ngày trước
    • Hi Sarah - I'm almost certain it's honey, for flavouring. I could be wrong but it looks/acts like honey and it is used to cover the taste of strong alcohols. Thanks for commenting!

      NovumNovum14 ngày trước
  • Wow what an incredibly insightful + in-depth explanation. Made me realise points I hadn’t considered, nice work mate. The gull on Winslow’s chest after he falls at the start is a cool piece of foreshadowing

    Jamie ShepherdJamie Shepherd17 ngày trước
    • Cheers dude! It certainly is, well caught!

      NovumNovum17 ngày trước
  • Very interesting video I’ve seen this movie many times and tried unwrapping it many times. But of everything I’ve seen this is by far the best breakdown of the film I’ve seen yet.

    Justin HalloranJustin Halloran18 ngày trước
    • Thanks so much Justin!

      NovumNovum18 ngày trước
  • When I’m thinking of an ‚explained‘ video, I’m thinking of a video like THAT! Unbelievable great job you did there. I’m certain if the movie was more known your video would have millions of views. You definitely deserve it. Subscribed

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    • Thanks so much dude, was needing some motivation this morning! Cheers!

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  • Fantastic work. And, I gotta ask, I'm trying to place your accent- are you Welsh?

    Jed SmithJed Smith22 ngày trước
    • Wow - not had that one before ahaha! Yorkshire actually dude, Leeds specifically! Thanks so much for watching dude!

      NovumNovum22 ngày trước
  • I'm so glad I clicked on your explainer amongst everything else that popped up. Thank you for this. Brilliant.

    Pratik PatowaryPratik Patowary23 ngày trước
    • I'm so glad you enjoyed it Pratik, thanks so much for watching!

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  • This video doesn’t cast a large net but its complexity and attention to detail is what should be done from a good movie analysts and essayist.Thank you for your good work.

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    • Thank you for watching my dude

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  • Great analysis!

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  • This is superb.

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  • You should do this for Requiem For a Dream

    Liam GrahamLiam GrahamTháng trước
    • @Novum dude awesome, thank you for your insight.

      Liam GrahamLiam Graham29 ngày trước
    • I’ll give it a rewatch and see if I can do a full video on it! Thanks for watching!

      NovumNovumTháng trước
  • let me go watch this movie

    RachTheGreatRachTheGreatTháng trước
    • You should!

      NovumNovumTháng trước
  • Great explanation on everything, really well done and put together, I thoroughly enjoyed this! Wishing you blessings in your health and recovery.

    Ab ParryAb ParryTháng trước
    • Thanks so much Ab! More coming very soon!

      NovumNovumTháng trước
  • Great video analysis ,excellent work! Howeveri think you missed some symbolisms and scenes . The seagull and the previous wiki both are both one eyed. The dead previous wiki shows similarity to Wake. The mermaid is just not a sexual representaion but also a threat. In the first scene Howard rush to her thinking she is a washed out human. Mermaid pretends to be sleeping then "wakes" up and terifies Howard by screaming with supernatural streagth also in the last shots of the scene she has a twisted laugh. It was a trap. The buzzing sound of the Lighthouse engines represents a siren song...or seagulls sounds.... When Howard sees Wake sleeping and/or masturbating through the hole roof ,wake seems more to be on the receiving end .In the way he moves his hips. When Howard falls from the lighthouse whe he is painting , he wakes up with seagull next to him and then directly to his room. Howard and Wake have both the same small name. Wake's name could be a reference to "awaken" impling Howard is in Limbo or in coma. So I do believe your explanation of a strong sexual background there. But I also believe that Wake is not innocent .Proteus was a deity that had the ablities of knowing the truth, of elusiveness and shapeshifting. The wind changes immediatedly after Howard kills the seagull. The storm comes when Howard rejects Wake's food. Just the night before the ship comes in the next day wake convinces Howard to drink and gets him drank. You missed a dialogue when Howard was drunk towards Wake: "I know that you try to get me drank I know what you want to do/did to me ". Something like that. Implieing that Wake was trying to abuse or succesfully abused sexually Howard. After Howard wakes up the night was drunk he is missing his trousers. In the scene where Wake sends lights trough his eyes to Howard ,wake is naked and powerfull while Howard in his knees ,subjugated and terrified. I think Wake was sexually abusing Howard and Howard was trying to forget /depress that memory. There is no way Wake would know Howards past so to toy with Howard's mind telling him that he lives a halucination. If we take into account your point of view that everything happens in Howards head. Also the phrase and the meaning "why you spilled your beans" has no satisfactory explanation to me. If all that is on Howard's mind why to break up the illusion? Obviously it was a test that Howard failed. These from what I remember. Movie in purpose has many explantions and Egberts wanted different people to get to different conclusions.In his effort doing so , the movie cannot explained 100% with only one explanation. Your explanation is good and logical but you missed that points in my opinion. 1.Wake knows Howard's past. 2.Wake tests Howard some times with alcohol and truth. 3. Siren is not an abstract sexual desire but an image that frightens Howard and either terrifies and sents him running or drowning him in nightmares. 4.In the end the lighthouse door opens it by itslef , Howard does not open it himself. These do not fit well idk :/ The best i can think of is acombination of the theories i have read in net. Howard is in Limbo plane. Wake is a deity judge that takes form of an older Howard. Howard is indeed a depressed homosexual and murdered but tries to keep himself under control untill is tricked by wake. He is judged. At the end Howard finds salvation in one way or another and his mind is cleared; he is dying in the beach eaten by seagulls no lighhouse in sight. To sum it up: Howard is somewhere in a coma in the verge of dying; he is a murderer and maybe has homosexual affections. His mind creates a Limbo state of world ,or that world exists withing the movie universe. His judge Wake resembles him in an older age if he lived long enough. He can manipulate and trick him.He knows his past.Knows everything when he should not ( knife) The whole ordeal is a test a judgement his life /salvation at stake. Howard fails that test and kills again and fells into homosexuality affections. He ends up screaming and then eaten by birds. Meaning he will relive it again all over.

