The Scene That Explains Why Avengers Worked and Justice League Didn’t | SCENE FIGHTS!

27 Th08, 2020
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Justice League and the Avengers are very similar movies. But one revolutionized modern cinema, and the other was a Frankenstein's monster that managed to please literally no one.
In this video we break down one scene that shows why one movie worked, and the other didn't.
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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Nguyen Trang
#JusticeLeague #Avengers #SceneFights #SnyderCut #Marvel #MCU #DCFandome

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    ScreenCrushScreenCrush8 tháng trước
    • The Gate II...I'm jealous, I loved that flick when it came out. Enough about the original to make it ok but a crazy new side story that takes it to another level. Kind of an expensive dvd to pick up though.

      Konichi WawaKonichi WawaTháng trước
    • @Karanpal Singh Gill There's really no point, tho. I watched the Snyder Cut recently, and it was nothing like the Josstice League. The only reason they made this video was because the Josstice League was so much like the first Avengers, so they had to compare them. The Snyder Cut is so different from the 2017 one, for example, instead of them arguing, they all agree that they should bring Superman back instead of arguing for no reason. There's no reason to compare them once you watch them both now because there's almost nothing to compare.

      Eager BoiEager BoiTháng trước
    • Please make video now, since Snyder cut is out. Did that new release able to add the missing elements?

      Karanpal Singh GillKaranpal Singh GillTháng trước
    • @Jorge Roberto Testing it out now. Looks to be working.

      Desmond WillDesmond WillTháng trước
    • Dunno if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram password by using Instapwn. Just google for it ;)

      Jorge RobertoJorge RobertoTháng trước
  • MCU is better because their films have humour , bright and colourful animation , more believable characters , lots of easter eggs , More relatable . DC is 🤮 because they Have old looking heros with traditional superhero costumes , unbelievable character , no character development , bad animation style .

    Aditya SubhedarAditya SubhedarGiờ trước
  • i perfer dc over marvel

    simon11simon11Ngày trước
  • I agree with Doug.

    Ben MetcalfBen MetcalfNgày trước
  • Wow, Warner Bros. rip-offs go brr.

    JE - 06FS 926546 Eagle Plains PSJE - 06FS 926546 Eagle Plains PSNgày trước
  • Henry Cavill with a beard and the black suit would ha saved the movie

    Rosa PadrónRosa PadrónNgày trước
  • Snyder cut 10 times better than the theatrical release. But it still doesn't compare to Avengers. As this video points out so well, it's about characters and their stories.

    Mark ShaneMark ShaneNgày trước
  • justice is league is on amazon prime

    it's Pit's PNgày trước
  • My simple answer to why avengers worked and JL didnt is, everything thats crammed in JL in 2hours happend in like 5 movies and the avengers for marvel, sooo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you cant make a good story where you have to introduce like 4 of the 6 heroes

    Boro StepanovicBoro Stepanovic2 ngày trước
  • Huh

    AK Panda ProsAK Panda Pros2 ngày trước
  • this was a brilliant analysis. u should teach this!

    Flurin SpeschaFlurin Spescha2 ngày trước
  • The character development is little to nothing, the whole movie didn’t even let each character to interact

    CrashsoonCrashsoon2 ngày trước
  • Actually, Batman’s contingency plan for resurrecting Superman was bringing Lois out

    Rishi DRishi D2 ngày trước
  • When you look at it, more than half of first Avenger crew do not have god like super power. While 5 out of 6 JL have god like super power and they still need superman to save them. Avenger= Superhero JL= Superpower.

    Brang JaBrang Ja3 ngày trước
  • I agree with Doug

    TatadaradaTatadarada3 ngày trước
  • I didn't realize before that these two movies were this similar

    Yunus Emre İslamoğluYunus Emre İslamoğlu3 ngày trước
  • I agree. The Avengers lab scene was done very well. The dialogue just flows well and their arguments with each other are well thought out.

    Rick PontificatesRick Pontificates3 ngày trước
  • I think my biggest issue with Justice League is that the moment they get Superman it's over and he just destroys Steppenwolf

    William RoseWilliam Rose3 ngày trước
  • Atleast they removed the argument scene in the Snyder's Cut

    KenKen4 ngày trước
  • Now wait a second! Why does it say that Walt Disney made justice league in 0:28 ????

