The Movie Great Pyramid K 2019 - Director Fehmi Krasniqi

01 Th11, 2020
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The construction of the Great Pyramid and the True History of Humanity revealed.
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Correction: My speech was recorded, in May 2020. At that time, I didn't preview to monetise the film. But with the national economic crisis, monetization has become essential for me, so the movie is now monetised.
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Today we are in 2020.
Why then K 2019 ?
Because the year 2019, marked the beginning of the new History of mankind with the World Première of this documentary film.
The movie has actually official subtitles in: English, Turkish, Danish(Not yet official) and French.
French version of Great Pyramid K 2019
English subtitle file to use for traduction in other languages.
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  • Nice movie.

    Gyula KovacsGyula Kovacs4 giờ trước
  • I don't think there is any evidence blocks were cast and not cut. We can all see see the interior blocks of the pyramids and they are very irregular. This is not just at the weathered exterior but where tunneling was made inside. This movie does not present a plausible theory. Please state references with links to the supporting science papers. Thanks

    S LeonardS Leonard9 giờ trước
  • So they mean to say that clay was used as a mold in which molten lava granite was poured? Think about it.

    LURE FEVERLURE FEVER13 giờ trước
  • To my knowledge the queen's chamber shafts never reached the surface. Those are dead ends blocked with some doors with two copper handles on them. There is lot more mystery.

    Norbert HorvathNorbert Horvath14 giờ trước
  • Is there any remaining evidence of 'Solar Lenses' & How would they create such a lens everywhere they went ?

    Icarus8Icarus817 giờ trước
  • I don’t know what to believe but it is crazy that pyramids in Egypt, Mexico and South America have the same measurements, build quality and all aline with the same star?? How are there similar statues and obelisks all over the world!

    Curtis SlemeCurtis Sleme18 giờ trước
  • Indeed, it is a revolutionary hypothesis, but are you sure that this is how you set out this solution to the construction of the pyramid ?? ..There must be a lot of evidence, testimonies to prove that this is how those pyramids were built !!!

    Daniel GeorgeDaniel George18 giờ trước
  • No hand or foot prints on any of the 2.3 millon blocks of poured concrete ! That is more amazing than the pyramid knowing human nature .

    Luis GalleguillosLuis Galleguillos20 giờ trước
  • Great Thanks to the Author, sir Fehmi. One day i will join free masonry (Knuckles)

    ELi DabeldzELi Dabeldz21 giờ trước

    BiffTannen2015 LBiffTannen2015 L22 giờ trước
  • Excellent job! Thanks!

    laskartrecelaskartreceNgày trước
  • amazing

    mostafa kamalmostafa kamalNgày trước
  • Nice try but there's a lot more unexplainable stuff concrete and giant magnify glass can't explain. The hidden knowledge is natural law, law's of this material world.

    Eric HardinEric HardinNgày trước
  • ya no

    Sure Rock Co. ModelsSure Rock Co. ModelsNgày trước
  • First of all. Considering the erosion level of one thousand years old sandstone buildings (cathedrals f.e) in North-Western Europe the great piramide and the sfinx must be dozens of times older than that. The alignment of the stars is the same every 26000 years so the age of these two is the actual estimated date of alignment plus a multiple of 26000 years. Further more there were very few people around on the planet to build all of the megastructures on every continent of the planet by hand at that time. It is therefore much more likely that as all the scriptures and inscriptions reverring to much older civilizations they were the builders. Certain carvings of animals which have disappeared several millions of years ago, for example elephants with four tusks on the temple of Ankhor wat indicate that the building is much older. Further more since many megastructures can't be poured with concrete it's unlikely that these builders would have used such a labour intensive method for building the piramide. It's far more logical to entrust a more advanced civilization with the construction in and above water of all these worldwide constructions. As an example I mention the 17000 ton block just laying around in Baalbek. A very weird place and position to pour this amount of concrete. And how about the temple in India dug into the mountain? The scriptures are very clear and only one Yuga circle already is more than 4 million years of civilization.

    Adriaan Bert de Velde HarsenhorstAdriaan Bert de Velde HarsenhorstNgày trước
  • absolutely spot on.....

