The Odd Number Rule

29 Th07, 2020
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  • Quite long way to say that (n+1)^2 - n^2 = 2n + 1

    Caren AmiCaren Ami16 giây trước
  • Micheal just taught an entire first level Physics class in 22 minutes. Bravo!

    Noah BurtonNoah BurtonPhút trước
  • 8:04 : girlfriend leaving Michael colorized.

    ManetitnajManetitnaj2 phút trước
  • I'm literally bothered at 17:04, that missing "+" sign :'(

    John Markton DianaJohn Markton Diana5 phút trước
  • Mom: why don't you have any friends? Me: 5:55

    ManetitnajManetitnaj6 phút trước
  • Wow

    Alex BurgosAlex Burgos6 phút trước
  • (Y)

    charls9428charls94287 phút trước
  • How has been your work at the scp foundation?

    ManetitnajManetitnaj10 phút trước
  • if he starts a cult, I’ll be the first to sign up for it

    killm3killm311 phút trước
  • Michael, you're a very 2(n)+1 man. I appreciate that

    Wyatt LenhartWyatt Lenhart11 phút trước
  • I thought this was an old video before i saw the comments.

    ManetitnajManetitnaj12 phút trước
  • no such thing as gravity

    AnonMotoAnonMoto13 phút trước
  • vsauce teaching riemann sum like its calculus

    Death MonkeyDeath Monkey14 phút trước
  • He’s... alive?

    Kat GranthamKat Grantham16 phút trước
  • which came first, the numbers or the apophenia?

    Çağrı MertÇağrı Mert17 phút trước
  • Vsauce is like if a math major ended up stumbling upon a philosophy class and then changed his major, but can only explain philosophical theory through mathspeak, but he also is too heavily caffeinated from his midterm to ever stop talking.

    Emiliea RazputinaEmiliea Razputina18 phút trước
  • The most fascinating question. Where does a baby comes from?

    Lana Is The New OrangeLana Is The New Orange18 phút trước
  • this popped up on my feed and i was like wait a second... VSAUCE?! michael still EXISTS?!

    Jamie Della FaveJamie Della Fave19 phút trước
  • I had no idea ADHD could grow such an impressive beard

    Luke Van BranderplankLuke Van Branderplank20 phút trước
  • This is a great anti-drug video to show 8th graders.

    Ayham IssacAyham Issac25 phút trước
  • "Are you a person?" "Well then.. get out of here. Go, poop, or something."

    Huh NeatHuh Neat25 phút trước
  • Vsauce rule: "it is...., or is it?"

    no youno you25 phút trước
  • eXCuse me? but what kinda person runs away mid hug...

    Kassandrea QuinnKassandrea Quinn28 phút trước
  • This is part of the ayahuasca lessons he received in mind field.

    Max Alejandro Carrillo FloresMax Alejandro Carrillo Flores30 phút trước
  • This is how pewdiepie gonna look

    Lil BlanketLil Blanket30 phút trước
  • Michael just explained Riemann Sums and basic calculus and got over 2mil views doing it

    Joshua CoxJoshua Cox30 phút trước
  • That was a sharp turn in tone lol

    Carlton GannettCarlton Gannett31 phút trước
  • I swear i have no clue what ypure takking abt

    Malcolm J .SMalcolm J .S32 phút trước
  • Michael telling us he's heart broken in 8:05

    ebadebad33 phút trước
  • "Notice anything Strange?" Yeah man ur beard is like 2 feet longer and I haven't seen a video in forever

    Catboy NACatboy NA37 phút trước
  • and just like that the movie Air Bud was ruined forever.

    FuriousGFuriousG41 phút trước
  • Michael: If you and me hugged, that would be wonderful... me: DAMN IT MICHAEL DON'T THREATEN ME WITH A GOOD TIME!

    RomeoLimaOscarRomeoLimaOscar41 phút trước
  • 6:45 You just said that centipedes can have up to 345 legs, an odd number. Does one of the segments have only 1 leg or something? Lol.

    Jacob StewartJacob Stewart46 phút trước
  • The last number of the time of the video is an odd number

    Snaky Puppet91Snaky Puppet9147 phút trước
  • hahahahahahaha!!! amazing!!! you teach like a pro!!! hahahaha thnks (this sentence has purposedly said as it is due to its irony)

    Donkey CongaDonkey Conga48 phút trước
  • Poor Airbud

    Dra-DragonixDra-Dragonix50 phút trước
  • 8:05 he forgot to say no homo

    Just another tiny part of this infinite universeJust another tiny part of this infinite universe54 phút trước
  • This was the hug that was missing for so long.

    Vinit KaushikVinit Kaushik56 phút trước
  • Like a sir...

  • Calculus!!

    TalbTalbGiờ trước
  • Just imagine , if the car had a number plate other than "AIII 118" ,this whole video wouldn't have existed !

    Ritik KumarRitik KumarGiờ trước
  • Note to self, never tell Vsauce my velocity.

    ToyoskiToyoskiGiờ trước
  • The hug was odd

    Nightingale PlasmaNightingale PlasmaGiờ trước
  • This is one of the best explanations of basic Riemann integral I've ever seen. Hat off to you.

    RomanQrrRomanQrrGiờ trước
  • I feel like most of what was talked about was basic calculus without putting the label of calculus behind it.

    DrDepper LPDrDepper LPGiờ trước
  • lol @ randomly jumping to the shape of the state of Colorado.

    lygophilelygophileGiờ trước
  • I thought this was about odd numbers not the deepest philosophy's of life...

    Lochlan WilsonLochlan WilsonGiờ trước
  • I like how Micheal low key tried to teach everyone some calculus and Riemann sums. Really great introduction to some of the basic ideas of integration!

    resurface51resurface51Giờ trước
  • This man related calculus to Airbud in the most half hazard way possible, and it worked.

    freepointsgalsfreepointsgalsGiờ trước
  • What is happening right now?

    Scott PhillipsScott PhillipsGiờ trước
  • ive learned more from u than in school

    Eldrin AugustEldrin AugustGiờ trước
  • I wish my dad gave me his goddam velocity when he went to go get the milk 19 years ago😤

    Dylan ShearsDylan ShearsGiờ trước
  • Is it just me or does he look a lot like Pimento from Brooklyn Nine Nie?

    Ryan AllanRyan AllanGiờ trước
  • howbasic science

    BixelBGBixelBGGiờ trước
  • You are Rachel Maddow of science shows Welcome back!

    guilty foreverguilty foreverGiờ trước
  • You seem very well Michael, how have you been lately?

    SynthesizerSynthesizerGiờ trước
  • love the tolstoy beard

    Francisco ReinkeFrancisco ReinkeGiờ trước
  • This video is so so *ODD*

    Jake RedruppJake RedruppGiờ trước
  • if i hug you, i am never leaving.

    Gaurav PardeshiGaurav PardeshiGiờ trước
  • I knew it was coming at 0:08 but it still got me!

    SynthesizerSynthesizerGiờ trước