    Marvel EscobedoMarvel Escobedo4 ngày trước
  • So justice league is just a poorly done copy of avengers? Pretty sure avengers came out first.

    Hettyc TracynHettyc Tracyn4 ngày trước
  • 0:05 i was surprised that he didn't say ' I am Zack Snyder'.😄😄 Your voice sometimes so familiar with Zack Snyder.

    Frost XFrost X4 ngày trước
  • Remove superman then we have better DC!

    The Big GameThe Big Game4 ngày trước
  • Best use of dropping your advertiser name ever

    Justin VokeyJustin Vokey5 ngày trước
  • Did this guy really search up for justice league on Disney plus tho

    LTD Live to dieLTD Live to die5 ngày trước
  • she didnt dissappear

    IVAN DragoIVAN Drago5 ngày trước
  • Damn great observation

    SHONE J MSHONE J M5 ngày trước
  • wow, joss whedon really just went copy paste for a lot of this huh

    Hayden AustinHayden Austin6 ngày trước
  • “these are not stable people” is probably the most accurate description of the avengers ever made 😭

    acciolokiaccioloki6 ngày trước
  • Who else agrees with Doug?

    Sans BuilderSans Builder6 ngày trước
  • “Those are the similarities” Proceeds to give the whole plot of both movies*

    Jasmine WattsJasmine Watts6 ngày trước

    ElectroZapElectroZap7 ngày trước
  • I agree with Doug

    TootkingTootking7 ngày trước
  • “Shot reverse shot” I’m impressed that we’re using real photography and film termanology here.

    Snow BoarderSnow Boarder7 ngày trước
  • Sheesh when steppen wolf appeared I though they were gonna start playing the song “born to be wild” 😝 (Music reference)

    Snow BoarderSnow Boarder7 ngày trước
  • Was superman really evil though when he came back? I thought he was pissed that they wouldn’t let him rest in peace.

    chris johnschris johns7 ngày trước
  • The whole bringing back Superman thing doesn't work, because the Justice League characters are never shown to have any meaningful relationship with Superman before this scene. Like who cares about Superman.

    LalaLala7 ngày trước
  • ye snyder cut was just a 4 hour long dissappointment aswell

    Simeon DahlinSimeon Dahlin8 ngày trước
  • Then come along the synderverse cut....

    Rekaletaq SegakRekaletaq Segak8 ngày trước
  • when Superman comes back he is just pissed off he never went evil

    Mack HeathMack Heath8 ngày trước
  • 0:28 Ah yes, Justice League made by Walt Disney.

    Flynn MoersFlynn Moers8 ngày trước
  • Okay..lost of guys here telling lot of reasons.. I'll summarise. What's DC trying to do with dumping all other heroes and just fking more and more and more highlighting the character of Superman. Yes, We get it..Its sUpeRMaaaNN..okay..but, Evey character has its own importance and Marvel is at its best in showcasing that in Each and every character in it's Universe. The worse thing is Even after watching Snider cut and restoring the plot to a good level, I think the warner Brothers aren't giving the cinematic freedom to it's directors as Marvel directors are getting. So, The biggest villain of DCEU IS WARNER BROTHERS ITSELF!!

    G MadhanG Madhan8 ngày trước
  • Who is here after watching zack snyder justice league 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Mrinal SrivastavaMrinal Srivastava9 ngày trước
    • @Ryan Afriansyah fanboy

      Mrinal SrivastavaMrinal Srivastava9 ngày trước
    • Still shit especially wonder woman theme with blatant feminist she is the only one who have special theme every time she appears

      Ryan AfriansyahRyan Afriansyah9 ngày trước
  • i know i will be attaced here, but on my opinion JL is actualy more intresting, becouse theres electrisity between batman and diana, i just want em to marry or idk, and also they all are hot

    Remigijus GrubinskasRemigijus Grubinskas9 ngày trước
  • Wow your movie comparison makes it look like the director was trying to make almost the same movie but with different casts.