    Sahara PoetteSahara PoetteNgày trước
  • it's beautiful,true or shows how it was built rock by rock n the mathematics,the language n the stars n more....understandable...

    JohnnypensfulJohnnypensfulNgày trước
  • Egyptians are black and the way of building makes a lot of sense. Evrything is now solved

    Christian LamedaChristian LamedaNgày trước
  • I wonder when Brien Forrester will see this movie.

    manik aggarwalmanik aggarwalNgày trước
  • This garbage is an insult to all Egyptians and the thousands of skilled tradesmen who’ve left us this ancient wonder of the world to protect. This cult of lovers of conspiracies is a threat to the genuine archeological and historical research.

    BHBHNgày trước
  • I still believe the pyramid is a power source . This video is either right or aliens built it lol

    frank artalefrank artaleNgày trước
  • thanks to all !!

    Baruch ZilbershatzBaruch Zilbershatz2 ngày trước
  • They’re antediluvian

    xandman307xandman3072 ngày trước
  • Maybe the skin colour was ebony-black, but the geometry of faces are all white.

    Andrea KovacsAndrea Kovacs2 ngày trước
  • Maybe the skin colour was ebony-black, but the geometry of faces are all white.

    Andrea KovacsAndrea Kovacs2 ngày trước
  • One cm off is not precision. And no piece of paper is going between any brick in any wall ever built. Who is the dope that said that baloney because every pyramid video continually repeats those two stupid analogies. Anyway It was an atmospheric gold producing electromagnetic solar system communication device. The annunaki needed gold Here to survive on this surface. They'd put a pool of mercury on the bottom, electrify it, add chemicals stored in the chambers, and then shoot it into the sky. They'd scrub it. Do it again. That's why only the pyramids with mercury under them are the oldest ones. Every one else are human copy cats.

    Ge InGe In2 ngày trước
  • Basic geology says one cannot make granite by melting granite. Try and see you'll get obsidian.

    dward218dward2182 ngày trước
  • After several years I'm coming to the conclusion the pyramids represent the inner workings of the brains consciousness and how it flows with energy blood and chemical fluids....golden ore..considering it goes down into the earth, imagine the earth as the heart.. ears hear the hearth😇💚and the light goes on

    L'Aura PinkfeatherL'Aura Pinkfeather2 ngày trước
  • Lies. Mainstream lies.

    Nirad UdontneedtoknowNirad Udontneedtoknow2 ngày trước
  • One of my greatest astronomer Carl Sagan, once commented that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” The Movie Great Pyramid K 2019 really leaves no stones unturned -- truly this is concrete evidence to me... a precision of a masterpiece in detail... BRAVO!!!

    Larry MotsisiLarry Motsisi2 ngày trước
    • Sorry...Animated videos are NOT forms of evidence. That is NOT how science works.

      David Leo MorleyDavid Leo Morley2 ngày trước
  • this loses a lot of credibility when mentioning 14000 yrs...its impossible to determine that kind of timeline.. the evolutionists religion of no hope would love this...its an interesting documentary all the same..

    Thomas XThomas X2 ngày trước
  • When you look at white supremacy it all make sense. To suppress and oppress a race and the knowledge and contribution that they made or given to the world. And all the white washing. “ By the time the world woke up to claim greatness the Africans done all the greatest things”.

    Hassan TuckerHassan Tucker2 ngày trước
  • This guy is a charlatan.