    Hyper VoreianHyper VoreianTháng trước
  • So you wouldn't do it with a mermaid? Me neither...

    BigMac ZachBigMac ZachTháng trước
  • Enjoyed every minute of that, very interesting and well made, thank you for the entertainment and insight :)

    Seph RahSeph RahTháng trước
    • Cheers dude! Thanks so much for watching, new stuff coming soon!

      NovumNovumTháng trước
  • Dude crazy dope breakdown. You would be a dope professor

    rodehs688rodehs688Tháng trước
    • Thanks man, I’ve been lucky to have some dope teachers in my life! Cheers for watching bro

      NovumNovumTháng trước
  • This is more interesting than any netflix movie. PLEASE, do this type of analysis with more films.

    Nerea HernándezNerea HernándezTháng trước
    • @Ladyheroin .v4 Yeeeeeeah! Thanks so much!

      NovumNovum28 ngày trước
    • @Novum Let me just hit that fucking subscribe button. And thank YOU for these dope ass videos

      Ladyheroin .v4Ladyheroin .v428 ngày trước
    • @Ladyheroin .v4 ahah, I think it's going to be Hereditary, which will be the next video after Alien. But I love Midsommar and Uncut Gems and I'm super excited for The Green Knight so expect videos on all of them! Thanks so much for watching and phenomenal username!

      NovumNovum28 ngày trước

      Ladyheroin .v4Ladyheroin .v428 ngày trước
    • @Novum Oww, I will be waiting it :) thank you!

      Nerea HernándezNerea HernándezTháng trước
  • Oh my goodness! I hope you are doing well and your lungs are fully recovered! Thank you for such a great and informational video even while you were recovering from such a serious health issue

    Yasmeen KYasmeen KTháng trước
    • Thanks so much Yasmeen. Yeah - they’re all healed up now! New (long) video on the way in a few days to celebrate 1k subs! Thanks so much for watching!

      NovumNovumTháng trước
  • i can truly say before this video i watched and read lots of other blogs but nothing was accomplished from them and i didn't understand anything , but this video made every confusion super clear for me. idk how to thank you for you extraordinary work, thanks for giving us this great explanation. really good job 👌🏿

    Arefe MArefe MTháng trước
    • I think you just did man thank you so much for that! It means a lot dude and I’m so happy I could help further your understanding of this amazing film! Thanks for watching.

      NovumNovumTháng trước
  • That shot at 54:15 feels so familiar. I wish I knew where from.

    Derrick BrownDerrick BrownTháng trước

      NovumNovumTháng trước
  • I watched your analysis right after the movie and you make really good and interesting points that might add to the experience, should I ever watch the movie again! Thank you, good work!

    Victorian SquirrelVictorian SquirrelTháng trước
    • Thankyou Victorian Squirrel! A++ name, Really glad you enjoyed it!

      NovumNovumTháng trước
  • Exactly the video about this movie I was looking for. Subscribed.

    JackJackTháng trước
    • Cheers Jack!