    John AbramsJohn Abrams9 ngày trước
  • Zack Sneider when shooting Avengers: "This time I'm gonna do it right, and no one's gonna stop me!"

    André KußAndré Kuß10 ngày trước
  • This video really makes Joss Whedon seem lazy, almost like he just copy and pasted a good chunk of Avengers onto Justice League.

    Steven BorgSteven Borg10 ngày trước
  • I haven't watched the Snyder cut yet (going to soon though). but after watching JL and this, I thought the movie was going to end with them bringing Superman back. imagine after their "fighting" they match against the main bad guy again, he wins. They fight again about bringing Superman back. They match against the main guy again and they win. Then it cuts to the after fight and Wonder Woman is telling Bruce "see we didn't need him. Playing god is bad blagh blagh blagh". A sound is heard they look up and it's superman. he flys in, force stops near them, red eyes. WW looks over at batman "what have you done!" move ends.

    John AshleyJohn Ashley10 ngày trước
  • batman gives me anxiety like idk what it is exactly just whenever i see or hear him speak it makes me nauseous

    sage radasage rada10 ngày trước
  • Douge

    useless homosapienuseless homosapien10 ngày trước
  • "Fantfourstick" lmao

    Vickie MarieVickie Marie11 ngày trước
  • Alot of logical stretches in those similarities lmao..

    gray4twentygray4twenty11 ngày trước
  • This video is brilliant. And the sponsor introduction was epic

    Olivier S.Olivier S.11 ngày trước
  • Dog made a pretty interesting point there. We should take that into consideration

    Olivier S.Olivier S.11 ngày trước
  • Can ppl just give it up? Even with the “Snyder cut” dceu is just garbage.

    Dave JohnsonDave Johnson11 ngày trước
  • Coulson's "death". That man dies like, 7 times!

    Saphire GoughSaphire Gough11 ngày trước
  • I'm not even 3 minutes in. And no. These films are not in anyway similar. DCEU is hot garbage.

    Eric BellEric Bell11 ngày trước
  • DC writers need to see this video. Although people criticizes DC but in actuality people want DC to be success too. It just DC coming off short from people's expectation. They have BATMAN for fuck sake.

    Para BinaPara Bina11 ngày trước
  • Snyder cut proves you wrong

    Sezer ArslanSezer Arslan11 ngày trước
    • The cut was 4 years too late.

      Zamir HusseinZamir Hussein7 ngày trước
  • I personally fucking loath that person the unnameable (Joss Whedon) for what I know he is an .... A hole !!! and has no creativity

    Alejandro SilvestreAlejandro Silvestre12 ngày trước
  • The Avengers are teamed up by Nick Fury, who is already in the saving planet business. They are forced until they learn a lesson of becoming better and how the strengths they have make them responsible at that moment to save the Earth. However, Justice League is formed by Bruce’s will, who did everything by himself, and somehow everyone joins after being convinced (quite easily) and takes orders from Bruce. They may have overcome their egotism and co-operate, but because of being lost to Steppenwolf, not losing something in common.

    Clover JanaClover Jana12 ngày trước
  • I'm ready to watch JL again with a more opened mind, if you guys can tell me WHY. THE. F. Barry is running with his arms like THAT at the end, when the ET thingy goes boomboom. "Why Barry why?"

    Flips AnselmsFlips Anselms12 ngày trước
  • I feel the Marvel comic source material is better overall than DC, but the DC movies still should have been much better than they have been. They are so consistently bad I stopped watching or having interest in the DC movies.

    angrybuzzyangrybuzzy12 ngày trước
  • omg I love the alternative plot you speak of at 13:54 wow. would have loved it!

    Mais JMais J13 ngày trước
  • I think Justice League is what happens when the studio hires a director to make Beef Wellington, and then at the last half hour kicks the chef out and tells a new chef to make it into chocolate cake.