    WEREFEAT 035WEREFEAT 0352 ngày trước
  • Yes Finally 😀! I am just now watching this and I couldn’t help but comment while haven’t finished the film yet only because I am anxious. The chills went throughout my body as soon as I saw how the pyramids were built. Since I was a little kid I’ve became fascinated with the Pyramids. I had and still have books of pictures of the pyramids and books that showed how the pyramids were built. But something was wrong. Why couldn’t anyone all agree on one method?? I’ve always wanted to go to Egypt and see the Pyramids myself but I never had the capital or funds to do so. I saw the show Ancient Aliens and saw that said that Alines built the pyramids. Sounded pretty cool but I was still not convinced. I said why would we have to have an alien race come and show us how to do anything? And for what benefits? Why couldn’t us humans think and use our own brains and come up with our own methods I asked?? In 10th grade I built a Pyramid for a project. I told my teacher that I didn’t want to just use wooden blocks to build it for which it would be too easy. I wanted a challenge. My teacher Mr. McClatchy is still my favorite science teacher. He told me Brent I wouldn’t doubt that you want to build this so easy just using wooden blocks already shaped. He was proud I wanted to challenge myself. I ended up using cardboard and taped the sides together to help shape my blocks and had made numerous of block shapes to help build my pyramid. I used plaster to fill cardboard boxes I shaped for my blocks lol. But hey I did. Then I painted my blocks to what we see the color of the pyramids now. I asked my teacher if he thinks I’m right. I asked him do you think the Egyptians used this method to build their pyramids? It only seems logical and the easy way to me? He said Brent I think you have a brilliant mind and minds like yours is why we have beautiful pyramids to see and wonder at! I am so happy to finally see that there’s a film to show how the pyramids were built the way I always thought how they were built. Thank you!! ☺️

    Brent ThompsonBrent Thompson2 ngày trước
    • This video is incredibly inaccurate and misleading. The Giza pyramids are built from quarried limestone and quarried granite. Period. Full stop. The evidence is absolutely OVERWHELMING. They even know which specific local quarries were used for each specific Giza pyramid. For example, Khufu’s Great pyramid is built out of a nearby grayish-yellow colored limestone quarry outcropping near Cairo called the Mokattam formation, where as the other two are built from the downside of the Giza plateau slope.

      David Leo MorleyDavid Leo Morley2 ngày trước
  • so far this is the best informative documentary i ever seen about Pyramid. thanks a lot.

    touch285 Arttouch285 Art3 ngày trước
    • Keep looking friend .

      Dieno VandaleDieno VandaleNgày trước
  • Great production quality but absolutely incorrect construction method. The geopolymer concept is tempting but if you were to scrutinize the stone on site, you’d see fossilized seashells in many of the limestone blocks. These were all cut out of existing strata.

    M CM C3 ngày trước
  • Why is there a black man playing Pharaoh?

    alejandro malejandro m3 ngày trước
  • Fantastic doco could be 100% fact , however I noticed no mention of Saqqara. I dont see how this grand site is avoided unless it in fact goes against this theory, along with the valley of the do u pour these sites?

    Dave the Rave Dinkum lyfbginzat160bpmDave the Rave Dinkum lyfbginzat160bpm3 ngày trước
  • To all humanity

    Zeedy AryantiZeedy Aryanti3 ngày trước
  • everything makes sense now - Thanks for the beautiful and truthful knowledge.

    Haseeb Ul HassanHaseeb Ul Hassan3 ngày trước
  • The hypothesis that the Giza pyramids are concrete is very plausible. The rest in this video seems to me to be quite a stretch. For instance, I'd have to see someone actually show proof of principle for that lens hypothesis. I don't think anyone has done that yet. The Australian hieroglyphs could have been done in the early 20th century for all we know.

    sherlock holmessherlock holmes3 ngày trước
  • This is awesome! Well explained. I’ve never once thought it was built due to aliens or whatever people up with. But I did wonder if maybe fallen angels gave knowledge because there have been finding of amazing drawings of modern machinery As in a helicopter and tank. Who knows... also there was slaves in Egypt, the Bible mentions it. I’m a believer in which is why I’m mentioning this. Still a very very amazing video.

    Eden f hl MillerEden f hl Miller3 ngày trước
  • I am the only human on earth that knows how the stones were brought from the mountain to the pyramids. One day when I find a way to make money with my knowledge I will let the world know.

    bo peepbo peep3 ngày trước
  • Very amateurish, especially the writing. Whoever wrote this movie has maturity of a 15 year old. Hard to take seriously when you're mocking other people's opinions.

    fannymayormaynot@gmail.comfannymayormaynot@gmail.com3 ngày trước
  • Great job amazing.