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  • Here’s the thing. I was looking for exactly /this/ :L months and months ago when I walked out of theater going, “okay what the fuck man...” I love how very organized and thorough your analysis is. Thank you. This must of taken you forever to make. The vocal takes alone o,,,o Question for you. I looked up the source material and contrary to most A24 films, it didn’t really explain anything for me..From Killing of a Sacred Deer to Midsommar, you walk away with certainty and an understanding as to what those who survive go through when the credits roll. Not this one. Now, your video definitely helped but here’s my one issue: Mr Robert is a real dick. His movie profoundly upset and confused me. And not in a good exorcist hereditary kind of way. That ending mostly. Is he happy? Is he in pain? Is it just everything? Is it too much for him? Aaaand then he’s being punished for his hubris? That escalated quickly. What are your thoughts if you had to bottom line it? Really well done and thought out video sir. You have yourself another supporter~

    Charles McSweeneyCharles McSweeneyTháng trước
    • @Novum I suppose that is the general consensus. Hey you should totally do midsommar! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Have you seen it?

      Charles McSweeneyCharles McSweeneyTháng trước
    • Hi Charles! Thanks so much for this comment, you're so lucky you got to see it at the cinema, that must have been quite odd with the square frame! Actually surprisingly few vocal takes, got it recorded in like three hours I think! (This wasn't always the case but it's getting better :P) On to your question: I think you raise a really valid point, this movie does fall into the realm of serious abstraction by the end. David Lynch has some interesting comments on the amount of abstraction you should allow into your film for this reason, if there's none of it then the film becomes cold and exact, too much and it becomes unfollowable. I think yeah, maybe just towards the end this slips too far towards the latter. When trying to find meaning there I think I would lean towards that, that Eggers purposefully designed the film to end with a feeling of confusion and multiplicity and madness. I certainly don't think Pattinson's character is happy or relieved, I think his frustration boiled over (be that sexuality, purgatory, isolation and so on) and when he ultimately lashed out and tried to go beyond his station he was violently pushed back down. Now this could be karma and alcohol causing him to break his neck down a set of stairs, it could be the gods dragging him out to a promethean rock to be eaten. Really whatever through-line of the movie that's been speaking to you the ending covers it, even if it never makes it explicit what's happened. I think the deliberately noticeable time skips and contradictions up until this point are designed so when this happens you understand that things are happening off screen that we aren't privy to. I realize that may be slightly unsatisfying, but I do think that's the designed intention. I don't know if you've seen it yet but you seem to love A24 as much as I do - the trailer for 'Green Knight' looks phenomenal and it looks like it'll come back round to something that has definite answers in historical literature (arthurian myth). I can't wait to see it! Thanks so much for taking the time to write this dude, and for your subscription! Best wishes, James

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  • This video is really amazing, thank you so much Novum

    zahevzahevTháng trước
    • @zahev Wow dude thanks so much!

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    • @Novum I'm sure to recommend this to my friends that also love the movie, you deserve all the praise for doing a gentle and caring job about the movie

      zahevzahevTháng trước
    • Thank you so much for watching Zahev!

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  • Truly enjoyed your breakdown of the movie. I have already seen the film and was confused about the deep lunacy that Rob’s character seems to spiral down into. You have totally cleared up a lot of the imagery that I just wasn’t sure if it was supernatural in nature or if it was all in Rob’s character’s mind. It was awesome. I too loved this film. It reminded me of the Hitchcock films that too were in beautiful black and white. Cinematically this film was truly beautiful and I’ve listened to what Eggers described as how they went about filming this. I truly miss films that are two different characters interacting with just each other and no special effects just pure dramatic perfection. I’m as excited about this film as you are because of the nuances the beautiful cinematic views and the amazing performances. 5 Stars from me. Do you break down other films? If so, please let me know. I’m very glad that you are back to being healthy. Everyone should be so fortunate but it’s just not to be. Say a grateful prayer and I’ll say one for you also Sweetie. By the way, I’m a 47 yr old married Mother and I’m always obsessed with amazing cinema from all corners of the planet. Do you breakdown foreign films or perhaps older films from an earlier time when drama reigned supreme? Thank you so much Sweetheart. Sorry I run on and on but you excited me about the mythos of this beautiful noir film.☺️ Take care.

    Kerry BruceKerry BruceTháng trước
    • Wow Kerry, thanks so much for taking the time to send me such a thoughtful message. I couldn't agree more with your praise for the film, and Eggers himself. Thanks so much for your concerns and prayers also, it means a lot! I absolutely do breakdown other movies and there is lots more content coming very soon! I do enjoy foreign cinema, although I'll admit my experiences with it are limited. If you have any suggestions though, I'd love to check them out! I *love* older cinema, although again I would love to hear suggestions as I'm not as experienced as I'd like to be. So glad I could get you excited about mythos and noir! Thanks again for your kind words, take care and best wishes!

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    The RevenancyThe RevenancyTháng trước
    • @Novum I'm excited to see what's next! :)

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    • Thanks a lot dude! It's going up, ever so slowly!