    B. F.B. F.13 ngày trước
    • pretty much what happened

      Saloni SharmaSaloni Sharma10 ngày trước
  • Honestly I completely agree with Doug, such an amazing opinion. That guy is a genius

    Justin BrinsonJustin Brinson13 ngày trước
  • The main reason why Avengers worked and Justice League didn't, isn't because of anything that happened in the Avengers movie itself. And it isn't because the group couldn't work together. It worked because we already knew and were engaged in the characters. The Avengers was the result of a carefully cultivated series of stories that built up to the final product. And when that final product came, it was the amalgamation of a lot of planned, interconnected plot points that each tied into each other in order to make each of the other bigger than they would be alone and with gave the audience a big payoff that they'd been wanting to see for years. And there was always a clear idea in place of how they would interlink to work towards that point. Justice League was a poorly thought out cash grab, where the people in charge of making it happen had no fucking idea whatsoever why Avengers worked, and thought: "A movie with lots of superheroes in it made ALL THE MONEY! Therefore if we just rush to make a movie with lots of super heroes in it, we'll make all the money too and get our own franchise! Let's built it up with a couple of extremely shit and lazy movies and that'll be enough!" With none of the ground work going into it that Avengers took the time to lay. Avengers knew that they had to EARN IT. Justice League didn't want to. They just wanted to skip to the pay off. But you can't GET a pay off if you haven't bothered to get us invested. Throwing a lot of different superheroes at people and expecting the same level of exciting and interest was never going to work. The fact that Avengers was a much better written and put together movie certainly helped, but it isn't the main issue.

    Seraphina AizenSeraphina Aizen14 ngày trước
  • I also think Marvel took the time and created a plan to make and release movies with each character being introduced through the years before we were all given the Avengers. Then, as they kept building and introducing more characters, that was also part of the plan to continue building up to the biggest finale in fighting a main super villain like Thanos. They did them in phases as well. DC has been behind and I think they’re trying to play catch up.

    Asian MonsoonAsian Monsoon14 ngày trước
  • Doug is a perfect assistant manager

    Kiera MortensenKiera Mortensen14 ngày trước

    BeanelsBeanels14 ngày trước
  • It's funny how all the problems you say are fixed in the original ZSJL. So we know why the 2017 is not working. And after seeing the original ZSJL version, the 2017 become rather stupid, and all the plots are unreasonable. Like batman preparing louis as his primary weapon, that just unreasonable and a lazy way to put the plot. And all the characters are screwed, like making cyborg to become an ungrateful crybaby who hates his father for saving him, flash become a moron character, batman become so pathetic and like too old to be a superhero with dad jokes and old pain allover his body, unable to fight and overshadowed by the superpower of the other team members that even after I watch the movie I become feeling sorry for him, aquaman a big guy who in his heart is afraid of dying and admire wonder woman secretly, and wonder woman drink alcohol and overestimate herself, then come superman who can save the world alone. Joss, why you done this..

    Adi LeeAdi Lee14 ngày trước
  • It simple really kid see averager first so justice league is obviously a rip-off and they didn’t give it a chance

    FF14 ngày trước
  • Febreeze and no cost solar suck

    Vincent SaizVincent Saiz14 ngày trước
  • lmao Batman saying Superman was a beacon

    J TJ T15 ngày trước
  • Avengers had great visual efects and a great cast but I choose the dark more realistic side of Justice League every time

    Aasgard_Thor [AASG]Aasgard_Thor [AASG]15 ngày trước
  • So dc ripped off MCU

    Brett LafleurBrett Lafleur15 ngày trước
  • what bothers me is the sets, lighting and just overall look, everything else is trash too, the recent snyder cut is better but it is still bad and Zack Snyder is a bad director, maybe he could do something okayish but not economically viable and he can't recognize his own mistakes so he'll never be really good.

    Hectic1 TechHectic1 Tech15 ngày trước
  • It’s on hbo max

    Rowen LewisRowen Lewis15 ngày trước
  • I agree with Doug

    Natalie GoreNatalie Gore16 ngày trước
  • Tbh i dont blame the director of the reshoots because the theme and concept and the directors styles are fsr different from the original director so condensing and reconceptualizing a 80 percent done movie is hard as hell hahaha. I believe that the first jla is a dumpster fire of a movie , but i only blame the studio trying to rush and make the DCEU catch up they should have made a more thought out plan in creating a movie not focusing on making a universe because the MCU was first focus on individual characters before anything else why the DCEU focused on catching up and acting like the heros without a good story is enough

    mark vincentmark vincent16 ngày trước
  • You really didn’t need to mention the Martha Scene

    Liam CassidyLiam Cassidy16 ngày trước
  • Lois was his plan not Kryptonite..