    Ricky CrumelRicky Crumel3 ngày trước
  • Not sure I believe in the "geneology" of the people building the structures as you don't see ANY of these structures in southern Africa,. Would have been easier for them to build them there than South America

    Matthew MattMatthew Matt3 ngày trước
  • So since I was little I always felt those stones and statues were cast. The placement of all the temples and all the travel may go back to the Emerald tablets and Thoth rebuilding the power grids on the planet. Great work! Thanks.🙏

    ThePiratemenaceThePiratemenace3 ngày trước
  • Who ever built these things built them to Last a very long time on Purpose to show how advanced they were . But I do not believe the concrete theory ... .

    Keith BickerdikeKeith Bickerdike3 ngày trước
  • It’s no secret anymore. The pyramids open up and spaceships land inside them those are facts and if you don’t know that by now you have a rude awakening that is the truth

    Samuel ThrasherSamuel Thrasher3 ngày trước
  • Thanks for such an informative document now I know how thoth melted emeralds.

    David DalbyDavid Dalby3 ngày trước
    • Serious ? You realize how we make fake emerald , ruby & diamond (cubic zircon ) these here little ol ' days.

      Dieno VandaleDieno VandaleNgày trước
  • Well interesting, but a few things that are remarkable to me: you do constantly name Joseph Davidovits as if he's a kind a Guru, while he just has his theory and we still have no 100 % proof. Secondly you talk many times about "the truth".... how do you know what the truth is ? Did you build the Pyramids, did you live in that time era, do you have a 100 % solid proof of how the Pyramids were build. And you also make it look like that the people who did the hard job on the Pyramids were apparently happy to do this hard labour ?! Where they not just slaves from other regions / countries !!

    L vNL vN3 ngày trước
  • A good comedy, thanks

    Antonia DelgadoAntonia Delgado3 ngày trước
  • Well, starts logical assumptions,, then ends with lies of agenda... Use your own logical mind and do at least some research on the content, even more on the given assumptions with no fact.

    The RockerThe Rocker3 ngày trước
  • This is FAKE!!!

    Valeriy ErmolaevValeriy Ermolaev3 ngày trước
  • Jean Pierre houdin did a great job hopefully he gets to learn more how the egyptians build there pyramids. Very good docu👍

    Brother NatureBrother Nature3 ngày trước
  • How do you hold granite as it is being melted at 1260 degrees F? Wouldnt the granite melt the form? What were they using as material for the form? It certainly wasnt wood which combusts at 1100 degrees F.

    Quantum AstrophileQuantum Astrophile3 ngày trước
  • Scientifically speaking , if you melt granite , you get "OBSIDIAN"... It looks like "BLACK GLASS".... It dos'nt reform into crystalline Granite on cooling... Any high school student can debunk this fairy tale story , being sold as a "DOCUMENTARY"....

  • Can we please make a big lense and melt "GRANITE" , just to make sure..😅😂🤣

  • Amazing!!!

    Leonardo Sanchaz riosLeonardo Sanchaz rios3 ngày trước
  • I love you very good

    احمد حواش عزت حواشاحمد حواش عزت حواش3 ngày trước
  • Well explained thanks Love from PAKISTAN 🇵🇰❤️🇵🇰❤️🇵🇰💖💓💓💓💓🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰💓💓💓💓🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

    5 mins Handcraft5 mins Handcraft4 ngày trước
  • Outrageously boring start

    btown bwarbtown bwar4 ngày trước
  • Amazing video the answer to a lot of questions you guys put a lot of work in this video and I enjoy watching it thanks man for showing how they really built the pyramids

    *Hollywood2000 Videos**Hollywood2000 Videos*4 ngày trước
  • Why no morden man have built this large LENS to melt the granite stone today?? How did they make such large lens and why mordern scientist do not build one today to see the stars and planets?? Do we have the tech to build such largs lens? The whole movie is based on the two assumptions - "Zero" and large "Lens"

    Mistrysai OmMistrysai Om4 ngày trước
  • Most of the facts are amazing - makes one think as to why the archialogists remain adamant about their own version - guess they will be job less the very next day. But one Q? that i have is "Zero", as this is required, but no symbol is shown to represent this anywhere in Eygpt around that time and it was only awailable just after the approx 500AD, so how come the civilisation after the Eygptian did not use it to further their maths skill before this time???