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  • Just got done watching this film for the 4th time and what a masterpiece. Really appreciate you putting in the time and effort to make this, excellent analysis dude 🙌🏼

    Nick TomskiNick TomskiTháng trước
    • Thanks so much bro! Yeah, it really is. Massively took me by surprise. Thanks for watching!

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  • I am wondering about the gull and the head of the previous light keeper both having one eye? I understand that its meant to imply that the gull is the soul of the previous keeper but is there anything more to it then that?

    Wren McNallyWren McNallyTháng trước
    • Someone actually left a phenomenal reply in the comments about this, let me have a look through and see if I can find their username..

      NovumNovumTháng trước
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  • what a incredible break down of this film!! good job man, this film isn’t an easy one to take on and you killed this video!! fantastic analysis

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    • @Amber Hughes Thanks so much Amber!

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    • certainly an instant sub from me :)

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  • i understand this video is old, however for a channel with a fanbase way too small for the quality of the content you put out im absolutely amazed at the fact that you actually care about putting content out to your small fanbase. its great to see that this video has gotten some traction, and i really hope that you get the attention that you're shockingly high quality content deserves

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    • Wow dude, that was the boost I needed this morning! Thanks so so much.

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  • 54:00 the second Howard represents how he lied about being Winslow and Wake is god like and unforgiving of his murder and sins. “Why’d you spill your beans Howard?”

    Michael MartinezMichael Martinez2 tháng trước
    • Yeah, that's definitely accurate. In general 'spilling your beans' refers to admitting the truth and I think for certain the notion of God's unforgiveness in the face of such sins is prevalent here. That's exactly the sort of mindset you need to be combing this stuff, thanks so much for watching Michael!

      NovumNovum2 tháng trước
  • So Howard is similar to Karl pansram?

    MrCharismaMrCharisma2 tháng trước
    • There are similarities for sure, but I think Howard reaches it out of desperation and frustration whereas Panzram seemingly did it out of a deep enjoyment. I don't know a lot about the Panzram case though, so if you see more similarities I'd love to hear them!

      NovumNovum2 tháng trước
  • The 35mm frame and narrow field of view adds SO much to the feeling of isolation i can't believe it wasn't done earlier, its actually genius

    X XX X2 tháng trước
    • If you enjoyed the claustrophobic atmosphere I recommend you check out Son of Saul. It's a Hungarian film about a jewish prisoner-made guard at Auschwitz. The aspect ratio is 1.375:1 and with the exception of the first and last scenes the film consists exclusively of close-ups following the main character through his hellish adventures in the camp. There are no long shots, there is no relief. It feels like you're there in the camp with the main character, a truly morbid and unique experience.

      Gregory Alexander SwartGregory Alexander Swart16 ngày trước
    • Yeah, it definitely is that. I used to hate people messing with the viewing ratio but now I'm in widescreen I can see it for what it is a lot more. I think WW1984 did it recently and it was really the only part I enjoyed. But yeah, I think this oppressive square ratio is so good for forcing the viewer to think on what's outside the lens and for forcing them to focus on what's within it. It just provides a really high degree of control over where the audience is looking. Thanks for watching dude!

      NovumNovum2 tháng trước
  • Damn.. hope you're doing okay now.

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  • This analysis was fantastic. You absolutely deserve more subs than you currently have. It's a damn shame how little your content has been picked up by the algorithm. I hope that changes.

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    • Me too Xeno, thanks so much for that!

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  • Wow, great analysis. I'd watch another 80min of deeper dives into literary references and ancillary themes if you made it for sure. Great work!

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  • 25:35 he doesn't refer to Winslow as "candy" the term is "Canady" as in Canadian.

    BobTheVirusBobTheVirus2 tháng trước
    • Yep, a couple of other people have pointed that out, my apologies on the error! Thanks for watching anyway!

      NovumNovum2 tháng trước
  • I've loved The Lighthouse ever since we watched it for film class in college. Thank you for the interesting guide!

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  • I think the guy who made this is gay. this movie has nothing to do with being gay. a lot of projecting I think. great critique though and i appreciate it. 🏳️‍🌈🍆🍑👍😁

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    • @Shrinky Dinks He's talking about me being gay not Eggers.

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    • lol robert eggers is married to a woman. maybe his brother is gay cuz he helped write the movie.

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  • when i watched this film for the first time, i viewed Wake’s contradiction of what we saw in the film as a form of emotional and psychological manipulation, a way to establish a hierarchy of power almost. my knowledge of greek mythology is very limited, so i had never viewed it through that lens. however, this review has essentially entirely changed my view on the film. i recently watched the film a second time, then immediately came to this video, and it has completely changed the way i felt about it. this was so well done and i’m so happy this video was made. just saying that a full commentary on the film would be an incredible insight.

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  • Interesting analysis. Now I have to read some Hemingway.