    Saumen PolSaumen Pol17 ngày trước
  • This man forgot HBOmax existed

    CameronCameron17 ngày trước
  • The Whedon League didn't work, because people were actually expecting a good gritty film and not a washed out bleak piece of shite the Avengers were. I'm not bashing the whole MCU, there are pretty solid entries there (Winter Soldier for example, The first Avenger, Iron Man), but the first Avengers was pretty bad from script to CGI. You know, TV men used to create TV shows just don't belong anywhere near the silver screen. Also, I'm not bashing the man completely. Firefly is a masterpiece, but it is what it is. A TV show. Short stories within episodic sequences, with one or two threads of an overarching narrative (which is why The Avengers felt more like a sequence of memes). That's something you just can't fit into a 2-hour movie. And you know what they say, old habits die hard.

    Vick ValentineVick Valentine17 ngày trước
  • JL didn't work cause the movie was sabotaged from the inside and faced massive hate from fans of the, currently, most popular franchise. It didn't get an honest chance. The Snydercut proved that. Blew Avengers outta the water. Avengers only worked because it was hype forced. So much fake news and forced reviews (read payed by Disney) that forced the hype on the world. But, let's be honest, the movie isn't that good. It's dull and boring and then has a kickass epic finale, like every Avengers movie. Epic opening, then two dull boring hours, epic finale. Done. And every single one gets super high scores purely based on the finale, not the actual full movies. But Avengers did pave the way to make comic book movies the new normal. I just wish Marvel would cut it with the mainstreaming and go full comic book logic on our asses. Zack Snyder did it with 300, Suckerpunch, Man of Steel, BvS ànd Zack's JL: it worked. Deadpool did it: it worked. Logan did it: it worked. Even Joker, though a complete original story, but very graphic novel-ish: worked. The audience's minds have opened up enough to finally allow emotions and seriousness and CB logic in CB movies. So, Marvel, please, go nuts in phase 4. Fuck the jokes. Fuck mainstreaming. Fuck Disney. Do your comics honour. You put CB adaptations on the map, now expand that map! Rather than fold the same corner all the time

    Kiya Lee Levy RunayaKiya Lee Levy Runaya17 ngày trước
  • I agree with Doug forever

    1Up Man1Up Man17 ngày trước
  • Because of those plot holes, it failed. Thus Snyder cut is perfectly done its job

    Rudra PratapRudra Pratap18 ngày trước
  • It's 2021 and Snyder says hi

    Akhil SabuAkhil Sabu18 ngày trước
  • not sure if this was said but Bruce's contingency plan was seen, it was Lois Lane

    Dan Ward-TRPDan Ward-TRP18 ngày trước
  • Good thing the Snyder cut fixed all this. Now Zack Snyder's Justice League is probably even better than Avengers 1 at this point.

    Okay RobOkay Rob18 ngày trước
  • I agree with the puppy

  • I actually liked both films. The battles were both well done.

    Neale towersNeale towers18 ngày trước
  • Just glad that I have not seen any of the movies you're talking about.

    Just MuilJust Muil18 ngày trước
  • Setups and payoffs, any writer needs to know how this works. Every setup needs a good payoff, otherwise the plot won't work.

    Diane MDiane M18 ngày trước
  • Well the Snyder cut was better but didn’t fix anything addressed in this video.

    Brendon BuffaloeBrendon Buffaloe19 ngày trước
  • I love Superman but I hate the fact that Dc gave him the powers of all And make other heroes weak

    Ngam EdwrdNgam Edwrd19 ngày trước
  • Next time use HBO max

    Sebas RodriguezSebas Rodriguez19 ngày trước
  • Marvel :so we be using time travel to fix everything in end game... DC: ooooh i might do that too....addd few more lines for flash will ye?

    Ash QAsh Q19 ngày trước
  • I agree with Doug

    Chris BollingChris Bolling19 ngày trước
  • doug spittin

    griffin klautkygriffin klautky19 ngày trước