    Mistrysai OmMistrysai Om4 ngày trước
  • So full of holes it makes me think the original builders invented swiss cheese. Granite melts at 1260C not 1000C not possible with a lens. If it was made by " cementing" why bother making individual stones for the filler? Why not just have a solid one piece? Tomb for Khufu? Why no bodies ever in any Pyramid ever? No decoration at all, ever in any pyramid? The valley of Kings has plently of tombs and they are covered wall to wall, every inch in hieroglyphics. Entertaining video but no cigar!

    Dave DuvalierDave Duvalier4 ngày trước
  • Doesn't the size of a drop of water depend on the volume of water? I've seen drops of water on surfaces that are less then 1cm. I don't see how measuring a drop of water gives universal results unless you use the same volume of water which means you already have a measure of volume that's standardized, but they say the volume comes from the meter and the meter from the diameter of a drop of water on a dry surface, I don't see how, how big is a drop of water?

    James R MorrisJames R Morris4 ngày trước
    • Maybe the volume required to naturally fall off of a surface/stick? Idk I feel like water drops are always different sizes lol

      Curtis SlemeCurtis Sleme18 giờ trước
  • These are its Africans, not Egyptians, why insist on distorting the facts

    AliMo MAliAliMo MAli4 ngày trước
  • the era of MAAT (Truth) is here.

    Brammac Designs MediaBrammac Designs Media4 ngày trước
    • Shout out to Matt.

      Keith HutchinsKeith Hutchins2 ngày trước
    • Ancient Architect

      Keith HutchinsKeith Hutchins2 ngày trước
  • Jeez mr monotone, maybe hire a narrator...

    Francis JamesFrancis James4 ngày trước
  • Incredibly Good. Respect Blacks, they can give more.

    m misbahm misbah4 ngày trước
  • Excellent Story... Why then now we can't heat the stone now ? and if can try to build a single block using this methode ?

    Amil 077Amil 0774 ngày trước
  • Everything seemed feasible, until that solar power glass lens melting granite... If they made that giant lens, they would've made telescopes and reading glasses

    Alex CastroAlex Castro4 ngày trước
    • @Alex Castro like I said.

      Cerl84Cerl844 ngày trước
    • @Cerl84 Oh please.. yes, the pyramids are interesting for it's size and scale, but when you break it all down, the pyramid are just rocks piled on top of each other... They knew astronomy like they invented it?....Let's see egyptians send a rover to Mars or land on a comet

      Alex CastroAlex Castro4 ngày trước
    • if it was so easy you would have done it already. you say they couldn't make "telescopes and ...eyeglasses, yet they knew astronomy and science like they invented it. Our society is in no place to lecture those ancient Africans.

      Cerl84Cerl844 ngày trước
  • Very rational; the pyramids turn out to be soul gates to the after-life ; And the Egyptian civilization spends its life and treasure building a monument to itself. Great video, though. It’s deductive reasoning at it’s best. Starts with a premise then deduces how it must have happened. Reminded me of the golden tablets of the LDS and the Book of Mormon. Where are the tablets (lenses)? It’s a secret. Show us the lenses and how melted granite turns back into granite. Great reasoning about the clocks, too; and how the concrete blocks are so precisely laid. Mesmerizing.

    Al MilliganAl Milligan4 ngày trước
  • The Evidence is Concrete enough like the Original Stone

    ActivityActivity5 ngày trước
  • If society crumbles, then several generations from now, all of our current "advanced" tech will become fantasy in books and fairy tales.

    Majestic77Majestic775 ngày trước
  • well done.....not sure what more i can say...................but thank you

    R MR M5 ngày trước
  • You are complicating something simple

    getredytagetredygetredytagetredy5 ngày trước

    getredytagetredygetredytagetredy5 ngày trước
  • You are soooooo right.... Its All Lies !!!

    getredytagetredygetredytagetredy5 ngày trước
  • This was all sounding legit until after the 2 hour mark, it took a giant LEFT turn and started sounding like today’s left wing propaganda lol What’s coming on this world, NWO, one world government. Time is up. The LORD Jesus is coming back very soon.