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  • The scream of the siren drives sailors to their doom, Ulysses fills his ears with wax, ties himself to the mast. I am reminded of the songs 'Home at Last' by Steely Dan, and 'Tales of Brave Ulysses' by Cream, both songs of existential desolation and loneliness, the striving of men. Great analysis of the film Novum, I very much enjoyed it having watched this film earlier today. Impressive presentation!

    Michael GormanMichael Gorman2 tháng trước
    • Thanks so much Michael!

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  • Man very great piece of work! I agree on how complex this movie is, how many influences from literature is there and most important (my personal favourite) is that you can understand this movie in various vays and none of them will be wrong. Thats true beauty. Ive seen one guy saying that this is a test (in purgatory) becouse he killed previous guy and some powers are testing him if he will do the same now. (how do you know its not in your head?) Some other fella said thats mermaid alegory. My point of view goes like that: Howard finds siren inside his bed. This siren is symbol of forsaken even by the ocean God (Cthulhu). As a cursed item it seeds madness into his mind. Very first night after he found it he has that terryfing dream, with water swallowing him into deepths and tremendously big tentacles. We had that scene when Howard spies on Wake and saw his tentacle, and something slimy dripping down. Which means that Wake was praising something inside lantern. Something linked to God of the ocean, driving him to the madness but also granting him power of having leg which he lost before. His link to this God may also be shown by his toast when he drinks with Howard. They both descent to the madness by alcohol delirium (with bottom being "monkey pump" and after clean oil). How further we go they drink more and the more it infulnces them. That disturbing deep sound playing repetativly during movie is mermaid song. Its playing in their heads only. Mermaid widdling down sanity. Mermaid which was found under Howard bed. Mermaid thrown by the sea to lighthouse shore found and raped by Howard instead of helping her go back to her habitat. That caused him to breakdown when he masturbated to this figure. And after he broke it to the pieces he woke sea anger at him, by breaking sacred figure. Compared with killing seaghul which he shouldnt (becouse Wake with knowledge about sea Gods told him to avoid that) sea was mad at him. This bring storm to their island. Wake having surreal feelings and feeling troubles dig (by storm and attitude changes in Howard) his treasure box and descent heaviely with Howard into alcohol, knowing something bad is coming and trying to find solace in it. Dreams, visions and perhaps some events put out of chronical order drives us to climax point - Howard trying to escape. He is trying to scape island of madness but Wake is told to not allow him to do so. So he breaks boat and action is taken again to the lantern. Wake possesed by powers yells in haze just like he did before (you dont like my crab scene - which is also important becouse he cursed Howard in that weird words showing his connection to sea God) finally breaking Howard and pushing him to final act, murder attempt. In his foggy mind Howard sees mermaid which he didnt help, mermaid causing madness, he sees Wake transformed form which he unleashed everynight to the lighthouse lantern in order to keep normal form during his absence in this place. Form possesed by sea God now unleashed and empowered by his powers unleashing tentacles (but they are not inside sea so tentacles dont exist, however they seem very real). By scaring Howard God want to make him leave Wake. But he is killing him and after he humiliates him. God is very angry at this and punishment is awaiting. Wake momenairly broken by being beat down almost to death and humiliation mixed with fear of being burried alive he calls his God in grave. He gives him small amount of power enough to make attempt on Howard life. However he fails and Howard wins. He goes to the top of lighthouse. And we can see unnatural thing here - becouse that spinning core opens by itself when Howard looks at it. What he sees could be nothing - God playing with him knowingly making him mad, or something out of this world, reflection of deepest sea Secrets. Something talking and possesing Wake. However in both cases God is angry at Howard, for mermaid statue, for seagul, for raping mermaid, for killing his servant Wake. He wasnt allowed to get there, he has stolen acces from Wake. So we can see in last scene that his eyes are eaten by seaghuls (for seeing what he wasnt allowed to see) his still alive body being eaten by seaghuls to become one with the sea as Wake cursed him. There are propably better logical reasonings but its about madness, ay? It has different shades. And I like to descent myself into mad theories. By typing that I wanted to thank you somehow for effort you put to this movie (80min! I dont call that a video) becouse you like this film you propably would like to read other view on that. Its not that detailed but I didnt put so much effort as you did. It would be hard to beat you with that :D Anyways thanks again, think about uploading regularly and you could get high viewership. As I lurked your channel uploads are rare and it keeps away most people who could be subscribers. If you would post 1-2 vids a month with your calm and easy for ear voice, inteligent way of perception it could be something. Regards:)

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    • Wow! Sorry for not getting back to you sooner I wanted to read all this thoroughly! 100% agree, I think the madness allows for these multiple interpretations - and I love your reading of the film! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas honestly that was a great read. And yeah - you're 100% right about my channel, there will be a lot more videos coming soon. I know regular uploads are essential. I've been working on the first issue of my comic book (and two full novels) as well as working full time. But I am going to put more effort and time in because I'm almost at 1k subs. Thanks so much for watching and taking the time to comment in such detail! Best wishes, James

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  • All right so, I like the angle overall, and you did a very thorough job and picked up a lot of the film's subtext and body of themes, but your analysis has the same problem as many others i seen online if still more complete and thorough, you took the angle of the greek mythology reference that eggert gave and you ran amock with it, that is by far the most shallow element that eggers gave directly and i think you as many others greatly misunderstand how ideas like those play into writing an expressionist film, sure eggers was inspired by those elements for the archetypal nature of the characters and the conflict, but you took that and you bottlenecked the film's "meaning" and concepts into a jigsaw puzzle of references to another body of story trying to simply translate elements which have a defined meaning in the context of the narrative into a series of allegories that have little value outside the surface level charm of "this is actually a metaphor for this and that is actually a metaphor for that", it's one thing to say the arcetypal conflict ofthe story has a religious/mythical dimension which it certainly does and you certainly pinpointed well the moments that unravel those elements, but this angle is far too pseudo intellectual, and i don't mean in the sense of, you're projecting meaning that isn't there and shit like that, i mean in the sense that you are faaar too eager to expand that basic concept level suggestiveness of the greek mythology reference to encapsulate eeeeeverything that happens because that makes it directly digestible in an intellectual sense, this is not necessarily an inaccurate interpretation but it's far too bottlenecked into metaphors that have no significance inherent to them but only refer to something else, this is not really how expressionist art works, the greek mythology angle is helpful in framing some elements of the conflict sure, but the way you expanded it it seems like the elements at play have no internal coherence outside if the "it's actually been about prometheus all along", which is in my opinion a big mistake when trying to analyze complex art, it just forces too many things on a literal shallow level, mother! from 2017 did that actively and that was its biggest mistake writing wise and yet an analysis made in the same way, although far more fitting would still be simplistic, for example, the howard refusing alcohol thing, you had to frame it as "howard refusing the gifts of the god" and stuff, well if "the gods" made the rules for this world how come the rules expressively prohibit drinking on the job and he's written up in the log book for it? You even ignored the more plain significance of howard looking over at the rule's manual many times inthe film and how wake offering him booze and the water gradually getting more shitty throughout are forces trying to make him break the rules of a good employee, and then on the last day he drinks like a sponge and toasts to relief, this has far more significance and it's far more relevant on a psychological level, considering the film is about a man trying to run away from his past sins, than it is on that clumsy greek myth metaphor level, same thing, although on a much smaller scale, goes for the homosexuality angle, it is relevant and it is faaar more isightful than the greek myth thing, but you still overstimated how much it plays into it,what makes it well used is how it's up for interpretation how much, or whether at all, repressed homosexuality plays into howard's inner conflict, I believe it does very much, but only in so much as it serves the connection between guilt, violence and sexual pleasure expressed in the film, it's interesting to think about but again you bottlenecked all the layers to thr central conflict of the film into that when it is actually much more, hence why the "hypnos scene" was given such a clumsy literal and reachy explanation, not because it's inaccurate per se, simply too cut and dry in the attempt to fit it into a body of theory that is faaar too literal, it's same mistake people made in the room 237 documentary about the shining, anysis is all well and good but there comes a point where trying to fit everything about an abstract piece of art into a simple clear cut framework dumbs it down and results inconsiderate of how art is actually made, you picked up on pretty much everything but if you weren't so hellbent on encapsulating everything into those two elements of the reading I believe it would have been much more well rounded, I think the best analysis don't explain all things literally, they frame things conceptually because then the exact nature of them remains suggestive enough that people think about it themselves instead of seeing if they can fit everything in a "it was all a metaphor for greek gods all along" kind of framework

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  • Fantastic analysis, though I have to point out that the tank that Howard stares into is the cistern, not septic tank as they used chamber pots (and a hilarious scene of Howard emptying the pots in the storm, getting piss and shit all over him). The bag he's dumping into the cistern is chalk, as that was used then to, I don't want to say "sanitize" the water, but I believe it dampened the sensory effects of the contaminated water. I'm not sure about that last bit, I jumble a lot of what I read

    Tom BaneTom Bane3 tháng trước
    • @Novum “Still tastes o’ the head?” ;) No problem! I was unsure of what he was dumping in there when I first saw it and did some sleuthing.

      Tom BaneTom Bane3 tháng trước
    • Wow! That is awesome dude I'm going to have a read into it now - thanks so much for that!

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  • Great job man!