    Fear GODFear GOD5 ngày trước
  • Molten granite !!!!! That’s gonna be mega hot !

    John HenshawJohn Henshaw5 ngày trước
    • Yes , but how \what stabilized the crystal , and why is it not presented ?

      Dieno VandaleDieno VandaleNgày trước
  • I love how they showed them passing tons of stone up the stairs, lol.

    WTH Happened to this worldWTH Happened to this world5 ngày trước
    • Yes , you should see them digging it out of the mountain by hand !

      Dieno VandaleDieno VandaleNgày trước
  • Granite cannot be melted into anything but obsidian. This film is horseshit.

    HinrikhoeHinrikhoe5 ngày trước
  • Each stone is different,so millions of molds would be required.

    Arel KayArel Kay5 ngày trước
  • What utter gibberish from someone trying to promote a pet theory, but with no understanding of geology, chemistry or Egyptology. And no, the meter is not a universal constant.

    G LachailleG Lachaille5 ngày trước
  • Granite when melted and cooled it will not become Granite, it becomes black glass like stone

    Mittu RobinsonMittu Robinson5 ngày trước
    • @Cerl84 O' and I think the word you are trying to spell is "S-H-I-T"... not sht... And try cleaning up your grammar...!!!

    • @Cerl84 There you go again , rejecting science because it dosnt match your emotional theories... You are correct on one matter though , we are not talking about "WOOD"... We are talking about something that is immensely more stable and harder... Granite is granite , if you change it into Absydian , it can "NOT" be changed back into granite... And you are welcome , no need to thank me for explaining the "SCIENTIFIC METHOD" to somebody who obviously believes in "FARYTALES".... Just for interest sake , what are your thoughts on the "FLAT EARTH HYPOTHESIS"....😅😂🤣...

    • @PANOS GAMITHIS we're not talking about wood, are we? Who are you you to say what might have been because you can't comprehend? you might figure it out someday. they you know it all's but can't do sht. lol.

      Cerl84Cerl842 ngày trước
    • @Cerl84 O' I can read , and you are still incorrect... Just like burning wood , the wood becomes carbon/charcoal.. You can not turn the charcoal back into a peice of wood... In "SCIENCE" we experiment and produce a result that is repeatable... Melting Granite results in only one form... Absydian.... A diamond is formed from carbon atoms , but that dosnt mean we can change a diamond back into carbon... No matter how much we would like to beleive we can... So "WTF" are you babbling about... Do tell us what you think this magic engredient is..??? Could it be from a Unicorn or a Dragon..?? Or maybe they mixed the Absydian with pink marshmallows , just to give it that correct color... It's simple HIGH School Science Class...

    • @PANOS GAMITHIS can you READ? I know what obsidian is, but maybe the ancient people of Kemet added a certain ingredient or used a process that would change the chemical composition so that it would harden into something other than BLACK GLASS. It is very possible. When modern society can build a pyramid, then I might believe that you actually know wtf you're talking about. these things are obviously beyond your comprehension.

      Cerl84Cerl843 ngày trước
  • It is not possible to melt and cast granite like it was metal casting. If you heat granite until it melts, it will not even be close to granite when it cools, more like black lava as you see in Hawaii.

    Brian Murray WellbeloveBrian Murray Wellbelove5 ngày trước
  • How can drops of water have a consistent size/weight is what I am wondering. Still, this hypothesis is brilliant.

    mamaboo ceemamaboo cee5 ngày trước
  • 2550 - 2560 BC is actually 200 year sbefore The Flood and ties in nicely with the pyramids being built by and with the aid of the Nephilim and their fallen angel fathers. If you care to think it thorugh you might wonder why anyone would bother to go to such extreme tp build the pyramids and align their passages with stars. We know these days that the stars are vast distances away and have no influence of use to anyone except aastrologers and fortune tellers - and other occult people. I don't think the granite being poured on site and hardeend with lenses can be correct as THERE WAS NO DIRECT SUNLIGHT BEFORE THE FLOOD. And of course there are other pre-flood granite megaliths that show circular saw and drill marks. The Nephilim were imensely more skilled and powerful thanwe hiumans and had access to secrets of elements and minerals we cannot know. One interesting experiment with th epyramids and otehr megaliths would be to drill into the soil beneath themto check for the presnence of iridium. If there is none the megaliths were pre-flood.