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  • Did anyone drop the following theory yet? The scene where Thomas Howard stares into the light is him abandoning all hope and he realizes he is going to die - the moment he dies he is falling down the stairwell, but not actually: Mr. Howard's vessel shipwrecked on a small island. The mermaid he sees here and there is either his comrades/friends drowning or their dead bodies getting washed up to the shore. In the end scene where seagulls pick at him is where he is accepting death and in that moment, in his mind, he is in the lighthouse staring into the light. He is lying there all naked, because the waves came in with such force almost drowning him, tearing on his gear and badly wounded he barely made it to the rock. In the whole final scene, there is no lighthouse to see. Isn't that odd? The lighthouse never existed. It was all hallucinations of a slowly dying sailor stranded at the end of the world. I know the Greek mythology thing is rather the accepted theory (but to me it doesn't do a really good job of explaining things; it feels very abstract) and I just found out this was loosely based on a true story, but regarding the movie I like my theory much more and I'm wondering if someone thought the same. Also, sorry for my bad english.

    Alina C.Alina C.3 tháng trước
  • Thank you sir Just watched it again because of you and considering your comment on Pattinson being the villain, maybe, and I'm left wondering why he always has the white cup and Dafoe the black. Wouldn't white be associated with purity? Could still be a herring. Curious as to what anyone might think about that.

    Daniel KozakDaniel Kozak3 tháng trước
    • @Daniel Kozak Definitely interesting to think about bro, thanks again to you too!

      NovumNovum3 tháng trước
    • @Novum Thanks for all of these possibilities. I'm tending to think there isn't much to the cups besides the dualism motif based on your answer, which was awesome by the way. I don't really study into this stuff too much but your Clint Eastwood comment definitely gives me more to think about. Thanks again.

      Daniel KozakDaniel Kozak3 tháng trước
    • Could also be an innocence/homosexuality thing. But I personally think Howard has a relationship of some nature with Winslow so that one doesn't sit too well with me.

      NovumNovum3 tháng trước
    • I think the main thing to take away from it is 'dualism', the exploration of an opposing pair. This could be a lot to do with the film is shot on black and white also, it's two-tone just like the performances, just like the narrative. So I'd say for the most part consider the cups a visual motif of the characters opposition. To go further into it I think what you're getting at is that if Pattinson is the 'bad guy' then why does he have the black cup, the colour associated with being bad? Good question - possible answers: 1. Like you've said this could very well be a herring to the audience, there are many cues here designed to make you think that Dafoe is the enemy. This is linked with.. 2. White is often associated with the characters we follow rather than ones that are necessarily pure or perfect. Take for example western movies. We knew Clint Eastwood was the guy we were following, but he was a cowboy - he did a LOT of bad stuff. Not just murder but legitimately heinous things while playing the supposed protagonist, the white knight. Corrective rape, abuse, beating. This was the hero! 3. If we view this as a purgatorial state that Pattinson is stuck within then the white becomes human and the black becomes death or judgement. 4. The black cup, and indeed the alcohol consumption and so on could refer to the corruption of madness. Dafoe is already far off the deep end and Pattinson at that point (I think) hasn't succumbed yet. I could probably keep finding links like these all day because the film is so rich in subtext. But I think the most accurate (and complete) explanation we can go with is the dualism. These men are opposing factors and I think the explanation we can be most certain of is that the cups signify that. Very interesting stuff though and thank you so much for commenting!

      NovumNovum3 tháng trước
  • why are there shots of rtj at the beginning?

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    • A quick visual approximation of my trip to hospital

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  • DeFoe is a monumental actor. Robert Pattison is great too in this great film, but DeFoe is just perfect 👌

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  • I would make a video but at this point I have watched too many videos that have informed my interpretation. But I have some things I haven't heard yet in my notes. I have been captivated by this excellent movie. Great analysis from yourself, you go proper deep into the mythology and sexual theming, I finally understand the octopus tentacles. Here are my sticky notes. Thomas Young is Thomas Old The man he killed was his first wiki, who was actually his superior Had to lie to cover up the "accident" The seagull killing was the moment he killed his boss. The Gull has the same personality as Wake. The first gull he saw inside represented the Winslow he left for dead. Young thomas is actually the aftermath of being alone. He is alone and is haunted by the old man from the point of falling from the lighthouse. As the flow of time becomes distorted it is clear that he grows old with madness and has told so many lies he does not know who he is anymore. Young is his memory of himself manifest. This is hell, and is forced to relive the guilt of killing for eternity, for every time he grows old he will encounter a young. The ending scene shows the aftermath of leaving his former wiki behind. As the seagulls have pecked out his eye. The light is the false promise of salvation. But getting to it was not earned. Robert Pattinson experiences the story through all 3 characters perspectives There's so much more going on in this movie like the work/boss relationship, the struggle for power, ego, delusions, Alzheimer's, the realisation that taking life is easy, I hope you end up talkig about this movie again. Also it's really hard for me to explain why I think Pattinson is all 3 characters, or at least, experiences the journey of all 3 characters. But it's worthy to note that when he falls from the lighthouse, a seagull is already pecking at him. I believe this is the "accident" that killed Winslow. And over time the memory has been reserved so Thomas thinks he was the one who fell and left alone. By that point he was actually 100% alone and this is where we experience the story through Old's perspective as the power gets handed to Young