    Rose WhiteRose White5 ngày trước
  • You cannot melt rock and reshape it, then once it cools down it returns to its original form. That is impossible. When you heat rock up, especially to the point it melts, you severely damage it, essentially turning it into lava. You didn't conduct one single experiment in this video. Why? Because you know it's all nonsense. I see you also delete comments.

    Davis MDavis M5 ngày trước
  • Interesting until the political discussion. I noticed you did not use the recent DNA analysis at all in your political discourse which disproves your theory of Egyptians being "Black that is negroid". To use skin color as marker of race was discarded years ago, but obviously you wish to re-energize the racist debate. Race is a social construct and nothing more and should not be confused with ethnicity. So how do modern scholars think? Here's an excerpt from Wikipedia " Mainstream scholars reject the notion that Egypt was a white or black civilization; they maintain that, despite the phenotypic diversity of Ancient and present-day Egyptians, applying modern notions of black or white races to ancient Egypt is anachronistic." Better yet, perhaps you should ask if modern day Egyptians think they're black? They don't. Here's a link to an NPR article on Race and Racism, written by a Black American which may enlighten you. Referring to a 2017 study published in Nature, here's the data straight from the "mummies mouth." "The study was able to measure the mitochondrial DNA of 90 individuals, and it showed that the mitochondrial DNA composition of Egyptian mummies has shown a high level of affinity with the DNA of the populations of the Near East. A shared drift and mixture analysis of the DNA of these ancient Egyptian mummies shows that the connection is strongest with ancient populations from the Levant, the Near East and Anatolia, and to a lesser extent modern populations from the Near East and the Levant. In particular the study finds "that ancient Egyptians are most closely related to Neolithic and Bronze Age samples in the Levant, as well as to Neolithic Anatolian and European populations". Egyptians see themselves as Egyptian, very distinct from whites or blacks. If you look at haplogroups, like R1b, rather than DNA, then you'll find, "R1b is the most frequently occurring paternal lineage in Western Europe, as well as some parts of Russia and Central Africa (e.g. Chad and Cameroon). The clade is also present at lower frequencies throughout Eastern Europe, Western Asia, as well as parts of North Africa and Central Asia." Seems that Black Africans and Eurasians have more in common than they think which just goes to show, that judging race by skin color is in itself "racist". And in case your are wonder, there is a greater diversity among Africans than between Africans and Eurasians which is to be expected if homo sapiens came out of Africa. Here's the link, And, by the way, you don't mention Djedefre's pyramid at Abu Rawash. Why not? There you could have tested out your theory as the interior was totally exposed. Theory also has it that he recarved the Sphinx head to resemble Khufu his father, after his half-brother Khafre altered the rock for himself. As for the Sphinx, the ancient Egyptians had no problem with carving it out of the limestone bedrock. The recent repair work that you see was done to preserve the monument as limestone is a "soft" stone and easily erodes.

    Karin SchultzKarin Schultz5 ngày trước
    • @Cerl84 Can you translate that..??

    • @PANOS GAMITHIS waght paar!

      Cerl84Cerl842 ngày trước
    • @Cerl84 OF COURSE.... Why didn't I think of that... You have converted me into a "TRUE BELEIVER".... 😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂🤣...

    • @PANOS GAMITHIS not familiar with that, but I guess you are one of those people who believes that piltdown man was real and that humans don't all come from Africa and then settled throughout the world.

      Cerl84Cerl842 ngày trước
    • @Cerl84 I suppose you are one of those people that believes in the "BLACK ATHENA" fantasy... That Ancient Greece was ruled by an unknown African people..??? 🤣😂😅

  • Why are the Freemasons called that? What is their supreme secret that hints at stones(masonry)? I think K2019 solves the mystery. The religious, freemasons and government buildings made monolithic stones appearing to be chiseled from piety(time and hard work) now revealed to be a much easier process. A masonic mental construct placed upon man for enslavement. Why think any humans can create such monolithic monuments of power? It was advanced aliens so sit down human and obey! Watch out for FAKE alien invasions!

    D. P.D. P.5 ngày trước
  • This is mind blowing to me.a mere elder housewife. But its explained minutely that even I can get the just of it .so simple when described. I will have to watch this again and again but I found it enthralling. Is thus the magic in maths that most of us dont see???? Amazing. Thank you for this x

    Maria RennieMaria Rennie5 ngày trước
    • How you going to turn a bowl to a thickness of a playing card without the technology of the wheel? This notion of technology being lost without some sort of defining event or catastrophe is hogwash. You need to walk before you can run. Also the idea that anything can be sanded down given even time is ridiculous too. Even if this is true, they were achieving perfection time and time again. Like the ramses mistake and you'd be starting again.

      Master SamuraiMaster Samurai19 giờ trước
    • @Dieno Vandale I am a certified brick and stone Mason and I can tell you he's correct. These masterpieces around the world were done by a civilization that had superior technology than that of what we have now. Whom ever was building this stuff knew how to manipulate and move stone with ease. Honestly it's not even a debate.

      Master SamuraiMaster Samurai20 giờ trước
    • @Master Samurai why ? I mean I enjoy his rants ,but ,,, he is surely not a man of trades ?

      Dieno VandaleDieno VandaleNgày trước
    • Explain m 'dear.

      Dieno VandaleDieno VandaleNgày trước
    • If you want an excellent look at what's really out there and how it might of be done look up a channel called "uncharted x" and they have a 2 part video called "evidence for high technology "

      Master SamuraiMaster SamuraiNgày trước
  • Interesting and thought provoking... it would certainly be that much more compelling if those solar lenses were found...

    Celco582Celco5825 ngày trước
  • Great work thanks for sharing and revealing the fm liers in disguise. Also Sean Hross a South African historian has been connecting dots from pharoes to aristocracy, translating words into demotic and comparing architecture through ages. The Igenea genetic study on Tutankhamen's DNA, the templar new world order and its swissy base, etc His main movie "The swiss beast base of devil", my own 3 minutes summary on my channel

    ChuchichäschtliChuchichäschtli6 ngày trước
  • Excelente Videos sollten auch sagen was sie weglassen, und wo sie bewusst ideologisch moden eines Jahrzehnts füttern. Ein großartiges Video. Aber eines was sehr viele Fakten weglässt, um die Oberflächlichkeit eines Jahrzehnts nicht zu verletzen. Immerhin werden so unumstößliche Fakten zu den geometrischen Fähigkeiten bekannt. Offensichtlich muss auch dieser Film enge Grenzen einhalten, um studied sinnlose Narrative weiter zu füttern. Aber großartig wie Dinge in einen ersten klaren Zusammenhang gestellt werden. Das man Granit vielleicht besser mit Feuer und Wasser im Wechsel bearbeitet, als mit einer Linse, sind die unschönen Weglassungen. Wie auch immer, der Film versucht niemanden zu überfordern, das ist auch ein Geschenk. Allerdings werden unrealistische Hypothesen und sichere Erkenntnisse hier so vermengt, also ob es darum ginge die Öffentlichkeit mit ihren Modeerscheinungen und Meinungen möglichst schmeicheln zu müssen. Vielleicht weise, vielleicht Zufall?

    Christian ManckeChristian Mancke6 ngày trước
  • Don't take it down. This must be studied by each individual person. When combined with some other works, it leads to the conclusion of the stolen legacy of dark skinned people. This is not for mainstream consumption or validation. Let us each decide for ourselves.

    LeVarr TreadwellLeVarr Treadwell6 ngày trước
    • I'm in agreement with you. And it definitely requires multiple viewings in order to carefully grasp what is being presented.

      Kelvin WallaceKelvin Wallace4 ngày trước
  • Slavery has been around much longer that white people had writing and reading.

    Ken WellsKen Wells6 ngày trước
  • So, how did they make the lense?

    Ken WellsKen Wells6 ngày trước
    • It needs to be buconvex to start a fire. The lense itself was found under the ground possibly left from Antlantis pilgrims

      Obe 1Obe 16 ngày trước