    Just John 43Just John 433 tháng trước
    • Oh wow this is incredible, I'm going to have to remember to go through this properly tmrw as it's half 1 here but thanks so much for taking the time to go into so much detail!

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  • Didn't the possible rape happen when he hallucinated Wake as the mermaid (As well as a God), he's fixated on fish tang the whole film? Both Toms suffered the kind of deprivation that would make a sailor historically hot over a sea manatee (envisioned as a mermaid as an excuse, seacows are curvy asf) or would make a farmer use barn animals as flesh lights. In fact if it wasn't mostly about just desperate counter dominance then he's just using his house mate as a flesh light whilst stuck on Mermaid. Which is very impolite :( gay though? Ps. Premature comment at 32 mins in.

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    • @Novum Very Welcome my dude

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    • This was a rollercoaster of emotions for me Taylor, thankyou so much for commenting and taking the time to watch. I'll never look at Willem Dafoe or fleshlights the same again.

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  • Saying Hemingway was a repressed homosexual is like saying Hitler was a repressed humanitarian.

    Chet ManlyChet Manly3 tháng trước
    • I guess for me the notion that he was perhaps a repressed or closeted homosexual isn't that hard to believe - it's the idea that he wasn't in control of his writing and it somehow subconsciously imprinted to it. I think he was *extremely* in control of his writing, second only to Orwell.

      NovumNovum3 tháng trước
    • I don't think it's entirely unfounded but it's not the school of thought I ascribe to. It definitely is a school of thought though re: Hemingway and that's why it factors in so heavily here.

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  • Thank you for summarizing and thus confirming my thoughts about this film. I'm not one who is usually a fan of sci-Fi/horror films, but the performances of Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe are just so good, I had to watch the film a second time (with subtitles) to actually confirm the context. I certainly wouldn't be able express my thoughts on it as thoroughly as you have here. Great work.

    LilSweetLinLilSweetLin3 tháng trước
    • @Novum You're very welcome, and I agree. I get more and more impressed with his performances, but this one in particular is so far his best to me.

      LilSweetLinLilSweetLin3 tháng trước
    • That's extremely kind of you to say Lin! Thank you so much and I'm so glad you enjoyed the movie so much! Pattinson is rapidly becoming my new favourite actor!

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  • Fantastic analysis! As others have commented there should be more mention of the previous (one-eyed?) lightkeeper and the slain one eyed gull. Subscribed! Please do the commentary video. Please do The Shining in the future. Thank you!

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    • Not really projection when it's all confirmed in the script, by the actors, director and so on. You're not the first person to comment this (although you are one of two), and it's interesting that you would rather believe I've presented 80 minutes of closeted rhetoric than you liked a movie with some gay stuff in it. You think you might be projecting a little bit there champ?

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    • @Novum honestly my favorite analysis was a toss up between this video and Acolytes of Horror video. 👍🏻

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    • It's one of the joys of analysis - I've had the pleasure of learning around some phenomenal people and it's interesting how we all internalize things differently. For me it's always been gender (specifically masculinity), post-colonialism and marxism and you can see pretty much how that's informed my reading. And yeah, other people will bring awesome stuff to the table. I deliberately don't watch other analysis videos as I want mine to be original but now it's done if you have any of them you really enjoyed I'd love to hear which you'd suggest?

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  • I think this movie has a lot less to do with homosexuality and a lot more to do with workplace tension. But it's all up for interpretation.

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    • @HitchensImmortal Oh god, yeah for sure that's going to be something that you see mirrored. I think me and my housemate saw a lot of ourselves during these months of lockdown too! Thanks for your service my dude!

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    • @Novum Good breakdown nonetheless, my frame of reference is my time in the military deployed for many months with mostly people I couldn't stand to be around. Hence why it's such a personal movie to myself :)

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    • I think workplace tension (which I would describe more as isolation and working at the extremes of nature in this instance) is a huge part of it, you're right about that. If we must quantify them as you have though I would say homosexuality is about equal with that. But I don't differentiate really because they're so closely intertwined. I'd say the deeper answer would be that it's male sexuality in an extreme and isolated workplace. Men at the edge of what is natural to them. Thanks so much for listening any way!

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